Charity At Work 2 : Do Fries Come With That?

Charity At Work 2 : Do Fries Come With That?

In the last memoirs of moi, Charity Jones, the search for the dreaded summer job had reached it’s first hurdle; I am a sex magnet.

To be fair, if I hadn’t insisted on sucking off Mr Smith then I wouldn’t have been drawn into the insane sex triangle that was his marriage to Mrs Smith. A simple babysitting job turned into a torrid series of threesomes ; with me being the meat in their crazy sandwich.

It was two weeks and three torrid threeways later that I quit my burgeoning career in babysitting. It was still early July, so I still had plenty of summer left ahead of me. I had come out of the babysitting gig with a few hundred dollars saved up due to their generous “tips”, but it was not going to even put a dent into any potential college tuition the following year. So it was time for a new job.

My best friend Faith was impressed I had actually gotten any work and had , true to her word, decided to get work herself. She had no luck at first, so we decided a concentrated effort might be better. For the most part we were a good team complimenting each other’s strength and weaknesses in this outing. I had no clue what a real job was or where to start looking whilst she knew every spot in the town that could be hiring high school girls, on the other hand I was raised to make a proper impression on the elite by dear old dad meanwhile Faith didn’t know when to stop swearing like a sailor.

We blanketed the mall and strip malls, bookstores, flea markets and fast food places in a matter of couple days and imply waited for a call to come in. Our luck held and the following day after our blitz we received a call for an interview each at the Burger Baron.

No one dreams of working for a fast food chain where you have to wear a uniform and a cardboard hat, but it beat the alternative of no money. We dressed appropriately; not too business, not too casual. I went and first and breezed through it, name dropping Faith every step of the way. In turn, my lithe redheaded friend did the same for me.

By the time we had gotten home we had already received calls welcoming us to the exciting career path of deep friers and cardboard hats. I was far more excited than Faith, who merely welcomed it as an excuse to get out her abusive house and a way to shake the cops off her pot deals.

We started work a couple days later and got a brief run down on how to do our jobs. It was about as complicated as training a slow witted monkey to flip switches. We were also to work the night shifts with our half witted night manager Jerome. Faith and I were to take turns manning the drive through window and assisting Jerome in the kitchen.

It’s nothing like the commercials on television suggest with happy families and singing and dancing in the aisles. It was vast periods of boredom punctuated by bursts of drunken party goers, sullen cabbies, lonely single men, and stoners ( which only increased Faith’s side business).

I wasn’t kidding when I said Jerome was half witted, he had been working there for 20 years since it first opened. He was cute in an Opie way and due to his being African-American was the butt of many cruel jokes, but he was so sweet and endearing we took a liking to him right away.

When it got boring ( which it often did) we would end up playing hockey with frozen patties, sing on the r audio, crank the music through the store, fake orgasm on the mike to each other ( that always made Jerome blush and laugh and laugh), and on our third night in we even got Jerome to smoke some pot with us.

And that’s how the trouble started.

“ Gee ladies, I really don’t know if I should be smoking that stuff”, Jerom was blushing

“ Oh come on,” Faith chortled, “ a toke won’t kill you”

“ I don’t know Miss Faith”, Jerome blushed, “ it makes me feel all funny”

“ We’d really like to see you funny”, I giggled half baked.

“ I don’t know”, he was so bashful it was adorable.

“ No one will ever know”, Faith assured him

“ It will be our little secret”, I also chipped in

“ Cross your heart?”, he said his cheeks flushed red

I crossed my heart “ And hope to die, stick a needle in Faith’s eye”

“ Hey!”

“ Well, okay”, he said gingerly accepting the joint.

He coughed a few times but sucked back, almost hogging it to himself. The affect on him was quick and great, he was smiling and laughing and hugging us. But the real effect was one that made us blush. Within minutes of toking up, Jerome was sporting a MASSIVE hard-on in his pants. Just from the tenting alone we knew he was huge.

He was too high to care and he went on the rest of the night with that monster in his trousers tenting out. We didn’t know what to do or say, we just called him a scary monster and he thought it was a game and would “ chase” us around the Burger Baron.

