A Quiet Interlude

A Quiet Interlude

I stand at the foot of the table watching you intently. The silence is wreaking havoc on your already overexcited senses. My eyes travel over your face taking note of the slight parting of your lips, the furrow between your brows, and the flaring of your nostrils, all signs of your heightened awareness. My gaze wonders over the muscles of your upper arms, bunched and tight, to the leather cuffs around each wrist, linked together and held over your head with a single tether. Though I can follow the tether only to the edge of the table, I know that after disappearing from my sight, the thick black rope wraps back to travel under the length of the table and separates into dual tethers that eventually lash each foot to a table leg.

As I watch you lying there, naked and trembling before me, I cannot help but become aroused at the sight of you. Though you willingly submitted to the restraints, the blindfold that now keeps you in a state of constant awareness was a bonus you weren’t expecting. I know you were aroused by it though; the soft moan that escaped your lips as I slipped it over your eyes a dead giveaway. I know your body as well as I know my own; every contour, every flaw as familiar to me as my own face. I know you are aroused, and I know you are nervous.

After slipping the heavy leather blindfold into place, I moved to the spot where I now stand and watch and wait. I’ve watched your nipples grow hard with chill and with nerves. I’ve watched your breathing go from slow and steady to shallow and quick. I now watch as the tension in your muscles builds and your body tightens in fearful anticipation. There is a thin layer of moisture on your skin and the pulse in your neck is visible as your heart beats wildly in your chest. I cannot believe you have been silent. I asked for your silence but thoroughly doubted your ability to give it. This small measure of obedience sends my hopes soaring. How far will you let me go? How much will you endure before you utter the words that will demand your release? I’ve such plans for us if only you will trust me, surrender to me.

I am aware of the exact moment you reach your limit. Your lips part and you draw in a single deep breath in preparation to speak. I drop one palm firmly on your left knee. You exhale in relief. I’m unsure whether you are relieved that I am still here, or that the game has begun. No matter the reason, your body relaxes back onto the table, quiescent and still. I begin to prepare the room around you so that my plans will go smoothly. The very sounds of my labor seem to soothe you and your breathing returns to normal. A predatory smile lifts the corners of my lips as I envision all the ways I plan to disrupt your current calm.

The first item to catch my attention is a set of grooming clippers. Recently I’d asked you to stop shaving your pubic area, anticipating the day when you would set yourself firmly in my hands. Picking them up, I return to stand between your spread thighs. Staring at your face, I am curious as to what your reaction to the next sound will be. My attention is rewarded when your entire body jerks against the restraints as the clippers hum to life. I lay the vibrating trimmers against the skin of your inner thigh and you become rigid. Your chest heaves as your breathing becomes ragged. You have no idea exactly what is sending the tiny vibrations across your most sensitive areas, only that the sensations are there. With my free hand, I grasp the pubic hair you are now sporting and pull it firmly away from your skin. As the clippers move beneath my fingers and close to your skin, a whimper escapes you, loud enough to hear over the buzz of the trimmers. In an automatic defense reflex, your flat stomach dips in on itself, becoming concave as your body readies itself to flee or fight. It only takes a moment for understanding to dawn and the defensive posture to relax somewhat.

On the first few swipes, the clippers never touch your skin taking off only the ends of the bush you’ve grown. When the excess has been trimmed away, I place a warm palm flat on your thigh, silently bidding you to stay still. I place the head of the clippers against your skin and begin to shave the remaining hair. Though the clippers are brand new, I know that they will often catch a hair and pull. I’m anxious to see your body’s reaction to these sharp tugs of pain. Moving slowly, I trail the trimmers over every contour, every nook. Your body responds with obvious arousal, the vibrations from the clippers strumming your most sensitive nerve endings. I lift and part, poke and caress, reassuring myself that the job is being done. When your groin is as smooth as I can get it with the tool at hand, I take a large make up brush from my stash. Its bristles are soft and worn. I brush it gently over your entire groin, each stroke a whisper of touch that pulls your body deeper into the fantasy.

