Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 5 - Double Trouble

Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 5 - Double Trouble

This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author.

Chapter 5
November descended upon Hogwarts and along with it came even rain and even a few flakes of snow. It was the final week of November and there was only a fortnight left before the Christmas holidays started. Ron began to feel his bad mood coming again. A month had passed since his fun with Lavender and they had been dating ever since. Though the sex was incredible, they did not really share much in common and Ron had started to lust after his true love; Hermione once more.

‘If you don’t want to go out with her then dump her man,’ Harry said to Ron during a discussion about girls in the privacy of their dormitory.
‘I haven’t got the balls man, plus the sex is amazing. She’ll let me do anything to her,’ Ron replied.
‘When was the last time you even had a proper chat with Lavender then?’ Harry asked challengingly.
‘Erm.......,’ responded Ron thinking hard.
‘Exactly,’ said Harry with a smirk, ‘anyways I really must be off, I have to go and help Cho with her homework,’ said Harry with a wink.
‘Yeah, yeah,’ laughed Ron, ‘have fun.’ Harry left the common room and started to make his way towards his and Cho’s usual meeting place; the Room of Requirements. Harry in contrast to Ron was still single and loved it. Harry’s fame had made him an idol to the girls of Hogwarts and Harry soon struck up some casual sex relationships with girls around the school including Cho Chang, Katie Bell and most recently Romilda Vane.

It was late evening and the corridors were pretty much deserted, with a lot of the students in the library, finishing off projects before they left for Christmas. When Harry reached the 3rd floor, he decided to stop off in the toilets for a quick pee. Once he was done, Harry went over to the sink to wash his hands and to check his hair. He hummed to himself as he thought about Cho’s fine ass and tits.
‘Hello Harry,’ said a mysterious voice from the door. Harry spun round quickly and saw Ginny standing by the door to the toilets, with an innocent look on her face. She looked incredible. Her long red hair hung loosely around her head and she wore a beautiful dress, which hugged every curve in her delicious body.
‘Ginny, what are you doing here?’ asked Harry in what he thought was an innocent voice.
‘You know why I’m here Harry,’ Ginny whispered, gazing down towards Harry’s groin.
‘Ginny, we’ve discussed this,’ Harry began as Ginny began to walk over towards Harry, letting her hips sway with each step, ‘if Voldemort ever found out we were dating he’d use you against me. I can’t let that happen.’
‘I don’t care Harry,’ Ginny said, as she wrapped her arms softly around Harry’s waist, resting her head in Harry’s chest, ‘I love you Harry, I always have, I would do anything to be with you.’ Harry could feel his resolve beginning to ebb away. He too would like nothing more than to date Ginny, to hold her, to kiss her, to be able to lie beside her in bed with not a care in the world. Harry loved her so much however that he knew he could never do these things, not until Voldemort lay dead at his feet. Harry breathed in and inhaled the sweet smell of Ginny’s hair, she smelt of roses. He began to feel his body relax and his breathing slow as they both stood there, locked in a loving embrace.

‘I’m sorry Ginny, I love you more then I can express; but it’s too dangerous. It’s not just you, it’s your family. I couldn’t live with myself if your mum, dad or brothers died because of our love.’ A tear started to form in Ginny’s eye as she raised her head and looked Harry straight into his large green eyes.
‘Harry Potter,’ she said with a watery smile as she placed her delicate hand on his chest, ‘always so noble and valiant. Always putting others before his own desires. At least let me leave me you on a high,’ Ginny said as her hand lowered to Harry’s groin and cupped his cock in her hand, ‘I’ve thought of nothing else since that Quidditch match,’ she finished in a teasing voice.

Harry felt his pulse begin to quicken and the cold, but anticipating sweat start to form. He looked deeply into Ginny’s challenging eyes.
‘Ok,’ Harry said, ‘but be quick.’ Ginny smiled widely and then gave him a quick kiss on the lips. She lowered herself quickly to her knees and undid Harry’s belt. Once it was loosened, she wrenched off Harry’s jeans and boxers, releasing his semi hard cock. Ginny stared at Harry’s cock longingly before she took a firm grip of his cock at the base, whilst with her other hand she fondled Harry’s balls. Ginny jerked Harry off for a few moments; watching his pre-cum form at the tip. Ginny poked out her tongue and licked off the few drops of pre-cum that lingered there. Harry shivered as Ginny swallowed the salty goodness.
‘Be quick Ginny before someone finds us,’ moaned Harry, thrusting his hips further towards Ginny’s mouth. Ginny smiled before suddenly driving Harry’s cock into her mouth, quickly swallowing 5 inches of Harry’s now stiff cock.

