Cottage 13 – Part 1

Cottage 13 – Part 1

This story is about a wife chooses to live out her sexual fantasy for anonymous forced sex, without her husband's knowledge. If you dislike this type of story, or someone who likes to make anonymous disparaging comments, do skip this story.

I appreciate private messages that provide constructive feedback and/or ideas...

NOTES: For the purposes of this story, Geosexing defined as a variant of geocaching, in which men and women use Global Positioning System (GPS) to designate or seek out locations in which to have sex with a consenting individual. This in no way is an attempt to redefine, interfere with anyone else’s use of these terms or web sites…

I’m Becky, this story begins 11 years also, when at the age of sixteen my parents left for a three day weekend of fun in the sun while I stayed home alone. The first night, I was knocked out by intruders. When I awakened, I found my arms and legs tied to the bed posts of my parent’s bed. I was repeatedly raped by two men over a period of three days. It started off as rape, both men taking pleasure from the sexual gratification they got from raping. By the end of the first day, I was resigned to my fate, and became passive. Second day, I was becoming a willing participant, though I conceal it. Third day, my body was betraying me, as I heard then approaching the bedroom, my pussy was wet in anticipation of the rapes that would follow. I still tried to conceal my arousal, but I’m sure they knew….

Ashamed, I never told anyone about being raped, or the pleasures I experienced from it.

As soon as I knew I was pregnant, I gave in to my boyfriend’s desire to take my virginity. Nine months after being rapped, I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. Luckily, my daughter looks like me. I married my boyfriend shortly after ‘our’ daughter’s birth.

To this day, my husband and family know nothing about ‘rape’ weekend.


I’m 27 now, still married, and ‘our’ daughter is doing great. My husband and I have good, but not great sex. Though I’m sure he’d say that he’s a great lover.

One of the things we enjoy as a family is Geocaching. One night while searching the internet for caches in our area, I came across Geosexing site. Curiously got the better of me and I opened the website. After reading the ‘home’ page, I felt my pussy tingle and moisten. I quickly shut it down the web page, concerned my husband would catch me. Several days later, when I was home alone, I returned to the Geosexing web site, and checked out the forum section, personal ads, and several member profiles. People posted that they were looking for everything from straight sex, to kinky sex, to really strange stuff, and about everything in between. To each his own….

For years I tried to block out what I call ‘rape weekend’, but I couldn’t. I came to realize there was an excitement I felt from being raped, and it was excitement that was missing during love making with my husband. Recently I begin fantasizing, wishing there was a way to relive the thrill, excitement, fantastic orgasms I experienced during that weekend, without fear of being hurt or worse.

I wondered if I could make my fantasy a reality by just creating a profile and posting it, could it be that simple…. I debated the pros and cons of this with myself for almost a month before deciding to take the next step, create and post a profile.

I was going on a business trip next week and would have some alone time to create my profile and take some nude pictures of myself. I’d keep my profile simple and see if anyone responded, then decide what to do next, though I already knew the answer.

A week later, alone in my hotel room, I logged into the Geosexing site, created a user a name, password, and began filling out my profile. Under category I put Role-Playing. The text I entered in the About Me section read:

“This 27 yo woman wants to be bound and raped by a strong, well hung, horny guy.. I’m, 5'4" tall, attractive, with curves in all the right places (36C-24-36), long light brown hair, trimmed bush, firm body, with deep green eyes.

“I’m just looking for sex and not looking for a friend or long term relationship.

If you like my pictures and want to be my playmate, Private Message me to learn more, and include a picture of yourself.”

Next I added 2 cropped pictures, which only showed my body from the neck down. The pictures showed just what I wanted them to, my ample breasts, firm abs, great butt, and just a hint of the treasure between my legs that could be all theirs for the taking. Satisfied, I clicked ‘Save’.

I logged in next day wondering if I’d find a response or two. Instead I was blown away by the over whelming response, I stopped counting after 50. I needed a plan, so I decided to delete all responses that didn’t include a picture. Then filtered by body type, looks, and cock size, and I still had a lot left. Over the next few days I must have read through a 60 plus private messages, deleting off any that even hinted at a long term friendship, or relationship, or were too kinky, or anything else that didn’t strike my fancy. Finally, I had it whittled it down to 12 responses.

Over the next two weeks, I exchanged private messages, getting more information about the guys on my short list. No names were ever exchanged, just pictures and text. Finally I narrowed it down to 4 guys that I wanted to play with.

