Private Heroes - The Devils Breath Part 9

Private Heroes - The Devils Breath Part 9

I like working at Private Heroes. It's easy work for a good cause. The hours and pay are great and I finally have a chance to be with my son. He did his best to look after me when I came home from my two jobs. I'd come home and smile when i saw the house was clean and dinner was cooked and served on the table. Me and my son would talk. I would ask about his day at school. He would ask about my day at work. After dinner he'd wash the dishes and make me drinking chocolate. We drink together but then I had to go straight to sleep, to be up in time for my first job. It made me sad that I only got to spend two hours with my son a day. But he did a great job of taking care of me. That's what made me so sad. It's supposed to be my job to take care of him. But things will be better now. I'm working less hours with more money, good people and a really great boss. I was a bit nervous working here with that Dave working here too. But that sweet young man stopped him and then everyone else helped me too. That was the day before yesterday. After the conversation I had with Katy after the incident I feel safe here and its the best feeling in the world. I've noticed my son seems happier too and that's the best part.

Speaking of the conversation with Katy, she said she'd talk to Tyrone for me. I have to admit my mind has been spinning with anticipation. I haven't been with a man for a long time. My most intimate partner these days is my vibrator. But last night I fucked myself thinking of him and I came harder then I have in years. It's 10:00 in the morning and im just finishing some reports. Katy booked the day off, confident that I could handle myself. It's good to be trusted enough to do her job for the day. I'm just finishing of the first report when I hear a knock on the door. "Come in!" I call out and sit in awe as Tyrone walks in and sits on the edge of my desk. "Hey Michelle how's the work goin." He asks and I have to find my words. "Umm it's good, really good. Katy left me with her load of work but it's all good experience. I love it!" Shut up you're rambling I tell myself. Tyrone just smiles and nods. "Me and Katy were talking about you yesterday. I'm sorry about Dave. You have my word, I've got you." He says in a soft tone. "Thank you Tyrone. I appreciate that." He extends his hand to me and I take it, more nervous then I have been in my life. "You don't have to worry about a thing. I've got you." He says as he leans in to kiss me. My legs are shaking, my heart is racing, my breathing is rapid as his lips join mine. I melt.

We stand there kissing and I think my legs are gonna give way. He turns us round and sits on the chair. He pulls me onto his lap and we continue our make out session. My arms go round his neck and I can feel my panties soaking. I can also feel his erection growing in his pants. It's huge. He breaks our kiss and slides my skirt up past my ass. His hand strokes my leg all the way up to my panties. I start grinding on his erection. He slides his hand into my panties and starts rubbing my pussy. I throw my head back and moan. It feels so good. I haven't had any sexual contact from a man in so long. He's rubbing my pussy in circles then pulls his hand out to show me his fingers covered in my juices. Then he surprises me by licking it up.

He stands us up and has me sit on the table. He pushes my legs apart and pulls my panties to the side and starts eating me. The minute his tounge makes contact and go crazy. It's like an pleasure shock wave all over my body. He licks up and down my slit and I put my hand on his head to keep him there. "Ooooh Fuck Tyrone I'm gonna cum. Oooh fuck it's coming". My body convulses as I squirt all over Tyrone's face and on the table. Tyrone pushes the computer and keyboard to the end of the table and I lie back panting. Tyrone stands there pulling his belt away and unzipping his pants. I look up at him as he drops his pants and his cock springs out. "Oh my god!" I say smiling. My mouth hangs open as I look at a beautiful big cock. He starts stroking it as he watches me smiling and I instinctively start playing with my pussy. I lie there fascinated just watching him stroking his big black cock. I slide a finger into my pussy and the more I watch him playing with his cock, the more I want it in me.

