Seducing the teach

Seducing the teach

Debbie lived in a tough section of Philadelphia; she was a teenager, but had become well-versed in matters of sex from early in her upbringing. Today she was attending her summer school class- she needed to retake American history in order to get her grade up. As usual Debbies hormones were raging-she slipped into the girls room before class and masturbated until she reached two climaxes.

Todays class was being held in the computer room, and the teacher M. B was going around checking each students progress on their program. He was helping a student at the terminal in front of Debbies when she happened to look up and spotted his eyes fixed on a spot beneath her computer table. She laughed inwardly when she realized that inadvertently her already short skirt had hiked up, and that he was staring at her creamy exposed teen thighs. She started to get turned on by the idea that her 50ish- year old teacher was interested in her sexually! A devilish smile came to her lips as she decided to test him further. She nudged her pencil off the edge of the desk, then looked up at Mr. B with her face in the shape of an unspoken question mark. When he went to 1 knee to retrieve it, she opened her legs wide and kept them spread.

Mr. B found himself staring transfixed up her skirt, all the way up her silky-smooth thighs to her teen pussy, covered only by the thin band of her panties. His throat became instantly dry as he realized tht the little vixen was flashing him; it was only by a supreme act of will that he was able to tear his gaze away and get to his feet, meanwhile returning the pencil.

Debbie swiftly finished her computer assignment, printed it out, then wrote in large letters below it "I saw you looking at me today and I think you can tell that I need 'extra help' to complete the assignment. Can you help me one-on-one after class today?" She walked up to Mr. B seated at his desk- she bent over to hand him the note, 1 ripe breast lightly pressing into his shoulder as she sweetly asked "Can you read my note please?"

The teachers face reddened slightly as he quickly read the inscription-he scrawled the reply "I'll help you any way I can". Debbie returned to her seat momentarily & then almost ran out of the room as the bell rang. "I've got him!" she thought joyfully as she rushed to the girls room. There she quickly stripped off her panties then returned to the computer room now empty of all students. She strutted up to the desk where Mr. B had remained seated, placed 1 hip on the corner and swung her leg back and forth languidly. Without hesitation she stated "I saw you looking at my legs Mr. B-do you like them?" Mr. B was stunned; he could only stammer "I . . .I . . .I . . ." until Debbie took control by asserting "Thats o.k.-I really like that you were looking, it turns me on!" As she said this she stood, and slowly raised her skirt until it was above her hips, all the while locking her soft brown eyes onto the older teachers.

Mr. B felt beads of sweat break out on his forehead; he stared transfixed at her teen pussy, exposed only inces from his face. "Debbie, this has gone far enough" he croaked out in a strained voice. Instead of answering Debbie reached out and took his hand in hers, slowly pulling it forward until it rested on her firm teen thigh. In a low sultry voice she said "This can be the end . . . or the beginning."

Mr. B was seeing spots in front of his eyes; he was stunned by the overt sexuality of the teenaged girl. He was in a quandry- should he tell her to stop her wanton actions and leave the class, or should he run his hand up her hot leg and finger her wet pussy? The temptation of the oversexed teen was too much for him-he moved his hand up until he cupped her protruding pubic mound. Then he slowly inserted his index finger between her flared labia; the digit slid in easily as her slot was already completely damp and fully lubricated. He began to push his finger in and out slowly; Debbie pushed forward against his hand. Mr. B blurted "Debbie, we'll have to go somewhere or at least lock the door, someone will see us." Debbie replied "In a minute Mr. B-play with my clit, I'm going to cum!" Mr. B instantly placed his thumb against her erect clit, playing with the hot bud of flesh. In less than a minute he felt her body shivering in the throes of an orgasm. He thought "My god-how orgasmic she is!"

Debbie directed a passionate star at her teacher, saying "Hummmmm, that felt good Mr. B-but why don't you go lock the door and you can lick my pussy and then I'll suck you off!" As way of answering Mr. B removed his finger from her wet gash, brought it to his lips and licked her pussy juices from his finger and hand. Then he rose, swiftly walked to the door bolted it. As he turned to come back, he observed Debbie unbuttoning the front of her blouse; she pulled it off and let it fall to the floor. (As per usual she had left a bra out of her ensemble; her pretty pink nipples extended out from her firm teener titties) She pushed some items off the desk and lay full length on it- meanwhile the teacher had removed his shoes, pants and shorts. He came to her and kissed her full on the lips, snaking his tongue into her pliant mouth. She sucked on his tongue and also grasped his cock in her hand and started skillfully manipulating it. Breaking off the kiss Debbie said "Lets 69-that way I can take your big cock into my mouth and suck it until you shoot your cum on my tongue!"

Mr. B needed no further urging-he climbed up onto the desk, his head near the horny teenagers crotch, his already rock-hard cock dangling over her face. As he began sucking and licking greedily on her blood-engorged labia, the overheated teen immediately stared fondling his bloated balls with her hand and licking the tip of his cock with her tongue. Then she sucked 1st one ball into her mouth followed by the other, simultaneously lightly jacking up and down on her teachers big dick. Her manipulations produced a flow of precum from the pulsating organ; Debbie immediately lapped up the offering eagerly, cooing her approval. She could not wait until her teacher shot his wad of cock creme into her hot wet mouth so tht she could swallow it down into her quaking belly. She wished to cum herself simultaneously- she pushed her pulsating pussy against his eagerly sucking mouth, rocking her hips back and forth to prolong the contact.

Mr. B was going crazy, wallowing in the young girls tight pussy. His tongue was in constant motion, licking up and down her desire-slickened slit, drilling into the saturated slot of her vagina, then flicking back and forth rapidly on her erect clit. All the while he attempted to suck up as much girl-goo as he could, savoring both the taste and smell of her copius pussy emissions. He wanted to keep tongue-fucking the lusty teen until she gushed her hot juice all over his tongue, lips and cheeks.

Debbie began to bob up and down on the cock, trying to see how far down her throat she could take it. Occasionally she would remain all the way down on the rod, her tongue slithering around the fleshy pole while her cute nose was pressed against Mr Bs pubic hair. She felt the cock start to pulsate and so was ready when the 1st hot stream shot down her throat. Her adams apple bobbed furiously as she swallowed spurt after spurt directly into her belly. The erotic action set her own sexual motor off- she felt her insides tighten up, the red-hot sex honey starting to run down her constricting channel and spattering into the desperately sucking mouth of the older man. Whimpers and crys emanated from her cute cock-suckers mouth, intermingling wth the low passionate groans of the orgasming teacher. The spurts stopped coming from his cock, yet the teen continued to lovingly lick any residue of delicious sperm from his cock and balls. Meanwhile Mr. B was doing the same to the entire groin area of the hot-assed teen.

Both having worked out their climaxes, they moved to a sitting position on the desk- Mr. B put 1 arm around the girl and tongue-kissed her passionately. He fondled her big tits possessively, lightly rolling her still-extended nipples between his forefinger and thumb. When they broke the kiss Debbie gave him a hot stare, saying "Do I get an A for this assignment . . . Or an "S" for slut!" Her teacher continued to toy with her firm breasts as he said "You get anything you want after this effort!"

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