Call Me Tom

Call Me Tom

The summer’s evening was cool tonight, far less humid than it had been for the last week, and it seemed like a good night to step onto the stoop to enjoy a smoke. It was late enough to know I wouldn’t bother anyone, though that was the price you pay for apartment living, and I stood in the middle of the walkway, exhaling after each long drag. The bugs creaked and chirped in the moonlight, and as I stood there, I listened intently to the song of the night. As I looked out over the balcony, I could see each of my neighbors had closed up for the night, and not a single light peeked through the windows. If it weren’t for all the creatures stirring, it was as calm and quiet as you might expect in the secluded apartment complex.

It certainly wasn’t luxury living, but the place suited my needs. Each building stood two floors, with stairs on the either end to climb, and a wide walkway topped the doors of the floor below, giving access to the second level apartments. It reminded me of a cheap motel, the worst part having people walk by as they traipsed to their destinations. Tonight the walk was empty, and I used it to my advantage, tossing my cigarette over the side, and into the patch of grass below. As I turned toward my apartment door, I was surprised by the bright flash rushing over the blinds of my neighbor’s window, and my heart began to pound in the start of the sudden light. I hoped it wasn’t me they were coming on for, since I was only attempting to enjoy the small area allotted to me in my lease.

I was ready to call it a night, and slip back in through my door, when I heard the muffled scream of my neighbor “You now what, FUCK YOU!”

I had met the neighbor once or twice. She was a young woman, perhaps in her late twenties. She had long hair, but it was dyed, and it seemed to change color every time I had seen her. While I can’t say I knew her well, I did know I hadn’t heard her yelling before, and it gave me pause to hang around. I can admit I was being a nosey neighbor, and instead of going inside I pulled out another smoke, lighting it with a flick of the wrist. This time I stepped back, and stayed near my door. I waited to see if the light would go off again, or whether the argument would continue on. Much to my dismay, neither took place, and as I reached the end of my second cigarette, my cover story had literally gone up in smoke.

I glanced over at the window one last time, hoping for something to stop me from going in, and that was when I noticed the crack between the blind, and the edge of the window. There was enough light to make me think I could get a glimpse inside, but I wondered if it was worth the possibility of being caught. I guess I am just a deviant at heart, and I crept over to the edge, hoping for a view inside.

The blinds were off the shelf, nothing custom, and the lapse in coverage gave me a half an inch of opening. Much to my nefarious mind, I had to thank the landlord for being cheap, and the woman inside for not having the forethought to put up window dressings. I peered into the crack, bringing the interior into view. As I scanned the room, I could make out the television on the opposite wall. Underneath lay a dark wood entertainment center, something you might pick up from the local discount department store. It was covered in electronics and tchotchkes, but they were all placed there with care. I moved my eye across the room more. In the center sat a bamboo wicker style coffee table, which appeared to be a real reject from Pier 1 imports, but they sell those things to someone. Apparently I had found one of their recipients. I had to laugh at the design, I never understood how you could put a cup of coffee on the top, which rendered the construction useless in my eyes.

Taking up the L-shaped corner of the rest of my view lay a standard sectional couch, the three seats coming toward me to the window, and the loveseat portion riding the back wall of the unimpressive cookie cutter layout. The fabric of the huge piece of furniture was trying to mimic leather, but the low quality gave itself away in the worn areas, and there was no thickness you might expect from the real thing. Finally, tucked into the corner nearest the window, a tall metal post lamp stretched toward the ceiling, which was what gave the blinds such a bright wash of light. The room wasn’t a matching set, but piecemeal in the way it was all put together. It wasn’t much different than my own apartment, which I never put much into either, so I couldn’t really knock the layout, but it was all utilitarian.

The only part of the scene I really wanted to see, wasn’t actually in sight, and I had to wonder what happened to the screaming woman that had drawn my attention in the first place. I looked around the room once again, the television was on, and I figured she would be coming back at some point. With nothing to hold my view, my paranoia made me break my gaze, and I looked over the doors and window behind me, making sure no one could see me be a peeping tom. I relaxed a bit when I was sure I was unseen.

