Sex Pot-Chapter 2

Sex Pot-Chapter 2

The Sex Pot

(A Poker Game Story)


Randy MacAnus

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Chapter 2

When he came back, promptly at 6:00 the following Friday, he was clearly stressed. He had bags under his eyes, and his body language displayed tension and exhaustion. Good.

The first words out of his mouth were, “Can you lend me some more money?”

“Not a chance. What happened? The truth!”

His lower lip was trembling as he answered. “I got into another game and lost the $100.”

“How much more did you lose? Did you find someone to extend you credit? Do they know you already owe me $600?”

The kid broke down, “I borrowed $1,000 and lost it all! And they said they'd break my kneecaps if I don't pay on the first. I gotta win my money back!”

“I should break your kneecaps right now, you stupid fuck! You are one of the worst poker players I've ever seen. And the more desperate you are, the worse you play. You will never win your money back. Have you told your father any of this?”

“I can't! He'd disown me! His brother lost his entire inheritance gambling.”

“And you learned absolutely nothing from that. That could never happen to you, right? Except it has. When you get sent home with your broken knee caps, he will cut you off, and you'll have lost your inheritance to gambling, a whole lot faster than your uncle did.”

There was a shocked look on Freddie's face. Clearly, he had never let himself think in those terms. I thought he would come unglued, but he didn't. He sat down in a chair with a thud, and went catatonic. He was completely stunned.

I let him sit for awhile. I went to the back of the house where the others were, and filled them in. We decided our Freddie needed to learn a very hard lesson, if he was to move past this and stop gambling. And we were just the ones to teach it to him, if he agreed. If he didn't... Well, he'd better plan on a life without kneecaps, because I wasn't going to save him. If he wasn't ready to be saved, he'd just do this all over again.

When I went back to the living room, I sat down opposite him, and just looked at him for awhile. Finally, he spoke.

“What am I gonna do?”

“Get your kneecaps busted, and lose your inheritance. You're in the real world now. There are consequences. I'm curious. How are you doing in that cage. At the rate things are going, you're going to be in it for the rest of your life.”

His pretty blue eyes got very big, and he moaned. “I need to cum so bad, I just can't take it! I've actually been thinking of begging you guys to fuck me.”

“Sounds like your life is going to be pretty grim. Do you have any skills that would pay you well?”


“So you're looking at a minimum wage life. Assuming you can find a job you can do with bad knees. If not, you'll likely be homeless.”

It was a life that was incomprehensible to a rich white boy. But it was clear he was accepting what I was saying, as his new reality.

“Can't you help me? I'll do whatever you want. Even sex stuff.”

“If I give you an easy way out, you'll just do this again. You'll convince yourself there will always be someone to bail you out. But perhaps I could give you a very difficult and degrading way through this. It will take you a long time to get out the other side of this. And if you so much as flip a coin to see who pays for lunch, I will personally destroy your life!”

“Anything!” It was a desperate plea. And I was going to take him up on it.

“Be careful what you wish for, boy.”

“Will I eventually get my life back?”

“Maybe. And it could take years. You could graduate college and still be under our complete control.”

He sat there shaking, and thinking very hard.

Finally, he said, “What will I have to do?”

Not what would. What will. I kind of felt for the kid. But I realized the six of us would actually be helping him, though he might not see it that way. And we would be getting everything we could possibly want from him. So, win win. Sort of. Cool.

“You'll do whatever we damn well want. You will be our sex slave. And once we have you properly trained, we will be whoring you out to dirty old men, to pay off your debt. We might even have you make porn videos. You will move in with us. You will give us complete control of your bank accounts.”

The kid started to speak, but I stopped him. I was just getting warmed up.

“You will have no access to money. The only things you will have in your wallet are your school I.D. and your cafeteria card. You won't even be allowed your drivers license. You're a freshman. You're not allowed to have a car here anyway. You will have no social life. You will attend all classes. The rest of the time, when we are not using you or whoring you out, you will be chained naked, to a wall in our dungeon.”

“You will have a desk and computer in the dungeon, so you can study. You will not have an internet connection. If you need one, or time at the library, you will be supervised. You will wear a metal slave collar locked to your neck, that contains a GPS. We always know where you are. We will also be able to give you electric shocks remotely with the collar. If you don't want people to see it, wear turtlenecks.”

“At our house you will always be naked and available. Your clothes will be kept in the garage. You will dress and undress there. We are not going to want to shave you every week for years, so we will take you to a clinic where they will use a laser to permanently remove all your body and facial hair. The cost of this treatment will be added to your debt. Rent for living here will also be added to your debt.”

