Mom Joins the team

Mom Joins the team

Mom Joins the team

Janet was an attractive 41 years old, shoulder length brunette hair, a pretty face 38g tits and tight curvy ass. She was a MILF, her son Lee was a nerd who was only concerned with watching porn and tutoring the cheerleaders so they could pass tests. He would tutor them he would always cop a feel the girls knew it but since he didn’t charge them, they figured it was fair.

Janet had been divorced for 6 years she had three vibrators a large supply of batteries but lately this wasn’t cutting it for her. She was doing herself as Lee got home from school, she heard him come in, she immediately stopped put the dildo away she went to the kitchen to ask him if he wanted something to eat or drink.

After a glass of cola, he headed for his room, she grabbed a load of wash and was heading to her room to fold it. As she passed his door, she heard an interesting conversation. He was talking to someone on the phone he was trying to keep his voice down as not to be overheard.

“Look Terry I know she’s smoked hot but tough shit she’s not going to a gangbang”. She shrugged smiling she continued to her room to fold and sort. Once in her room she thought some of his friends want to take me to a gangbang wow! A little young cock would be great but their children. She kept smiling to herself still it could be fun!

At dinner that night the conversation was casual she really wanted to pursue the conversation she heard but wasn’t sure how to start it. Then Lee gave her the opening as he explained the baseball team had to have several moms as chaperones for the away games now, they were one short. This was her opportunity, so she took it.

“Lee would you like me to volunteer to do it”? He gave her a startled look, “I’m not sure mom some of the games have overnight stays and since I’m not on the team you be going by yourself, is that a problem for you honey”? Lee thought about it for a minute then he told her “no it might be fun for you to get out and party with the team”.

The next day she called, and they accepted her immediately she was given a schedule and told the first game was in two weeks. It was a night game on a Friday which started at 7pm but no doubt would not get anyone home till 1 or 2. She agreed she was told they would review Lee’s status as perhaps he could be used as a recorder.

She was happy to be involved in something which would get her in contact with some male companionship, the fact these guys were young athletes was a bonus.

Friday night came, Lee had not been asked to go so she told him dinner was in the oven and headed for the school. When she arrived, there were two other women standing by the bus, she walked up and introduced herself. Within 5 minutes the coach came out followed by the baseball team. Several of the guys eyed her up and down as the other two women were well over 50 and chunky. By the time they got to the game she had been introduced to the team captain and all the players. They were flirting with her she was flirting back it was fun.

As they exited the bus the team captain, Ralph grabbed her ass with both hands, she pushed her ass back at him turning she gave him a big smile. The team went into the locker room while the women went to seats. The other women knew each other and had excluded her from their conversation.

She turned to see Ralph motioning her over to the dugout, she got up and quietly moved to it. Ralph had gone deep into the dugout she followed. Away from prying eyes she saw him standing there, he was at least 6’4” and all muscle. Without a word he grabbed her pulled her to him crushing her breasts to his chest he gave her a tongue kiss. She was startled but opened her mouth to accept his tongue she pushed her pussy mound into him. She could feel a large bulge in his short, he massaged her breast it felt wonderful.

They separated after almost two minutes she was totally flushed without a word he handed her a note then ducked back inside to join the team. She quickly fixed herself back up, she headed back to her seat. The other women saw her one commented “checking the place out”? She smiled, “yes that’s right”. They went back to talking between them, she sat then opened the note.

It read hi Janet if you’re interested after we get home were having a small party, I’d love for you to join, if this is something you want to do on the ride home sit in window seat 9 Ralph.

The women explained that on the way home one of them sits in the back, one in the middle and one in the front. Janet smiled she nodded her understanding.

The game ended they had lost, the women entered the bus first it was now a moment of decision for Janet, do I take seat 9 or not. It took her seconds to choose, she sat in seat 9 and waited.

Five minutes later the team boarded the bus, Ralph saw her sitting there he smiled. The bus started to pull out most of the team was talking about the game, Janet looked at Ralph “you really surprised me in the dugout, you seemed to be very willing didn’t you like it”? She responded quickly “yes but it was very wrong”, Ralph answered “not the way I see it I really like you; you seem to really like me so what’s the problem”? She flashed a big smile, “would you like to get to know each other better”? Without hesitation she responded, “yes I just” his next action cut her off in mid-sentence he took her hand he placed it on his cock and held it there for a few seconds until it started to stir.