You hear me as I move away from you once more. Now there is the sound of running water and your mind frantically sifts through the hundreds of possibilities. The sounds of my return do nothing to calm your racing thoughts. There is the barest movement of air across your chest and you anticipate my touch there. You are surprised when instead there is the sensation of moist warmth on your now hairless center. A warm towel draped carefully across the recently shaved area will soften the bristles that remain. The heat soothes you yet again and I wait until your body is completely relaxed before placing a molded cube of ice directly over your left nipple. As the nub hardens in revolt it molds itself into a tiny cleft in the cube and serves only to hold it in place. Another moan is forced from your lips and the sound waves seem to travel straight to my cunt. I can feel my own body ready itself for orgasm.

You sense a new shift in my position but the warring sensations in your nipple and groin distract you from concentrating too hard on me. Suddenly the towel is removed and the wind from a single ceiling fan over your head sends chills across the warm skin. You quickly identify the next sound as the whoosh of shaving cream being expelled from the can. Immediately on the heels of that thought is the sensation of the cool foam as it is applied to your skin. Then, the tickling of ice water as it drips down the side of your chest. More movement and then heat, the glorious heat of my mouth as I cover the melting cube and your nipple in one motion. Flicking the cube aside with my tongue, I suck the hard nub briskly, warming the chilled area with friction as well as my own heat. As the blood and the sensation return to this area you are again taken unaware as I apply another cube to the neglected right nipple. Before removing my mouth from the left, I bite down gently with my teeth, for no other reason than to feel you twitch beneath my hands and mouth. Your body arches up to meet my mouth and your arousal grows.

You moan in disappointment as my mouth leaves you and again, in arousal as my fingers fondle your most sensitive parts. The gentle probing of my fingers teases you, creating an ache deep in your gut. The different sensations are coming fast and hard and your body responds quickly to each new one. The scrape of a razor across your groin, the softness of my hand trailing in its wake, and the gentle brush of air all serve to heighten the arousal you cannot seem to control. When I am satisfied with the smoothness of your skin, I clean the area with the towel I’d set aside before, then move away to wait once more.

These long moments of silence and uncertainty make you increasingly anxious. I watch, fascinated, as you fight the urge to squirm. Your muscles slowly tense and your buttocks shift ever so slightly against the smooth wood of the table top. Moving as quietly as I can, I retrieve a long taper candle that I’d lit while attempting to set the mood for the evening. As the first hot drop hits your taut stomach, your breath hisses between your teeth and your body recoils in surprise. Several more drops are let loose in quick succession as I move the candle south, toward your feet. A single drop finds its mark at your very center and I am amazed by the fluids that begin leaking from inside you. Knowing that you are as aroused as I am, I let go of any anxiety I still harbored and begin to play in earnest.

I climb up onto the table so that my cunt is directly over your open mouth. I want to feel the breath heave from your lips as I continue to torture you with the molten wax. The sudden dart of your tongue against my wet slit takes me by surprise and a moan escapes before I can stop it. In retaliation for your sudden bravery, I lower myself onto your mouth and grind my swollen pussy over your mouth. Without hesitation or remorse, you begin to suck at my clit. As my hips begin to circle and the orgasm I crave looms closer, you release my clit and use your tongue to delve deep inside my aching center, fucking me slowly with the only appendage you can. Unable to control myself, I begin to hump your face in earnest, reaching…..reaching for the orgasm that is so very close now. As the tension inside me peaks, my cunt tightens around your tongue and a rush of fluids flood your mouth. A high pitched moan leaves no doubt as to the results of your tongue lashing.

I fall forward, hands on the outside of your hips, gasping for breath. As I try to recover from the violent climax, I feel your tongue gently bathing away the cum from my cunt. Your tongue falls gently into the creases, skips lightly over swollen peaks, and cleanses away any trace of the orgasm you’ve given me. In sheer gratitude, I begin to use my own tongue on your body, tracing the contours of your abdomen, dipping lightly into the crevice of your navel, and finally settling to circle and tease your hard nipples. I love the taste of your skin, the smell of your arousal, the texture of your body.