‘Hhmmmmmm,’ Harry moaned as he looked down to see Ginny’s red hair bobbing quickly along his cock. Harry lifted his t-shirt slightly so that Ginny was not hindered in any way as Ginny grabbed Harry’s bum so she could force down as much of Harry’s cock into her mouth as possible. She felt her nose bump into Harry’s groin, Harry’s trimmed pubic hair tickling her nose.
‘Ahhh yea,’ Harry said as he felt his cock touch the back of Ginny’s throat. Ginny began to shudder till suddenly she broke away gasping for air.
‘Good girl,’ Harry moaned as once Ginny caught her breath she grabbed Harry’s cock once more and started to suck it. Harry grabbed the back of Ginny’s head and began thrusting roughly into her wet mouth. After a few minutes Harry began to feel his cock throb in excitement as his orgasm approached. With no warning to Ginny, Harry erupted deep inside Ginny’s mouth.
‘AHHH yeaaa Ginny,’ Harry groaned as he felt his sperm fill up Ginny’s hot mouth.
‘MMMmmmm,’ Ginny responded as she gratefully swallowed Harry’s load. Once his orgasm subsided, Harry quickly wiped his cock down, letting Ginny lick the rest of his cum off his hand before he pulled up his boxers and jeans.
‘I love you Harry,’ Ginny said, giving him a deep kiss on the lips before she left the bathroom.
‘Love you too Ginny,’ Harry said to himself. Harry waited a few moments before leaving the bathroom himself. The corridor was empty except for Neville, who was stood on the corner alone.

‘Hey Neville,’ Harry said cheerily.
‘Hello Harry,’ Neville responded rather morosely. Harry carried on with his journey, finally reaching the corridor that possessed the Room of Requirements. He walked past the Room three times, before a door magically appeared. Harry walked through finding the room how he imagined it. The room was lit dimly by candles which hovered around the room. The colour of the walls was a deep red, which was adorned with erotic pictures of people making love in unusual positions. In the centre of the room was the biggest bed you could imagine, easily enough room for 10 people to sleep side-by-side comfortably. Fluffy cushions and pillows lay dotted around the bed. Harry went over to the bed and lay down, awaiting the arrival of Cho.

Cho was getting ready in her dormitory, finally deciding on a rather skimpy 2 piece which she knew Harry liked. Most people around school knew she was fucking the great Harry Potter and her popularity around school had risen because of it. In the room with her were the Patel twins. Though they were a year younger than her and Parvati was in Gryffindor, they were close friends and Parvati and Padma were most jealous of Cho’s relationship with Harry.
‘Come on Cho,’ Padma said, ‘where is it you go to screw Harry?’ Cho giggled.
‘I can’t tell you that, Harry would go mad.’ Cho answered.
‘Come on,’ Parvati said with a smile, ‘you can trust us Cho.’
‘Ok then,’ Cho started, ‘but you promise you won’t tell anybody.’ Cho whispered. Both Parvati and Padma nodded eagerly. ‘We use the Room of Requirements on the top floor. All you do is walk past a patch of wall in the middle of the corridor three times and think: I want to fuck Harry Potter and then a door appears.’
‘Excellent,’ said the twins in unison, as Cho looked back at herself in the mirror inside her wardrobe door. Parvati silently slipped out her wand from her sleeve.
‘Petrificus Totalus,’ she whispered pointing her wand at Cho. Cho’s arms and legs suddenly snapped glued to her sides as she theatrically toppled over onto the bed beside her. Padma quickly removed a phial of sleeping potion from her pocket and poured the contents into Cho’s open mouth.
‘Sleep,’ Padma whispered as Cho’s eyes closed immediately, ‘we’ll make sure Harry isn’t disappointed.’ Both Padma and Parvati giggled as they hurried out of the room towards the Room of Requirements.

Harry looked up eagerly as he saw the door silently open.
‘Padma?’ said Harry confusingly as Padma entered the room, ‘Parvati?’ Harry said in astonishment as her sister followed her in. ‘What’s going on ladies?’ Both girls looked at Harry smiling.
‘Cho is......busy right now so she’s sent us as a replacement.’
‘You know why your here?’ Harry enquired, feeling his heart skip a beat.
‘O yes,’ the girls said in unison as they approached Harry’s bed. Harry stood up and smiled as they approached him. The Patel twins were identical and had Indian parents, though they themselves were born in Britain. They had large brown eyes and long eye-lashes, and wore their black hair in braided pig-tails. They both had full lips, which were accentuated by the dark red lipstick they both wore. They both had slim builds, though not overly slim and had long, delicate legs. Harry licked his lips in anticipation.
‘Why don’t you take those clothes off Harry?’ Parvati purred with one eye on Harry’s tight ass. Harry smiled as he removed his t-shirt and then his jeans. The twins watched as Harry slowly removed his tight white boxers; Harry enjoying the reaction he always got when girls looked at his hard cock.

