Visiting the Doctor

Visiting the Doctor

Author’s note: Hey everyone, this is my first sex story so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!

I hated going to the doctor. I never trusted those guys. They think they know everything but more often than not they don’t! I had avoided our family doctor’s surgery for years. However this chest infection was not going away by itself and I realised I was going to need some prescription medicine.

“Miss Jones, I haven’t seen you in years” welcomes Dr. Adams as I enter his surgery. “How you’ve… grown” he adds gingerly, clearing his throat. Now 21, I hadn’t paid Dr. Adams a visit since my mid teens. I was quite slim back then and my figure has since developed into that of a woman, curvy with a large 36DD bosom and shapely hips, clearly seen through my scoop neck t-shirt and jeans. Dr. Adams is in his early forties; a tall, attractive man, but not really my type. As far as I know he is still married. As I take a seat I think I catch Dr. Adams’ eyes fixed on what seems to be far below my neckline, but as I raise my head he promptly makes eye contact. I want to be out of here as quickly as possible. Without delay I describe my symptoms for what I assume to be a chest infection.

Dr. Adams however, is not entirely convinced. Typical! He says he would like to examine me and asks me to lie on the bed. I reluctantly comply, thinking this completely unnecessary. I lay down on my back as Dr. Adams approaches me. He seems to linger beside me for quite some time before pulling out his stethoscope, which he tells me he is going to use to examine my chest. He carefully places it below my neckline, remaining very silent as he hovers above me. Lying there, outstretched on the bed, I hear nothing but the sound of his breathing as he slowly moves the stethoscope over my chest. I wonder if he is always such a heavy breather.

He begins to slip the chest piece under the neck line of my t-shirt, nudging the material upwards. I shoot him a questioning look, and he shifts, clearing his throat. “I’m going to have to ask you to remove your t-shirt please Miss Jones.” Seeing as I’m not really in a position to refuse, I pull my t-shirt up over my head, leaving me in nothing but my light blue jeans and white bra. I lie back down and feel the blood rush to my cheeks as my breasts spill out over the top of my bra. The doctor continues his examination, now moving his stethoscope over the tops of my breasts. I feel him softly pressing it into my flesh, moving closer and closer towards my bra. He places a hand just above my left breast, and softly massages each area while moving the stethoscope slowly along. Finally reaching the flesh of my breast, his fingers brush seamlessly under my bra. His touch is so smooth…I gulp. This whole situation is making me quite tense.

“Hmm, if you don’t mind Miss Jones, I’ll have to ask you to remove your jeans and underwear” Dr Adams says coolly, “I have some very curious findings here which require me to examine other parts of your body” he adds, in a matter-of-fact tone. I can’t believe this! I just want my antibiotics prescription and get the hell out of here. “Is that really necessary, doctor?” I ask. “I’m afraid so, it would be extremely negligent of me to ignore these symptoms.” “What symptoms?” I ask. “Let me just examine your lower half and I will be able to tell you everything” He responds calmly with a smile. I stand up and unzip my jeans pulling them down over my hips and letting them fall to the ground. I then remove my panties, revealing my shaved pussy. Wearing nothing but my bra, I awkwardly reposition myself on the bed.
Dr. Adams shamelessly ogles my body and I blush profusely. There was a sinister air to those glaring eyes. I really think I should stop this now, but how?

Dr. Adams gently places his hands on my legs and spreads them apart. I close my eyes and just hope this will be over soon. He sweeps his fingertips up my inner thigh until they reach my pussy. Gently probing his fingers between my pussy lips, he rubs the surrounding flesh in circular motions, examining each inch carefully. He slowly moves upward, massaging the flesh surrounding my clit. His fingers feel amazing and they take their effect on my body, my pussy growing warm. Then the thought occurs, he of course is going to notice the wetness forming between my legs… My face glows with embarrassment as I pray he does not notice my reaction. But I can’t quite figure what exactly is going on here. Part of me thinks this could all be standard procedure, yet I can’t help but sense this is all very inappropriate. I just pray it will soon be over.

Dr. Adams is now running his finger over my clit and I struggle to contain myself in reaction to the overwhelming sensations. He slides two fingers down towards my pussy and I feel him softly rubbing around the entrance, covering his fingers in my pussy juice. He rubs his drenched fingers around my hole, up and down my slit, gently grazing my clit and forcing me to let out a soft moan. “Oh shit” I think, “I hope he didn’t hear that.” Before I know it, he places the stethoscope on my clit, my whole body jumping in reaction to the cool sensation of the steel on my throbbing peak. There is no hiding my excitement now as he listens to my blood flow, gushing towards my nether regions. Applying pressure with the stethoscope, he then slips a finger inside me. I gasp and moan as he inserts a second, rubbing my vaginal walls with his fingertips. As I feel his fingers sliding through my wetness, a thought then occurs to me; shouldn’t he be wearing gloves for this kind of examination?