"Tyrone please put it in me! Please fuck me!" I beg him and he shakes his head smiling. "Nah! I'm enjoying watching you play with yourself. He tells me. "Please. Put it in me. I need it." I beg him and he ignores me. I start rubbing my clit and I feel another orgasm building. I think having someone watch me is turning me on more. I need release now. "Does the little white slut want my cock?" He asks and I nod. "Yes Tyrone. I'm a little white slut who NEEDS your cock!" I say rubbing my clit harder. As soon as I say that I squeak as another orgasm hits me. My legs are spasming as I calm down. Being called names, another turn on. Sex with my last husband was never this good. Just a quick wham! Bam! Thank you ma'am.

As I come down from my second orgasm, I feel Tyrone rubbing his cock on my pussy. It's so big. I grip the table and clench my teeth as I wait for him to put that beautiful cock in me. He pushes the head in and already he's stretching my pussy. "Fuck girl. You're so tight!" He says pushing more of him in me. My jaw slacks open and i moan loudly as his cock slowly disappears into my pussy. "Oooooohhhhh ffffuuuuucccckkkk!" I call out as I feel his balls touch my ass. He holds himself there for a minute as he pulls his shirt off and unbuttons my blouse. He pushes it off my shoulders revealing my white bra. He reaches behind me and unclasps it, kissing my neck while he does. He pulls my bra away and my big tits are freed. He leans down and starts sucking my nipples while he squeezes my tits. I start grinding on his cock. He twists my nipple and I flinch in pain. The pain is quickly replaced by pleasure and I start moaning. "Tyrone. Please don't make me wait anymore. Fuck me!" He releases my nipples and looks at me smiling as he starts rocking his hips back and forth. I gasp everytime his cock is pushed back into me. He pulls out and pushes it back in hard. So hard that I'm slowly being pushed back on the table.

He grabs my legs and places them over his shoulders, holding me where I am. He starts fucking me harder and faster making me squeal. My tits bounce as he fucks me. "Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! Fuck me! Oh shit! Fuck me harder!" I beg him. Tyrone doesn't need to be told twice and soon he's hammering my pussy and im going crazy, throwing my head from side to side and throwing my arms around while I'm fucked like a slut. I sit up so I can watch his cock going in and out of me. It's so hot. I start rubbing my clit while I watch. Tyrone's grunting as he forces all of his cock into me. He pushes his whole cock into me and holds it there as he plants a kiss on my lips. I place my hand on the back of his head and return the kiss.

Then without warning, I'm pulled off the table, spun round and bent over the table in nothing but my skirt that's pushed above my ass. It's not long before I feel his cock poking my pussy again. I push myself back onto his cock and throw my head back moaning. I start bouncing back and forth, fucking myself on his big cock. "Aaah yeah slut! Fuck my cock!" He growls at me. He grabs my hair and gropes my tit as he continues to fuck me hard. "Aaaah! Aaaah! Aaah! Fuck! I haven't been fucked like this I so long!" I scream as he hammers my pussy. I slam my fist on the table as he fucks me like a god. "I want your cum Tyrone. I want it on my face and tits!" I tell him as my inner slut is released. He pulls out of my pussy and drags me to my knees. I play with my tits and rub my pussy as i look up at him with my mouth open. Its so hot watching him stroking his huge cock and soon I'm rewarded as load after load is sprayed all over my face, on my tits and in my mouth.

When it stops, Tyrone collapses in the chair and I sit there on the floor. We're both panting hard. "Wow!" I say breaking the silence. "That... Was... Great!" I say panting and Tyrone chuckles as he pulls his clothes back on. "Thank you very much I'm here all week." He says and I laugh. "Good! Cause I may need to call on you again." I tell him smiling and he winks at me as he leaves my office, leaving me half naked, covered in cum and sweat.

Rick's POV with Daniel, same time down in the forensics lab.....

I got a call from Geoff, our forensic scientist, telling me he's got something on the powder I was exposed to. Me and Daniel travel down to the lab in the elevator, both of us ready for answers. We enter the lab and see Geoff looking through a microscope. He's an older man with grey thinning hair, a little heavy set and glasses. He's wearing black pants, a light blue shirt with a brown tie and a white lab coat.

