Alexia and the teachers Part II

Alexia and the teachers Part II

After Alexia first saw what Mr. Porter and Mrs. White did together after school hours she went right over to Rebecca’s house to give her back her phone and tell of what she saw. She only told about what she saw, not about how she played with herself during, because she didn’t want her new friends thinking she was a slut.

After she told her story her friends asked things like, how big was Mr. Porter’s dick, did could she put the entire thing in her mouth, and how much Mr. Porter came. She gave all the details they asked for and she quickly became one of them.

Now that Alexia was one of the popular girls she tried very hard to keep her reputation up, and not have any dirty little secrets. But that proved impossible for her. After the first show the teachers gave her, Alexia couldn’t masturbate to anything that wasn’t live anymore. She tried, but it just wasn’t the same. So she started to sneak into Mrs. White’s cabinet everyday afterschool to get another chance to watch them.

It took a couple of weeks but she eventually figured out their fuck schedule. They would meet in Mrs. White’s classroom every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It was usually the same kind of thing; Mrs. White would bend over the desk, Mr. Porter would fuck her from behind, and then cum in her mouth or on her face. Occasionally Mr. Porter would eat Mrs. White’s pussy or she would just give him a quick blow job if he was in a hurry.

Alexia was in the cabinet to watch all of this, and she played with her pussy all the time, and if they finished before she did she would finish quietly by herself once they left the room. One day Alexia got a little brave with her masturbation. She had shoplifted a vibrator from a local Spencer’s Gifts store and she brought it with her and kept it in her purse all day. When Mr. Porter and Mrs. White started going at it she turned it on and started just rubbing the outside of her pussy lips with it at first. When that got her pussy nice and wet she slid it inside her and let it do its job. That was the single best feeling she had felt up to that point in her entire life, she had only masturbated with her fingers before and this was a whole new feeling for her.

This new feeling was too much for her to handle and when she came she accidently let out a little yelp that Mr. Porter and Mrs. White heard. They stopped, terrified that they had been caught red handed. “What was that?” Mrs. White said in fear.

“I don’t know” Mr. Porter said, “is some on there?” he said out loud to no one in particular. Alexia just stood there in fear. Her vibrator was still buzzing inside her and she prayed that they couldn’t hear it. But they could.

“What’s that buzzing sound?” Mrs. White asked. “It sounds like it’s coming from the cabinet.”

Without saying anything Mr. Porter pulled up his pants and walked toward the cabinet. Alexia immediately froze knowing there was nothing she could do now, she was about to be caught. Mr. Porter opened the door and the last thing he expected to see was Alexia standing in the cabinet with her pants down and a vibrator sticking out of her young pussy.

“I think we found where that noise came from” Mr. Porter said over to his shoulder to Mrs. White.

“I think we did” she said moving next to him. Alexia just stood there petrified. Mrs. White moved herself toward Alexia and took the vibrator out of her pussy. Even the vibrator leaving her pussy felt unbelievable, even through all the fear she felt at that moment. “Oh, this is a good vibrator you got here Alexia, where did you get it.” Alexia just stood there terrified.

“I think we gave her a bit of a scare, doesn’t look like she can talk anymore.” Mr. Porter said.

“Well then I guess we’ll have to help her relax” Mrs. White said as she pressed her lips against Alexia’s. Alexia had never kissed a woman before, never even thought about doing it before. But before she could fully tell what was going on Mrs. White’s tongue was in her mouth and massaging her tongue.

When Mrs. White pulled away Alexia asked sheepishly “What was that for?”

“To keep you quiet,” Mrs. White began explaining you see now we all know all of what is going on in this room when me and Mr. Porter are in here alone. And if you tell anyone about us, you have to tell everyone about what you and I just did. And that would just ruin your reputation, wouldn’t it.”

“y-yes” Alexia said, knowing the truth in Mrs. White’s words.

“Good.” Mrs. White said. “Now are you going to explain to us just what you were doing in my cabinet with a vibrator?” Alexia just stood there. “Where you masturbating to me and Mr. Porter?” Alexia just nodded her head; she really wished her pants weren’t still around her ankles. “I thought so” Mrs. White said as she kissed Alexia again. This time Alexia knew what was coming, and found herself enjoying her teacher’s lips and tongue very much.

Mrs. White pulled away from the kiss and sat down in the chair behind her desk, facing Alexia with her legs open and her pussy exposed. “Come here, eat my pussy.” Mrs. White told her.

“Wha?” was all Alexia could get out.

“You heard the woman” Mr. Porter said and took Alexia by the arm and moved her down to Mrs. White’s pussy. Alexia had never thought she would eat pussy in her life, the thought never occurred to her. But now that she was trying it she wondered if she could be a lesbian, but decided it would be best to think about it later. Alexia licked the outside of Mrs. White’s pussy lips and felt her hands on the back of her head almost immediately.

“Oh, don’t be nervous about it” Mrs. White said and pushed Alexia’s face into her pussy forcing her tongue inside her “get in there and eat that pussy like you mean it, and rub my fucking clit.” Alexia did the best she could but she didn’t really know what she was doing. But she figured she must have been doing something right because she felt Mrs. White’s breathing grow harder as she licked the inside of her pussy and rubbed her clit.

As Alexia ate Mrs. White’s pussy she felt something slide inside her pussy. She tried to turn around to look but Mrs. White’s hands held her head down into her crotch. “You don’t need to see what’s going on back there, you just need to focus on my pussy. Don’t even worry about Mr. Porter’s dick inside your pussy.” Alexia kept licking the teacher’s pussy but found it hard to concentrate with Mr. Porter’s big cock inside her tight pussy.

When Mrs. White came Alexia cleaned it up with her tongue as best as she could and was happy she finally had a chance to move her attention to her own pussy. The real thing was so much better than any vibrator could have been. Shortly after Mrs. White came Alexia began scream in her own orgasm as she felt Mr. Porter’s dick shot a hot load of cum into her pussy. When Mr. Porter emptied his dick, Mrs. White took his place behind her and licked all the cum out of her pussy. She then grabbed Alexia by the face and spit the cum into her mouth. Alexia had never tasted cum before and she loved her first taste of it. It was warm, salty and gooey all at the same time, and she swallowed every drop that was spit into her mouth.

“So, you gonna tell anyone about what you’ve been seeing in here?” Mr. Porter asked.

“No sir.” Alexia said and suddenly remembered that she told Rebecca and all her new friends about it. But she kept that to herself.

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