Final Draft: The Autobiography

Final Draft: The Autobiography

Final Draft:

The Autobiography


The tennis season was finally coming to a close.

I stumbled off the court after my last match, peeling off my sweat-drenched shirt, making my way over to my bag. Amber was sitting next to it, watching me walk towards her, a wide smile spreading across her face.
“Good job.”
“Thanks.” I panted, grabbing my water, dropping my shirt onto her lap.
“Ugh, I don’t love you that much.” She threw the sweaty rag onto the table, and then turning back to me, she patted my bared stomach.

“Looking good.”
I’d gotten stronger, more muscular, in the past few weeks. I allowed a thin smile. “Yeah? Show me yours.”
She chuckled. “Maybe later.”
I grabbed my other set of clothes and some soap from my bag.
“We’ll head out after I change. Hang tight.”

I let the boiling water cascade down my body, cleansing the sweat and grime of the day. It didn’t really make me feel any cleaner though.
I didn’t waste any time. I washed my weary body, and exited the shower, meeting back up with Amber, and then back to my car.
“You wanna take a nap before the movie? We still have plenty of time.”
“Sounds great.” I nodded, heading out from the city courts, towards my house.

She chuckled as I collapsed, exhausted, onto my bed and climbed into my arms as I held them out to her.
Her body was always cold, like mine. I soon found myself shivering, so I climbed under the covers, grinning mischievously as I barred her access into my arms again, snuggling under the blanket. She laughed and climbed in with me, and we rolled into a tangled heap of limbs and bedcovers, kissing affectionately.

Her hands snaked down between us and I jumped in surprise as she gripped my cock through my shorts.
I held her arms, and spun her around on the bed so that we were back to spooning. She whined.
“Sorry, babe. I’m not really in the mood.”


The school year was finally coming to a close.

As I walked out to the school parking lot, I found Emily waiting for me at my car.
“This is a surprise.” I came up to her, wrapping my arms around her waist, and helping myself to a kiss. “Did you leave class early?”
She chuckled. “Count yourself lucky, Ben.”
“I do.”

We climbed into the car and I drove her home. I’d planned to only drop her off but she’d gotten some new pet. We came into her house. Into her room. Onto her bed.

She’d gotten my shirt off before I’d realized it, and her hands were soft as they stroked my muscled arms, chest, and defined stomach before continuing downwards. I smiled down at her as she unbuttoned my jeans, sliding her fingers curiously inside, her eyes staring up innocently, unfolding my thick cock from my pants, and stroking it tenderly.
I could tell she’d done this before.
My own hands were preoccupied with sliding up her t-shirt to cup her breasts, kneading them and shaping them as I pleased.

Emily frowned up at me. “Not good enough, eh?” I looked down confused. I’d been thinking about something else….
I saw her full lips kissing my cockhead; but I wasn’t even hard.

I heard the rumble of her garage door, signaling the arrival of her parents.
I immediately climbed off her, stuffed my dick back into my pants, recovered my shirt, kissed her goodbye, and headed out.


The summer was finally coming to a close.

“Shelli.” My hands held her firmly in place by her shoulders. “This isn’t gonna work out.”

---The part was finally over.
“Jessica. I need some time away from this relationship.”


---The song was finally ending.
“I don’t feel the same way about you, Ashley.”


She was absolutely beautiful, Danielle. Her full red lips only inches from mine as I hovered over her, my sweaty body thrusting jarringly into hers, but I couldn’t seem to open my eyes to drink it in.
I knew that she was sweating also. Her eyes had always reminded me of the sky crashing down into the ocean: immense, and blue, and impossibly beautiful. I knew that her mouth was caught slightly open as if trying to form words, but all that came out were guttural moans as I slid my dick in and out of her; fucking her slowly, leisurely…


I was kind of hopeless when she left. I didn’t have anything else to do.
I looked over from my bed to my desk, which, usually stacked with papers and drafts and half-drunk bottles of Gatorade, was clean and organized. I didn’t write that much anymore.

I didn’t write at all anymore.
It had lost its appeal.

Everything had lost its appeal.

