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School Daze chapter 3

School Daze chapter 3 After they went roaming the various shops of Laguna Beach. They found her some very nice things to wear for that evening, and a set of clothes for their San Diego trip on Sunday. He bought her three pair of shoes that fit perfect. She cautioned him about spending too much money, but he waived her off with a sharp contortion of his face, then a smile. After spending the largest part of the day shopping, they walked down to the beach, and sat on the sand barefooted; watching the waves splashing on the shore. She couldn't...


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Bi Fun

My cousin Brian and I have done things with each other for many years. I guess I never thought anything of it. When I started dating my girlfriend Kayce, I stopped completely. For a long time it was kept inside, afraid that she would freak out and dump me. She was very sexually open minded and experimental like me but worries still filled my head. As time went by, it felt like we were really close and it seemed to be a good time. My fear filled me but surprisingly she took it very well and actually thought it was hot...


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Mom Joins the team

Mom Joins the team Janet was an attractive 41 years old, shoulder length brunette hair, a pretty face 38g tits and tight curvy ass. She was a MILF, her son Lee was a nerd who was only concerned with watching porn and tutoring the cheerleaders so they could pass tests. He would tutor them he would always cop a feel the girls knew it but since he didn’t charge them, they figured it was fair. Janet had been divorced for 6 years she had three vibrators a large supply of batteries but lately this wasn’t cutting it for her. She was...


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Alexia and the teachers Part II

After Alexia first saw what Mr. Porter and Mrs. White did together after school hours she went right over to Rebecca’s house to give her back her phone and tell of what she saw. She only told about what she saw, not about how she played with herself during, because she didn’t want her new friends thinking she was a slut. After she told her story her friends asked things like, how big was Mr. Porter’s dick, did could she put the entire thing in her mouth, and how much Mr. Porter came. She gave all the details they asked for...


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Seducing the teach

Debbie lived in a tough section of Philadelphia; she was a teenager, but had become well-versed in matters of sex from early in her upbringing. Today she was attending her summer school class- she needed to retake American history in order to get her grade up. As usual Debbies hormones were raging-she slipped into the girls room before class and masturbated until she reached two climaxes. Todays class was being held in the computer room, and the teacher M. B was going around checking each students progress on their program. He was helping a student at the terminal in front of...


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Haunted House: Part III

Kelly had gone to visit her mother for the week, leaving me to prep the house for our first paying guests. As luck would have it, the inn would be full this weekend. A last minute booking of all five bedrooms on the second floor guaranteed by a family get-together. I had succeeded in cleaning the house thoroughly by late Wednesday, remembering something Kelly and I had left in the attic. Entering the room around sunset, I felt that all too familiar tingling in my loins. Looking down, I watched as my penis rose and stiffened in my boxers. (not wanting...


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My Wife's Slumber Party (Part 1)

Two weeks had gone by since the wildest hour of my life. My wife’s best friend, Melissa—a blonde girl my height with a slim figure,piercing blue eyes, and a smile I’d fallen in love with—and I had seen each other several times over that period of time, but little had occurred between us in person, mostly because Natalie, my wife, was always around. I’d gotten a single blow job from Melissa when she and I had managed to get fifteen minutes alone, and I had given her pussy a nice rub during a movie when Natalie and Melissa’s husband, Steven, were...


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The golf course part one

The Golf Course part 1 This is my first story everyone so bare with me! My names Will I’m 18 and I’m about 5’8 quite broad shouldered and full of muscle…not that has anything to do with what I’m about to tell you! A few years ago me and my friends used to go into the woods and get drunk! It was like an outdoor party! We had a special spot under a motorway bridge which we reffered to as ‘the bridge’ which was right outside a golf course, but ill tell you about that later. After a few weeks more...


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Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 5 - Double Trouble

This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author. Chapter 5 November descended upon Hogwarts and along with it came even rain and even a few flakes of snow. It was the final week of November and there was only a fortnight left before the Christmas holidays started. Ron began to feel his bad mood coming again. A month had passed since his fun with Lavender and they had been dating ever since. Though the sex was incredible, they did not really share much in common and Ron had...


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[Please like and comment on this story as it is greatly appreciated] Another Friday night has come upon us as I invited over my best friend Marcus to spend the weekend with. We decide we want to have some fun so we invite Grace to spend the weekend with us. I'm still the only guy Grace had ever fucked. After my 14th birthday, Grace and I had hung out several times after to fuck. She had gotten adventurous the last few times and she had me fuck her in the ass. She enjoyed it and had expressed several times that she...


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