Haunted House: Part III

Haunted House: Part III

Kelly had gone to visit her mother for the week, leaving me to prep the house for our first paying guests. As luck would have it, the inn would be full this weekend. A last minute booking of all five bedrooms on the second floor guaranteed by a family get-together.

I had succeeded in cleaning the house thoroughly by late Wednesday, remembering something Kelly and I had left in the attic. Entering the room around sunset, I felt that all too familiar tingling in my loins. Looking down, I watched as my penis rose and stiffened in my boxers. (not wanting to dirty good clothes, I had taken to cleaning in my gotchies)

Suddenly, I felt very, very tired and sat on the big four poster bed. I laid back and almost immediately fell asleep. How long I slept, I cannot say, but it couldn’t have been too long because the sun was just disappearing when I felt a presence in the room with me. Looking around, I saw nothing. Dismissing the thought, I drifted off again, only to feel my cock being freed from its cotton jail. Looking at my crotch, I again saw nothing. I felt a warm wet sensation around the head of my raging hard manhood. Slowly the warm dampness spread down my shaft, a velvet softness that felt just like a woman enveloping me in her cunt.

I was frozen in place. I felt the warmth rise and fall on my shaft, but saw nothing but my prick sticking straight up in the air. I began to feel the tingling in my nut sac, letting me know that I was close to coming. Still staring at myself, I grunted with the release as I felt my seed speed up through my shaft. But to my surprise, in spite of the intensity of the feeling, I saw no sperm ejaculate from the tip of my swollen cock. I tried to reach for my dick, but could not move. My arms felt pinned to the bed. I was getting freaked!

As my imaginary orgasm subsided I began to see the faint shape of a voluptuous woman riding atop me. She had long blonde hair, very large breasts and her mid-section was encased in a whalebone corset. Her face was set in an orgasmic grimace as she continued to impale herself on me. My hips rose and fell and my cock felt the velvet softness of her vaginal canal as it squeezed and coaxed me toward another climax. I did not disappoint her, thrusting deeply into the apparition, I came again, feeling her suck the life giving syrup out of my pulsating balls.

The ghostly figure took on a more solid appearance, leaning over my and offering me one of her pendulous breasts. I eagerly took the dark, fleshy nipple in my mouth and suckled like a hungry infant as she continued to ride my still stiff member. I ached from the exertion of continuously fucking this nymphomaniacal ghost, but I could not bring myself to stop. Her nipple felt soft in my mouth and my tongue experienced the sensation of licking live flesh and my ears were treated to the music of her moans as I sucked and fucked the rubenesque spirit.
Again I felt my balls draw up , signaling yet another explosion of sperm, and, when it came, I screamed in ecstasy as I felt three strong spurts of my semen blow out of the slit in my cockhead and bathe her with the warm, gooey cream.

And again her form took on more definition, as if my cum was bringing her to life. She guided one of my hands to her sperm and honey soaked dark bush, indicating that I should massage her now prominent clit. Meeting my up-thrusts and clit strumming, her moans ran together into a siren song until she stiffened, caught her breathe and orgasmed, wildly thrashing above me. The feel of her cunt as it spasmed around my cock was indescribable. I grabbed the cheeks of her ample ass, fucking harder and faster, lifting her off the bed and groaning as she swallowed my manhood each time she dropped into my lap.

We must have done this for most of the night. It was mostly a blur to me. I remember coming six times, and with each ejaculation, this lovely Victorian lady became more and more real to me, until I noticed the orange-pink wisps of sunrise peering through the window. When her vision first came to me, her dark brown hair was tied up in a bun, but as the night wore on , more and more of her hair fell about her face. Finally sated, or perhaps afraid of the daylight, she rose off my still hard cock, bent over it, kissing the dark pink crown. Her lips parted and she licked the remnants of our lovemaking from the head and shaft before walking to the mirror. She turned and whispered, “Come back to me.” then disappeared into the mirror.

I blinked, not believing what I had seen. I rubbed my bleary eyes, but she was gone! I looked at my aching penis, beginning to droop. All evidence of our tryst had disappeared.
Even the scent of her sex, which had permeated the room not five minutes ago, was gone.

I stumbled to the mirror, hoping to see her image somewhere, but saw nothing but my haggard sleepless face. I turned from the mirror and walked on unsteady feet to the door, closing it behind me. I barely made it to the second floor, where I collapsed on a guest bed and slept for eight hours.

Waking up in mid-afternoon with a start, I recalled the previous nights activity with crystal clarity, but, except for the chafing on my cock there was no evidence that I had done anything at all. Hurrying through my chores, I finished just before sunset. Drawn to the attic, I returned there, determined to clarify whether or not I imagined what had happened. I sat and waited in eager anticipation of her arrival. Shortly after the last rays of sunshine disappeared behind the mountains, my lovely apparition returned, floating through the mirror surface. Her hair was up, but she wore a see-through nightgown that draped off her breasts, barely hiding her voluptuous figure. I even saw the silhouette of her dark bush behind the gauzy fabric.