I sighed, rolling over and picking up my phone.
5 missed messages.
I read them all, but didn’t reply to any.
One was my mom, asking where I was. Two were party invitations. One was my coach, reminding everyone to stay in shape for next season. One was Danielle, saying how she’d left her purse somewhere.

I unraveled the cum-stained sheets. Yup. Her purse.
I put it on my bedside table so I wouldn’t forget it.
Why did she bring her purse into bed when we were having sex?
I rolled over again, closing my eyes and trying to force myself into a nap.

My phone was ringing. Grrrr.

“Ben? Why didn’t you reply?”
“Sorry, I only just looked at your text.”
“Well, can you bring it?”
“Yes! Of course! All my stuff is in there!”
“Okay, I’ll be over in a moment.”

I was about to hang up, but I realized she was still talking.

“Oh, Ben?”
“Did you get the text about Hammond’s party?”
“Well, I know you don’t really like him, but his sister borrowed my sweater, which I need, so can we just stop by for a minute so I can get it back?”
“Can’t you go alone? I’m busy this Wednesday.”
“No! I can’t go to a party alone!” She said it like I was stupid. “You don’t have to talk to anybody, just tag along.”

I sighed.
“Okay, bye.”
“Okay, love you babe, bye!”
“Okay, bye.”



Leslie Hammond’s house was more of an estate. She was spoiled and a slut and a bitch. But everyone came to her parties. Even me, apparently.

I could hear the beat pulsing from the house as soon as we were through the front gates. And the volume doubled as we entered the door, squeezing through the mess of bodies squirming and grinding together.
Everyone seemed wet. Did they pour beer over themselves?
I drifted away from Danielle as soon as we arrived, and pressed my way to the kitchen. Leslie’s brother, Todd, was a close friend of mine. He usually hovered near the food.

“Hey, man. What’s up?”
I took a seat at the bar next to him and we watched a couple fuck on the living room couch. Disgusting.
“Where’s your girlfriend?”
“Looking for your sister.”
He laughed. “She dragged you here?”

Todd stood to grab some chicken from the food table and returned with a plate for me as well.

“I heard you aren’t hanging out with Ryan much anymore. You get in a fight?”
I shrugged. “Oh, no. We just haven’t seen each other recently.”
“Well, he’s here, somewhere.” He grabbed me by my shoulder, leading mew out of the kitchen. “I’ll find him for you.”
“No! That—that’s fine, you don’t…”

But my words were swallowed by the throbbing beat of the music.


He was in the upstairs hallway just coming out of Leslie’s bedroom with a girl. I knew my heart was trembling, but I couldn’t feel it. I was cold and numb and my lips were clamped tightly shut.

We stood and stared at each other for a long time.


I blinked, almost suprised.


“What’s up?”

“Not much.”

The girl beside Ryan moved past us, out of the hallway, and Todd clapped me on the back. “I’m getting hungry again. Later.”
And we were suddenly alone.
I couldn’t even hear that maddening music anymore.


“You’ve been well?”

“Yeah, pretty good.”

“It’s been a while.”

“Yes. It has.”


“Was that your girlfriend?”


“I see.”


“You’re dating Danielle, right?”
“Yeah, but…”


“She’s kind of…”
“Annoying?” he finished for me.

I chuckled. “Yeah. She knows I hate Hammond, but she still drags me here!”
Ryan chuckled. “Yeah, I definitely should have warned you what you were getting yourself into with her.”
“She’s good in bed though.”
“Haha, yeah?”

We were sitting on the floor in the hallway, now, facing each other comfortably.

“So I heard you weren’t doing tennis next year.”
“What? Of course I am.”
“I thought so. I heard it from Danny Mac.”
I scoffed. “Well, I’m pretty sure that was out of jealousy.”
“Oh, you beat him this year?”
“Yeah, I’ve gotten a lot stronger.” I pulled back my shirtsleeve to flaunt my biceps. He whistled.
“Ahh, once a hottie, always a hottie.”
I laughed. “That’s me, alright.”

Ryan’s eyes lit up beautifully. “Speaking of which,” he stood up, “Kevin’s sister.”
“What about her?”

“Freddy just texted me saying she was naked at Mario’s house, talking about wanting to fuck someone.”
“She’s so weird.”
“But she’s hot!”
“Hah. True.”
“So? Let’s go.”

