Life of a Playboy Chapter 10

Life of a Playboy Chapter 10


I didn't last long on the open market once school started up again. Literally, my first day back in the academic area I got propositioned five times by several very pretty girls. I was a big man on campus, with quite the reputation after bedding more than my fair share of beautiful women. While many had stayed away from me for fear of my Ice Queen girlfriend, now that Kaia was gone I was fair game once again.

But my time with Kaia had also spoiled me. I'd had a gorgeous bisexual girlfriend who had a willingness to share me around. I had an emotional outlet and a tender romance beyond the wild sex. And I could afford to be selective about finding a new girlfriend.

One might have suggested I skip the girlfriend step and just fuck everything with big tits that moved. But I always had my craving for affection and a pathway towards love.

In the end, I was caught pretty quickly. All it took was a smile from Marissa and a shy request that I take her out Friday night. She looked almost nervous in asking me out, and her innocence captured me now the same way it had first caught my attention last year.

I had first-hand knowledge that she wasn't such an innocent little girl, and in fact could be quite the freak in bed. But her coy affection was intoxicating to me after all the brazen in-your-face sexuality of some of the girls trying to seduce me.

Our first real date was sweet and romantic, without the pressures of sex. To be sure, I'd already fucked her a dozen times before, and knew the intimate details of every curve on her body. But this casual getting-to-know you dinner and conversation had me at ease. I had gone three months without Kaia, and truly missed the quiet romantic moments. But Marissa was so easy to talk to I felt myself falling right back into my old boyfriend habits with her. I wasn't aroused, but merely attracted to her on a personal level. Belatedly, I realized that my effect had never even gotten flipped to the "on" position during our entire date.

It was when I recognized how much I was enjoying myself without the crutch of my effect clouding a girl's mind that the wave of desire first hit me. It wasn't love, but it wasn't really lust either. Still, Marissa had me wanting her as much as I'd ever wanted a girl before in my life.

And when that wave of desire washed over my mind, my effect turned on with full force. Immediately, Marissa sucked in her breath and let out a wispy pant, her eyelids fluttering as the hormones rioted through her brain. I took that as my cue to get the check. The waiter, quite ready for us to leave after our two hours of hogging up the table, was helping me in a flash, and then we were on our way back to the sorority house.

Expectedly, Marissa wasn't about to let me just kiss her goodnight and leave. So she dragged me into the sorority house, where I was already a familiar face. Marissa sprinted up the stairs, holding onto my hand tightly as we raced past several familiar faces.

Nina's peroxide blonde head even turned and she whistled after Marissa with a triumphant "Alright!" Two other sorority sisters grinned at the two of us before we reached the haven of Marissa's bedroom, darted inside, and then slammed the door shut with finality.

Marissa planted me against the door, providing a heavy thumping noise for all who wanted to hear from out in the hallway. And then we were tongue-wrestling for all we were worth.

She worked fast to get my pants open, and then dragging everything to my ankles she reached out and fed upon my hardening member. I'd already known her to be an expert at oral pleasure, but tonight's blowjob surpassed my wildest expectations. She was fast and aggressive, yet so soft with her touch. It was an incredible display of control that she could move her head and fingers so quickly without ever feeling harsh or overly pressing against my sensitive flesh.

It was the best blowjob of my life.

My knees were weak, and it was all I could do to remain upright against the door. And finally Marissa's whole head was bobbing back and forth so fast until she was fucking my cock with her mouth. And in the final moments, when my balls had tightened to iron cannonballs, she plunged forward and took my entire length down her throat until her eyes flashed and her lips were pressed up against my base.

Her hands gripped my asscheeks and my hands gripped her head as I thrust my hips and howled my climax to the ceiling. A river of cum shot out of me and straight down into Marissa's belly, and she pulled back to stop from gagging to jack off every subsequent shot into her mouth so she could swallow every little droplet. Not a single bit leaked out, despite the heavy volume.

When I was done, I slumped into the door again, just barely keeping myself from hitting the ground. "Aw, fuck that was incredible."

Marissa grinned at me. "You taste wonderful. And I love giving head."

"It shows."

"Come on now." Marissa stood up and took my hand. "It's time for you to return the favor.

We moved into Marissa's bedroom, kissing each other deeply so I could taste the slightly salty flavor inside her mouth. Very few guys would do this and it was even more of a turn-on for Marissa. We finally managed to strip each other, and laying her flat on her bed I paused to admire her fantastic body once again. The girl was impossibly slender, maybe only a 20-inch waist and similarly thin hips and chest, which made her full B-cup tits seem ever larger and perkier. Once before I'd been worried I'd snap her in half. But when she wrapped those long legs around my neck, all I could focus on was the wet pretty pussy before my eyes, narrow slit pointing the way through her bare vaginal lips.

With all my years of practice, I munched down and didn't lift my head until I counted three hip-shaking, ear-splitting cries of ecstasy. My tongue was sore after fifteen minutes and my face was fully coated with a fine sheen of fluids. But more importantly for my selfish desire, my cock was fully hard once again.