Mesmerized, I watched her float toward me, stop in front of me and sink to her knees.
Slowly, she undid my pants, freeing my cock from its cotton jail. Grabbing the shaft and squeezing gently, she lowered her face to the dark pink helmet of my penis, and, extending her tongue, gingerly licked the drops of clear liquid that had formed there. Opening her lips, I watched in awe as the head passed her pale pink lips. I could feel the warmth of her mouth as it enveloped my shaft, shivering in delight as her tongue swirled around the head. As her tongue played with the underside of my cockhead, I wished I could come right then and there! It was sheer exquisite torture, watching and feeling her tongue as it slid up and down my piss slit. It almost felt as if she were trying to slip the tip up into my cock, seeking the source of my manhood.

Grabbing her head, I tried to guide her mouth further down the shaft, swallowing more and more of me, but she would not be rushed. In my zeal to poke her throat, I dislodged her comb, and her hair cascaded down around her face, obscuring every detail except her lips, clearly seen sucking on my prick. “Ohhhh! Goddd! That feels soooo good!” I moaned, still watching as she slowly devoured my meat.

She hummed her reply, making my cock jump. I felt her fingers as they lightly grazed my leg, wandering slowly up toward my raging cock. Her touch was like an electric current! When her fingers cupped my sac, I thought I would faint, her nails lightly scratching the crinkly skin, her palms warm against my testicles. Still humming and slurping, her head bobbed faster. Perhaps she was getting impatient. I assured her it would not be long before her loving oral caresses would be rewarded. She looked up into my eyes as she sucked deeper, one of her long nailed fingers worming its way past my sphincter.

“Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Cummminnnggg! NNNNGGHH!” I screamed as I felt the rush of sperm course up through my burgeoning penis. Grabbing the base with her other hand, she opened her mouth so I could watch her feast on my cream, she said, “Feed me!”

I watched as my cock spat glob after glob of viscous fluid onto her waiting tongue. Stroking and squeezing my shaft, she milked the last drops from me, swallowing the mouthful of warm cum. She stood up and I wiped a small amount of semen from the corner of her full lips and stuck the finger in my mouth..

She seemed almost horrified by the act and grabbing my face in her hands planted a deep kiss on my lips, worming her tongue well inside, as if she were searching for the droplet I had taken from her mouth.

Pushing me down on the bed, she told me she was still hungry. She positioned herself over my still rampant cock and settled her damp pussy over my face. I opened up the petals of her flower, sinking my face into the steamy dampness of her sex. Breathing in the heavy scent of her aroused cunt, I licked and sucked on the fleshy outer lips listening to her moan as her lips engulfed my cock again.

Latching onto her clit, I sucked voraciously as I pushed two, then three fingers palm deep into her leaking snatch. She squirmed and squealed as I scratched the front wall of her cloying vagina, searching for her g-spot. Finding the spongy tissue I scratched and rubbed until my fingers began to cramp. She was now bucking against my hand and face, tickling me with the coarse black hairs of her pussy.

She pulled free of my cock as she orgasmed for the fist time, rubbing the head all over her face as she moaned and thrashed, leaking healthy amounts of her love syrup onto my face. I drank from her spasming cunt, not allowing it to escape from my lips, savoring the sweet saltiness of her.

She caressed my balls with her lips and tongue urging them to fill her with their wonderful contents before resuming the throat fucking. Meanwhile, spurred on by the scent and taste of her luscious twat I pushed my fingers back in, only this time I used four, at first, then tried to push my fist inside, all the while rasping her clit with my tongue, teasing the tip, then bathing the whole of her warm wet muff.

“Mmmfff! MMMffff!” she moaned loudly as I gently pushed my fist into her. Pulling off my cock, she cried “Oh my God! What are you doing? It‘s so big!”

“Does it feel good?” I asked between licks of her labia.

“Oh God Yes! Your filling my cunny! It feels hard like a cock! What is it?”

“I’m fucking you with my fist!” I replied as I churned my hand deep inside her, scraping the walls of her cloying cunt with my fingertips.

“Ohhh! Don’t stop! I’m going to spend! Yess! AAAHHHH!” she screamed as her vaginal muscles flexed, squeezing my hand. Latching onto her quivering clit, I sucked hard as she orgasmed violently, squirting her love juice all over my face. Pulling my honey soaked hand from her very tight, very wet pussy, alternately licking the clear liquid from my fingers and her swollen lips and bush.

Regaining her composure, she returned to her task of emptying my balls of their precious contents, slurping and sucking as I thrust my hips upward, feeling my cockhead brush the back of her throat. Interminable minutes passed as she bathed my dick with her spit until I could contain myself no longer and, with a grunt, announced that I was pouring yet another serving of my precious semen into her insatiable mouth.