“Once I have control of your bank accounts, I will use the money your father deposits to pay off your other debts. As there will be nothing left to pay me, the first several months the interest will add up fast. So you better be prepared to work hard as a whore, to pay me back.”

“This is just off the top of my head. Whatever I want from you, you will submit to, without complaint or attitude. Otherwise, you will be severely punished. You're adding quite a bit to my workload here. You damn well better make it worth my while, or I will dump you naked, except for your cage, in the middle of nowhere.”

“Or maybe I'll just sell you to someone willing to put up with your shit. If I do that, they won't get the key. You will wear that cage for the rest of your life, or you can go to a doctor and get your balls cut off. And there is no guarantee, if I sell you, that your new owner will ever set you free. None of this is negotiable. Do you accept my terms?”

Freddie had a deer-in-the-headlights look on his face and tears in his eyes. But after about a minute of thought, he said a single word.


“Yes Master, you bitch! The next time you fail to call me Master, or any other male 'Sir' you will be punished.”

“Yes, Master!”

“Are you a virgin?”

The boy blushed furiously, looked at the floor, and said, “Yes, Master.”

“Well, if you ever want to have sex with a woman, you're going to have to work very hard to get through all of this. By then, straight boy, you will have serviced more men than you could possibly count.”

“Yes, Master.”


And he did. Quickly and efficiently—though he was shaking like a leaf. I took his clothes, and left him standing naked in the living room in the display position. I returned with a thick metal collar with folding D rings, that wouldn't show under a turtleneck, but could only be removed with an electronic remote, like a garage door opener. The locking mechanism was electronic and internal. It fit his fourteen inch neck perfectly.

Needless to say, it would be a very long time before the collar came off. It contained a GPS device similar to the ones used on people under house arrest. It could also dispense electric shocks to his neck, with the remote. The only break in the metal surface was a micro USB port for recharging the collar's battery, and the hinge. Engraved on the front of the collar, were the words, 'Sex Slave. Property of: …' and my name.

If the battery got below 50%, it would start dispensing shocks automatically, until it was plugged in to re-charge. The shocks would get stronger and more frequent as the battery discharged.

Just as the cage could only be removed with a key, or by cutting his balls off, the collar could only be removed with the remote, or by cutting his head off. It would not be in his best interest to piss any of us off too much.

I led Freddie into a bathroom and instructed him in the art of giving himself a very thorough douche. When he was done, I installed a locking butt plug. Integral lock. He better hope I never lose the key.

We went to my room, and I had him log into his bank account, and give me the password. I ordered him to leave the room. I changed the password. It wouldn't matter if he changed his mind later about our arrangement. He was now under our complete control, for as long as we chose. I could only hope he'd be worth the trouble.

“You will douche every morning, and wear the locking butt plug whenever you are not being fucked.”

“Yes, Master.”

At least he was a quick learner. I contacted the thug Freddie owed the $1,000 to and arranged to pay it at once. I wanted him out of the picture, and it was clear from the bank account that the father made a direct deposit on the 1st of every month without fail. I set up an auto-transfer of the entire amount, for the 2nd of each month into my personal account.

I figured I would recoup the $600 loan, plus interest, rent on his dungeon, what I paid the thug, and the cost of the laser treatment in about eight months, if he was a profitable whore. But I planned on keeping him for at least a year or two, if he wasn't a pain in the ass. If I was going to all this trouble, he was damn well going to make it worth my while.

Plus, I was curious to see if his dick would ever be willing to get hard again, after a year or more in a cock cage that caused significant pain, when Mr. Happy tried to get hard. No two ways about it. I'm a control freak.

I placed leather restraints on Freddie's wrists and attached them to the back of his slave collar. I spent a good hour training his throat with an 8 inch dildo. After a lot of gagging, choking, tears and snot, he began to get the hang of it. As all six of us were between seven and eight inches hard, and none of us were much thicker than this particular dildo, I felt he would be ready for the real thing—after I fucked him.

As the others watched, and Mike recorded, I gave our little slut his instructions. He immediately obeyed.

“Master, please fuck my ass and take my virginity. I will do my very best to please you!”

The look on his face made it clear that he felt utterly degraded. Good. If he was going to control his gambling addiction, he would have to sink lower than he would ever have dreamed possible. This might not be the way he would have chosen, but it beat the hell out of broken kneecaps and being disinherited. And he clearly knew that.

As Mike recorded the event, I unlocked and removed his butt plug. With the boy on his hands and knees, and that incredible ass on full display I used three fingers full of lube to prepare him. Thanks to the butt plug, there was no need to start with fewer fingers.