I stood as well, unable to hold back that goofy grin I always used to wear.
“You’re taking the blame when Danielle find out I ditched her, though.”

It was like I’d recovered from something.
Being just friends was plenty enough for me.


Danielle broke up with me for ditching her at the party. But I didn’t realize until the following Monday when a friend brought it into a conversation. But I didn’t mind at all. I was single again. Open for anybody.

Ryan had brought his Xbox over to my house, and was playing it on my bed. I was at my desk listening to him getting frustrated. Every time he was killed, he’d get angrier and angrier until he was shouting and kicking my clothes to the floor.

“You’re folding those again.” I scolded him.
“Did you see what that cocksucker did? There’s a glitch! There’s no way that could happen!”

I watched him for a while. I never really understood Halo… no… I was just bad at it, is all.
I had brought a stack of mail in earlier and was only now getting to it. I noticed some one with a University stamp on it.

“Holy fuck.”
Ryan looked up from his game. “What? Jury duty already?”
I turned to him. “Queen Mary and Westfield!”

I held the paper up. “I was accepted into college in London.”
He made a nasty face. “I thought you hated England.”
I shot an equally nasty face back at him. “No. It’s just I’m just used to living here… My mom went there.”


“So she promised to pay tuition if I go there.”

Ryan’s frown suddenly grew. He dropped his controller on the floor and came up behind me, watching me write a reply.

“It’s a long way from home.” He reminded me.
“All of my family lives over there, idiot.”
“And everything’s more expensive there.”
“But I’m not paying tuition.”
“And… The climate is terrible!”

I stared at him. “What’s your deal? Can’t I do what I want?”
“I mean… yes you can, but we agreed to go to college together!”

I snorted, sealing the reply in the envelope they had enclosed.
“That was in middle school, Ryan.”
“So, I don’t want to be a computer genius anymore! I’ve grown since then, and so have you.”

I pulled on my jacket and picked up the envelope. “Hold tight.” I said, heading out the door.

“No!” Ryan leapt off the bed, tripping over the game cord, and came tumbling down on top of me, both of us crashing to the floor. He snatched at the envelope, but I kept it away, slipping it into my pocket. Ryan’s face was flushed now, as we wrestled. I was stronger than I used to be, and we grappled like two titans throwing thunder at each other; the whole earth trembling with each roar. I yelled in frustration as he topped me, pinning back my arms and sitting on my chest. I was pinned, and I stared up at him furiously.

Ryan, however, was getting this weird look. Like he was debating whether to do something.



What was that!?

Ryan leaned down and pressed his lips into mine. He was forceful and impassioned. But the way he touched me felt so gentle, that my eyes closed and I was frozen to the floor, even though he had removed his hands so that he could hold my face.

He broke the kiss, and pouted like a spoiled child.
“I don’t want you to go.” He told me. “I’m not done with you.”

I have no idea what kind of expression I was wearing as I looked up at him.
“What do you mean?”

His gaze paralyzed my senses.
“I am still in love with you, Ben.”

This time, it was me who reached up and pulled him down to me. I kissed him with all the anger and apathy I’d stored up in the past months. We rolled over each other, bumping into walls and furniture and not feeling any of it. Just our hands on each other’s bodies as I lifted his shirt and he unbuttoned my pants.
I clambered onto his chest, and bent down to suck on a nipple. I had forgotten how warm his body was—almost unbearable. His hands were rough against my skin as they explored me, and I shivered and laughed as he tickled my most sensitive spots. I returned the favor by keeping my hands on his chest and sliding my tongue down his stomach to the top of his pants, and nuzzling my way inside. He arched his back and moaned impatiently as I teased him. Already, I could see the outline of his rigid cock against the thin material of his basketball shorts. I dived into them.

It had been a long time.
A long time since I’d gripped his dick, easing it out of his shorts, and greedily sliding my rough tongue from his balls to his cockhead. I felt big hands run through my hair, egging me on.
Stroking his shaft, I took the head into my mouth and swirled his precum around, remembering the taste of him, having him squirm beneath me.

Pivoting around on the floor, Ryan found my own cock and swallowed it, making my heart spasm with surprise and pleasure as I slid down his throat. In this position, we sucked on each other’s cocks, there in the doorway of my room, groaning and writhing along the floor like snakes, bodies interlocked in a sweat-slick dance.

