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Best I ever had

This is a true story that happened about two years ago. It is an incest story so if that isn’t your thing, I would suggest moving on to a new story. My parents were divorced when I was around two or three years old. They both remarried. My mom married into a new family. Now my situation was not like what you see in movies where the step-father is abusive and his family is horrible. Actually quite the opposite. My step-dad is one of the best people I know. He had a daughter named Abby who was my age when they...


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Master PC - Cumming in Cymru - Chapter 07

“AHHH! OH GOD! OH GOD! OH MY GOD!” Dylan was woken the next morning by orgasmic cries of ecstasy, which seemed to be coming from his father’s room. The voice sounded like Caroline, so presumably Gareth was enjoying his new secretary, and she was enjoying constant cumming from her god’s orgasmic touch. Dylan groaned, and rolled over in bed. “Is everything alright, Dylan?” Dylan opened his eyes, and looked at his phone on his bedside table, where the UI was smiling back at him. “I didn’t turn you on,” he said. “You didn’t turn me off last night,” she said. Dylan...


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Long Lost Lovers...

I ring your doorbell, butterflies in my tummy, knowing we haven't seen each other in years. You are wearing nothing but a robe as take my hand and lead me to your bedroom. You slip the robe off, tossing it to the. I gasp as I see you standing there naked. Still, no words are spoken. You kneel down in front of me, almost tearing my pants off to get to me. You gently take my manhood in your hand, my cock already mostly hard, teasing me. You gently stroke me, getting me worked up. My cock remembers you, it's practically...


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A Rich Man's World

This is the story of a rich man and his lust for young females and the lengths he will go to, to satisfy his needs including violence. Please feel free to comment on my stories. All comments both positive and negative are welcome or feel free to email me with your comments or ideas for stories on [email protected]. A Rich Man’s World There is something pretty special about being rich! I found this out rather later in life than I would have liked when I happened to buy a lottery ticket with the last £2 I had in the world. My...


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Mom Joins the team

Mom Joins the team Janet was an attractive 41 years old, shoulder length brunette hair, a pretty face 38g tits and tight curvy ass. She was a MILF, her son Lee was a nerd who was only concerned with watching porn and tutoring the cheerleaders so they could pass tests. He would tutor them he would always cop a feel the girls knew it but since he didn’t charge them, they figured it was fair. Janet had been divorced for 6 years she had three vibrators a large supply of batteries but lately this wasn’t cutting it for her. She was...


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Misty Mountains ch. 7 The Arkenstone

While the king had been busy chasing orcs and she- elves one of the other intended brides had been hard at work, she knew the way to take the victory from the elves. She knew how to seize the throne and ensure she would be queen under the mountain, not the elf. It would just require her searching the under chambers of the city for the missing jewel all dwarves thought to have secured. The Arkenstone, the King's jewel, Heart of the Mountain. The one thing that would mean more to the dwarven people, it would force the King to marry...


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My First Boyfriend 3

Back downstairs Sam put some music on the stereo in the living-room and told me to dance for him. He sat on the couch with his legs spread and his hands in his crotch as I stumbled around, trying to dance. It wasn’t easy in the spike-heels, on carpeting and several times I almost lost my balance and fell. Each time I about tripped, my step-brother’s grin would turn-up just a bit. Every so often he’d tell me to do something like, “Rub your titties and show me what a whore you are,” or, “Turn around and bend over, so I...


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Abi and her friend surprise me. Part 2

Abi and her friend surprise me. Part 2. The morning after the night before. I woke about 7ish in amazement to find Abi’s arm over my chest and her face and body against me. Rachel who is 19 and has a fuller young womanly body was lying over my stomach with her head a few inches from my cock and her hand resting on my thigh. I immediately became hard with the excitement and my usual morning glory and couldn’t resist the opportunity for some early morning action so I began stroking Rachel’s hair and body to wake her. Without a...


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Alexia and the teachers Part II

After Alexia first saw what Mr. Porter and Mrs. White did together after school hours she went right over to Rebecca’s house to give her back her phone and tell of what she saw. She only told about what she saw, not about how she played with herself during, because she didn’t want her new friends thinking she was a slut. After she told her story her friends asked things like, how big was Mr. Porter’s dick, did could she put the entire thing in her mouth, and how much Mr. Porter came. She gave all the details they asked for...


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What's Wrong With Me? - 2

Again I hate to admit it, but seeing the sand-and-sweat streaked boy come running from the forest, his dirty skin covered in pink splotches and red scrapes from things he’d run-into in the woods, well, it did it for me. I closed my eyes for just a second to regain control and felt my cock swell to full rigidity. By the time I’d opened my eyes, he’d stopped dead in his tracks. The dogs were still baying behind him and I was there in front of him. His whole body was shaking and I realized that he was sobbing. I could...


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This site was launched as a personal blog with my own erotic fantasies. As many of the readers sent me their fantasies and experiences by e-mail, I decided to leave open to the public a category where everyone can share with the community the fantasies and experiences they have gone through over time.