Accidental Phone Sex

Accidental Phone Sex

Accidental Phone Sex

*Note: All characters in this story are of legal age wherever your at. Author has no control over what age the reader chooses to make them in his or her mind.* Happy reading.

My new cell phone was acting up. I pushed the speed dial for my girlfriend. When the phone answered I started in messing with her in my sexiest whispering voice. “….oooo…baby…you made me so hot last night, your hot body set me on fire. Your sweet tits tasted so good when I sucked your nipples. I loved feeling your legs wrap around me, and the way you moved under me was awesome. I’m just going to have to lock you in my bedroom forever.”

I heard a girl take a breath…pause and start to giggle. It was Not…my girlfriend. I said: “Shelly?” More giggles as a girls voice said: “…no, but don’t let me stop you.”
Oh shit, it was someone else. I said ’sorry’, I must have pushed the wrong button. She said: “No…don’t hang up. Let’s say I’m this Shelly girl. Please continue.” I laughed and said…”Well ok.” I asked: “Do you have a name?”…she paused and then said: “Yes…just call me….Shelly 2, and giggled.”

I’d had phone sex before, and the one routine they all liked was having me undress them. I had to test the waters and find out what turned this girl on. It didn’t take long. I started in with my deep whispery sexy voice thing.
“Hello Shelly 2?”
“You don’t know me but I’ve been watching you, and you really should close your blinds when you undress in the living room, like you did last night.”
“Oh really?”
“Those little pink panties of yours are a real turn on to a guy like me.”
“Well I’m glad you like them. Did you want for me to undress for you again.?”
“That would be so hot,…but, you may force me to play with myself while you do it though.”

“Well, that’s unfair, you watch me, but I can’t watch you. Why don’t you just come on over and watch me here in my living room, then I can watch you play with your big boner while I undress?”
“I’ll be right over, unlock your door.”
“It’s already unlocked, just for you.”
“I must warn you, my desire for you is super high, and I may have to immediately attack you and feel you up with all the passion I have, as soon as I get in the door.”
I heard a gasp in her voice and she paused. She said: “Here’s my number, ________ I have to leave for work now, can we continue this when I get off work, say you call about 7pm?” I said: “I would like nothing better Shelly 2, you can just call me ’ Desire’…here’s my number________.”
I heard her breathing as she said: “Well….’D‘, …you’ve got me excited and I have to pay you back for making me hot. Be ready to be attacked when you call….”
and… she hung up.

Well what a turn on that was. We didn’t know what we looked like, but who cares with phone sex. I’ll just picture her as a hot bodied girl, with a beautiful face, hair, tits and legs.
That night at 7, I didn’t call, making her wait. By 7:30, sure enough she called me.
“Did you get hung up ‘D’?”
“Yes…I was just about to call you Shell.”
“I’ll just have to punish you for that ‘D’, now get over here to my apt. and take your punishment.”
“I’ll be right over Shell….
Oh what a nice apt. you have. Come here close to me so I can put my arms around you, and feel your nice tits, I’ve wanted to for so long and so bad.”
“Oh my D, your passion is so hot…mmmm…I feel a very large boner pressing on me. I’ll just have to reach down and punish you by feeling it…mmmm…am I squeezing it to tight? tell me how sorry you are for teasing me and making my panties all wet…..”

“Ok ok…but I can’t help it Shell, I’ve been watching you for months and months. Seeing you undress so sexy and standing in front of your window, you were teasing ‘me‘, weren’t you.”
“ Well…..yes I was, I felt someone was watch me and it turned me on so much, I wanted him to find me and take me in his arms and have hot sex with me.”

This went on about two mornings and evenings a week, for about a month. We gradually got into the desires we had. It was always changing to another desire we would have. We role played. One evening I called and she became this girl…..

“Who is this???, you say you’ve been watching me through my window?…listen here you little creep, you stay from me with your lusty little eyes and crazy desires for me. I might just call the cops on you and have my husband kick your little ass!” (I assumed this role….)

“I can’t help it lady, you’re the hottest woman I ever seen! You have beautiful tits and that sexy body…I want you so bad. Please don‘t call the cops on me.”
“….Well...maybe I was a little harsh. Just what is it that you like about so much?”
“Oh god, everything! Your pretty face, nice tits, hot figure and hot legs….but most of all…I love the way you stand in your front window and feel yourself up.”
“Oooo….I can tell you ‘have’ been watching me! Sometimes I like to feel myself in front of my window, it seems do daring…I you watch me a lot?”
“Oh….every chance I get lady.” she whispered: (…”call me Sandy...ok?”)
“Ohhhh…I love the name Sandy, a sexy name, for a sexy woman, like you. Call me Shawn. Would do me tiny favor…Sandy?”
“ What might that be, Shawn?”
“Go stand in front of your window now, I’m watching.”
“Well…I don’t want anyone but you to see me Shawn, I’ll close these drapes down to about a wide gap, and you can watch me.”
“I see you now Sandy your playing with your tit…wow…I wish I was your hand.”
“ What would your hand do next Shawn?”
“Feel BOTH your tits, Sandy…mmm”
Shelly 2 began to giggle and the then we both laughed. The next call I changed. I called like an obscene male caller. “Hello?”…”..don’t you dare hang up this phone lady, just tell me what your wearing, and nobody gets hurt. Do you understand?”
“What do you mean. ‘nobody gets hurt‘, mister?”
“What do you think it means, now describe yourself and what your wearing lady!”
“Ok, but just don’t hurt me….I’m naked, had just dropped my towel from my shower when the phone rang.”
“Describe yourself.”
“I’m 5’2”, 36d tits, good figure, brunette, with long hair.”
“Did you play with your pussy in the shower?”
“..Well….just a little.”
“Who were you thinking about when you rubbed your pussy.”
“My boss, I know he wants me bad, but can’t do anything about it….