"What is this doctor?" I ask him and he looks awe struck as he looks up from the microscope. "I've never seen anything like it. It's a drug that seems to shut down the conscious mind. It literally makes you sleep walk." Me and Daniel look at each other confused. "The things Rick was doing are way beyond sleepwalking." Daniel says. "Well when you sleepwalk you'd be surprised what you can end up doing. But this stuff!" Geoff says pointing at the powder. "It seems to make people very easy to influence and switches off inhibiters." I'm confused. "Explain doctor!" I tell him.

"As soon as this drug enters your system, your conscious mind goes into shut down mode. Like being asleep. With this stuff running through you people could have you doing almost anything from dancing like a chicken to murdering someone. It also switches off inhibitors which means no red flags or warning signs in your head to make you stop. It also does damage to your brain, more specifically the memory. Once this stuff passes you lose all memory from the time it entered your system to the time it leaves."

"So it's a mind control drug." Daniel says simply. "Well yeah if you really wanna dumb it down." Geoff replies smiling. Now things are starting to slide into place. "So this is what happened to Tommy. Maximus drugged him with this stuff and had him kill our victim. It makes sense. There would be nothing connecting Tommy to Maximus so it would be seen as just a random act of violence." I say and Daniel points out a hole in my theory. "So why not just have the victim commit suicide? No investigation that way." I have to admit he holds a fair point but Geoff is shaking his head. "You can't make someone take their own life with this stuff. Survival instincts are too strong for even this stuff to counter." Perfect now we're making progress we have the how, I just need the why. Plus the who. I have a name and that's it. I need to see if Katy is making any progress on that end. "Thanks Geoff!" I say shaking his hand then Daniel shakes his hand. "See what else you can figure out." I tell him as we both leave.

I call Katy to tell her we're coming up and she tells me to wait 5 minutes. "Katy, this is kind of important." I tell her. "Michelle just got acquainted with Tyrone." She says giggling. I sigh and tell her that "we're coming now!" And she hangs up quickly.

We walk into Katy's office and see Michelle straightening her clothes. Katy's sat behind her desk smiling as she types on her computer. "What have you got on Maximus Price?" I ask her in an official tone.

"Maximus Price. Born 1976 in Washington. 97, he joins the army, comes home in 01. Not much after that but his family are extremely wealthy mother and father were murdered in 05 by his brother. Maximus got everything. House, business, everything his father built. Multiple investigations for supposed arms dealing and drug dealing. No arrests have been made since the witnesses came up missing or withdrew their testimony inexplicably."

"So he's a gangster?" I ask and she nods. "The most dangerous gangster this side of the country." She tells me but I'm not afraid of him. "Let me guess, his brother had no memory of killing his parents. He just remembers blacking out." I ask her and she looks at me surprised. "Yeah! How did you know?" "Lucky guess." I tell her. "Keep looking into it." I tell her and turn yo leave the office. "Rick don't forget about my party tonight!" She tells me and I chuckle. "Wouldn't miss it." I tell her. "Daniel you can come to if you want." She asks Daniel and he smiles. "Thanks Katy I'll be there."

Me and Daniel walk to the car and drive home. "I can hear you thinking." He tells me and its like having another me in the car. "Tyrone said you came in wearing a black suit the other night. What's that about." I ask him and I see him shrug in the corner of my eye. "It's only July, halloween ain't for a while." I tell him and he chuckles. "I ordered it online." He tells me and I know a liar when I see one. "So you went to the club with it?" I ask him in a skeptical tone. "I was looking for you. I could see you were in trouble so I put it on to hide in the dark." He tells me but im unconvinced. He's obviously not gonna tell me the truth so I guess I'm gonna have to do some digging. Just to make sure he's not getting into any trouble.