“D” was Becky’s first pick, from the private messages and pictures, he was 5’9” tall, dark brown hair and eyes, muscular, physically fit, and an 8” cock. He seemed to be articulate and had agreed to stick within the guidelines she’d laid out, without question.



Becky kissed her daughter and husband good bye, grabbed her bags and headed out the door. To her husband, Ed, this appeared like she was leaving on just another routine business trip. Only instead of heading out of town on business, Becky drove straight to her office 14 miles away.

Becky intended to make this just like any other day at the office, but the morning dragged. At last, lunch time, Becky told her staff that she had an errand to run, and might be gone a little over an hour. She quickly made her way to the parking garage and her car. In no time was driving North on the highway. Two weeks ago she’d searched the internet and found a motel that rented cottages, the ad indicated each cottage had a king size bed, table, TV, small kitchenette, and bathroom. It sounded like all the comforts of home, on a smaller scale. And since this motel had been bye passed by the new highway three years ago, there wasn’t a lot of traffic to worry about, so there was less chance of being seen.

Becky arrived at the motel 20 minutes after leaving the office, she wanted to check in and check out the cottage. And get those all important GPS location coordinates.

The cottage was clean and exactly as the ad described it. Each cottage was separated from the other by at 50 feet or more, perfect for what she had in mind. Satisfied, she left her bags in the cottage and drove back to the office.

The afternoon flew by. Becky was more relaxed, and was busy at work. Everything was going according to plan. The Plan…… She glanced at her watch, it was just after 4pm, and she hadn’t emailed “D”, her wood be rapist, the coordinates.

Becky quickly bought up and logged in to the Geosexing site, and sent a private message reading:


Your treasure awaits and can be found at the GPS coordinates contained in the attached file. I’ll be expecting you today between 8 and 9 pm.

Additional clues are: 13, Do Not Disturb, and ‘D’.


Becky attached the file, and clicked the send key. Then logged out of the Geosexing site and returned to her work.


Doug opened “B's” private message, and the attached file, smiling as he read it. He loaded the coordinates into his GPS receiver. As he was leaving, Doug grabbed a spare set of batteries, just in case.

Doug wanted the element of surprise on his side, so planned to arrive at the coordinates early, check out the area, and plan his next move.


5pm arrived none to soon for Becky, finally time to shut down her work laptop, grab her purse, and head off to be raped.

She smiled as she walked out of the office building, the sun was beginning to set, darkness would soon cover the land. It was a beautiful fall evening, cool but not cold, and it would be a clear moonless night.. A perfect evening.

40 minutes later after leaving the office, Becky unlocked and opened the door, and walked into cottage 13, before closing the door, she placed the Do Not Disturb sign on the outside door handle with a ‘D’ written in red lipstick on it, additional confirmation for him that he’d found the right location. She thought about locking the door, than decided not to.

She checked her watch, 5:40, more than enough time to eat the takeout food she picked up on the way to the cottage, shower, and get dressed before “D” arrived.

After dinner, Becky stripped and headed to the bathroom for a nice long hot shower. Following the shower she dried herself off and trimmed her soft, full, bush, as her husband called it..


The GPS coordinates provided by “B” lead Doug to a motel just off the highway, the general location was easier and took less time than to find then he expected. He drove down the road a short distance and parked. By this time he had the cover of darkness to conceal his movements. The GPS receiver guided him directly to Cottage 13. The Do Not Disturb sign, with a “D” written on it helped to confirm he was at the right location.

Doug walked around the cottage, looking for a backdoor. As he approached the back of the cottage, he noticed a partially open bathroom window. He could hear the sound of running water and saw the window shade was slightly open, he approached the window and found that he had a pretty clear view into the bathroom.

“B” was just turning off the water and stepping out of the shower. He watched her every movement and thought to himself that her pictures didn’t begin to capture her beauty.

He continued to watch as she dried her hair, trimmed her bush, knowing she was getting ready for him.

Suddenly, she grabbed a towel, wrapped it around herself, and walked toward the front of the cottage.


Becky felt her body tense up when thought she heard a noise from the front of the cottage. She wrapped a towel around herself, and walked to the front window. Peaking through the curtains, there was nothing but darkness and not another sound.

She glanced at the clock, it was a little before 7pm, more than an hour to wait, and more than enough time to finish getting ready.

Becky walked over to the TV and turned on her favorite talk show, turning up the volume so she could listen from the bathroom while she finished getting ready.