so I pictured him taking me in his office, clearing his desk with his arm in one crashing sweep and slamming me on his desk, lifting up my skirt, jerking my panties off and putting my legs on his shoulders, fucking me hard, out of control….he fucked me till we both came and he shot a huge load in me, flooding the desk top with our juices.”

There was a pause…
then she said quietly….”I have to meet you D, your driving me crazy, my poor pussy is sore from rubbing it thinking about you.”
I paused…to catch my breath…I wondered if meeting her in person would ruin it. It was building up in me to meet and have glorious sex with her. We had learned over time we weren’t married, no kids, what or approximate ages were, and what we looked like. Therefore the looming question kept coming into my head…’Why not?”
“Shell,…if you and I both want it that way,…. and I know we sure do,…. let’s set it up. You’re the one who’s driving me crazy, but I didn’t dare want my wish to be with you in person to mess up this super hot phone sex we’re having. I want you as bad as you want me…soon our arms will be around us for real….I just have one fear…
“What’s that D?”
“We’ll both pass out!”
I heard her take a big breath and giggle.
She whispered: (“…I think with me on my back, my legs locked around you, and you on top of me holding on to my tits, my pussy locked on your dick …we can‘t fall down if we pass out, now can we?.…”)

We discussed the details of when and where to meet.
To say we walked around excited , would be putting it way to mild. Waiting for that night we would meet, was torture of the best kind.
She picked a nice restaurant to meet in. I made reservations, ’Two for Mr. Desire’, told the lady. She said right this way. She took me in the side room where private booths were. I didn’t request this but this was nice. The waitress came, and told her I was waiting for… ….and she said: “Shelly 2?”…I was a little shocked and said “Yes”. I ordered a drink for us both. She came back with two different drinks, my order and another different drink. I was a little puzzled. Soon two waitress came, both smiling. One took off her apron and sat down across from me. She smiled and said: “Well…give the waitress your order.”
It was her.
We all started laughing, then we both ordered, and just looked at each other. She was just as hot as I had pictured her. We ate, talked for a while and then she came over and sat beside me, scooting me back to the end of the seat. She leaned into my ear, and whispered: (“… you little filthy talking, pervert, seducing, womanizing, teaser. I should have you thrown out of here. What the hell Is this?

….(she put her hand on my warm boner)…but instead I live just around the corner from here. I’m taking you home with me and punishing you for making me all hot for you. “)…I sat up, took her firm by her wrists and whispered back: (“I came in here to eat, not to be molested by some strange waitress. I ought to have your slutty ass fired….but instead I’m following you home and punish you for what you’ve done.”) She said: (“…Oh!… so your a stalker!, following me home! I’ll have your ass in jail so fuck’in fast…Immm“)…and then I kissed her…or should I say ‘she kissed me’…or let’s just say we kissed, tongues gone crazy.
I had never fucked a waitress right in a booth…..

…. but we both sure thought about it.
We both walked to her apt, holding on to each other, (so we both couldn’t get away..) She and I forced each other into her apt. and the punishment began. We punished or lips, tongue, hands all over us, pulling at our clothes, unbuttoning, un zipping and pulling down panties and boxers.

We forced each other into her bedroom, and made each other lay on the her bed. She first pinned me down while on top of me. She said: “I hope you’ve learned your lesson about messing with me, and making me all hot for you!” I flipped her over and now I was on top. “I see you haven’t learned, just look and what you’ve done to my boner! Now it’s cold, and I’ll have to find a real nice warm place to put it.”

That was the last time I remember we spoke, the rest was moaning, gasping for air, and those pleasure sounds that can’t be described. Somehow we found ourselves reversed and I had a wet warm pussy in my face. She had made my dick disappear deep in her throat. We squirmed, moaned and our body’s blended into one motion of sucking and licking. Everything became wet, me, her and ½ our body’s. I remember her getting ’On Top’ of me and whispering:…(“…get off me you lusty beast..”)

I replied: (“…take your punishment like a woman.”) I remember my dick sliding inside the warmest, sweetest pussy I had ever felt. We started moaning and fucking like it was the last fuck we’d ever get in life, so make it a good one. I thought I heard angels singing, she said she heard music from utopia. I don’t remember this but she said I pulled her so tight into me, I left big red hand prints on her butt cheeks.

I had strange marks on my back, from somewhere. We must have entertained the whole apt. building with our moaning. I do remember we yelled loud as we came together, my cum overfilling her pussy. Her climax squeezed my dick hard. We shook and twitched until we couldn’t move anymore. We moaned together quietly for a very long time.
My cell phone rang.
She held me in her pussy tight with her hot legs, and in a moaning breathless whisper said:…”Don’t you…, even…. think about…. answering that!”

(..I didn’t..)

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