We drive in silence for a while until Daniel says "I wanna help you catch this guy." I admire his courage but he needs to know when he's in over his head. "No. Sorry but your not even an employee yet!" I say and he sighs in despair. "This guy seems like the real deal you're gonna need all the help you can get." He says and I shake my head. "And until you are properly trained, I will not let you go up against an enemy as dangerous as this." I tell him ending this conversation.

We arrive back home and Jodi is doing the dishes. Holly's watching tv with Jake. Some crime show about murderers still at large. I walk up to Jodi and kiss her on the cheek. She smiles and continues washing dishes. "How's work going?" She asks. "Good. We're finally making some progress." I say sitting at the kitchen. Jodi senses Daniel's pissed off and asks what the problem is. "Rick doesn't seem to have any faith in me. I don't think I can work at Private Heroes." He says it and my eyes go wide with shock, while Jodi looks at him with shock. She looks to me for answers and I explain that Daniel wants to dive headfirst into the deep end. I tell her about our conversation and she understands.

"Daniel you can't start a job without proper training. It's the same with any line of work." Jodi tells him trying to help him understand. "I get that!" He replies. "But I know what's gonna happen. If he decides to recruit me he's gonna baby me every minute I work there. Pulling me away from all the stuff he thinks I can't handle." He says starting to get heated. "Daniel it's not like that!" I tell him and he smiles shaking his head. "You've been trying to talk me out of this since the day I told you I wanted to join." He says calmly but I can feel the fire inside him. "I've just tried to make sure you understand what you're in for." I tell him but he's pissed. Just shouting to get it out of his system, regardless of whether or not he means it or not. "To be honest I'd rather go home then be babysat the whole time." He says and walks off too his room.

Jodi's face is one of horror. I look over and see Holly go off after him. Jodi turns to me and more or less begs me to talk to him. I tell her to give him a chance to calm down but she's worried about him leaving just when things were starting to go right.

Daniel's POV in his room....

Ok maybe I won't go home but I'm sick of Rick seeing me as a kid that needs to be protected from the big bad world. I wish I could tell him about my life back in London. Just to prove to him that I know about the ugly side of life. Watching my mother whore herself out to the whole city, losing my best friend. If he knew all that maybe he'd get it in his head that I'm not some dumb kid.

At that moment Holly walks in and sits on the bed beside me. She takes my hand and waits for me to talk. We sit in silence for a few seconds before I tell her the truth.

"I grew up in London. The place was a hell hole. Muggings, rapes, murders happened all the time. My father was an abusive drunk. He always beat on my mother. He died when I was young. My mother was blackmailed into prostitution. I used to go home after school everyday and see her with a "client". Most of the police were corrupt so they were no use.

Me and my best friend George decided to do something about it. We created a persona we called Crossblade. We used it to get rid of the guns and drugs in the city. George died doing it. As I watched my best friend die, I knew then that the world needs people like Crossblade. The police wanted me, that's why I left London. That's why I came to see Aunt Jodi. And when i heard about Private Heroes, i thought i could carry on being Crossblade in a legal way. Now Rick's going to take that chance away from me."

Holly never interrupts me, to be honest I think it's the shock. It's written all over her face. I think I can even see a little fear. She has a tear in her eye as she starts shaking, staring at the ground with her mouth open. I've been thinking about telling Holly the truth for a while. I trust her. But now I'm a little scared as she still hasn't said a word. She let's go of my hand and just gets off the bed and leaves the room. I hear her walk into the bathroom and lock the door.

I don't know how long I'm sat there waiting but it was light when I came up here now it's getting dark. Did I do the right thing? Was I right to tell her? What if she leaves me? It's then that I feel a tear in my eye. I'm snapped out of my trance by someone coming into my room and my eyes widen to see it's Holly. I don't know what to say as she walks up to me. "Holly I'm...." She waves her hand at me to stop me talking and takes my face in her hands and looks into my eyes. "Don't get killed, and don't get arrested. Promise me!" She says and I nod "I promise." I tell her and she hugs me tightly. She takes my hand again and we walk back down to the front room.