I didn't bother to clean myself up, but merely stood up and slobbered all over Marissa's face while she giggled. "It's your fault my face is wet," I told her. And she just laughed and licked my cheek in response. But then my hips settled between hers, and her face went dead serious to feel every moment of my cock burrowing down her exquisitely tight tunnel.

Marissa clutched my body tightly against hers while we made love. And it truly was making love, the same way I felt mentally when I was with Kaia. It was so much more than the mindless sex (which is still VERY fun, by the way). Her legs intertwined with mine or crossed behind my ass to pull me deeper and tighter into her. My arousal poured out of me and directly into Marissa's mind, and she was moaning non-stop into my ears feeling the pleasure of the best sex of her life wracking her body.

I nibbled on her neck and Marissa squealed, her legs clamping down around my lower back and holding me on top of her body as she rode out a new orgasm. And when she returned to the world of the living her eyes flashed at me again and she suddenly moved, rolling us both over and then positioning herself in a doggy style. Her knees were planted wide for me but her shoulders and head were flat on the pillows before her. Instead, she used her hands to spread those perfect asscheeks wide, beckoning me with an invitation she knew I would never turn down.

My dick was harder than steel, and leaning forwards, I gazed more upon the tight curves I was about to penetrate, a zillion wishes coming true. I've said it before, Marissa has the PERFECT ass. And she was offering it to me. So nudging carefully and applying some steady pressure, the crown popped through her sphincter and all at once I shoved every inch of my meat deep inside of her.

Marissa growled, and with her cheek still pressed to the pillow, she chanted at me, "Fuck me! Fuck my ass, baby!"

So I did just that. I lunged forwards over and again, and once I held her hips in my hands, just circling the tip around her asshole before slamming myself all the way in again in one massive thrust, forcing a long "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" out of Marissa's throat.

"Oh, shit yeah!" Marissa cried out as I kept on plugging away at her, and very quickly I felt the cum boiling in my balls. I had only a few precious moments before I would explode, and I wanted to give Marissa so much more out of this.

I focused my mental energies once again, remembering the trick I had used on only a few other occasions. I knew I would probably black out from the strain, but for this sweet, young thing before me, I knew it would be worth it.

Visualize, and make it happen. And I did. Marissa's Ultimate orgasm lit off in her body, every nerve ending firing simultaneously. She screamed so loud I knew everyone in the house would hear it. And Marissa completely lost control. Her body flailed in every direction except off of my dick. Her legs spasmed, her arms waved, and her torso rocked as if she was having the worst seizure in the world. And me and my dick did our best just to hang on inside the spasming muscles of Marissa's anal passage.

And towards the end of Marissa's massive climax, every muscle in my body went limp, and the floodgates holding back my orgasm blew open to release the current of thick, white cum to cascade through my shaft and fill up this heavenly creature. Marissa's climactic fluids splashed out of her body in a flood of nectar pouring down her legs and onto the sheets. And every single drop of sperm I had left in my body blasted out of my fire hose, very quickly filling Marissa's rectum to the brim until it began to dribble out of her and join the female cum already running down her body.

Marissa collapsed onto her face, and after plopping out I collapsed next to her, face-to-face. She managed to stare at me, wide-eyed in utter amazement at what I'd done to her body, but then her eyes rolled straight back and she passed out, collapsing backwards across the bed, letting a river of mixed cum dribble out of her abused body.

And the blackness took over, and I joined her in sleep.


My dreams became vivid and real. This wasn't the jumbled riot of images. This was a heavenly vision. I was kissing Kaia, filled with complete peace. But then Kaia turned and began to walk away from me, and my heart sank with the realization that she was leaving me for good.

She had been my first real attempt at love and a girlfriend, despite all the wonderful sex I'd had before her. But as she went away, I saw Marissa walking towards us. Kaia stopped when Marissa reached her, and they both looked at me for a few moments. Finally, Kaia leaned in and kissed Marissa's lips softly, rubbed her cheek, and then turned away. Marissa and I both watched Kaia walking on until her form became transparent, and in the end she vanished completely.

The baton had been passed in some way. And Marissa walked up to me, pressing those same soft lips directly to mine. It was a strange taste, as if the essence of Kaia was still on Marissa's lips, and she was sharing that essence with me.

I had adored the old girlfriend, but that did not prevent me from loving the new one. I realized I was already thinking of Marissa as my new girlfriend. Perhaps it was not fair to see her as a replacement for Kaia. Too many expectations to live up to in some ways. But it was also an advantage for Marissa as that mentality would let me open up to her so much more quickly as well.

And as I dreamed of rolling around in soft fields of green grass, kissing and making love to sweet Marissa, I felt the warmth of pleasure wrapping around my body like a blanket.

And when my eyes fluttered open into the real world, I found the warmth of that pleasure was very real. Marissa was kissing me awake with the wonderfully soft lips that I remembered so vividly, and I delighted in seeing her pretty face as I woke up. She looked like she'd already taken a shower, her hair still a little damp while she wore a simple bathrobe. And I also felt fresher, like someone had scrubbed off all the dried fluids caking my body.