Her eyes went wide open as she looked at the large bulge, he moved his hand from hers she just kept her hand on his cock. “Jan rub it a little if you like”. She slowly started rubbing the large cock, “Jan I’m hoping you and him can be great friends”. She was staring at the bulge, which was continuing to grow, finally she stopped, her face was flushed.

“Jan can I assume we’ll get together later”? She chewed her bottom lip but finally spoke very softly, “I guess we could, but I need to be home by 3. I’ll be sure you home by 3 “I have a few questions if I may”? She giggled “like sure what, we’ll how big are those fun bags”? Leaning in close to him she whispered, “what are fun bags, those two great tits”. Again, her eyes shot open, “they are 38g’s, big nipples on them”? She blushed, “Ralph we should continue this conversation later”.

The bus pulled into the parking lot at 12:30, by 12:45 everyone was in their cars heading home. Jan pulled out she saw a car pull in behind her she saw Ralph waving he pulled in front of her she followed, two minutes later they were in a small malls parking lot.

She got out of her car and entered his, being it was a sports car he slid over, so they were both in the same seat. They mouths locked his tongue was deep in her mouth she felt a hand on her tit the sensation was great as no one had massaged them in years. She realized the bulge in his short was enormous, she pulled away “Ralph I shouldn’t be doing this”.

Ralph pulled his short down she was staring at a 10” cock it was beautiful, “tell me you don’t want to taste this or fell it in you”! She said nothing but put her head down an engulfed the head in her mouth. 10 seconds later he was pushing the monster down her throat she was an experienced cock sucker, so it entered her throat easily. She was moaning because she was enjoying sucking his cock. Ralph sat their smiling he was recording all of this on his cell. “Jan get those legging off I need to bust a nut”, she stopped sucking “but I was really enjoying gobbling down your cock a blow job is what he needs baby, well maybe later give me the pussy”! Without hesitation she took off her leggings and panties, he pulled her on his lap she felt the head of his cock part her pussy lips. She started moaning as she knew this cock was going to give her many orgasms.

He continued pushing deeper and deeper until she realized her pussy was totally full of his cock, it felt wonderful. With a final push she felt him push past her cervix into her womb, “Ralph baby don’t stop your cock feels wonderful, he was working a steady rhythms evetime he pushed up she pushed down.

“ugh baby you’re going to make me cream on your cock”, she started shuttering as an orgasm overtook her he started pounding her. “Oh, oh, oh, fuck meeeeeeeeeeee” her body convulsed from the intensity of the orgasm, he stiffened now she felt her womb being filled with hot cum this caused her to again convulse into another orgasm.

It took a minute for them to have their breathing return to normal, Ralph cock was still deep in her. She had a dreamy expression on her face, with a schoolgirl look she asked, “was the pussy good”?

He grinned “best I’ve ever had now get down there and lick me cock clean use your face and hair so all the way home you’ll be able to smell me”. She got between his legs she was sucking like a woman possessed, after sucking the monster for several minutes she received a blast of cum directly down her throat this was followed by at least 6 more eruptions which she held in her mouth.

As his cock started to deflate, she smiled opened her mouth which was full of his cum then swallowed every drop. “My goodness Jan you are a great cocksucker, thank you baby I really enjoy sucking and swallowing our only issue is we should use condom’s I could get pregnant, no way I don’t want anything between me and my pussy”.

She kissed the head of his cock then moved up to slide into the seat with him, “baby I’ve got to go are you going to call me soon? You can believe that”. On her way home she smiled to herself no one had said it was there pussy in a very long time.

Janet got home after 4pm she was exhausted but had a warm glow as her pussy was leaking Ralphs cum, she could still taste his cum on her tongue. She was giddy a young man found her exciting she was thrilled he told her it was his pussy she felt great.