Jodi is sat watching tv and rick is reading his newspaper. They both look at us expectantly and wait for me to talk. "I don't want any favours, no babysitting, no special treatment. I don't wanna be pulled away because of how dangerous a job is." I tell rick and he nods and says "Training starts tomorrow." He says in an official tone before going back to his newspaper. Jodi stands and walks over to us. She pulls me in for a hug and begs me not to leave. "Aunt Jodi I didn't mean that. I'm not going anywhere just yet." She looks at me smiling before turning to Holly and hugging her too. Jodi thanks Holly for talking to me before going back to the couch.

"So what time are you going to the party?" Rick asks and I have to admit i forgot all about that. "Wait what party!?" Holly says stunned. "My intelligence manager Katy is having a party at her house tonight." Rick says. Holly looks at me playfully annoyed. "Why didn't I hear about this?" she asks me with her arms folded. "It's not my fault I got distracted." I say in a pleading tone while I smile. "Well pray tell, am I invited?" She asks and I grab her and pull her in for a kiss. "Course you're invited." I tell her. I look to see Rick chuckling while shaking his head. Jodi's just looking at us both smiling. "Would you like me to help you get ready?" Holly looks at her questioningly. Jodi smiles "We haven't really talked. If you're going to date my nephew that needs to change." She says. "Sure ok then." Says Holly and Jodi follows her back to our room.

It takes Holly well over an hour to get ready, as it always does with women. But when she comes out my jaw drops to the floor. She's wearing a tight pink dress the shows off her curves. Her boobs are heaving out the top of her dress. She's got rose red lips. Her hair has been curled and she has high heels on. It doesn't take me as long to get ready. I shower and dress in my jeans and a polo shirt. Rick drops us off at Katy's house and tells us to have a good time and stay out of trouble. "You're not coming too?" I ask him and he shakes his head. "I'm going to see Sarah." He tells me. "Don't forget to take rubbers!" I tell him and we both laugh.

Once Rick is gone, we knock the door and David answers. We shake hands and I introduce him to "my girlfriend, Holly". He shakes her hand invites us in. He hands me a beer and asks Holly what she wants. Holly asks for a vodka and coke. David makes her drink and gives it to her in record time. I think he used to bartend. That's when Katy notices us and comes over smiling ear to ear. She's wearing black skirt with knee length boots and stockings with a tight black top. I have to admit, she looks sexy as all hell.

"Hey Daniel, glad you could make it." She says as she pecks me on the cheek and hugs me. It was just a peck but it takes me by surprise and I look at Holly who looks a bit put off by it. "Who's this?" Katy says in a curious tone, looking at Holly. Before I can say anything Holly says "Holly Blackwood. I'm his girlfriend." She says in a pleasant tone that I know is fake. But Katy just smiles and pulls her in for a hug. "Drink, have fun!" She says then leans into us and whispers. "The upstairs bedroom locks from the inside." She winks at us and leaves us to get back to the party. Holly looks at her with a confused face, while I just shake my head. "Who's that?" She asks in a curious tone. I really don't wanna go down this road of girlfriend freaking out over your female friends. Holly's not the jealous type but still I'd rather not go there. David is quick to save the day though. "That's Katy. She's a bit of a wild one but don't worry she's not like that. Daniel's safe."

Holly shrugs her shoulders and nods as we walk to where everyone is dancing. The next hour is spent with Holly twirling and backing into me and grinds into me. At some point everyone stops dancing and just watches us. They start cheering us on as I spin her round and dip her. The song ends and people applaud us as we leave for another drink. "That was so fun. I didn't know you could dance." Holly says beaming with joy. "I had an amazing partner." I tell her and she kisses me. "I'll get you another beer." She says. I smack her ass as she walks away and she looks back at me giggling. She returns with my beer and suggests that we go to the bedroom. "Nah I'm too busy drinking." I say joking with her. "But I'm horny." She says with her bottom lip out. How can I say no to such a cute face. The answer is more drinks. "lets have a few more drinks and I promise, I'll leave you walking funny for days. Deal?" I ask her and her eyes sparkle. "I'll get you another drink. Vodka and coke again?" I ask her. "No thanks I'll have a beer." She says and I have to look back at her. "Really?" I ask her. "What, girl can't have a man's drink?" She says and I smile at her. "Coming right up." Holly actually finishes her beer before me. New found respect for my girlfriend.