Indulging my own needs for a moment, I simply explore with hands and mouth, no longer distracted by pleasing you. My hands roam over you in a sensual massage that creates tension rather than alleviating it. My mouth samples every inch of you it can reach, suckling and tasting, relentless in its hunger. Sensuously I use my own skin to test the smoothness of yours, rubbing my body over yours in a dance as old as time itself. My nipples graze your groin, my calves rest lightly against your cheeks, my belly rests against your chest. I cannot seem to get close enough, my need for you so great that I would mold myself into your skin if I could.

“Baby, please….?” Your words break through the haze of sensation I’ve created and bring me back to the present. My face only inches away from your arousal I focus now on the copious amount of fluid slipping from your body. Using only the tip of my tongue, I begin to bathe away the evidence of your arousal as you had done for me only minutes before. At the first touch, your body jerks against the restraints. As I press firmly against your skin, curling my tongue to lap up your juices, a low moan vibrates from within you. Your body strains beneath me and your hips shift restlessly as you attempt to maneuver my mouth onto your sex more fully. A frustrated groan screams your disappointment as I slide off of your body to stand beside you once more.

Dropping a hand lightly over your lower stomach, I begin to trace small circles just above your pubic area. “Shh, not yet baby. Just be patient and I will reward you,” I promise. Moving to my bag once again, I leave you in confused arousal. The next phase of my seduction is critical to my end goals. I know that I will have to arouse you beyond reasonable thought or you will never allow me to fulfill my most secret fantasy. Returning to stand at the end of the table, between your thighs, I begin to pour warm oil onto the skin of your lower body. Starting with your thighs, I slowly massage upward. I run my hands over your tightly muscled legs, from knee to hip, circling slowly and pressing deeply. As I near your center, I can feel you tense beneath my hands. I avoid that sensitive area that so craves my touch and feel you relax in frustrated disappointment. Over and over, my hands travel from your knees upward, each trip becoming slightly longer than the last. I massage the tops of your thighs, the inside of them, the outside of them, and finally I run my hands along the backs of your thighs causing you to raise yourself slightly off the table to give me room to maneuver. Your hips are in constant motion now, slowly rising and falling in relation to the position of my hands. Unconsciously, you moan non-stop as the ache inside you mounts. You are as aroused as I have ever seen you.

Slowly, so as not to scare you, I gently part your buttocks, running my fingertips over the crevice, delving only slightly between them. There is no change in your demeanor. Kneading your cheeks in my hands, I move my fingers ever deeper between your ass cheeks. After long moments, I brush your asshole with a single digit. Your hips jerk spastically, pushing down then lurching upward as if at the last moment your mind struggled to exert some small measure of sanity into our interlude. Emboldened by your reaction, I repeat the stroke. The results are the same, only this time your hips press down with much more enthusiasm and lurch upward with much less conviction. Ecstatic with my progress, I move a single finger to sit lightly against your rose, waiting….wanting you to make the first move. Without hesitation or obvious thought, you press against my finger and open for my invasion. As I watch the digit disappear inside you, I am overcome with the need to fuck you and I struggle to maintain control.

I am able to slide my entire finger into you on the first stroke. Once buried inside you, I hold the finger still wanting to give you time to adjust. Apparently there is no need, as you begin to hump your hips up and down on the table, fucking yourself with my finger. I pour more warm oil over your groin and over my hand. Soon, I will attempt a second finger. Your frenzied movements tell me you are not going to stop me this day. Finally I will take your virgin asshole.

Mere moments later, I’ve two fingers sliding in and out of your bud. Your ring clenches around me as you continue to fuck air. Each stroke seems to push you closer to the edge. A third finger slides inside you and your humping slows. The burn has become hot enough to distract you from your desire. In order to rekindle the fires inside you and douse the doubt that is slowly creeping into your mind, I lean forward and take you into my mouth, sucking gently on the source of your need. A single second passes before you resume the erotic dance you’d abandoned. I can feel your anal ring relax and loosen, and my cunt swell and tighten. It is time.