He suddenly rose off of me, my dick popping out of his mouth, leaving him gasping for breath.

“Hey, Ben.”
“Lay down.”

I climbed off his chest and lay flat on my back, looking up at that beautiful boy, wondering what he was doing.

He straddled my lap, and ground his ass onto my wet cock, forcing it instantly to attention.

“Holy fuck, Ryan. You’re crazy.”
“Huh.” He grunted, smiling down at me. “Crazy for you.”

Sitting up, he reached beneath him and gripped my cock, pointing it straight up at his ass.
He let his legs out from under him, and let gravity take its course.

GOD he was tight!
He impaled himself onto my cock, eyes wide, mouth clamped shut, ass ripping open as I invaded his body.
Inch by inch, I slid up and into him as he pressed down onto me, until once again he was sitting on my lap, With my long, thick cock plugging his hole.

Heat poured from his body as I pulled out a bit, forcing a little squeak from Ryan. And again, as I pushed back up, fucking him gently.

My hips froze in midair.
He looked down at me. “I’ll do the necessary work.”

He ground his pelvis forward and back on my lap, causing my dick to massage his rectum walls. It blew my mind.
I held his hips as he began to ride my cock, unable to keep back the groans of pleasure that swept over me as ha sank over and over down onto my dick. He fucked himself eagerly on my thick rod, faster and faster as his pain turned to pleasure; unable to stop; his body’s desire completely taking over.

And I was just along for the ride.
I held him steadily as we bucked and thrust our bodies together... slick skin slapping... my hands exploring his muscular features and beautiful face... him bending down to capture me with a kiss; the new position causing a whole new wave of pleasure to wash over my dick.

He hadn’t touched his own cock at all, yet his hardness pressed into my stomach as we fucked, lubricated with sweat and spit and precum, and rubbing against the ridges of my clenched six-pack.
Our eyes had closed as we kissed, and we let our hands search for the other’s sweet spots. I was thrusting into him, now, fucking him properly. Hard, and fast, and unafraid.

It was hot.
So hot, and I couldn’t think right at all.
I should have slowed down, but I could feel my balls boil, and my hips acted on their own as they jerked back and forth; forcing my cock into Ryan’s body.
Taking my lips off his, I tried to piece together the right words.

“Ahh, Ryan.”
“I don’t think I can stop in time…”
“It’s good. I want you to cum in me.”

I nodded, flipping him onto his back, and pressing hard, down, into his gaping ass.
“Fuck, Ben!”

I exploded, shooting thick streams of cum into his hole. I only then realized that He had cum too, feeling it splash sickly against my throat and chest. His rectum clamped down hard onto my cock, milking me; and soon, his ass was full to the brim, and my cum overflowed onto my balls and ass.

My softening cock popped out, and I stayed there a while, watching the remaining cum leak from him.

We were laying in each others arms, still on the floor, like fools.
Happy fools.
Utterly joyous, completely ridiculous, crazy fools.

“I never stopped loving you, Ryan.” I kissed his sweaty forehead.

“Thank goodness.” was all he managed to reply.


I had put my shorts on again and sat at my writing desk, surrounded by the glorious possibilities of ink and paper.

Ryan came up behind me, wrapping me into a hug and resting his head on top of mine.

“Hey.” He said.
“What’re you gonna write?”
I chuckled. “The story of my life.”

Ryan sat beside me, on my bed.
“Good idea! You should write about us!” He told me. “You’d have first-hand experience for all the steamy sex scenes!”

We laughed and laughed, like we hadn’t done in a long time.

“Sure” I chuckled, rolling my eyes.
“That would be appropriate for an autobiography.”

The End


Ah, that’s it for the ‘Autobiography’ series, I hope you enjoyed it!
If you haven’t read them all, please do so! If you click on my name, you can see all of the stories I’ve written, just for your pleasure.

Also, please continue to support me with votes and comments, and look forward to my future stories!
You may contact me at , to chat about me, you, life, whatever; or talk about my next project: ‘Running Barefoot’.

PS: again, I hope you liked it!!!!!

Your friend,
the Young Author

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