A couple of beers later and Tyrone walks over to say hi. He likes Holly and tells me I've done alright. "Hey Daniel, you like rap music?" He asks and I say yes wondering where this is going. "How about a rap battle?" He says simply and I almost choke on my beer which Holly finds funny. "What?" I say. "A rap battle you know two rappers take turns to diss each other and.... "I know what it means". I tell him. "Come on man it'll be funny." He tells me and I think about it. "Who would I be battling?" I ask. "Dave!" He says and that's all I needed to hear. "Alright I'm in." I says and Tyrone pats me on the back. "That's my man!" He says and leaves to set it up. "Can you actually rap?" Holly asks in an unsure tone. "I guess we'll find out." I tell her and she looks nervous for me. She kisses me on the cheek and wishes me luck.

We and Dave are staring each other down as Tyrone announces the battle. We rhyme til we're finished and the battle ends when one of us can't comeback. Dave goes first and Tyrone lays down a slow but catchy beat. Dave raises his mic and starts his verse.

"I asked for a rapper and I get you,
Is this really the best you could do?
I spit bars that nobody can take,
So prepare yourself you limey fruitcake.
You think your tough cause Rick's your cousin,
But he can't save you from the rhymes that I'm bustin'
You're softer then foam,
Someone tell D.G. to phone home."

The beat stops and people Are actually cheering for him as he has a smug look on his face. I already know what I've gotta say to him as he hands me the mic to me. Tyrone comes over to me and pats me on the shoulder. "Tear him apart killer!" He tells me. I look at Holly and she looks nervous. I smile and nod at her as Tyrone starts the beat again.

"You claim to be a rapper but you're lyrics are crap,
All that chit chat's gonna get you a smack.
You think you're a great rapper,
But I've seen better shit when im sat on the crapper.
You walk around like you're heaven sent but your hell bent,
On being a dick to both women and men.
You got no respect I can't have that,
You couldn't get pussy in a bag full of cats.
Your rhymes are lazy, you must be crazy,
Sit down son your not the real slim shady."

The beat stops and everyone is going nuts. Cheering and applauding. Dave's face is bright red and i notice Holly smiling big at me. I hand the mic back to Dave and he looks unsure. Tyrone starts the beat again and I wait. Dave just stands there looking at me with anger. I'm waiting for about 10 seconds when he hands the mic back to Tyrone and walks away. Everyone's cheering for me and i have all the guys patting my back and shaking my hand. I get back to Holly and she grabs me and jams her lips into mine.

The party continues and I'm pretty drunk. Then Lenny comes up to me to ask me something. "Hey bro, Katy's passed out would you mind taking her up to her room?" I don't see the harm in it so I agree and tell Holly I'll be right back. I have to laugh at the sight in front of me. Katy's asleep on the chair with her mouth wide open and her legs spread. I shake her awake and she tries to slap me away. "C'mon Katy time for bed." I tell her as I pull her arm over my shoulder. As we walk upstairs to her room, I almost lose my balance as she's stumbling all over the place.

Eventually I get her into her room and that's when things change. We get into her room and she pins me against the wall and kisses me. I push her away and ask her what she's doing with shock. "You were the life of the party tonight. I always fuck the life of the party. Been that way for years." She says with slurred words. "Katy you're drunk let's just get you into bed." I say chuckling as I hold her at arms length. "Only if you join me." She says with a drunken laugh. She pushes my arms away and pulls me onto the bed and straddles me. I push her off me and she laughs. "Katy, I have a girlfriend!" I tell her as she crawls up my body. She doesn't get the message though as she grabs the waistband of my jeans. I try to crawl away from her and fall of the bed. As I fall my jeans slide off.