Once he was well lubed, I ordered him to lie on his back on the floor, and hold his legs up. I wanted to be looking into those big blue eyes, as I took his virginity! I stripped, revealing my very hard eight inch man rammer. Freddie's eyes grew very wide, but he said nothing and made no effort to avoid his fate.

He did whimper softly as the head of my cock slipped between his butt cheeks, and began pushing against his soon-to-be boy pussy. He did his best to follow the instructions I had given him, relaxing his sphincter, and pushing out like he was taking a dump. As he had been cleaned out thoroughly, there would be no accidents.

I slid in slowly, but with steady pressure, impaling the virgin stud in one single slow motion. His eyes grew even wider, and he began to hyperventilate. But he kept his butt hole as relaxed as he could, and continued to push out.

Given the size of my tool, he did pretty well. I didn't know if he'd ever truly be into this, and frankly, I didn't care. But I was now sure he'd find a way to handle it.

Once my pubes were pushing against that incredible ass, I stopped and gave him about a minute. I coached him on controlling his breathing, and he began to bring it under control.

In a breathy voice, he said, “Who would've thought something the size of a hot dog could create so much intense feeling!”

“More like the size of a Polish Sausage.”

He actually giggled at that, between quick short breaths. Cute kid. If he loses his arrogance and his rich kid sense of privilege, I might wind up liking him a little. Not enough to let him go, mind you!

Once I felt his boy pussy relax a little, I began a slow long fucking, making sure to hit his prostate on every stroke. I wanted to see how sensitive it was, and whether I might be able to actually get him off while he was wearing the cage. I wanted him to cum on his deflowering. I likely wouldn't allow it again for a long time. And I was hoping an orgasm would fuck with his virgin straight boy mind.

As I worked in and out, I could see his pretty little dick struggling to get hard in the cage, and I could see the pain register on the boy's face when that happened. Clearly, those little protrusions in the cage were having an effect.

Because we had him wearing the locking butt plug for over an hour, he was much more open than he would have been, so the early pain of his deflowering was quite a bit less, and as I was targeting his prostate, he was arriving at a state of ecstasy very quickly. Not surprising, given that he'd been locked up for a week! I picked up the pace and our newly turned out teen began moaning like a cheap whore.

“Oh, gosh! That's incredible!! What the fuck?! I think I'm gonna cum! How?! Aaarrgh!!!”

With his knees pinned next to his ears and his ass rolled up to an almost vertical position, his dick and balls were hanging over his face, when he shot his load. A good bit went right into his mouth.

“Swallow it!”

And he did. I rubbed the rest over his face. I'd be adding my own cum in both places shortly.

“Listen, boy! That is the last time you will cum, probably for a long time. You are never to cum again without permission. Permission might be granted on special occasions, but they will be very rare.”

“Now that you know what it feels like to have the cum fucked out of you, I expect you to figure out how to control yourself. If you cum without permission, the punishment you receive will be both incredibly painful and very degrading. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master. May I ask a question, Master?”

Good instincts!

“You may.”

“I'm confused. Am I to call all six of you Master, or only you?”

“Good question. I'm the one you owe money to, so I am your Master. You will call all other men Sir, but if one of my five roommates gives you an order, you will obey it, as if it came from me. The only exception would be if it conflicts with an order I've already given you. Understood?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good boy.”

I could see him processing what I'd told him. Given the fact his life had taken a very unexpected turn, I was a little surprised at how well he was handling all of this.

“Slave, I have to say, I'm a little surprised this situation hasn't freaked you out more. Why is that?”

He seemed a bit surprised at the statement. But he thought about it for a few moments, then answered.

“I'm not sure. I guess I'm used to being told what to do. My father is very strict, and so was the boys' boarding school I went to. Since I got here, I haven't had any structure, except classes. I guess I didn't know how to handle all that freedom. I know I want girls for sex, but I haven't done too good talking to them, because I don't really know how.”

“As good as that felt when you fucked me, if I still had a choice, I wouldn't do that anymore. But having someone in charge of me kind of feels normal, you know? It's a weird and scary situation, and I am not looking forward to being a whore for homos. But having to obey men in authority kind of feels right. I guess I'm comfortable with that.”


“Well, it's good if you can handle this. But we don't give a rats ass what you feel. The only things we're interested in is that tight little body of yours, and the money you can make us. Some advice kid. Don't get confused, and get emotionally attached to any of us. That isn't where this is going.”

“I don't think that will be a problem,” he said, with a small smile, “You guys just mostly scare the crap out of me!”

“Good. That will serve you well. Now, it's time to continue your training. On your knees, bitch. I'm going to fuck your throat.”