Doug quietly made the way to the front of the cottage, got there just in time to see the front window curtain close. He heard people taking and then relaxed when he realized it was the TV.

Doug positioned himself at the front door, quickly, silently; he opened the door and slipped into the room, closing the door behind him. Knowing the talk show host’s voice would drown out the little noise he might make.

Doug swiftly moved in behind “B” as she walked towards the bathroom. He grabbed her arms, pinning them to her side.


Becky froze in an instant, caught and totally unaware of “D’s” presence. She glanced over her shoulder, and immediately recognized “D’s” face from the picture he’d sent. Although it was difficult containing the excitement building inside of her, she gained control of her senses and quickly assumed the role of victim.

“What do you think you’re doing!! Let go of me!!!” She shouted.. As she twisted her body, trying to get free of his grip. Her movements caused the towel to come loose. He relaxed his grip just enough for the towel to fall to the floor.

Doug spun her and picked her up as if she were a baby, cradling her naked body in his powerful arms. But that didn’t stop her from trying to get a way, she twisted and struggled against his grip, all the while kicking her legs in the air for all she was worth. And yelling at him to let her go…… Doug continued to hold her captive in his strong arms.

Becky was exactly where she wanted to be.

Doug carried her to the king size bed where he unceremoniously dropped her on it. Becky wiggled, trying to opposite slide of the other side of the bed, but Doug got hold on one of her arms, then the other, stopping her get-a-way.

Doug jumped on the bed, straddling her with his body, using his legs to lock her naked body in place. Once he was sure Becky couldn’t move from under him, he let go of her arms so that he could reach for the rope like material in his back pocket.

Becky pounded on Doug’s chest to no avail, although she pounded hard, her fists just bounced off his muscular chest. All the while she was yelling “Please don’t do this to me, I have some money and jewelry, take it and leave, I won’t tell anyone.” Doug never heard the safe word, so continued.

Doug pulled out four lengths of bondage rope from his back pocket, the rope was super-soft Japanese Silk Rope that was more than strong enough to tie her securely to the bed. He just sort of smiled as he took hold of her right arm and tied it to a bed post, and then tied her left arm to the opposite bedpost. Becky continued to kick, fighting with her legs, but Doug easily overpowered her, pried legs apart, and bound both of her legs to bedposts in no time.

This wasn’t the first time Doug had taken part in sexual role-play games, but it was the first time he’d ever tied up a woman, so he took a moment to sit back and enjoy his handy work and of course the view of his captive prey.

Naked and tied spread eagle on the bed, Becky could do nothing but watch and enjoy the sight of Doug, as he stripped off his clothes, getting himself ready to rape her. Becky wondered if he had any idea just how turned on she was. Knowing he’d find out the instant he touched her pussy.

Instead of giving in, Becky starting yelling for him to let her go, she’d give him money, and…….

Doug started getting concerned that some might actually hear her and come to her defense, or worse, calls the police. Since Doug hadn’t heard the safe word, he grabbed her panties off a chair and stuffed them in her mouth and used another piece of rope to hold the make shift gag in place.

Doug got back on the bed and ran his hands down Becky’s chest, stopping along the way to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples, he could feel the shivers of delight going through her body, and then Becky let out a muffled scream, thrashing around as much as she could, playing the victim again.

“I don't want to hurt you, but I will…. I’m just gonna have a little fun with that great looking body of yours tonight. You’re either going to cooperate and enjoy this, or get hurt. But one way or the other, I’m going to rape you!” Doug said, trying to play his role.

Doug got in between Becky’s legs, and leaned forward to suck on her breasts. Becky nipples were already aroused. He took a nipple into his mouth and began to nibble on it. Then moved to her other nipple, and nibbled on it. “These tits are nice. I bet you’ve been saving them for guy me to take, haven’t you?”

Becky let out another muffled scream, and squirmed around as much as she could.

Doug looked into her eyes and smiled, “Your body is mine for tonight, so be a good girl”. Becky starting twisting herself even more, exactly what Doug was expecting her to do. He began working his way down to her pussy, nibbling, pinching her, and tickling her as he moved down her body. Becky tried in vain to bring her knees together in an effort to stop Doug from reaching her pussy.

As his face got closer to her pussy, Doug picked up her scent; her pussy was wet and ready.