“My cunny is burning! Please put out my fire!” she pleaded as she positioned herself on the bed, ass in the air, pussylips spread wide, showing the moist pink flesh of her inner twat. “Fuck me! Please?”

Looking down at my amazingly stiff, spit and cum covered manhood, I stepped behind her and shoved myself deep inside her waiting muff. “Yess!” she hissed, “Fuck me ! Hard Fast! Rough! I’m your slave!”

Reaching around her ample waist, I grabbed a handful of each breast, kneading each one like a ball of dough as I pistonned in and out of her hot wetness, wishing only to splatter my sperm deep in her ghostly womb. I knew that this apparition was draining the life from me with each orgasm, but I could not bring myself to stop. “Fuck me like a dog in heat!” she begged. Her butt cheeks rippled with each thrust, my balls slapped against her puffy lips, and her pussy farted each time my pubic bone jarred against her. “”I’m such a bad girl!” she taunted, “Punish me! Punish me with your cock!.”

The more she spoke, the harder and faster I fucked into her. I pinched her nipple hard with my left hand while scratching her clit with the other, making her moan between taunts. I wormed a finger into her sloppy wet slit, rubbing against the underside of my cuckold.

We built each other up toward another orgasmic crescendo, her vaginal muscles compressing around my cock and finger until her breath caught in her throat. “Ohhh! Ohhhh! OOOHHHH! I’m spending!” she cried, collapsing on the bed.

I pulled out, my cock dripping with the slick honey from her cooze. “Oh God! Please don’t stop!” I rolled her over, grabbed her legs, resting the back of her knees in the crooks of my arms and stepped forward, my cock sliding effortlessly in between the bedewed lips of her hungry sex. “Ahhh! Yesss! Watch yourself fuck me!”
Following her directions I looked down where we were connected, my penis sawing in and out, pulling her tight pussy flesh out with me, and swallowing my still hard cock.
“I love the feel of your cock! You fill me deliciously!” she cooed smiling up at me.
The sweat was rolling off my forehead with the exertion of this fuckfest, but I continued to push in and out of her increasing the speed of our rhythmic coupling. She noticed me staring at her breasts, rippling with each thrust. She grabbed my hands, pulling them toward her, bending her over so her knees were almost even with her ears. My fingers touched her nipples and an electric shock shot through my body. My cock exploded deep in her cunt, smearing my seed all over the cloying walls.

I collapsed on top of her, my head between her large breasts. She held me in place until she was sure that my cock was empty of the serum she craved. Offering me a nipple to suck she rolled me off and sliding her hand up and down my shaft. Panting, I pleaded into her tit that she stop and give me a rest.

“Only if you promise to cum again for me before the sun comes up.”

“I’m not sure I can” I replied.

“It’s still hard. And I’m certain that I can make you cum again.”

I was too weak to fight, and let her do as she pleased. She rolled me on my back and surrounded my raging hard-on with her breasts, smearing them with the leftovers from our just completed fuck. As the helmet of my penis peeked out from her cleavage she licked the slit with her tongue. “Mmmmm! I love the taste of your cock! But you already know that” she teased, letting the boner disappear, only to re-emerge and get licked again.
Tiring of this game she re-mounted herself on top of me sighing as she felt my stiff flesh as it parted her cuntlips.

She quickly became lost in the lust for come and bounced up and down, almost letting me escape before swallowing me up. I was being used , but didn’t care. She only wanted me for my semen, not for me. Leaning backward, she found that my prick would massage her g-spot and moaned as she bent my spear to make her come. Then she leaned forward, offering me a suck on her pendulous breasts. Rocking back and forth, she milked my shaft as she came again with a gush, bathing my torso with great gobs of her vaginal fluid.
The smell of our fucking was assaulting my nostrils. All I could smell was the bleachy scent of my sperm and the overwhelming scent of her overactive cunt.

Finally, I felt the telltale rush that happens just before ejaculation, and grunting weakly,
Sprayed the last dregs of cum from my overused balls. She rose up and standing next to me. Reaching her hand down, she asked in a throaty whisper, “Will you come with me?”

I stood up on wobbly knees. “Where?” I said, still under her spell.

“Follow me!” she said, taking my hand and leading me to the mirror. She started to step through it. “Come to me, lover!” she whispered.

I started to follow. With part of me still in the attic, I felt a hand pull me back. Turning to look, I saw a terrified Kelly pulling me back into the room. My apparition lover, tugged me into the mirror. “Come, lover! I can offer you all the sex you want. Something she will NEVER do!”

I felt myself drifting further into the mirror world. Kelly pulled hard, saying, “ I love you! She only wants you to play with! Come back! Please? I don’t want to lose you!”

I had two women fighting over me! What do I do?

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