Katy's laughing and crawling towards me when we hear the bedroom door open. I freeze as I see Holly. She's staring at me hanging upside down off the bed and Katy crawling off the bed. "What's going on here?" Holly says with anger. I don't know what to say. "Nothing!" Is the first thing that comes out of my mouth as I stand and face her. "It doesn't look like nothing!" She says and Katy laughs. "I'm just giving a prize to the man of the hour!" Katy says giggling and that's when Holly loses what little cool she had left.

She marches over to Katy and grabs Katy by her hair. Katy grunts in pain and tries to pull Holly's hands away. "Alright you drunken bitch! You wanna be a slut, you're gonna get fucked like a slut!" Says Holly as he pulls Katy's shirt over her head. Katy has no bra on and her big tits hang free. Holly holds Katy by her hair and starts smacking her tits. I'm too shocked to move as my girlfriend makes Katy her slut.

"Are you gonna stand there with your pants around your ankles or are you gonna stick your cock in her mouth!?" She says snapping me out of it. I really don't know what the fuck is happening but I decide to just go with it. As Holly said, I take my cock out and push it into Katy's mouth. Holly grabs Katy's head and pushes it back and forth. "Suck my boyfriends cock you slut!" Holly says making Katy gag. It makes me feel better that she's still calling me her boyfriend. Holly is bouncing Katy's head on my cock and Katy's making slurping noises.

Holly pulls Katy off of me and pushes her over. "Let me show you how it's done!" Says Holly and she immediately takes my cock in her mouth sucking and bobbing her head up and down, making me gasp. I look over and see Katy fingering herself as she watches Holly suck me off. Holly grabs my cock and starts to jack me off while she sucks. Eventually Katy crawls over and the two share my cock. Holly sucks my cock while Katy sucks my balls. I can't believe my luck. I've got two insanely hot girls fighting over my cock. Katy sucks my cock for a few seconds before Holly snatches it back and wraps her lips around it. Holly leaves Katy to suck while she stands and pulls her dress up and pushes her panties down. She looks at me and says "The sluts gonna eat my pussy and your gonna fuck her." She says it like I have no choice in the matter. Not that I'd argue.

Holly lies down on the bed with her dress pulled up and pulls Katy's head down to her pussy. "Lick me slut!" She says and Katy goes to work like a hungry animal, making Holly gasp and moan. "Aaah oooooh! The bitch can eat pussy!" Holly says as I push up Katy's skirt and push my dick into her. Katy throws her head up and gasps but Holly pushes her head back down to her pussy. I grab Katy's hips and start fucking Katy, making her moan on Holly's pussy, which is making Holly moan. Holly looks at me smiling. "Does she feel good?" Holly asks seductively. "Not as good as you!" I tell her smiling back. Holly puts her hands on Katy's shoulders and starts pushing her back and forth on my cock. "C'mon slut move your ass!" I'm balls deep in Katy and she starts grinding on me still licking Holly out. "Do you wanna cum slut?" Holly asks and Katy nods eagerly while moaning "Hmmm hmmm!" "Then make me cum!" Holly says smiling sadistically. I slowed my pace, waiting for Katy to get Holly off. Desperate to cum, I guess Katy doubled her efforts cause Holly's mouth falls open and she moans loudly. "Aaaahhhh Aaah Aaah Shit! I'm cuuuummmminnnng!" She cries as she cums on Katy's face.

Holly lay there shaking for a moment as she came down from her orgasm. "Now please let me cum! Please, please let me cum!" Katy pleads. Holly smiles then looks to me. She nods at me and I go from gentle thrusts to rough pounding. "Aaaah Aaaahhhh Aaaaahhhhh! Oh fuck! She squeals as she comes over my dick. She lies with her head on the bed and her ass up with me still inside her. I look for Holly and freeze at the sight before me. Holly's standing completely naked wearing a strap on. I pray to god that's for Katy. "Get under her baby. You fuck her pussy and I'll fuck her ass!" My eyes go wide and I look at her to see if she's serious. She smiles at me and I realise she's deadly serious.