I turned my eyes back to the opening, waiting for what I hoped would be a naked woman, unaware of my prying eyes. The thought of what I could see made my dick grow, and in the absence of something to keep my attention, my mind was fast at work, replaying all those pornographic videos I had so feverishly consumed over the years. It wasn’t until she walked back into the living room my mind stopped dancing, but I was rewarded for my corrupt thoughts. She came in from the kitchen area, and to my malevolent pleasure, she pranced around in tiny shorts, and only a black lace bra covering her top.

She began to preen the couch, pulling up on the back cushion, and pushing in on the bottom, her back turned from my as she started at the loveseat. Her gorgeously long hair ran down her back, held at shoulder length by a hairband, and it swayed back and forth as she muscled the cushions into their correct positions. One by one she went down the line, and as she turned up the couch portion, her profile came into view. She was slightly tall, pale white skin, and the straps of her bra stretched as she performed her chore. She was plump in weight, I couldn’t make out any bones in her torso, and as she bent, her figure would roll over, more like a real washboard than any of those hardbody abs you might be shown in underwear ads. I didn’t mind that she wasn’t some wafe skinny girl, her plump body only lent to the curviness of her figure, and the elastic of her bra was forced to do its job as she bounced her tits down, then back up with each section of the couch.

As she bent over each position, her tiny blue shorts slid tighter over her ample ass, and each time she worked on a cushion, the fabric disappeared a little more between her cheeks. She had hips you wanted to grab as you plowed into her, and her heart shaped ass only lent to her beauty, giving enough padding to take a vigorous pounding. As the work of fixing the seats ended, my dick was pressing firmly into the cotton of my boxer briefs, and I found my hand moving slowly toward my shorts in an effort to both relieve the tension, but to also give it the warmth it seemed to be searching for.

She was at the end of the couch now, and I feared she could see me, and she seemed to glance to the window as if she could. I couldn’t move, and I was like a deer in the headlights, but she only moved away, not surprised by the man standing in her window enjoying the view. It occurred to me, she couldn’t possibly see me, the crack in the window had to be too small, and the light on interior pane would have created a one-way effect, I calmed as the physics of the environment played out in my thought. After being so close without noticing, I knew I had to be safe. While covered I was shielded by the light of the room, I felt the need to look behind me again, making sure no one was spying the spy.

By the time my gaze returned to the room, she was back across the carpet, placing her phone on the top of the cushion by the wall. She did a turn to make the distance, and she sunk into the corner of the sectional, exactly the spot I would have taken with no guest to accommodate. She edged into the corner and sat at an angle, facing the television, pulling her feet up, and using the next cushion to brace her knees slightly upward. I stared at her continuously, my mind playing out what I would do to her stunning body, and once again my cock began to expand from the delight.

She picked up the remote and started to flip through the channels, stopping infrequently on something that caught her attention. Before long she seemed to bore of the entire exercise, and she picked up her phone, which she started swiping on this, and tapping on that to pass the time. That time seemed to pass slowly, but I couldn’t stop myself from watching. The scene was obviously better than anything I would find on television, so I stared into the room, watching the mundane with complete awe. Soon she picked up the remote again, unentertained in her current endeavor. I managed to catch the time as she flipped passed the information channel, and I felt embarrassed that I had spent over an hour watching her do practically nothing. But what was I going to do, stop watching something I may never get the chance to see again.

It seemed like so much time had gone by again, my legs began to ache as I stood there taking in the show. It wasn’t until she flipped to a movie channel that I noticed something catch her interest and I looked over to the screen to see what had piqued hers. On the screen a man lay on top of a woman, they moved in the normal movie style of love making, gyrating in that unbelievable manner that let you know there was no actual penetration. He kissed the woman on the lips, and then down her neck, slowly he took advantage of her body, and lower he would tease as he falsely caressed her. The scene was typical, and not particularly arousing, but I could see by her reaction, it was enough to put thoughts in her mind.

As the scene progressed, my neighbor began to fidget in place, easing her brace against the couch cushions, and the look in her eyes showed me she had put herself there. By the time the scene was coming to an end, she had unknowingly placed her palm on her thigh, which had slid down to almost straight, and her fingers softly rode the seam of the cloth shorts banding around her leg. The ache in my legs disappeared, and I could plainly see she was becoming aroused by the acting. I might have found the ability to break away and return to my apartment before, but now, I was going nowhere until I was sure she was gone from sight for the night.

