School Daze chapter 3

School Daze chapter 3

School Daze chapter 3

After they went roaming the various shops of Laguna Beach. They found her some very nice things to wear for that evening, and a set of clothes for their San Diego trip on Sunday. He bought her three pair of shoes that fit perfect. She cautioned him about spending too much money, but he waived her off with a sharp contortion of his face, then a smile.

After spending the largest part of the day shopping, they walked down to the beach, and sat on the sand barefooted; watching the waves splashing on the shore. She couldn't believe the size of his feet compared to hers.

It was now three in the afternoon, and time to go. They walked back to the car, hand in hand and started the forty-five mile trip back to his Condo. Upon arriving at his place, he unloaded all of the packages and took them in.

"What time do we have to go to dinner?" asked Linda.

"Are you hungry?"

"No not really ... I thought a shower would be nice first."

"A shower would be nice," he said mimicking her voice.

They went into his bathroom and began to take off their clothes. When she was down to her panties, Richard began to get hard. Her breasts were very nicely rounded with nipples that stood up like number two Ticonderoga pencil erasers. Richard put his arms around her squashing her titties to his chest. She could feel his cock pressing against her tummy, and it felt wonderful.

Richard hooked his thumbs in the top of her frilly pink panties, and then knelt in front of her as he pulled them down to the floor. She placed her hands on his head, as she stepped out of them. He was on his knees as; Paris might have knelt down in front of a Helen of Troy, begging for her love. He then kissed her on the stomach, and she moaned and held his head tighter.

Richard then moved down to her sacred triangle, and kissed her between her gorgeous legs, which could have been sculptured by Michelangelo himself. As his tongue came in contact with her clit, she held his hair in both hands and spread her legs a little more.

At the touch of his tongue, her pussy became moist with liquid. He licked up all of her juice and began sucking on her labia. Her knees began to get week and she dropped to the floor. They began to kiss and she tasted herself for the first time on his lips.

Some time had passed when he helped her to her feet, and into the shower. The warm water pelted both of them like a small waterfall. She could not keep her hands off of him and began to squeeze his balls, then moved her hand to his cock. As she began to play with it, he slid a lone finger up into her vagina. When she moaned, he turned her around and told her to bend over. As his massive penis began to slide into her pussy, she groaned,

"Oh Richard ... please ... do it to me ... real hard."

Richard's cock was filling her up and she loved every inch of it. His penis made her feel like a stallion was fucking her. She thought of the famous Centaur half man half horse of Greek mythology, and knew they could not have had cocks any thicker than Richard's. He grabbed her hips tight and began to thrust into her deep. The thrill of his lust was unbelievable and for a few seconds she thought she was going to pass out.

As his hips moved forward, his large testicles struck the center of her butt, almost like she was being spanked ... lovingly. She spread her legs a little more, and reached in between them grabbing his balls, squeezing them lightly. She felt the wonderful pain of her orgasm building, and she knew that he was going to cum also. As his hands grasp her hips like twin claws, she sprayed like a cat marking her territory. He belonged to her now, and no female had better try to get him away from her.

She was Aphrodite to his Hephaestus, and Helen to his Paris. She was a Cocker Spaniel to his Great Dane. As her discharge released, his hands grasp her hips even harder and he groaned, squirting his cum deep in her vagina. Afterward, she turned around and placed her arms around his wonderful wet naked body, holding him tight, protecting him from the world. He belonged to her completely.

"Richard ... We have to get up early to go to San Diego ... I don't want to go to dinner ... can't we just go to bed."

"Whatever you say baby."

"Richard, I was just wondering, when we have sex you don't wear a condom. Were you counting on me to be on the pill?"

"No sweetie. My brother and I both have what is known as a low motility rate. Our guys don't swim. They just kind of lay there like a bunch of beach bums. In order to get anyone pregnant, they would have to stick my balls with a rather large size needle and take out sperm that way.

Then they would have to place it into a female's uterus and inject it into the egg to fertilize it. It's a real nasty process. My brother's first wife left him as she wanted children and he couldn't get her pregnant. If a regular guy wears a condom, you would still have a 3% chance of becoming pregnant. With me there is only a one tenth of one percent chance. Which is virtually nothing at all.

When my brother's sperm analysis yielded very poor results, multiple tests and treatments were considered. Unfortunately, in some cases, like my brother and I, even with attempts to aspirate sperm directly from the testicles, treatment is not always successful."

"Ok ... thanks. I just didn't want to get pregnant, at least until I'm out of school."

"Not to worry baby. It's like I'm shooting blanks. Would you feel better if you talked to my doctor?"

"No Richard, it's ok; I believe you. Let's go to bed."