Luckily by closing time he had returned to the proper landing position and we all made our way home. Faith and I were in hysterics about our donkey dicked coworker. But being the horndogs we both were, we know eventually no good would come of it.

The next couple nights were more of the same, prolonged boredom mixed in with brief periods of customers, We’d play games, get high, and Jerome’s monster hardon would appear again in his slacks. And that occurred the next night and the night after that.

It was a dull Saturday night, and due to our fucked up schedules I hadn’t been laid since Tuesday afternoon when Marcus came by to screw me and Momma, so I was already climbing the walls. We had gotten high with Jerome again and I was going to do something about it.

“ Think you can cover for me” , I whispered in my firehaired best friends ear

Faith glanced around at the empty parking lot, “ Yeah, somehow I can manage, what ya’ll doing?”

“ Going to get better acquainted with out night shift manager”, I winked

“ Shit you bitch, don’t stay in the office all night”, she whispered back.

“ Hey Jerome, I want to show you something in the stockroom”, I said taking his hand.

“ What is Miss Charity? Rats get in the place again, those little varmints sure do bug me”, he said innocently enough being led away.

“ No, not rats, something you might like”, I said with a smile

“ I like surpises”. he said with a goofy grin

As we wandered back into the Burger Baron , Faith called out behind us “ Save some for me , will ya?”

I led Jerome into the stockroom and locked the door behind us. He was eager but still seemed a bit confused, so I led him behind some shelves where we held the spare unifroms and tossed them on the ground.

“ You sure are messy Miss Charity, I hope your surprise isn’t me cleaning your mess up”, Jerome joked with a touch of confusion.

“ That’s not it all “, I said kneeling on the uniforms in front of him.

“ What are you doing Miss Charity? “ Jerome said flushing

“ Shush now Jerome, let Miss Charity show you the surprise”

I undid his belt buckle and brushed away his hands and pulled him towards me by the hemband when he tried pulling away. I unzipped his fly and pulled down his pants. He made nervous giggles and looked around embarrassed. He was packing something huge in his briefs and I pulled them down and was smacked in the face by his rock hard member.

“ Oh my Jerome, what a big surprise you have for me instead”

He was a big one. I would say Marcus kinda big. Marcus was Momma’s boss/boyfriend as well as our shared lover, and he had the biggest cock I had ever seen at 10.7 inches. Yes, Momma and I had measured. Jerome was easily in his category and definitely thicker. He had a real monster.

“ It’s always scaring the pretty white ladies that want to see it”, Jerome blushed.

“ It doesn’t scare me Jerome”, I said licking my lips and beginning to stroke the big beast.

“ That’s what the nice church lady says too”

Mrs Parsons. I should have guessed. If there was a big black cock in this town, I should have guessed the preachers wife would have been the one to have found it and fucked it by now. What a tramp. God bless her.

“ She has excellent taste in men”, I said

“ Why thank you Miss Charity”

“ Now let me taste how excellent you are.”

Without further ado I plunged my lips onto his engorged member. I had to stretch my mouth wide around him too, he was a thick one. He was musty and sweaty but I didn’t mind. The sheer thrill of a new lover with a mighty black cock was enough to make me one very happy seventeen year old girl. He sighed softly and stroked my hair.

I loosened up my jaw and start thrusting my mouth forward on his mighty member. Jerome was damn big and I could barely manage a few inches in me without my head wanting to uninge from my jaw bone. He just stroked my hair like I was a kitten and smiled down at me while I slurped merrily away.

I unbuttoned my work uniform as I knelt there before him and unsnapped my bra. My heavy 32DD’s burst free and I guided Jerome’s hands to them. He kneaded and pawed at them clumsily, but his hands were so big and strong that his clumsiness was offset by his manhandling.

“ You sure do have big boobies”, he smiled.

I couldn’t really laugh or smile at his cutesy comments so I just continued by sucking of his big black schlong. At most I could get 4 inches of him into my mouth and throat, so I ended up jerking the other 6 or so inches into my mouth. I even reached between my thighs and start playing with myself under my panties, as I doubt the hung half-wit would have the skills to orally get me off.