When the sexuality of the movie had faded back into the story, I could plainly see she had not gotten the pleasure she hoped for, and she played with the bottom of her shorts much longer than the lust in the movie would allow. Soon she broke her attention completely, and she bring herself out of the corner cushion. She didn’t get up from the couch, but only moved out far enough for it to brace the underside of her thighs. She leaned over to the coffee table, pulling the drawer out from the bottom section. She sifted through the contents only briefly, and quickly she pulled a CD case out from the bottom layers.

She popped up from the seat, moving quickly to the entertainment center. She worked the buttons on one of the machines and inserted the disc, and once done, she moved back to her seat on the couch, going directly into the corner with a flop. As she worked the buttons on the remote, a smile came over my face as a pornographic image of one woman tribbing another plastered across the screen, only the ornate text of the title moved across to obscure the view. I had waited there patiently for so long, and now she was giving me the show I had hoped would come from all of this. Without much prompting, my engorged cock pressed against the binding of my briefs, and the tip of my dick felt abrased by the constant on again, off again of my arousal.

The content selection menu came into view, and she moved the selector to one that must have been her favorite, as if she had done it a thousand times before, and soon the screen was washed over with the normal fade of one scene moving to the next. Unlike many of movies I had seen in the past, there was no major plot to get out of the way first, and it opened to a completely naked woman showering. The girl situated herself in the corner of the cushions, and her hand was back to her thigh like it had been before.

Her eyes were fixed on the movie, and she watched it with lust as the woman on the screen washed away the bubbles, and slid her hands over her body as if she were already in the midst of a long cleaning. As the woman on the screen moved her hands over her body, cupping her tits, and passing slowly over her twat, my neighbor began to slide her hands ever so softly over her own thigh.

The sight of her watching this other woman made me giddy, and my insides fluttered as she took pleasure in another woman’s self love. It was intensely erotic, and my dick pressed ever harder, wishing to be freed. I hesitated to left it out, fearing not only the chance of being caught, but building the anticipation of the woman on the other side of the glass adding to my own fantasy of the unknown watcher. Once again I had no choice but to touch my dick, touching the bottom of the tip, sending another flutter through me as I looked on.

Soon the movie progressed, and it became more clear where the plot was headed, and another woman played the spy game, peeping into the bathroom door, watching the steamy performance. As she watched, she began to mimic the other woman, caressing her body through her clothes. The taboo subject seemed to intrigue my neighbor on the couch. By now she had moved on to rubbing her thigh, her full palm gliding over the top of her pale skin, out to her knee, and then ever closer to the bend of her waist.

The more she watched, the more turned on she seemed to become, and soon the women in the movie were aware of one another as they began to kiss, getting the fully clothed one wet in the spray of the misting shower. My neighbor was fully engrossed, and she watched with intent, like she wished to be apart of it. Soon her other hand moved up her chest, coming to rest over her ample breast, and she started to squeeze gently on the handful. The actresses played their parts, and the showering woman began to undress the voyeur, pulling off her soaked clothes while she rubbed her slick body against her. In response, the neighbor’s shorts moved upward with every pull against the fabric, and soon the tiny blue shorts took on the look of a flannel thong.

As the actresses progressed in their lesbian love, licking each other’s nipples, and fondling their golden tan tits. My neighbor was enjoying the action, and my attention was drawn to her more as her hand moved over her shorts. She worked along the side of her thigh, and her other hand dropped from her breast, joining the opposite leg with delicate strokes. She looked possessed by the spirit of the women in the film, and her hand were no longer her own, but the supple caresses of one of the imaginary vixens.

Her right hand dominated, and led itself over the flannel material of the barrier, her other hand flowed back up her torso, over the lacey brasier, and then further to her shoulders. She shuttered mildly as her hand came over her trapped labia, and she arched her back upward, bringing forward her mams to the tender petting. She lay her head back against the cushion of couch, burying it deeper as she stroked her pussy through her clothes. It was more than I could have ever asked for, and as she ran her fingers over her clit, I unconsciously began to fondle myself through my own shorts, mimicking her movements as I stood there mesmerized.

The woman on the screen were not as slow in there love making, and by now one of the woman had already moved her lips over the others twat, and my neighbor only briefly glanced at the action, focusing more on her own body, than the porn stars performing from the . She moved her hand over her cunt, cupping it fully, and pressing the fabric between the folds. She couldn’t take the building tension for long, and her hand began to settle toward the top of the waistband, wanting for a more open embrace.