Our pretty naked teen started to roll his eyes a little bit, but caught himself, and stopped, so I let that pass. I left his hands bound behind his neck, as I had no interest in giving him any sense of control.

He got to his knees with some difficulty, and positioned himself in front of my crotch. There was certainly no eagerness in his body language, and his dick was making no effort to get hard inside his cage.

He'd had plenty of practice with the dildo. Clearly, becoming a cocksucker was not something he was looking forward to. That figured. He saw nothing in it for him.

His loss, as far as I was concerned. There is something thrilling about controlling another man's pleasure. But he was used to being controlled, so I figured that aspect of his previous life would help him deal with it.

“Look up, bitch. Maintain eye contact with me, or you will be punished.”

I grabbed him by his shaggy blonde locks and drove all eight inches straight to the back of his throat. If he wanted to be controlled, I could certainly arrange that. I could see the discomfort in his eyes, as they teared up.

He'd failed to take a deep breath before I pushed in. I suspected that he wouldn't make that mistake again, as I was in no hurry to pull my cock back into his mouth.

The boy was swallowing around my cock repeatedly. It felt great! And he looked great. Naked and on his knees, with his wrists bound behind his neck, his big blue eyes leaking tears, and filled with panic, as he ran out of air, he was the poster child for submission. To his credit, he didn't struggle, as he became woozy, and close to passing out.

Just before he fainted, I pulled back into his mouth. I didn't want to have to wait for him to come to, before finishing his throat fucking. This time.

As I pulled into his mouth, his effort to breathe was suddenly rewarded with actual air. There was a surprised look in his eyes, as he gasped and heaved, drawing in as much air as he could. I could see his eyes become more focused, and as they did, he realized, he'd better get that tongue working!

Little Freddie worked that tongue just as I'd taught him with the dildo. So I allowed him close to a minute, before I pushed my 'Polish Sausage' back down his throat. There was a little less panic, this time. He had more air, for one thing. So he was focused on swallowing around my cock, but otherwise remained passive.

After about a full minute, his eyes were beginning to glaze again, so I pulled back for a few seconds, to let him get a breath. Then I began to truly fuck his throat.

Holding his head, I thrust my hips brutally into his face, slowly increasing the tempo. His eyes stayed locked with mine. I was hoping the video would capture the look on his face, and the pain and humiliation in his eyes.

After several minutes of thrusting, the boy had tears and snot running down his face. It was very satisfying to see! He had the look of someone in shell shock. Good. I wanted him to pay a heavy price for his addiction.

I shot down his throat without warning him. The look of surprise on his face, as he panicked, fearing he'd spill some of my cum, was delightful! He dribbled a bit down his chin, and it hit the floor. In a panic, he bent down and licked it up, before returning to my massive man meat, to lick it clean.

Once he'd finished, he locked eyes with me again. The pleading look made it clear he knew punishment was coming. This pleased me.

“Since that was the first time you've had your throat fucked, I think I will limit the punishment. Not that you deserve it.”

“But instead of causing you intense and sustained public pain and humiliation, I have another idea. As it was your deflowering, I had planned to be the only one to use you tonight. Give you a chance to recover and process what happened.”

“However, since you allowed my cum to spill to the floor, you're going to have to service all of us. One cock down, five to go. And each will use both your ass and your mouth. To save time, you will be spit roasted. One cock in your ass and one in your throat, at the same time. Probably for at least the next two or three hours. You will come to realize that this is the closest I will ever come to mercy.”

Freddie's big blue eyes glazed over and his shoulders slumped. He had returned to his shell shocked state. Good. I wanted him to obey automatically, no matter how degrading and painful things became. It would make him easier to sell, if things came to that.

The idea of selling him, leaving him caged, and his never being with a woman really turned me on. But I'd made a commitment to the kid. It might take him a year. It might take him until he graduates in four years. But if he paid everything off, made us a nice profit, and pleased us all, without being too high maintenance, I'd turn him loose.

But on the positive side, there was no guarantee his dick would work, after so long in that type of cage. So that was a nice thought. Then, even if I turned him loose, he would still never have a woman.

I don't know why, but the thought of permanently denying him sex with a woman really turned me on! Besides, as hot as he was, he was pretty screwed up. I didn't think a kid like him should necessarily reproduce. He certainly shouldn't be raising kids!

My roommates had him stand, and do a humiliating bump and grind for them, as my cum dripped out of his ass, and they recorded it on video.

Finally, they put him on his hands and knees. Two cocks were rammed in to the hilt at the same time, from each end. The exhausted little teen screamed around the one in his throat, as his non-stop double fucking began.


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