But then another sensation caught my attention, and I glanced down lower to see a peroxide blonde head bobbing up and down in my lap, coating my erection in layer after layer of shiny saliva with a warm tongue. "Uh, good morning Nina."

Nina's pale blue eyes flashed up to me, and she smiled with her face still stuffed with cock. Realizing my new state of consciousness, she got up onto the bed, showing off her round D-cups and wrapping the warm flesh around my rod for a moment before straddling and mounting my shaft, groaning happily as I penetrated deeply into her body.

I groaned with her, then settled myself onto the pillow to comfortably look at Marissa, the sweet girl I was already falling in love with. We kissed briefly, but then she moved over to take one of Nina's heavy boobs into her mouth.

I leaned my head back to enjoy the view, watching Nina's wet nether lips rise and fall around my shaft. Higher up her beautiful breasts bounced with every thrust, and especially her pretty face as she enjoyed feeling our bodies joined together.

I watched happily as the two girls pleasured each other, rubbing lips against each other's skin and especially when Marissa moved up to let Nina suckle on her turgid nipples. And when Marissa hungrily returned to me I remembered that I wasn't dealing with Kaia's usual voyeuristic approach to sex. Marissa was just as eager to fuck me as her friend.

Speaking of Nina, I kept the hot blonde gyrating in my lap, my thumb flicking at her clit while I moved her hips in a wide circle with my erect pole in the middle. And I finally seized upon Marissa's light body and pulled her over my face so I could lap at the honey creaming out between her legs. This left both girls riding me and facing one another so they could continue their makeout session.

And after both girls crested over into their orgasms, Nina lifted herself up to try something new. With a careful grip, she took my nectar-coated rod and held me in place until she was able to settle her asshole over my mushroom head. And with gritted teeth, she began to sink me up her backside with a constant pressure and a few wriggles of her hips. And with a sigh, she spread her knees to the side and leaned back until her elbows were planted on the bed astride my feet, leaving a gaping pussy wide open to Marissa's gaze.

Multiple hot, bisexual, anal-sex loving babes who want to fuck my brains out. How could my life get any better?

I enjoyed my paradise, and the ladies enjoyed the wonderful sexual buzz I radiated out into their minds. Nina was in absolute rapture feeling my cock splitting her ass and Marissa's expert tongue lapping at her cunt once Marissa bent over to eat out her friend.

I'd gotten used to controlling my climactic effect, and when my balls coiled themselves, finally worn down after the tight constriction of Nina's ass muscles, I let my mind go and both Nina and Marissa cried out with joy, letting the pleasure course through them to share in my climax.

All together, we came. Marissa let her female cream out onto my face. Nina let hers out into Marissa's face. And I let my male cream issue forth and embed itself inside of Nina's anal lining.

Afterwards, we stumbled into the bathroom Marissa shared with her next door neighbor (Nina), stepping into the shower to clean ourselves up with heavy petting and repeated latherings of soap. I finally got to kiss Nina a "thank you" for this morning's exercise. And we both looked forward to future encounters as well.

But in the end, Nina went back into her room and I went with Marissa into hers. All I had were my clothes from yesterday, but I was happy to hang around while she primped in the mirror to start the day.

"I think you enjoyed that," Marissa smirked at me, looking back at my reflection through the mirror.

"Of course."

"Even though you didn't actually get inside me?"

"Well, I was hoping we'd still have more opportunities in the future."

She didn't take long to get ready, her natural beauty shining through what little makeup she did put on. "You will. If you really want to."

I held open my arms and let Marissa come join me in a warm hug. "Yes. I do."

She kissed me and giggled, the innocent girl back in her face. "So you really like me? Not just as a piece of ass?"

"Well, I do have to admit you've got a dynamite ass. But yes, I really like you, and I'm really hoping we can find more time together besides just having sex."

"Wow..." Marissa really did look thrilled, surprised, and awed all at the same time. "So I'm like, the new Kaia?"

"Well, if you want to think of it that way. But yes, Marissa. I want to see where this goes. I do have to admit, I'm not exactly the monogamy-type. But you will be the one and only one I call my girlfriend."

Marissa's eyes lit up, and her skin reddened from an arousal that had absolutely nothing to do with my effect. She was giggling like a little kid again, and I was suddenly overcome with a desire to see her in pigtails and a Catholic schoolgirl outfit. But Marissa simply launched herself at me and began to strip my clothes off once again.

She paused from devouring my face for only a moment to say, "You know, I actually called Kaia last week to make sure she was okay with me going after you. She did warn me that you were too much man for any one girl to handle, and that I was better off finding fresh sex partners for both of us rather than letting you loose on the general population." And then she kissed me again. "But right now, for at least the next couple of hours, I want you all to myself."

She didn't make me regret it.


"Red" body spray was selling, and fast. After a pre-release in a few select markets, word had hit the street that here was product that ACTUALLY worked. We licensed it out to several high-end retail shops, placed right alongside decent colognes like CK and Ralph Lauren to lend a bit more credibility. And the stuff was flying off the shelves. We were going to be rich.


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