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Charity At Work 2 : Do Fries Come With That?

In the last memoirs of moi, Charity Jones, the search for the dreaded summer job had reached it’s first hurdle; I am a sex magnet. To be fair, if I hadn’t insisted on sucking off Mr Smith then I wouldn’t have been drawn into the insane sex triangle that was his marriage to Mrs Smith. A simple babysitting job turned into a torrid series of threesomes ; with me being the meat in their crazy sandwich. It was two weeks and three torrid threeways later that I quit my burgeoning career in babysitting. It was still early July, so I still...


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School Daze chapter 3

School Daze chapter 3 After they went roaming the various shops of Laguna Beach. They found her some very nice things to wear for that evening, and a set of clothes for their San Diego trip on Sunday. He bought her three pair of shoes that fit perfect. She cautioned him about spending too much money, but he waived her off with a sharp contortion of his face, then a smile. After spending the largest part of the day shopping, they walked down to the beach, and sat on the sand barefooted; watching the waves splashing on the shore. She couldn't...


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A Family Affair_(1)

My mom and dad split up when I was younger. Divorce isn’t easy for anyone but then living in an atmosphere of constant arguments and distrust isn’t healthy either. Once it was done and she was on her own I did my best to be ‘the man of the house’ and became quite protective of her. To be honest she was the same with me, lots of hugs, I guess we were trying to reassure each other that everything was going to be ok. We certainly became closer because of it. The one complication here is that my mother - Julie...


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Final Draft: The Autobiography

Final Draft: The Autobiography =============================================================== The tennis season was finally coming to a close. I stumbled off the court after my last match, peeling off my sweat-drenched shirt, making my way over to my bag. Amber was sitting next to it, watching me walk towards her, a wide smile spreading across her face. “Good job.” “Thanks.” I panted, grabbing my water, dropping my shirt onto her lap. “Ugh, I don’t love you that much.” She threw the sweaty rag onto the table, and then turning back to me, she patted my bared stomach. “Looking good.” I’d gotten stronger, more muscular, in...


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Bi Fun

My cousin Brian and I have done things with each other for many years. I guess I never thought anything of it. When I started dating my girlfriend Kayce, I stopped completely. For a long time it was kept inside, afraid that she would freak out and dump me. She was very sexually open minded and experimental like me but worries still filled my head. As time went by, it felt like we were really close and it seemed to be a good time. My fear filled me but surprisingly she took it very well and actually thought it was hot...


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Visiting the Doctor

Author’s note: Hey everyone, this is my first sex story so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading! I hated going to the doctor. I never trusted those guys. They think they know everything but more often than not they don’t! I had avoided our family doctor’s surgery for years. However this chest infection was not going away by itself and I realised I was going to need some prescription medicine. “Miss Jones, I haven’t seen you in years” welcomes Dr. Adams as I enter his surgery. “How you’ve… grown” he adds gingerly, clearing his throat. Now 21, I...


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He is such a fine example of the male species. Dark hair, gorgeous ass, and eyes that you could just fall into. I can't seem to think of a single man that I have ever wanted that I have not gotten, but this one might be a challenge. Most men are so easy to get, I just walk up to them, slap on a little charm, and they are like drooling jelly in my palm. I have had so much fun with them!!! But this one is different. He knows my game, and he plays back. It's like he knows exactly...


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Memorial Daze Part two

Under different circumstance having Joe between my legs would have been heaven. But with Keith and Rob holding an arm and leg each and the reek of beer and weed in the air and coming off them it was like a nightmare come true. I try to squirm away from Joe’s lips as he moves to kiss my pussy, only for him to grab me around the waist and pull me onto his lips. As his lips touch my outer labia I shiver from his warm breath touching my cold skin. His tongue traces my lips then “Oh she kind of...


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Sex Pot-Chapter 2

The Sex Pot (A Poker Game Story) By Randy MacAnus © 2019 All Rights Reserved By The Author If you would like to see the story continue, you can email me with your opinions and suggestions at: [email protected] This is fantasy. I try to make my stories seem at least plausible, but none of this is taken from real events. I should be so lucky. If you have ideas about directions you might like the story to take, by all means include them. I have additional chapters outlined, but am open to modifying, if I get interesting feedback. Chapter 2 When...


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The early morning jogger

It was an early morning meeting I will never forget and I am sure my guest will always remember as well. I had been looking for company on my favorite adult web site and things had been very dry with covid-19 darkening our doorsteps. Everywhere you looked the signs of the times were saying, “Stay home, be safe, wear a mask and stay six feet apart”, Abstinence seemed to be the only answer. Still there comes a time in a man’s life, when his own hand and assorted toys no longer are found appealing. It’s a time when blue balls out...


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This site was launched as a personal blog with my own erotic fantasies. As many of the readers sent me their fantasies and experiences by e-mail, I decided to leave open to the public a category where everyone can share with the community the fantasies and experiences they have gone through over time.