Phone Sex With Patricia

Phone Sex With Patricia

As I recently drove to my next business trip destination, I thought about the hot letter my beautiful wife had sent to my last location. My wife Patricia is a gorgeous brunette with beautiful 35D breasts, a hot ass and thighs to match! The letter read:

My Dearest Lover,
I am thinking so much about you right now... My loins are aching. I just did something naughty and sexy... I hope you like it! I shaved ALL the hair off my pussy. Ooo, Baby! Then I went in the shower and lathered up. It was hot!! I wish you could have been here. You could have watched. I could have watched you get hard. Your cock is amazing! Just thinking about your big wet dripping dick makes me want to get fucked! My tits are getting hard just thinking about it! My pussy is tingling! I want to suck your cock until you're ready to explode! I love sucking you!
I imagine fucking you in the movies, sitting in the back row in the dark. My tits unbound under my top-not wearing any panties. You not wearing any underwear. It's dark and the movie begins. You secretly put your hand up my shirt and massage my tits until they're hard like diamonds. I can feel it now! Then I quietly, secretly unzip your jeans to let your gloriously hard dick come out. Ooo, we're in public, but who will know that I'm giving you a hard-on as they watch the movie? I continue to massage your member. It's so hot we can hardly stand it! We want to strip naked and fuck each other openly-who cares who's watching! But we manage to control our fucking passion. Maybe I can just bend over in the dark and lick your cock. A blowjob in the theater- wouldn't that be nice! We might only be able to be civilized- me just massaging you until you come all over the theater seats, your milky sweet cream dripping off the end of your penis. too bad public fucking is illegal! We could put on quite a show!
Wishing so much you were here! I feel the need to ride your dick! It's so good! Up and down, harder and harder! You find my spot deep inside. Oooh! I'm coming baby... while you fuck my nipples with your tongue!

It's hot writing this to you, writing down my fantasies is hot! I've been walking around the house topless, sometimes totally nude. Do you like that? Are you hard? Right now, I'm writing this outside, topless! Do you like that? I can feel the sun on my tits- it's good! I love you, Baby !

Well, you can imagine how hard that made me, just thinking about enjoying her again! By the way- that letter is word for word from Patricia (I still like to read it!). With my mind on my beatiful wife, I decided to give her a call. It was around 5:30 PM in August, so I didn't know if she was still at work or not. Happily, she picked up on the first ring.
"Hey there! I was just thinking about you!" I said excitedly.
" It's good to hear your voice, Baby! I'm just in the kitchen fixing some dinner. Hang on just a minute." she replied.
" What's up?" I asked.
"Nothing, just getting more comfortable to talk with you." she explained. " Yeah, I just stripped off my clothes, and I'm lying on our bed naked. Do you like that?"
" I love it, Baby! I only wish I were there to enjoy looking at your gorgeous body! Tell me about how you look!"
" Well, I'm lying on my side, completely undressed, and right now I'm massaging my right breast with some lotion. Ooo, my nipple is getting excited! Baby, it's standing up, hard, like a diamond, just the way you like it!"
" I can just imagine how hot you look right now! I want your pussy!" I exclaimed.
" Why don't you pull over somewhere and relax, Baby?" she invited.
I pulled off the interstate under some trees and continued our conversation.
" There. I'm parked. Now what are you doing?" I inquired.
" I've put you on speaker so both hands are free. Now I'm sitting up, caressing both of my excited tits. Baby they feel so good! They want to be fucked by your tongue. Now i want you to pull off your pants! Tell me what you see," she demanded.
I complied, making sure no one could see my exposed and swollen member. " You've made me hard, Woman. The head of my cock is purplish red, and it's glistening with anticipation. Man, I want you so badly! Tell me about the rest of your body!"

"I'm just running my hands below my breasts. Oh, there's my navel and my soft waist. My hips are soft- I put lotion all over. Lover, I can feel your hands fondling me! Baby, my tits are hard, and my pussy is tingling! Ooo, it's so smooth and naked, shaved- just the way you like it. Perfect for kissing! My lips are moist. I want your tongue inside me!"
" My lover, why don't you gently open the lips of your secret garden for me." She moaned slightly, so I continued," Now slowly push your finger inside. How does that feel?"
"Baby, I can feel your tongue inside me! My pussy is wet and hot! Ahh, I just put two more fingers inside! That feels nice. In and out, around and around. I'm going to let the neighbors watch me come! Lover, I just opened the blinds at the head of our bed, and I'm kneeling, facing the window. My hot, heavy tits are bouncing, and I'm fucking myself in broad daylight!! Why don't you start fucking yourself for me? Caress that big sweet cock and pump it , Baby! Pretend it's me, taking your fabulous dick in my mouth. Can you feel my tongue fucking your penis?"
" Baby, I'm doing myself! Just thinking about you rocking back and forth with you fingers deep in your pussy, your tits swaying, fucking yourself for me and the neighbors to enjoy. I'm getting longer! I'm almost there, Baby!"
"Go, Lover! Fuck yourself for me! Come on! I want to hear you come! Oh, Baby, I'm hot!! My nipples are hard like your dick, and my pussy is wet!" She cried.
I could hear her rocking on the bed, her breaths getting more rapid, her fingers sloshing in and out of her dripping pussy! My cock was building up for a massive explosion!
Patricia was panting, begging me to come to climax with her. "Let's...come...together...Baby! Go... work your...dick for me! Ohhhh, I'm cominggg. It's sooo good...Lover...we're doing...each other! Ahhh!! I'm... coming...again!!" And with that, I was over the edge. My cock sprayed out hot semen all over the t-shirt I was using to catch my release." Ahhhg! Baby, I'm exploding for you!!!"

" Well, how was it, big guy? Did you enjoy our little chat? I certainly did! I had at least three orgasms. There's a big wet spot on our bed. I guess I'll have to wash the sheets; or maybe I'll just lie here in my own nectar, naked, thinking of you, Lover! I wish you were here to watch me, to take my body!" She sensuously offered.
" Baby, I wish I were there, too. You are so hot!! What are you doing now?" I asked.
" Nothing, just fondling my breast with one hand, and my naked pussy with the other! maybe I'll do myself again later! Would that be all right with you?" She queried.
" Absolutely, Baby! Fuck yourself any time for me. Just thinking of you caressing your hot tits and banging your fingers in and out of that sweet, shaved pussy makes me hot!! I love you, Woman! Oh,no! I'm almost out of cell battery! That was great, My Beloved!"
" Yeah, that was hot, Baby! We'll have to do this again, soon! I love you!"
"I hate to end this, but have to go. Bye for now, you hot beautiful babe! I love you!"

Thoroughly satisfied, I resumed my driving.

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