‘Wow,’ he saw the twin’s mouth in awe at his pulsating 7 inch cock which stood to attention.
‘It’s hot in here girls, maybe you should take your clothes off too,’ Harry said cheekily as he peeled back his foreskin and began to pump his cock slowly. The twins giggled as they began to remove their clothes eagerly. Harry looked on in joy as there bra’s came off, revealing their identical C sized breasts with small brown areolas. Harry smiled even more when they struggled out of their hot pants, finally showing there bald pussies and moon shaped asses.
Together, the twins pushed Harry back onto the bed, so his feet were still on the floor. Padma quickly fell to her knees and grabbed Harry’s dick and started to rub it quickly. Parvati, not wanting to miss out on any fun went to the bed and sat on Harry’s face in the 69 position. She also began to pump Harry’s shaft whilst Harry soon began lapping at Parvati’s tight pussy.

Padma could feel shivers of excitement flow through her body. She couldn’t believe it; here she was, holding the great, famous Harry Potter’s cock in her hand; her totally in control of the pleasure he was to receive. Padma’s breathing became more irregular as she slowly lowered her head towards Harry’s cock; feeling her lips wrap around Harry’s bulbous head till finally she started to slide Harry’s cock into her mouth. Padma stopped after 4 inches went in to her mouth and she started to lick her tongue up and down Harry’s dick. Padma was in heaven; Harry’s cock felt glorious in her mouth. Harry reached down and stroked her cheek which made Padma feel so honoured and happy.
Parvati; whilst having her cunt licked ferociously by Harry leant over and began to fondle his balls; pulling and cupping them with her small hands. Harry grabbed either side of Parvati’s fine ass as he continued to kiss and lick on her clit, eliciting moans from Parvati in response. The three continued for another 10 minutes, with each girl getting a good suck on Harry’s cock.

Harry suddenly got up and guided the two twins too the bed. He lay them down on the bed, on their tummies with Parvati lying on top of Padma, so that their asses were in the air.
‘You first Parvarti,’ Harry said as he gave her ass a firm slap and shoved his cock deep into her wet pussy. As Harry picked up a furious rhythm, he bent down and began to rub Padma’s clit in a circular motion.
‘AAhhhh mmmmmm,’ all three of moaned as they all stimulated each other. Parvati so caught up in the ecstasy of the moment began to kiss and suckle on her sister’s neck. After Harry pounded Parvati for a good 5 minutes, he bent his legs slightly and went to enter Padma.

‘JESUS!’ Harry panted as he barely got 2 inches of his hard dick into Padma. Padma was still obviously a virgin so Harry took out his cock and lubricated it with his spit. After slapping and rubbing his cock on Padma’s pussy, he suddenly impaled Padma quickly and hard, feeling her womanhood break instantly.
‘ARRGhhhhh mmmmm,’ Padma groaned as the pain was gradually replaced by the pleasure of the Boy Who Lived cock. Pussy juices and blood started to leak out onto Harry’s balls, coating them in the warm juices. Harry began to alternate quickly between each of Parvati’s and Padma’s pussies, loving the fact that though they were identical, their pussies felt so different on his cock. After a while, Harry collapsed onto the bed and grabbed Padma by her ass, so that she was straddled on top of his waist. Padma quickly grabbed Harry’s cock and inserted it into her cunt, where it slipped easily in now that she was sopping wet. Parvati quickly came over to Harry and leant down, so that Harry could suckle on her breasts. Parvati started to tease Harry; just taking her breasts out of Harry’s grasp each time he went to lick them. After the third time, she let Harry start to kiss and suck them. Harry grabbed a large mouthful in his mouth and started to suckle on them, before grabbing her nipple between his teeth and began pulling on it. With his hands, he slapped Padma’s firm ass between every thrust as she groaned in appreciation. Padma’s pussy clenched Harry’s cock in a vice like grip as she began to grind her hips in a circular motion on top of Harry’s waist. Parvati went to Harry’s cock and began to suck and pull on his balls as he continued to thrust hard into her twin sister.

Harry soon began to feel his second orgasm that hour start to build up inside him as he roughly pushed Padma from on top of him and began to pump his shaft furiously. Harry was knelt up on the bed and the twins quickly congregated just below his cock with an encouraging look on their face. The twins flitted their tongues around the tip of Harry’s cock as he finally erupted a torrent of cum.
‘OH MY GOD AHHH MMmmmm,’ Harry moaned, as strand after strand of pearly white cum, painted the brown faces of the girls. Once the last shot came out, Parvati quickly engulfed all of Harry’s cock in her mouth, sapping up the few drops of cum that lingered there. Harry fell back onto the bed exhausted, watching the girls fight over each other as they tried to lick as much cum off each other’s faces as they could. Padma slurped down the hot cum eagerly, still honoured that Harry Potter would want to fuck her. Harry laughed happily at the spectacle as he felt himself starting to fall asleep.
‘Ladies,’ he chuckled, ‘we have all night. There will be plenty later, come lie next to me for a while.’ Parvati and Padma curled up either side next to Harry, who began to softly brush there tummies and breasts as they gradually started to fall asleep in each other’s arms. Padma looked at Harry adoringly as he slept, brushing his sweaty hair off his fringe. She kissed his cheek softly as she gently rested her head on Harry’s bare-chest and fell asleep.

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