She took his hand, like a big sister with a younger brother and led him to the bedroom. They were naked as they crawled into the king size bed. She couldn't believe her luck in getting him. He was handsome, well built and on top of it all intelligent. Not to mention he had a cock the size of her wrist. She was happier now than she had been in a long time. Now she was worried that things were too good. She decided not to begin anything really sexual, for a while anyway.

She lay there next to him, studying his face and body. This was the type of class she could pass with no problem. She would easily earn an "A" from the blowjobs alone she thought. That thought made her feel a little guilty, as she enjoyed it as much as he did, well almost as much as he did. When she began to run her hand over his massive chest, she found a small round scar.

"What is this?" she asked like a little girl who had just found a coin on her mother's rug.

"A scar." He said in a quick attempt to pass the subject by.

"How did it get there?"

"I was shot," he said unceremoniously, like maybe he had just skinned his knee.

"What do you mean ... shot?" Linda asked in a voice that was beginning to falter.

"Like in the cowboy movies. One guy points a gun at another guy, and pulls the trigger. The bullet moves from the gun into the other cowboy. It really wasn't a big deal."

"Somebody shot you, and it was no big deal?"

"It was the second week of the first gulf war. Almost everyone was getting shot."

"Where did you get shot?" she asked almost in a panic.

"Right here," he said pointing to the scar.

"Not where you were shot on your body. What location?"

"Kuwait. I was part of a NAVY seal team that went in to check things out before the regular forces went in. Four others on my team were shot also; One died."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"You were only about five when it happened."

"Not then. You should have told me, yesterday."


"Well ... just because ... I really care about you."

"That happened fifteen years ago. What did you want me to do, stand up in front of the class, strip off my shirt and say? Look everyone this was where I was shot."

"Well you have to be more ... careful."

"Ok ... well I can begin by not going to anymore wars. How is that?"

She laid her head on his shoulder and continued to rub his chest. Her hand was warm and soft to the touch. She felt wonderful, lying next to him naked. It was a comfortable feeling, and made her feel very close to him in a different way. She began kissing his chest, then his shoulder and down his arm, to his hand.

Linda then opened the palm of his hand and began to lick it, kissing and sucking each of his fingers. When his hand was wet with her saliva, she rubbed it on her titty, causing her nipple to pop up like a tiny submarine periscope.

The feeling of his hand on her breast, sent chills throughout her body. She thought of the many times she had pleasured herself in the same manner. Linda then slid his hand down to her pussy at which time she didn't have to do anything more. He slid a finger, still wet from her mouth onto her clitoris and touched it to the little nub. She was excited, in the knowledge of what was about to come. Richard's finger then slid around on her moist pussy lips causing her to moan. She said,

"Please ... please ..."

"What baby? What do you want me to do?"

"Do exactly what you are doing ... but do it with your tongue."

"Come up here."

"What?" she asked.

"Come up her sweetie and sit on my chest."

"But I'm too heavy."

"Come up here ... now." He said frowning.

She moved like an athlete, pulling herself up on the bed, then sat on his stomach. He motioned to her, crooking his index finger signaling her to move up on top of his chest. When she hesitated, Richard took hold of her hips and helped her to move up the rest of the way.

She was now sitting on his chest, her wet pussy only a short distance away from his face. When his tongue shot out of his mouth and came in contact with her crotch, the feeling was so fantastic that she sucked air through her teeth. Linda grabbed the headboard, with both hands and began to pull. Her pussy was moving all over his face; her juices forming on her labia. She was in heaven, a heaven where lust is God. She wondered how long she would go on wanting sex every day.

He was sucking her pussy and his moustache and beard were adding very rough highlights to her pleasure. She wasn't sure if it felt good or it caused her pain. She pulled harder on the brass headboard, thrusting her hips forward and back, her juice now dripping down onto Richard's chin. She could not get over the fact that this man was the most wonderful lover she had ever had. Everything he did, and everything he said was wonderful, and he always knew what to do and what to say. O God she was cuming again.

Linda reached around behind her and took hold of the "hulk". Hard as a rock and thick as a bedpost, the "hulk" was ready to slide into her pussy and fuck her for several hours. Linda was ready also and slid down Richard's chest to his stomach. She leaned forward on one hand, taking hold of his penis and guiding it into her pussy.

She then settled down on Richard's large cock. It slid in slowly and they both groaned simultaneously. She began moving on this beautiful man, slowly as though she were a little girl riding a hobbyhorse. But she wasn't a little girl anymore. She was an adult who was allowed to take her pleasure from her teacher, and giving him the best pleasure she could in return.

She recalled once riding a mechanical bull, in a Country and Western bar. The only difference was this bull had a large cock, which had come to fit her vagina perfectly. She wanted to yell "yippy-ki-yay" but the loudest sound she could make was that of a low groan, that sounded more like an overworked electric motor. Linda began to move her butt faster, as the tip of his cock was all the way into her, rubbing her cervix. Sex was the best thing ever invented, and she wished that she had the patent rights.

