Angelina ran with all her might after landing on ground. It was 3:30 am. The sun will be up by 5, and she have to reach her home as fast as she can. She looked at Michelle. She had wanted this girl ever since she had seen her peeping on Abilene. The smell of her sweet cunt was floating along with her, making her horny as hell. After half an hour of dodging buildings, crossroads and by lanes, Angelina finally reached her home. She walked swiftly over to the gate, which opened up on its own, knowing that the house's mistress has come. She kept Michelle on her bed, and started pulling the curtains. It was the last curtain she was pulling, when the first sunlight came up right at that east facing window, burning the part of her fingers holding the curtain. She quickly pulled the last one and went to the sleeping girl. After adoring her for sometime with her eyes, Angelina dug her teeth a little in the girls half-blood, sucking up a little blood. After sometime, she let go the grip. Her fingers were healed. Happy with herself, Angelina dropped off her only cloth and went to the washroom, to bath. She heard a noise in her bedroom, suddenly. After listening for sometime she carried on with her bath, smiling.

Michelle woke up with a jerk. She had been watching a bad dream. Somebody had kidnapped her from her own bathroom. She thought of blood, the littered bathroom. Slowly she got accustomed to color of the room. She looked around gloomily for sometime. Then fell back to sleep again. It was more than an hour before she woke up again. This time completely aware that she was in some other room. She thought of the dungeons she had seen the kidnappers would keep the victims in movies. But this was no dungeon. The house more than well furnished. With the double bed she was on, the curtains, marble and wooden floors. Everything was well enough for a VIP. As she started to pull herself up she felt a sour pain in her neck and between her thighs. As she brought her hands near her pussy, she could feel that it was on only covered with a loin cloth, not also a panty. Then she suddenly became aware that she was wearing nothing except that. And slowly, everything cam back to her mind. Abilene fucking the guys, the blood trail, that woman, everything. The thought of that woman fingering her made her cunt burn again. But this time a strange thing happened. A trail of blood started pouring out of her cunt. Before she could shriek a hand was on her mouth.

Angelina had been quietly watching Michelle from the time she first woke up. She caught hold of her just in time. Before she can shriek.

Angelina asked Michelle with lustful eyes, "Do you want that blood to stop?" Unable to speak, Michelle just nodded her head with teary eyes. "Then stop crying. I will do it." And before Michelle could ask how, Angelina threw off her bathrobe and put her lips on Michelle's. Dumbstruck at first, Michelle slowly started enjoying whatever Angelina was doing to her. Angelina had her tongue frolicking inside Michelle's mouth. Michelle's was searching inside Angelina's. After Kissing for sometime, Angelina slowly started kissing her way down to the crotch from blood was gushing out. She kissed the thighs, slowly. Then, kissed the small strip of hair on the pussy before starting to lick the juicy cunt. Michelle was on a high ride, as Angelina started to lick her cunt hungrily. Angelina, stuck out her tongue, and rammed it inside the dripping cunt. The blood has now stopped. After licking Michelle to her biggest orgasm ever, Angelina slowly put one of her finger inside the pussy. Michelle started moaning as the finger touched her G-spot. Slowly Angelina started fingering her. And with time build the momentum. Michelle was moaning hard now. As Angelina inserted all the four fingers, fucking her hard with them, Michelle moaned and shrieked louder. Slowly Michelle's prgasm was building up. Suddenly she shrieked, "Yeah, fuck it faster.... faster.....yeahhhhh....... I...i.....can't hold it any longerr........Arghhhhhh" and with a loud shriek, She came so hard that soon after Angelina had licked all the cum, Michelle squirted right on her face. After licking off the last drop, Angelina went up to Michelle. As she approached her mouth, Michelle broke into another passionate kiss. "I didn't know my pussy tasted sooo good till now. Thanks." She said between her kissed. "Anyways, I am Michelle. you are?" "Angelina" "So, you can keep me as long as you want. but just one thing. why was i bleeding?" "Because you are a vampire now. Like me. And whenever we are horny we bleed from our cunts. If we don't fuck someone that time, we might die." "That was why i saw blood that night?" "Yeah." "Anyways, I loved what you did to me. So we can do this whenever we want. I will take your address. Can i go now?" "NO." "What? Why?" "Because you cannot walk in the sun. you will die. And anyways your sister will be joining us soon." Hearing of her sister Michelle again became wet. She so wanted to fuck those guys with her. "Whatever...." She thought, as the two vamps cuddled and kissed each other before slipping off to sleep........................................................

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