Bi Fun

Bi Fun

My cousin Brian and I have done things with each other for many years. I guess I never thought anything of it. When I started dating my girlfriend Kayce, I stopped completely. For a long time it was kept inside, afraid that she would freak out and dump me. She was very sexually open minded and experimental like me but worries still filled my head. As time went by, it felt like we were really close and it seemed to be a good time. My fear filled me but surprisingly she took it very well and actually thought it was hot. It was a huge turn on for her. Perhaps I had misjudged her.

Upon casual conversation, Brian admitted that he thought my girlfriend was very attractive. Shouldn’t of come as a surprise, he was always a sucker for large breasts and round ass. In a joking manner, he said that we should gang up on her. I’m pretty sure I laughed out loud to cover up my interest, but I’m unsure because my mind was flooded with ideas. I decided to push those to the side and thought nothing of it.

Little to my knowledge, Kayce had thought of the three way as well and was plotting. Without saying a word to me, she had invited Brian over to watch movies. She was hoping she could lure us into this and it worked. None of us had ever been part of something like this, we aren’t about to turn that down.

We were all sitting around on the couch, chatting. I was on the left, Brian on the right, with Kayce in the middle. She’s having a smoke and I’m fully aware that my cousin is staring at her, getting turned on. We have the same fetishes, and smoking is one of many. No complaints here because I was becoming hard as well. I had told her that we were into that so she was fully aware and I’m sure she was doing this on purpose.

“Well guys, how about we watch a movie. I’ll pop something in.”

“As long as it’s not one of those girly romantic comedies,” Brian said in disgust as we all laughed.

“No. No romantic comedy. Maybe this one.”

She put a dvd in and sat back down between us, taking one last inhale on her Marlboro before putting it out. Right away we were confused because there were no previews and it didn’t go to a menu. Me and Brian just looked at each other wondering what was in there. It only took another 20 seconds for us to find out. Latex Sluts 4 flashed across the screen as clips from each scene played. It was one of my many burned porn dvd’s. Everyone was silent, eyes fixated on the screen. A busty latina was rubbing her blue latex covered breast, pushing them together. Her fingers drifted down to her pussy as she started rubbing furiously. Then out of nowhere two guys came into the camera’s view and started fucking her mouth. They took turns, shoving it deep down her throat as she choked. Finally one of us broke the silence.

“Damn Jim, you’re girlfriend is really awesome,” he laughed nervously. “She just watches porn with you. One hell of a girl.”

“Yeah, she is definitely something else.”

Kayce had a big grin on her face as we all turned back to the movie. One guy had his hand against her neck as he pounded her pussy, while the other was below filling her ass hole. They were fucking her hard and fast and it was turning me on.

“Hunny, it looks like you’re getting a bit excited. How about I help you with that?”

Much to my surprise she reached her hand down into my pants and grasped onto my 7 inch hard dick. I felt my balls being squeezed for a second, which made me jump. She massaged them, then proceeded to rub the length of my shaft. Some moans escaped and Brian turned his attention to us.

“Shit. She even gives you hand jobs when company is around? Come on man, that’s not fair. I’m sitting over here with a rock hard pecker and you are over there getting jerked.”

While looking straight into his eyes, biting her lip, Kayce put her other hand down into his pants. His cock wasn’t quite as long but it was much thicker. Without even realizing, she licked her lips.

“Wow, both of you boys are very, very, hard tonight. Watch the girls getting fucked in latex while I please you. I know both of you enjoy that and will enjoy this as well.”

We looked at each other then back down to her as she got on her knees. Fumbling through her purse, she pulled out a cigarette and put it between her lips. Drawing the flame closer, the smoke filled the air.

“Pull your pants down so I can suck on your cocks.”

Neither of us hesitated, pulling the jeans off and tossing them aside. Her hands jerked us both slowly at the same time, almost rhythmically. She’d inhale on her cigarette, then blow it all over our cock. Sometimes she’d take the shaft deep as the smoke flowed around it, spiraling in the air. My cock pressed against the back of her throat before she moved over to my cousin and took his fat cock deep as well. I’d never imagined something like this could happen.

“Now boys, I have done something for you. How about you do something for me?”

We both shot back at the same time, “What?”

With a devilish grin she exhaled and said, “I want you boys to suck each others cocks. I’d like to watch you 69 for me.”

Maybe it was the porn, or the blow jobs, but we were so horny that we didn’t take a moment to consider any other options.