She was fucking him harder and faster and she could feel herself getting ready, to cum. The feeling was intricate in design and beautiful in execution. She felt there was nothing else like the sexual experience in the world. Linda would love to continue doing it until she passed out, and secretly hoped it would be the last thing she would do just before she died. It was about to happen, as the area below her neck and above her titties, began to glow a bright red. Her thighs became warm and tiny electrical shocks were making them twitch.

Linda could feel a small pain in her neck and back, as though she had lifted something heavy. There it was, the wonderful feeling she always had as she started to cum; her juices saturating Richard's penis and balls. Breathing hard, she lay down on her man, kissing his chest muscles, as he continued lunging upward shoving his immense cock into her vagina. Accelerating his speed, and holding her bare ass cheeks tight; his loving attack became almost fanatical. He was no longer Richard the professor of psychology; he was a Viking warlord raping her. She loved his wild abandonment and his out of control defilement of her undefended pussy.

She felt him flex his whole body, as he began to cum deep inside her, his cum helping to cool the searing heat of her vagina. As he came, it triggered her system and she started to cum again, knowing this was only the prelude to a night of exquisite sexual desire and lust.

Richard relaxed however, he held her tight not moving. As Linda wanted to remain in this position and not break the physical bond between them, she began to flex the muscles around her pussy, holding his penis inside of her, sucking it with her vagina.

Richard shuttered in realization that this young girl, who was born around the time he was of legal drinking age, was in complete control of his body and sexual gratification. Not wanting to admit it, Richard knew Linda was the answer to his secret desire to be with a female who enjoyed life and sex in the same manner and frequency as he. Their future would be wonderful if he could keep up with her exuberance and carnal desires.

As her sweat, dripped down from her forehead on his chest, she asked,

"Do you want something to drink? I need some water; I'm dehydrated."

"Water would be good. There are some bottles in the fridge."

Although his penis was almost flaccid, there was a resounding "pop" as she removed herself from him. They both laughed at the sound. Linda crept through the Condo, totally naked. As she opened the refrigerator, the light shown against her tanned skin, and when she looked down she saw a mixture of their juices running down her inner thigh. No wonder she was thirsty. She picked up two bottles of cold water and grabbed a couple of paper towels off of a roll. She quickly wiped her thigh so she wouldn't leave a trail of cum on his floor.

Linda hadn't noticed it before, however her vagina was buzzing, almost humming, like it was happy. She didn't mind, as she was happy also. When she crept back into the bedroom, she was half bent over like she was attempting to hide something. Richard laughed and asked her why she was bent over. She shrugged a little and said,


"You are shy?" He laughed again and shook his head. "Do you even know the meaning of the word?"

"I think so."

"It means that you are, drawn back from contact or familiarity with others; retiring or reserved. You aren't any of those things. At least you aren't with me."

"Actually, I think that I'm just wet and a little cold."

"Come here and get into bed. I'll warm you up."

Linda handed him a bottle of water and as she looked down she saw that his penis was getting hard again. She was amazed, as he had just cum ten minutes ago. As she took a long gulp of the sweet tasting Arrowhead water, she asked,

"Richard your cock is hard again. Didn't I make you cum?"

"Yes sweetie, but you have been having that affect on me. I've had a hard time keeping it down. I guess it is the opposite of impotence. I think you make me "potent." You sure make me horny. Nobody, "woman or beast" has ever had an affect on me like you."


"It's an expression. Actually it is "Man nor Beast", but I didn't say 'man' as I didn't want you to think that maybe I was gay."

"Well I never would have thought you were gay," said Linda, "unless you were a lesbian, with a gigantic clitoris and ovaries that hung below it."

"Did you know that in the world of botany, the ovule-bearing lower part of a pistil on a plant, ripens into a fruit. That means when anybody eats fruit, they are eating plant pussy."

"Sometimes you are just so strange. However that gives me an idea."

Linda took another mouthful of water, knowing; hoping she would soon be dehydrated again. Richard moved carefully, between her legs, then with the precision and dedication of a neurosurgeon, his mouth only an inch from her open and temporarily neglected pussy, he lifted her legs onto his shoulders and slid his hands palms up, under her butt cheeks.

Linda and Richard were both ready and anticipated what was about to take place. As his tongue slid from her anus up through the center of her external genitalia, to her clitoris, her juices again began to flow. This was beyond belief and she felt he should receive a "Silver Star" for action above and beyond the call of duty.

The pleasure-pain was so extreme; she took hold of his hair and caressed it, running her fingers through it lovingly. It was going to be a long and wonderful night.

To Be Continued ...

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