He is such a fine example of the male species. Dark hair, gorgeous ass, and eyes that you could just fall into. I can't seem to think of a single man that I have ever wanted that I have not gotten, but this one might be a challenge. Most men are so easy to get, I just walk up to them, slap on a little charm, and they are like drooling jelly in my palm. I have had so much fun with them!!! But this one is different. He knows my game, and he plays back. It's like he knows exactly what I'm going to try before I try it, and he always has the perfect come-back. I think I have met my match, and I just have to have him!! I can't believe it has taken me this long, but I think I've finally come up with something. I'll get him when he least expects it......right in front of everyone.........
I put on the skimpiest little bra and panties set I could find, and then decided that even that was too much, nothing is much more convincing. I found out yesterday from a friend at the office, that he is having a luncheon with some clients today at a very nice outdoor cafe uptown. As I put on my long overcoat and tie it at the waste, check my makeup and hair one last time, and finally walk out the door, I'm feeling almost as giddy as a school girl. It takes only a few minutes in a cab to get to the cafe, and I'm suddenly standing on the sidewalk, looking for his table. OOOH, there he is, back to me, about four tables in. The people he's with look very professional, and just downright uptight. ( I hope I don't cause any heart failure.) Ok, here goes. I just walk right over to him, and he looks up, suprised to see me. Before he can even get out a greeting, I lean down ever so sexily, and whisper, "I hope you like what you see." Then I stand up and pull my coat open. Nothing but the black heels, and he is soooo shocked!! This is great. Now I just close my coat, and saunter away with my best runway model attitude. Just like I hoped, he's not following, this should be good later on tonight. That's right baby, just think on that for a while, I'm saying to myself with a smile.
After my little show I return to work, and go on about my day. All of a sudden, I see him through my office window, storming into the lobby. He nods to a few people on his way by, but it is clear he has a purpose. And oh yeah, that purpose is none other than me!! He walks through my door, nostrils flaring, eyes blazing, and slamms it behind him. Before saying a word, he draws the shade. I stand up to greet him, but not being able to think of anything to say, I just stand there waiting, and smiling. "I'll bet you're real proud of yourself aren't you?", he says. I almost offered an answer, but then he did the last thing I would expect. He reached out and grabbed my hair in his powerful hand and yanked my head down towords the floor. Before I can even squeak, my mouth is full of something that took me a minute to realize was a massive cock!! That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I am now gagging on all 9 inches of this cock that I have chased for so long. He mutters, "I'll teach you to fuck with me." I have no choice but to start working my magic. I sucked, choked, and tongued skillfully for what seemed like only a few minutes, and then I was swallowing gobs of hot cum. It was coming out faster than I could swallow, and just as I try to spit some out he jamms his shaft even farther into my mouth. Now he shoves me back into my desk, and tucking and zipping as he goes, exits my office with the same fury with which he entered. Dumbfounded, I just straighten up, and go back to my chair to finish my day's work.....
After leaving the office, I stopped at my favorite place for a burger, and then started for home. I got to my steps, and was just about to turn the key in the door, when a hand came over my mouth. The move was swift and caught me offgaurd, I try to turn, but a lot of muscle and force stood in my way. Another hand reached around and finished unlocking the door, and I was shoved into my apartment. He let me go, and I turned to see him. He was red faced, but not one bit out of breath. He growled at me, "get your ass upstairs, and take off all your cloths, lay on the bed." Well, I gladly complied, really curious to see what would happen next. While I lay there, stark naked, my pussy growing hotter by the second, I heard some clanking around in the kitchen downstairs. My breathing quickens as I see his dark figure come through the door. He bends down quickly on his way to the bed and then he's above me. He leaned for me and stuffed something in my mouth. ( My panties that I just took off!! ) He flipped me over on my belly and pulled my hips up, "This won't be what you thought it would be," he said, his voice thick and deep. "But you'll never forget it. Now shut up!! I'm gonna fuck you like I own you." With that, he cracked his hand down so hard on my ass that I screamed through my pink thong gag. One big strong hand slipped around my throat and squeezed, "I told you to shut up!! You asked for this, now take it like a woman." His other hand moved with skill, his pants were undone and his hand was full of my hair in a blink. Suddenly my pussy split in two, and my juices flooded hot and fast. He fucked my pussy untill sweat was rolling off my forehead, and my legs quivered violently. Just when I thought he was going to roll me over and cum all over me, he switch hit, and stuffed my ass. I couldn't feel it for a few seconds, and then the pain blossomed, and the tears came. I haven't been ass-fucked in a long time, and it's not exactly my fuck of choice. He pounded away at my poor little anus for so long I just had to let out a whimper. Like lightening he flipped me over and sneered down at me, "You really like to test my patients, don't you? I told you more than once to shut up!!" A cool smile came to his lips, and he said, "That's okay though, I can shut you up." He reefed my head up and yanked my panties out of my mouth and shoved his cock in so far that I almost threw up. He pumped harder and harder, while I made not a single sound. And then again he shot off in my mouth so deep that I had to drink what was given. I swallowed furiously and he threw his head back and laughed. "There, you stupid bitch, that's about the only thing that keeps you quiet, isen't it?" He laughed some more. I fell back onto the bed, I could feel my senses shutting down. My body hurts so bad, I can't help but drift off.....
I wake with a start and quickly search the dark room with my eyes. He's gone. But the pain reminds me that he was here. I slowly get up, I think I need to clean up and get some water. I slip my robe on on the way down the stairs, and head to the kitchen. As I reach up into the cupboard for a glass, I hear his voice. He speaks normal now, as if this was a conversation at work. "You know, my clients liked your...presentation this afternoon. Loved it actually. I got the big project I was going for. This was to pay you back." I turned slowly to face him, he didn't come any closer. "I hope you liked it, because I'm not the type to easily forget a favor," he said with a grin, and turned away. He was gone before I could decide whether to thank him, or toss him out on his ear. Now all I can do is wait, and wonder how much this man thinks he is in debt to me for my so-called favor..................

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