Saturday morning Lee woke up as his phone showed a text, it was from Ralph it read check your computer then call me. Since it was 7:30 on Saturday he was sure his mom would be asleep. He saw a folder marked Janet he opened it, he watched in horror as he saw his mom fucking and sucking Ralphs cock.

It took him a while to calm down he called; Ralph answered on the second ring. Ralph explained he and another guy Bill the catcher would be coming over about 7 to double or triple fuck her they were bringing a cheerleader to keep him entertained. Unless he wanted the video put on the internet, he would encourage Janet to become the team cum dumpster.

Lee was a bit shaken by this but decided to agree to see if it was real. He was in the kitchen when his mom walked in the room, it was obvious she was in a great mood.

“Mom I got a text from Bill the team catcher his girl is doing bad in math so he asked me to help her I said sure he should be here about 7 oks with you”? Janet turned towards the sink a big grin on her face, “sure honey do you want to eat before they get here”? He thought about it for a few seconds, “ok maybe pizza, ok works for me”.

Both Lee and Janet had gotten themselves ready Janet had on a sexy bra and panties set under her jeans while Lee had put on a clean shirt and shorts. Shortly before 7 the doorbell rang, Lee went and opened it, there stood Ralph, Bill, Jimbo and a sexy cheerleader named Morgan. “Hi guys come in” the three entered as Ralph gave Lee a knowing nod.

Lee brought them into the kitchen where Janet was sitting, “mom this is Ralph, Bill, Jimbo and Morgan” Janet stood up shook their hands she asked if anyone wanted something to eat or drink. All three boys declined as they were already feasting on her body, Morgan smile cutely “no thanks Mrs. T I’m really ready to start studying”. She took her backpack as her and Lee headed to his room as they entered, she closed the door she pulled her sweatshirt off, “I hope you’re as Horney as I am because I’m going to fuck your brains out”!

In the kitchen Janet gave Ralph a quizzical look, “Ralph could I talk to you alone for a minute, sure Jan”. She pushed him into the bathroom no sooner had she closed the door then he started rubbing her clit through her jeans, their tongues danced together for at least a full minute. When they separated, she was damp, and he had a huge bulge.

“Ralph honey I really was hoping to get fucked but with Bill and Jimbo here”, he cut her off in mid-sentence. “Look Janet do you want to get fucked tonight or not”? She look at him “of course I do, well then it’s simple I know your wearing something sexy underneath these clothes right”? She gave him a sexy smile “of course I am why”?

He looked deep into her eyes “you’re going to strip down to the sexy outfit walk back into the kitchen take Bills and Jimbo’s hand the four of us are then going to your bedroom where we are going to fuck you stupid got it, or tell me no and we will leave now”! Her eyes were wide open, “Ralph I’m not a whore for you, no Janet you are either going to be the teams cum slut or not it’s that simple”.

Ralph pulled out his cock Janet immediately started rubbing it, “Ralph baby please I want you to fuck me but”. Ralph pulled back “are you our cum slut or not Janet”? She shook her head “I don’t think I can do it”. Ralph shrugged he put his semi hard cock back in his pants, “were out of here”.

Ralph went into the kitchen “let’s go guys were out of here”. Janet watched as they started heading for the door Janet thought it’s either cum slut or no cum. As Ralph went to open the front door, she was in the doorway in her yellow lac bra and lace yellow tight boy shorts “excuse me I see a very horny cunt that needs to be filled with cum anyone of you interested”?

Ralph walked over to her he squeezed her tit, “let’s go babe” she walked toward her bedroom as she got by Lee’s door, she heard his bed squeaking she smiled I guess my boys getting some pussy.

Once inside the guys went to work on her, they removed her bra immediately they started sucking her tits. Bill was rubbing her pussy she was already beginning to respond. Ralph looked at Bill, “man you do her first I’ve already had the pussy it’s by far the best”. She gave Ralph a grin, “yes you’ve had her she wants you again, soon babe let Bill and Jim bust their nuts in their first”.

Her panties were off she got on the bed on all fours as Bill pushed the head of his large cock against her pussy lips, her body quivered then the head slipped in. He had to be at least a big as Ralph maybe bigger, he went slow but kept going deeper with each stroke. She realized he was longer than Ralph his cock felt wonderful, she saw Jim’s cock in her face she started suck.

