First time with Christian girlfriend- part 2

First time with Christian girlfriend- part 2

This is part two of my last story.
It takes place the next morning, as we are both waking up.
Please rate and comment, and mostly- enjoy.

I woke up the next morning and turned to see Kelly still sleeping right next to me.

She looked amazing, her beautiful body still naked, waiting to be caressed and fucked again.

I was going to surprise her with breakfast, then I could probably take her out to see a movie and just hang out. She had other plans.

I slowly got up trying not to wake her, which is pretty hard since my bed squeaks a lot.  I headed to the bathroom , which is right next to my bedroom, and turned on the tub.  I got in the shower and started washing my hair and face, so my eyes were closed.  I heard the door open, and steps in the showers direction. The curtain opened slightly, then closed again.  
"Kelly? Is that you?"
"Yea, I want to shower too."

My eyes were still shut, so I couldn't see how amazing she looked without getting my eyes burned by soap.
She was behind me, and started rubbing up against my back with her huge tits. I could feel her nipples were erect, she was horny. 

She then reached around and found my dick and started jerking it real slow. I realized she had put soap in her hand
"I could jerk you off and clean your cock at the same time" she giggled.
I laughed a bit "smart move, hey let me rinse my eyes so I can see"

I turned around and let the water soak my hair and face, then turned back around to face Kelly. What I saw was the most amazing sight I think I'll ever be privileged to see.

Kelly's sexy body was soaked and shining from all the water, she was washing her hair with her back faced to me.  Her ass was huge and just waiting to be fucked I started washing her back, slowly caressing her smooth skin with soap, lathering every inch. 

I started reaching around and soaping up her beautiful tits, rubbing her wet nipples gently.  She was moaning softly, and pressing her fat ass against my cock. 

"never thought we'd get so creative so fast" she turned and gave me a wink and a smile.
"yea, but it's fun right?" I smiled back slyly
"oh yes, very" 

I slid my hard cock into her waiting pussy. It was soaked, and I know the shower only contributed half of that wetness.  It felt so warm and tight, Especially without a condom on.
She put her hands against the wall and bent over a bit.

She started grinding her hips back and forth, bouncing her ass against my dick and balls.  Damn did it feel fantastic.  Watching my hard cock enter that sweet ass, going in and out rapidly was making me crazy.

I was about to cum, so I took out my cock and came on her ass and back, almost falling back from losing strength.  

She laughed "Well now you have to wash my back again, don't you?"

I laughed too, "yea, sorry"

I did, then we finished up and got out and dried each other off.

I got dressed and went to the kitchen while Kelly was still freshening up.
I'm not the greatest cook in the world, but I can some mean pancakes lol.  

I cooked us up a good stack of blue berry waffles with some bacon and eggs on the side.

I went to call Kelly, who walked in still completely naked 
"oh breakfast! What a gentleman" she said while bending over to see what was prepared.  She wagged her ass back and forth showing a little bit of her pussy.  Damn she's fucking sexy!

I wanted to fuck her right there and then, but I was starving too, she was also.

We quickly scarfed down our food, I washed the dishes and saw her walk over to me. She put her arms around my waist and grabbed my cock, rubbing over my jeans and leaned forward to whisper "I'm still horny babe."

Who was she? She was someone completely different than the christian girl i met a year ago.  Christian girls really ARE hornier than most... And I was just a lucky son of a gun.

I looked at the clock, 10:25 am
My parents wouldn't be home until the next day, and my bro wouldn't be back until late tonight, maybe midnight.

"we have a long time, I'll do what ever you want baby." she whispered.

All I could think to say was "ok"

We walked over to the kitchen table and she lifter herself onto it, facing me.  She opened her legs and slowly rubbed her pussy and moaned.

"mmm... I want your cock so bad right now."

I denied her request. She wasn't getting my cock just yet.

I lowered my head and started kissing her inner left thigh, making my way up to her pussy which was radiating heat.

I started licking her clit slowly, realizing how wet she was.  I smiled an continued licking her outer pussy.

She laughed, "well this is JUST as good!" tilting her head back

She tasted fantastic, I didn't want to stop pleasing her with my tongue. I inserted it deep into her pussy and explored it, quickly moving my tongue up and down, in and out rapidly.

Her moans got deeper, louder, and faster. 

"babe I'm gonna cum!" 

I went faster and faster, faster than I knew I actually COULD go.  

Her pussy started trembling, getting ready to erupt that sweet fluid that I had tasted the night before.

She came, letting a river of lady-cum flow into my mouth which I welcomed happily.  I swallowed every ounce of it, which she seemed happy about.

She pulled me up to her and gave me a passionate kiss filled with love and lust.

"Now fuck me" she whispered in a demanding, yet sexy tone.

I probed my cock on her pussy, teasing her a bit.  Her face showed so much desire, but she was smiling at the fact that I was messing with her

"You suck!" she yelled out while bursting into laughter.

I laughed too, "not as much as you"

She winked, "maybe later I'll suck you up, but not if you keep this up-"

I cut her off by ramming my cock into her pussy which surprised her.  She gasped and twitched, slowly easing her body back to get comfortable.

She wrapped her legs around my ass and her arms around my neck and started pulling herself towards my dick. She jammed her tongue into my mouth as I pounded her pussy

It was just as tight as in the shower, and just as warm.  I grabbed her ass and lifted her off the table.

She started bouncing her body on my cock while still kissing me sweetly.
Soon she couldn't kiss me any more, her orgasm was approaching and she couldn't stop herself from moaning.

"ooo, mmm fuck me harder"

Her bouncing got more aggressive and intense.  Her tits looked amazing, they were bouncing beautifully, making me so much hornier.

"I'm cumming!" she gasped

I felt her pussy tighten and her legs squeeze up against my back. Her juices were slowly sliding down her tight and onto mine.

I still hadnt cum, but I was close.
She unmounted me and got on her knees and quickly slid my cock into her mouth and started slurping all her juices off of it.  

I grabbed her head and jammed it all the way to the back of her throat and held her there. She was struggling not to gag, so she pulled away and gasped a bit.

She looked up at me and smiled "yummy."

She continued to suck me, enjoying every inch of my cock in her mouth. I felt myself ready to cum, and she prepared herself too by grabbing to base of my shaft and jerking it with her mouth wide open.

I jizzed directly into her mouth which she enthusiastically took in. A small bit slid down her chin and onto her tits.

"that was great." she said out of breath.

She got up and kissed me on the cheek and whispered, "I'm going to go get cleaned up.  I suggest you don't get dressed." and walked towards the restroom, still naked and her huge ass bouncing as she walked.  She looked over her shoulder and winked at me.  

This was going to be a fun day.

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