Doug felt a burst of Becky’s pleasure as soon as he slid his wet tongue across her clit. Doug’s tongue continued its assault on her clit until he felt her climax. He bought himself up to a kneeling position and watched as her intense orgasm took control of her. It seemed like wave after orgasmic wave was going through her, and minutes for them to subside

This was exactly the level of excitement Becky had hoped for. Wait, what’s he doing?

Doug got of the bed and began rummaging through her things. He found a silk bag, with draw strings, under her night clothes. He turned, faced Becky and smiled as he pulled out a hot pink rabbit vibrator.

Doug saw the toy as part of foreplay. Becky was humiliated that he found it.

Becky kept the vibrator hidden from her husband. It was for special intimate and very private moments with herself. Mostly used during business trips, and occasionally at home when Ed’s love making didn’t quite satisfy her needs.

With the rabbit vibrator in hand, Doug returned to the bed and once again he positioned himself between Becky’s legs. He looked at her mound, her pussy lips glistened from the juices that were flowing. He wasn’t there to make this enjoyable for Becky, he was there to rape her, take her. Without any more foreplay, he turned the vibrator’s switch, found a setting he liked, and shoved in Becky cunt.

Becky softly grunted as the vibrator was shoved in her, with as wet as she was, no lubrication was needed, it just slid in. And once the rabbit found her clit, she involuntarily climaxed.

Doug continued to hold the vibrator in place, its little motor making all the right moves, while Doug enjoyed the show before him. Becky forgot about her role, and just let another orgasms flow through her.

Doug pulled the vibrator out of her pussy, just as Becky was getting close to another orgasm. He wanted to make her wait. Her eyes almost pleaded with him to continue.. Instead Doug turned the switch off, “Enough of this toy, looks like you’re ready to be raped by a real dick!”

“First I'm getting me some head, so I'll remove your gag. If you scream or bite, you’ll suffer the consequences.” Doug told her, as he removed the gag. Doug shoved his dick in her mouth without waiting for a response. He began pumping, fucking her mouth.

In her emails, Becky has said she wouldn’t suck cock, clearly Doug was ignoring that. She wanted to be raped, continue the role-playing, but that didn’t mean giving up, after all she was the victim. So she bit his penis….. Not hard enough to do damage, but enough to say that he broke their agreement and she wasn’t going to simply lay there and let this happen..

Doug immediately withdrew his cock, and slapped her across the face with his cock.

Becky started yelling, “Stop! What the fuck do you think you’re doing, get off of me, free me now, and I won’t call the police!”

Still not hearing the safe word, Doug stuffed her panties in back her mouth, and secured them in place with the rope.

Doug realized he’s gotten carried away and broken their agreement, but still decided to punish her for biting him. He moved down the bed, and untied the ropes binding her legs to the bedposts.

Becky started kicking and squirming again. Doug grabbed hold of both legs and forced them up and towards her head. Doing so raised Becky’s butt off the bed, leaving her pussy pointed towards the ceiling and her butt fully exposed.

Using his left arm to hold Becky’s legs in place, Doug’s right hand was free to spank Becky’s bare bottom. Doug could hear her protests as he spanked her, maybe a little too hard, ‘cause he saw tears rolling down her cheeks. Just a few more slaps, gentler this time, and he stopped.

She’d never been spanked by a man before, and she loved it.

“Are you going to be good now?” Doug said. Becky nodded yes.

Without releasing her legs, Doug positioned himself and aligned his cock with the entrance of Becky’s pussy. He took hold of each of her legs and spread them, leaving her pussy wide open and vulnerable. Then in one thrust, he was in. Becky let out a muffled my yelp.

Doug started thrusting, getting a little deeper with each thrust. Becky couldn't help but moan as his cock violated her pussy. It didn’t take long for him to be balls deep in her, his balls slapping into her with each thrust.

Becky had no idea how long he fucked her, or how many orgasms she’d had, but finally came down from her high long enough to feel his body stiffen, his cock throbbing inside her as he came.

Instinctively Becky’s pussy clamped around his cock and squeezed his cum from him, filling the condom to its breaking point . Becky’s climax was the most intense she’d ever had.

Doug reached down and grabbed both her ass cheeks and gave one last deep thrust.

With her legs free, Becky wrapped them around Doug, holding him firmly, until their orgasms subsided.

Doug said, “You were GREAT! I'm going to remove your gag and untie your arms now.”

Becky was worn out, satisfied, and needed some time to recover. Doug laid down next to her. She fell asleep, cuddled in his strong arms. Somewhere in the night, Doug got up, got dressed, and slipped out of the cottage as silently as he had entered.

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