Bill was into a steady rhythm but started to get faster her body convulsed as the first of many violent orgasms hit, with Jim’s large cock in her mouth all she could do was moan. Bill was now pounding her pussy as her pussy contracted on his cock milking it. Her body shivered, “ughhhhhhhhhhhh she moaned as she felt his cock spewing warm cum deep in her, that caused her to convulse into another orgasm.

Suddenly her throat and mouth were flooded with more cum she swallowed but kept a lot in her mouth to show the guys what a good cock sucker she was.

She felt Bill pull out of her pussy with a plop her pussy immediately started leaking cum, she sat up she pointed to her mouth full of cum smiled and swallowed it down. They all looked at each other, “ok Jan so being a cum dumpster isn’t really that bad is it”? She was giggling like a 16-year-old girl, “no baby I guess I could get very use to it”.

“Hey guys, let’s DP her now, sounds good to me”, she looked at the guys “what’s that? Don’t worry it will be a great experience. Ralph got on the bed, “ok sexy climb on”, she was still oozing cum but got on his cock it went balls ass deep it felt wonderful. As Ralph started a rhythm, she felt Bill at her ass, “Baby I’m an anal virgin” was all she got out as his cock pushed into her. Her eyes open wide the feeling was at first pain but as both cocks went deeper, she started feeling them rubbing together inside her, Jim’s cock was at her lips, so she eagerly started sucking. She literally had a cock in every hole.

The feeling was electrifying pulling the cock from her mouth she yelled “oh my I’m creaming you cock I’m such a slut I love this ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh she orgasmed both guys continued pumping deeper until they were both balls deep she again took the cock out of her mouth “Oh, fuck yes my pussy feels so fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk another orgasm hit several orgasms followed. She was in a sexual euphoric state, she was about to climax again when she felt cum being pumped deep in her bowels “oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk she was shacking then the cock in her pussy erupted cum flowed deep into her as her mouth was being filled with cum. This was way too much for her she lost consciousness for several seconds, she regained consciousness to discover all three were attempting to catch their breath. The cum Jim had shot down her throat some had actually been passed thought her nose.

They separated Bill took pictures of her leaking cum, “Janet put your panties on so we can see the amount of cum we put in you”. She was grinning from ear to ear if that what you want lover”. “Well Jan what do think about your first DP”? Grinning she replied, “I’d really like to do it again just to be sure if you guys are up for it”? She was given three thumbs up.

She pulled her panties down she climbed on Bills cock he was balls deep with one thrust, Jim got behind her and slowly pushed his cock deep in her bowels while Ralphs cock went deep in her throat. They had a steady rhythm going in nothing flat but since the guys had just cum it would take a lot longer which was fine with her, she lost count of her orgasms when the guys held her tight she realized once again she was about to receive cum then cum flowed into her, “oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”. She again lost consciousness for several seconds as she regained her breathing the guys rolled off her, “ok Janet we’ll ask again what do thing about your second DP”?

This time she didn’t hesitate “I loved it it’s all I ever want to do with you guys”. The guys all grinned at each other Ralph spoke, “so are you our cum slut or not”? without hesitation “I’m the teams cum slut”.

It was almost 11 before they left Janet’s bedroom she only had on totally cum soaked panties and a see-through nightie. As they passed by Lee door it opened, Lee had a dazed look as Morgan was a mess, she had cum everywhere, but she looked happy. They all left saying we’ll do this again very soon.

Lee and Janet sat in the kitchen she was leaking cum like an old faucet she made attempt to cover her tits and from the look of her panties she was cum soaked. “Lee it appears you busted a nut or two in that girl”. He laughed “how about 5 my nut sack is dry, but it appears you’ve collected a large amount of cum”. She smiled “I’d say at least 10 loads are in me”, she giggled “I’m not an anal virgin any longer either, well to be honest it’s a great look for you but I need to sleep but maybe tomorrow I could try the anal thing”? She giggled guess we could try as I’m not unhappy with it”.

He want to bed she sat thinking about being the team cum slut.

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