I open my eyes… Dr. Adams’ cock is out, poking through his unzipped trousers and boldly standing away from his body. I stare in shock at his unleashed dick as I finally come to terms with what’s happening - Dr. Adams is taking advantage of me! I will not stay and let him abuse my body in such a way, but as I feel his hard cock brush against my thigh, my morale is dropped and I cannot bring myself to resist. Dr. Adams’ breath grows quicker and heavier as his fingers venture deeper inside me, still listening to my internal excitement. Then I snap back into reality - I’m not going to let this pervert violate me any longer. I immediately throw my legs off the bed, pulling the doctor’s fingers from my wet cunt, but before I manage to get to my feet he grabs my shoulders and forcefully pushing me back down onto the bed.

I yell at him to let go of me, struggling beneath his grip. Ignoring my protests he climbs on top of me, his body weight pinning me to the bed. He straddles my legs and grabs my wrists in one hand, holding them down above my head. His other hand grabs me tightly by the jaw, forcing me to look in his direction as his body hovers over mine. “You’re not going anywhere until I’ve finished with you, young lady.” I scream in frustration but before I know it he clamps his lips down tightly on mine, muffling my cries. He probes his tongue deep into my mouth, sucking hard on my lips while nudging his hand under my bra cup, dismantling it from my breasts. His large hand gropes and cups them one after the other before he moves it up to my throat and clenches tightly. “If you don’t stop your whining I have a few things in this office that will do it for you” he barks down at me. My heart is pounding with a mixture of fear, excitement, humiliation and arousal. I reluctantly give up my protests in fear of what he may do to me, tears forming in my eyes at my feeling of helplessness. He lets go of my throat and I gasp refilling my lungs with air. He then brings his hand back down to my now soaking wet cunt.

“Don’t pretend you don’t want it, slut” He smirks, enveloping his fingers in my juices and holding them up to show me. I felt so desperately vulnerable, unable to hide or deny my obvious state of arousal. “Oh but he’s right” I think. I do want it, I want him to abuse me, to use my body however he wants it to satisfy his perverse desire. I want him to force his cock deep inside my cunt and I want him to rape that pussy, to rape his patient on his examination bed with as much regard as for a ragdoll. But here was our family doctor, someone who is supposed to be professional and trustworthy, violating me in the crudest way possible. I was disgusted! But I was turned on.

Dr. Adams forces my legs apart and positions himself between them, his breath short and heavy. Still fully clothed with his hard tool poking out of his suit trousers, he presses his bare cock against my pussy entrance and I can’t help but moan in pleasure through my silent sobbing. He runs the head of his cock up and down my slit, playing with my pussy lips before he pushes through them and with one hard thrust pushes his full six inches inside my tight cunt. Propping himself up on his hands, he rotates his hips grinding his crotch hard against mine, grunting with each move he makes. He lowers himself down on top of me, his chest pressing heavily against me as his lower body begins its assault on mine. Pinning my wrists down with one hand and grabbing my neck by the other, he rams his cock in and out of my pussy. His head positioned above my shoulder, he moans noisily into my ear between heavy, ragged breaths.

Deeply disturbed yet highly aroused, my bodily involuntarily swings its hips to meet him as his cock crashes into me again and again. He suddenly pulls out and grabs my body aggressively, pulling me up and pushing me over onto my stomach, firmly instructing me to get on all fours. He spanks my ass hard and props it up into the air. Squatting over my back he enters my cunt from behind. He humps my ass fast and hard, grunting and groaning as pumps his cock in and out. His hands reach under, mauling my breasts, my bra still hanging loosely above my chest. He roughly runs his hands all over my body, slapping his fingers on my pussy before he grabs me by the hips taking more control, pumping me faster and deeper. Lost in sexual frenzy, I’ve abandoned my shame and surrendered to my rapist.

My body pulsing with desire, I moan in pleasure as my doctor fucks me from behind. He spanks my ass, and again harder, and I am on the brink of ecstasy. His moans grow louder, his thrusts more violent and my body explodes in orgasm, my pussy throbbing hard around his thick cock. I moan and pant heavily, barely able to stay on my knees and am supported only by Dr. Adams’ tight grip on my hips. He slams into them faster again, his deep groans break into a whimper and he pulls out of my pussy just in time to shoot his load. “Aa_aah! Mmmmm!” He grunts and pants uncontrollably as he cums all over my back, some falling over my shoulders and into my hair.

He takes a few moments to regain his breath before clearing his throat and readjusting himself. Reality sinks back in and again the rollercoaster of emotions returns, this time mainly humiliation and disgust. Yet part of me does not regret at all what just happened. I grab a tissue from my pocket which only barely soaks up the pool of sperm on my back and quickly throw my clothes back on. “Only a chest infection after all, Miss Jones” smiles Dr. Adams, handing me a prescription. Oh how he infuriates me. I snatch the piece of paper from his hand and without further ado, make my way out. The receptionist down the hall gives me knowing smile as I approach the front entrance. “What does that even mean?!” I ask myself, my face growing warm with mortification and I run out the door, vowing to never visit the doctor again! … Or, not at least ‘til my next “time of the month”…

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