“Hun, I want you on the bottom and Brian on top. If you two do a good job, you will get rewarded.”

We didn’t need enticing but we wouldn’t complain. I lay down on the floor as Brian put his knees down by my head and leaned forward toward my cock. I felt him wrap his fingers around the bottom of my shaft as his tongue circled my head. My moans escaped and the pleasure fueled me as I started sucking hungrily, taking it deep into the back of my throat. I’d gag but still fight to put more in my mouth, even when all of it was already in there.

“Mm you boys do suck quite well. You are making my pussy very wet.”

I heard snapping and realized that Kayce had put on a pair of black latex gloves. Ignoring it, we continued to suck each other. I’d take the head and suck at it a bit, covering it with saliva, before shoving every inch in. Brian was licking the base and my balls while stroking me. Gripping tightly, I jerked his fat cock until I saw pre cum. My tongue circled the head and poked at the piss hole, licking it up.

“Brian, I want you to fill Jim’s mouth with your creamy seed. I’m going to drive you to an amazing orgasm. I want you to face fuck him hard.”

He was caught off guard a bit when she shoved two spit covered fingers into his ass hole. They glided in and out, stretching. She spit on his ass for more lubricant as she started pushing deeper.

“Come on. Don’t be a bitch Brian. Fuck his pretty mouth.”

With her other hand she started to push down on his ass so that his cock would go deeper. It didn’t take long for him to start doing it himself. I was trying to keep up as saliva dripped down my chin. Brian’s balls were slapping my face as he fucked my throat fast and hard. His movements coincided with her thrusts into him.

“Come on. Fill his mouth. Shoot it.”

Not more than 5 seconds after she said that I could tell he was about to orgasm. His cock went all the way to the back of my throat and stayed as his cum flooded my mouth. It seemed never ending as it spurted shot after shot. I struggled to swallow it all down.

“Mm good boy. I have to admit, I loved watching you boys suck each other. Jim, don’t worry. You are going to give off. Come here and fuck me baby.”

She signaled for me to come towards her. As I did, she kissed me deep, running her tongue along my cum covered tongue.

“Slut,” she said as she smacked me in the face.

Bent over the couch with her ass in the air, I pushed my way in. There were no problems getting there, she was ready to go. Her pussy was hot against my throbbing dick. The wetness felt so good as I slid deep into her and withdrew. Kayce started to push her hips back against mine, moving me deeper. She moaned as she caressed her left breast, lightly touching her nipple.

“Brian, it looks like you’ve got a hard cock again, why don’t you bring it over here.”

He stood up and walked over to her, placing the head onto her lips. Moving the tip along her lips drove her crazy and she begged for it. Brian moaned and pushed it into her mouth. She sucked down to the base and pulled it out to lick the length of his shaft.

“Fuck me harder. Fuck me hard while I’m sucking his dick,” she screamed back at me.

The dirty talk always gets me and it worked this time. I started thrusting hard, pounding her pussy. Watching her suck his cock just turned me on more. I squeezed her ass, occasionally slapping it as she rocked her body back and forth. Never had she felt so much pleasure. The feeling of two dicks in her drove her wild and she couldn’t contain it long. Her legs started shaking as she squirted all over my cock.

“Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Mmmm.”

I had to do everything in my power to keep myself from cumming and it looked like Brian was having the same problem. Kayce pulled herself away and got on the ground.

“I want you boys to cum all over my tits. Give me that cream. Coat my big tits.”

She wrapped her large breast around my hard cock and started thrusting with them. They were soft and wet from her sweating. It felt too good and I knew I was getting close.

“You like to tit fuck me baby? Yeah. Fuck my tits.”

She let go and pressed her breast together, rubbing them along each other as she licked her lips. We both had our dicks in hand, stroking furiously.

My shot came first and it streamed across her neck and shoulders, but I made sure the second and third covered her breast. It wasn’t long before Brian was having his second orgasm of the night. It was amazing he still had so much cum built up. His hot seed dripped off her breast, landing on her leg.

“Mm, look at all that cum.”

Kayce reached up and tugged at our hair, bringing us down to our knees. She pushed our faces into her breast.

“Lick up all that semen. Suck on my tits.”

She didn’t have to try convincing us, we happily obliged. We ran our tongues around her breast, cleaning up the warm cum. I took her nipple into my mouth, sucking at it softly.

“That was amazing. I think maybe we should do this again boys.”

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