I lie on the bed beside Katy and pull her onto my lap. Placing my cock on the entrance and thrusting up into her, making her gasp as I start pumping into her. I see Holly climb up behind her and line up her cock (that sounds weird to say!) with Katy's asshole. "Wait! What are you.....Aaaaaahhhhh! Ooooooh Shit!" Katy says as Holly penetrates her. We both start rocking our hips as we fuck both Katy's holes. Katy's eyes have rolled up to the back of her head. I think her mouth is stuck open permanently as she moans and gasps.

Holly grabs Katy's hair and pulls her head back. "You like that don't you slut!?" She asks. "Yes! Yes! I love it." She moans. Holly's right hand has hold of Katy's hair, her left hand has hold of her hips. "Do you like her baby?" She asks me. "Yes! I like her! But I love you!" I say covering my ass against any future fights. It seems to have a positive reaction as her eyes light up and she looks like she might cry. She quickens her pace until she's pounding Katy's ass. "Come on baby! Let's make her cum one more time. Help me make her cum baby!" She says and I start hammering Katy's pussy. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Aaaaahhh Shit!" Katy starts moaning loudly. Holly spanks Katy as she fucks her ass. "OOOOOH! OOOOOOHHHHH! FUUUUCK! CUUUUMMMMINNNNG!" Katy cries as she goes limp and collapses on top of me.

Holly rolls Katy off me and pulls me to my feet for a kiss. "Cum on her face baby. Give her your sweet cum!" Holly whispers, nibbling my ear. I smile at her and steal a kiss as I start stroking my cock. "Right! On your knees slut!" Holly says pulling Katy to her knees In front of me. Katy looks almost brain dead as she stares blankly at me panting. "Open your mouth bitch! Catch his cum!" Holly says holding Katy's mouth open. I grunt and moan as my baby seed rains on Katy's face. I collapse on the bed completely spent. Holly giggles at me as she pulls her clothes back on and helps me stand so I can dress too. We help Katy get into bed and as soon as her head hits the pillow, she's out like a light.

We leave her in her room and it seems the party has barely noticed our absence. Holly tells me it's time to go and damn near drags me out of the house. "What's the hurry!?" I ask her as she hails a cab. "Watching you fuck her was so hot. I want my turn." She says as we climb into the cab. As we're driving down the road I need to make sure of something. "So you're not angry?" I ask and she laughs. "Baby I could tell from the minute I met her that she wanted to fuck you. I saw an opportunity for us to fuck a slut together." She says and I'm mind blown. "So wait. Why were you so surprised when you walked in on us." I ask still confused. "I wasn't surprised." She tells me. "I was just messing with you." She says and I look at her pissed off. My face makes her laugh harder. "You should've seen your face." She says almost crying with laughter. "I don't know why you think this is so funny. I was certain I was gonna lose you." I say getting angry. Holly loses her smile and goes into serious mode. "Baby I'm sorry for scaring you like that. I listened from behind the door, I heard you trying to tell her no." She says hugging my arm. "I promise i won't joke about that again!" She says and I kiss her head and tell her she's forgiven.

Holly's POV.....

It's nearly 4 in the morning when we get in. Me and Daniel creep up the stairs like ninjas and duck into our room. As soon as the door closes we start stripping. I'm naked and in bed in less then 10 seconds. Daniel strips down to his boxers and crawls up the bed to me and starts kissing my neck. I'm giggling like a naughty schoolgirl when he stops. He's just lying there doing nothing. "Daniel?" I ask and hear snoring. He fell asleep on me! "Typical!" I say to myself and roll him off me onto his side and cuddle up to him.

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