She couldn’t seem to hold out anymore, then she gripped each side of her pants, and whipped them out from underneath her. She tossed the rolled up band to the ground, and revealed she wore no panties in the process. As I stood there in full view of her gorgeous plump snatch, I was forced to slide my hand into my shorts, gripping the base of my cock as I began to pull softly toward the tip. The girl was magnificent, and whatever punishment might be in store for me, it was worth every moment, as I could not unsee the body that lay before me.

As easily as she had stripped the shorts away, she was back to caressing herself, her hands moving over her body as she would be denied no more. She cupped her pussy once again, and her face shown pure relief as her hand grazed over the top. She pulled her middle finger through the center, and as the lamp shined across the room, her lips glistened with lubrication as she built up in her arousal. She didn’t continue to pet her kitty, but sent a shiver down my own spine, as she slid the finger into her mouth, tasting the nectars of her labor. She was better than any porn I could have watched, and the sight of her enjoying herself so thoroughly only made my dick throb harder as I gazed upon her.

Back down her body with her hand she went, leaving a shallow trail of saliva on her belly as she reached for her gash. Again she pushed her middle finger in between, this time deeper, and you could see the jolt as she passed over her clit. Agonizingly slow she played with the folds, washing her juices into every creavas, and giving her the slip she needed to come back for more. Over and over she rode, wincing as the anticipation grew, and the tension in her muscles screamed in response. Her head lay back, her eyes closed as she projected the touch of a woman against her slit, and her agitations increased in swiftness and intensity. Soon she concentrated on the button bringing her folds together, and she worked her pussy rapidly, skating over it repeatedly.

She twerked her hips as she would not relent from the attention. Longer and more forceful with each stroke she lifted up, pressing harder against an illusionary tongue as her toes began to curl under. At last she began to hold the position, and she would not let go of the goal. As she worked her hips like a seductive dancer, she pressed hard into her clit, and she spasmed in a rapture I could hardly believe. She pushed in hard, ramming against her swollen clit, and she gushed at the release, giving up a prolonged muffled moan I could hear through the glass.

She sat there panting, exacerbated in the intensity of the cum, and as her body unclenched, she still slowly worked every ridge of the terrain between her fingers. I watched with devious pleasure, and my grip on my cock was like a vise as she came all over her hand. I couldn’t release my gaze from her, and I studied the beauty and emotion of every touch in her self love. My dick could not have been harder, and the space allowed by the encumbering shorts was not ample enough to continue. Without thought or care for who might see, I pulled my dick from my pants, stroking my cock as the chill of the night air brought goose bumps to the tip of my dick.

My neighbor lay there on the couch, fully engrossed in the function of her masterbation, and I felt a deep connection to her as she played. I wanted nothing more than to break through that door, and show her there was someone ready, willing, and able to give her the love she was forced to give herself. She continued to watch the women on and screen, now more able to give them the attention, since it was no longer fully on herself. She watched as one woman licked the pussy of the other, water washing down from her tits, and splashing back, forcing her to keep coming up for air as she snorkeled her sweet vagina. The more she watched them, the more she played with her now fragile clit, and randomly she would pass over it too quickly, and she would jerk away in the sensitivity. I couldn’t help but continue to pull my dick, knowing the ability to watch would not last forever.

My neighbor stopped suddenly, and she patted her pussy as if she was spanking her own cat for being mischievous. She pulled herself up from the corner once again, and I was dismayed that the show was over. As she sat there momentarily, she reached for the remote, but instead of turning off the film, she returned to the menu, and quickly selected another item. As the machine booted up the footage, she reached once again to the bottom drawer of the coffee table, this time emerging with a stiff jelly dildo made of clear ribbed plastic.

I couldn’t believe it wasn’t over, and I sent out my thank yous to the universe for giving me such a fantastic opportunity. I felt like I was supposed to be there, at this time, and this was all for me, and my pleasure alone. Before this pale deity, this Aphrodite, would be finished, she reached behind her back, unclasping the hindering bra, and she unleashed her fabulous tits, just as shimmering translucent as the rest of her body.

She pulled herself back into position, into the corner of the couch, now she was completely naked, only the ravishing pink of her nipples, and the blushing red of her swollen pussy stood out on her majestic white marble figure. She adjusted her pose, and slid her ass out from under her a bit, and now her pussy lay open to the world, and I wanted nothing more than to slid my aching dick inside, but she beat me to it. She moved the tip of the phallus over the ridges of her slit, both moistening the tip, and molesting her clit once again.

