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School Daze chapter 3

School Daze chapter 3 After they went roaming the various shops of Laguna Beach. They found her some very nice things to wear for that evening, and a set of clothes for their San Diego trip on Sunday. He bought her three pair of shoes that fit perfect. She cautioned him about spending too much money, but he waived her off with a sharp contortion of his face, then a smile. After spending the largest part of the day shopping, they walked down to the beach, and sat on the sand barefooted; watching the waves splashing on the shore. She couldn't...


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Visiting the Doctor

Author’s note: Hey everyone, this is my first sex story so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading! I hated going to the doctor. I never trusted those guys. They think they know everything but more often than not they don’t! I had avoided our family doctor’s surgery for years. However this chest infection was not going away by itself and I realised I was going to need some prescription medicine. “Miss Jones, I haven’t seen you in years” welcomes Dr. Adams as I enter his surgery. “How you’ve… grown” he adds gingerly, clearing his throat. Now 21, I...


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A guy and his...? 65 Escape?

Jake Freemon - Main character Gen - Jakes first Jinn - sex Jinn Jinn - What the genies are called Tommy Sinclair - Friend of Jake's and fellow worker Mary - Boss's daughter Juno - Jakes big Boss and Mary's Father Jinn Council - Council of major Jinns Yasmen - Gen's mother Hakiem, Doctor - the Jinn doctor (aka Hime) Rasmir - Gen's father Rosalinda - Jake's second Jinn – Once called Dreama Rashala - Gen's niece and Jake's 3rd Jinn - elite Jinn Tankena - evil brother of Rasmir Sheeka - former evil female Jinn Jake's 4th Jinn Akeesha -...


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Passions at school

year 12 English class today said Miss Ashcroft with a sigh, she hated this class, they always refused to work even when threatened with detention. Don't worry, It's only for an hour Miss Lane said in a comforting tone. yeah, I guess so, although I have a new pupil today to add to my misery she Laughed. The German mature student? asked Miss Lane I've seen him around school he's quite imposing That's all I need! Another trouble-maker Miss Ashcroft said with a tint of despair in her voice. The bell rang, and both teachers put their mugs down and walked...


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Abi and her friend surprise me. Part 2

Abi and her friend surprise me. Part 2. The morning after the night before. I woke about 7ish in amazement to find Abi’s arm over my chest and her face and body against me. Rachel who is 19 and has a fuller young womanly body was lying over my stomach with her head a few inches from my cock and her hand resting on my thigh. I immediately became hard with the excitement and my usual morning glory and couldn’t resist the opportunity for some early morning action so I began stroking Rachel’s hair and body to wake her. Without a...


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Alexia and the teachers Part II

After Alexia first saw what Mr. Porter and Mrs. White did together after school hours she went right over to Rebecca’s house to give her back her phone and tell of what she saw. She only told about what she saw, not about how she played with herself during, because she didn’t want her new friends thinking she was a slut. After she told her story her friends asked things like, how big was Mr. Porter’s dick, did could she put the entire thing in her mouth, and how much Mr. Porter came. She gave all the details they asked for...


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The Challenge 7: Fernanda's Turn

Author’s note: Like the other Challenge stories, this takes place in the same year. If you read part 6, Bob was in Miami for a quick visit. This story begins during the same Miami trip. There are a couple of cameos of minor characters from previous Challenge stories. Obviously the special resort in the Bahamas is here too. Themes throughout this story include: aunt/nephew, uncle/niece, mom/son, and light father/daughter. When I say “light” I mean mentions of sex, alluding to it happening, cut scenes etc. I don’t feel fully comfortable writing a dad/daughter theme story. So I have it taking place...


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The Innocence of Grace

THE INNOCENCE OF GRACE Max Dexler sat on the edge of his desk idly leafing through a collection of CV`s. “Is this the lot Sue” “Yes Dad” said Sue returning with two coffees. “They`re a pretty sorry bunch, but there is one you might like” “And her name is…” “Grace Halifax Dad. The least qualified but weirdly the most appropriate” “Grace…Grace… Grace… ha here she is” said Max thumbing through the CV`s. “22 years old, and she`s a University student studying Pharmacy. That could be interesting. It`s been education all the way for our Gracie. No real work experience of any...


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My Wife's Slumber Party (Part 1)

Two weeks had gone by since the wildest hour of my life. My wife’s best friend, Melissa—a blonde girl my height with a slim figure,piercing blue eyes, and a smile I’d fallen in love with—and I had seen each other several times over that period of time, but little had occurred between us in person, mostly because Natalie, my wife, was always around. I’d gotten a single blow job from Melissa when she and I had managed to get fifteen minutes alone, and I had given her pussy a nice rub during a movie when Natalie and Melissa’s husband, Steven, were...


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Our liberating holiday - part 1

Alice and I had holidayed together for several years, twice a year we would go to Europe somewhere for a week to catch the sun as neither of our partners enjoyed the heat. We both had hectic jobs and appreciated the relaxation that a girlie holiday could offer. I was a tall brunette, good bones, large bust, I guess you’d call me Amazonian in body structure. Alice was petite, very fair, with a lovely set of boobs but very fine and dainty. We always had a laugh together, relaxed in our own skins and comfortable to be together, often sleeping in...


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