Retrieving a medium sized plug from the floor beside me, I apply oil from my free hand to the entire length of it. Quickly, I remove my fingers from your body and replace it with the plug. I do not want you tightening back up before I can prepare you for the taking. You groan low in your throat as the plug slowly disappears inside you. Experimentally, you twist and hunch your hips. Your hips begin to move quickly, up and down, pressing hard against the table top. I watch your body tighten and ready for orgasm. Reaching up, I quickly pinch and twist your right nipple hard enough to distract you from the looming climax. “I said not yet, baby,” I admonish firmly. “Now lie still.” In answer, your movements cease, but I can tell it is difficult for you. There is a constant stream of liquid flowing from your sex now. You were closer than I’d realized.

Moving to stand near your head, I lean forward and feed my left nipple into your mouth. Greedily you begin to suckle. My hands roam your body, tweaking nipples and moving lower to brush your center. I massage and rub and pull and poke, exploring your body as if I didn’t know its every contour. The sensations in my breast seem to translate directly to my pussy, as if they were connected by a live wire. Each pull of your mouth resonates deep inside my walls. Fluids flow from my own body as well now, preparing it for what is to come. Pulling myself from your mouth, I lean in to kiss you passionately. For a moment, you hesitate before losing yourself in my kiss. You know this is my favorite form of foreplay and you give it your all. Our tongues tangle inside each other’s mouth, tasting and teasing; your teeth latch lightly onto my lower lip knowing this is a hot spot for me.

Tiny contractions ripple through my cunt as our mouths mate, but they are mere preludes to what will soon come. I am slick with want and aching with need, but I want this to be good for you as well. No, I want it to be extraordinary, the most arousing thing we’ve ever done. After today, I’m not sure if I will ever relinquish this control you’ve given me. If you do not enjoy this, I may never get another chance. I move away from your body, your mouth. I must calm myself and you are too much of a distraction.

I turn away and close my eyes, for even the mere sight of you bound and aroused is more than I can take at this moment. Inevitably, my mind turns to you. I move once more to my bag of tricks. I take out the one remaining toy and begin to apply lube to both ends of it. The soft gel of the strap on will bend and mold itself to your contours. The egg-shaped end opposite the dildo will hold it firmly in place once inserted inside my cunt. I will be able to fuck you as a man would, hands roaming over your body as the artificial phallus thrusts in and out of your body.

I return to my place between your knees, bending to release your feet from their bonds. Tugging lightly on your hips, I move you until your ass sits just over the edge of the table. Lifting your knees, I push them back toward your chest. Using one hand, I remove the plug from your ass and replace it with the head of the dildo. Thrusting slowly, I am mesmerized as it disappears slowly inside you. A low groan escapes your lips as you’re remaining virginity is taken. Moving painstakingly slow, I hold my own needs in check to give you time to adjust to the intrusion. As I move into you, the egg inside my pussy presses tightly against my own g-spot.

Once the entire length of the shaft is buried inside you, I stop, waiting to gauge your reactions. Your expression is one of pain mingled with pleasure. The constant flow of liquid from your sex tells me the pleasure is overriding the pain. I watch as frustration with my immobility pushes you to speak, “Please, baby….fuck me now….” you whisper.

The words, so softly spoken, break the tenuous control I’ve held onto until now. Withdrawing slowly, I am further aroused by the tiny moan of disappointment from you. I start off fucking you slowly, but before long, your mewls of pleasure combine with the stimulation of my own sex to send me driving into you with passion and speed. I can tell your climax is close as your hips buck beneath me, trying to drive the dildo ever deeper into your ass. You are no longer silent, instead begging me to fuck you harder, faster, and deeper. Watching you wantonly fuck yourself against the dildo and hearing your shouted pleas, my own climax is approaching with lightning speed.

As the first spasms of orgasm flow through my cunt, I watch the cum spurt freely from your body as well. You cry out my name and I dig my short nails into your hips as I thrust forward one last time. Collapsing onto your chest, my own chest heaves in exertion. I feel you shift beneath me, dropping your legs over the side of the table once more and drawing your hands down from over your head to rest lightly in my hair. When your breathing has calmed enough for you to speak, only 3 words pass your lips, “Thank you, Mistress.”

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