After about 10 minutes of slurping and sucking I realized I could suck on this chocolate lolipop all day and he might not get off. So I decided it was time to step up the plan. With a mighty slurp , I disentangled my lips from his tool and turned around. I pulled off my panties and kicked them into a corner.

I got on all fours and flipped my skirt up over my waist. Then I wiggled my ass in his direction.

“ What are you waiting for, Miss Charity needs you to stick that big dick in her”, I told him over my shoulder.

“ Yes ma’am!”, Jerome exclaimed giddily.

Jerome knelt up behind me and put a big hand on one of my buttcheeks, his hands were big too. And with his other hand he fumbled away at trying to stick his big dick in my pussy. Big he was, clumsy as hell too. He poked and poked and poked. I reached between my thighs and guided his turgidity into my dripping wetness.

When he finally found the spot with my guidance, he rammed it home! I screamed like a maniac. He was huge. And he just started pounding away.

Jerome fucked me silly. There was no attempt at foreplay or gentleness or love play. He just gripped me by the waist and plowed me. It was intense. I reached between my thighs and didled myself as he power rammed my now thoroughly stretched snatch. I don’t think he noticed or cared.

Jerome was a machine, he power fucked me hard and deep, I was stretched out and seeing stars as he went to town wrecking my pussy. I grunted and squealed under his assault. My big tits bounced and even smacked me in the jaw. I eventually had to stop playing with myself to avoid being fucked head first through the wall.

After I came a couple times from this beast ravaging, he threw me over on my back na d put my legs over his shoulders and power fucked me that way too. My bounced and danced across my chest as I screamed. Every thrust bottomoned out in me and I knew I was going to be walking funny for the next couple days.

I don’t know how long he fucked me that way, before he pulled me on top of him I thought I was going to call the shots now, but he just gripped my hips and bucked up into me. I even tried pulling away but he wouldn’t let me. I couldn’t even escape from this sex machine. All I could do is howl and cum and cum again.

I don’t know how long he fucked me, all I knew was that he threw me into a couple more positions before he was done. I was on my side again on the floor getting deep dicked as I moaned and flailed. Then I was back on my back with the same jack hammering.

Finally I was on all fours. My hair was a slick sweaty mess, I was limp and on my elbos. I was soaked in sweat and completely powerless. Jerome was slowing his poundings into me making long full strong thrusts , each one jiggling y entire body. Then he rammed all the way deem into me and groaned and I could feel him expand and thicken in me as he shot his load deep inside my ravaged pussy. He slumped down on top of me, with his dick in me. It was fucking mind blowing.

That’s when the door opened.

Yes, the one I had locked. The one I had locked and the only one who had the key to open it from the outside was the general manager. And yes, it was the general manager.

He was furious. Past the complete red and steam coming out of his ears we could hear what was going on. There were cars honking and, cursing from outside. The kitchen sounded in overdrive.

“ I guess this means I’m fired”, I said limply .

He just nodded wanting to scream. So I quietly dressed and got up and left> I should have been mortified, but I was fuck high. And this was hardly the first time I had been caught fucking. But I did feel like shit about Jerome.

As I did the Walk of Shame out I saw the source of the commotion. Faith was swamped in the kitchen and the drive through. Neither of us had known about the local baseball league championship tonight, and when they let out they came straight here for food. When faith eventually talked to me again afterwards, she said they came in legions and that Jerome and I had been fucking for a couple hours. Someone complained and the manager showed up.

Faith was furious. She got her hours cut down because she wasn’t technically to blame and she defended poor sweet Jerome to the max. She didn’t talk to me for a couple weeks after that. Even so far as when her and Dad fought she would go across town to crash at Hope’s instead of mine across the road.

She eventually did after I arranged a three on one with her being the star between Marcus, Denny and Bill. I just had to watch. She even later admitted to me, she ended up fucking Jerome once after work when she went to his place and she thought he was going to kill her with his big dick.

So that was my. glorious one and a half week career in the glamorous field of fast-food.

It was only halfway through July now, but this was not turning out to be a promising start.

And it wasn’t about to get much better, but that’s enough stroke fodder for my reader for this chapter.

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