The move enthralled me, as I would have wet my cock in the same way before gently sliding it into her, and she played like a master of my instrument. She continued to trib against her gash, taking it ever deeper as the ridges parted with the wanted intrusion. Finally she could go no deeper, and the tip was engulfed as if her pussy would suckle upon it. She moved it lower, ready to intrude, but she hesitated in the moment, and she seemed to draw deep pleasure from the anticipation.

At last the moment ended, and she pushed the cock inside, this time another moan came from her, softer than before, but it still sent a shiver up my spine. She pushed it in slowly, allowing her juices to lubricate every inch, and she grimaced as she reached the depths of her vagina. She paused momentarily as she allowed her muscles to retract from the penetration, and then she moved it out again, just as slow as it had gone in. Her eyes rolled back as the stimulation pulsed through her body with every heartbeat, and she laid her head back on the cushion, taking in the sensations as if it were the first time.

The sight of this gorgeous, plump, busty Venus, violating herself with the dildo made me ass cheeks tense, and I pulled harder on my cock, and I wished it was me inside her, milking my load for her to cream inside her pussy. In she went again, a little faster than before, then back, and she worked to pick up a rhythm as she edged toward a climax. In she went, and her back arched with the intrusion, then out again, and she picked up speed. Over and over she glided the false dick into her, in and out, and she started to produce a low groan each time the tip rammed her cervix.

She found a steady pace, and more and more she covetted the dick, loving the stiff sensations as it could barely give under the clamping of her twat. Up and down she worked it, indulging every time the notes played against her A, B, and G spots. She stroked with the ease of an oarsman, and the girth of the cock stretched her ever tensing walls, squeezing both for and against it while the engine strained for more. As she probed her depths, the counter stroke would reveal the glistening gel of her drooling cunt, and as she played into the repetition, she earned the reward of even more.

Soon her pace was gaining steam, and over and over she banged against her slit. She writhed in ecstasy as the pumping pounded her already burstable slit. She gripped the end of the dildo, tightening her fist around the end, and she took it deep inside until even her hand was slicked wet. I could see on her face, as she prodded her insides, she was so close to explosion, but she slowed her pace to keep down the rise. Her moaning continued, and though it was muffled by the glass, it gained in volume as she climbed ever closer from fucking her gap.

The tempo of her grunts matched the banging against her pussy, and her feet began to grip into the cushion, as her hips took over the riding motion. She pushed in again, and stopped for a moment, just long enough to grip the end with both hands, and then she was inside once again. Her hands seemed to float there, while her hips did all the work, and she fucked that plastic cock for all it was worth. The clapping rose in severity, and over and over she rode onto it with pleasure. All I could do is watch, and beg not to be caught.

Just as I thought she would cum from the beating, she pulled her legs up high, and lay flat on her back. She gripped the dick once more, and she slid it back into her ginger, without any loss, she was back where she had left off. I could see she was ready for the grand finale, and this time her pace was like the pistons of the a Corvette. Faster and faster she slid it in and out, and she moved pushed and pulled the dick, melting the lube away as she assaulted her hole with the friction. Deeper and deeper she slammed, banging her box with pinpoint precision, and cramming her cervix ever further inside.

Her moans became nonstop, and she worked it like a swiss timepiece, never losing a second of the pleasure. As it seemed like the heat would melt it away, or the her cunt would swallow it whole, she thrust in constantly, never missing a beat. Finally her tone became a wail, and as she relentlessly fucked her pussy, she spasmed in the clamping, and every muscle in her body tensed. She never gave in to the intensity and she pushed passed the creaming vice as she plowed into herself repeatedly, anguishing with utter elation, until as if even she didn’t expect it, she shot cum across the cushion, and gushed forth like a slut geyser. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and I watched with such amazement as she flowed all over herself. Just as if she had stroked every ounce from me, I exploded all over the window in front of me, ejecting with such force the window gave back a thud.

To my complete joy and disbelief, she hadn’t heard me ejaculate all over her window, and we both sat there in unexpected delight at the shear completion of the moment. Though I wanted nothing more now but to lay next to her, and cuddle her in post coital euphoria, she was on the other side of the pane, and I was nothing more than the degenerate next door.

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