The early morning jogger

The early morning jogger

It was an early morning meeting I will never forget and I am sure my guest will always remember as well.

I had been looking for company on my favorite adult web site and things had been very dry with covid-19 darkening our doorsteps. Everywhere you looked the signs of the times were saying, “Stay home, be safe, wear a mask and stay six feet apart”, Abstinence seemed to be the only answer. Still there comes a time in a man’s life, when his own hand and assorted toys no longer are found appealing. It’s a time when blue balls out trump precautions, sexual urges out-weigh social distancing and a man has to do what a man has to do.

It was on this fine mornings around 6am that I exchanged messages with a gentleman who apparently lived close by. He said he was having his morning coffee then would be getting ready for work. I asked if he wanted to stop by for a quick blow and go. He looked up my address and said he was within walking distance, had time for a short morning run before work, and would see me in a bit.

Having been without any adult distraction for some time I was quite eager to meet this gentleman and pleasure him to the fullest. You see I am a pleaser and I receive sexual gratification by allowing my partner or partners to experience the grandest orgasm I can wrench from their burning loins. Only then do I feel like I have meaning.

I walked out into my front yard in the early morning predawn light to look for him. Rising with the sun has always been a favorite pass time of mine. The first glimmer of early morning rays of sunshine seem to caress the world laying in slumber, changing the simple morning dew into a blanket of diamonds clinging to every blade of grass and flowering blossom. The growing symphony of birds singing in the trees, the occasional sound of a dog barking and the whirl of vehicle engines as friends and neighbors drove off into the new day of whatever life held for them, rising in a crescendo complimenting the scenery in a glorious tapestry of life. I had decided to bide my time by searching for and pulling any weeds which may have cropped up in my garden, as I eagerly awaited the arrival of my morning guest.

This chore of de-weeding my garden was one I didn’t care for but have found if I didn’t take five minutes a day to vanquish any intruders, my flowers, would soon be overrun; ruining the carefully planned beauty of the landscaping I was so proud of. It didn’t take long before (to my pleasure) my online contact came jogging up the street.

I have to admit that most of the time the men on line will seemingly exaggerate and misinform when it comes to their looks and weight. We are no less vain then women when it comes to the appearance we wish to convey. If our desired appearance is not achieved by hours of hard work or pure unadulterated luck, we can always tip the scales of being appealing with just a few. well-chosen words used to draw in our targets of lust. It is a fishing tactic every angler knows; the fish will be drawn to the most appealing bate they find in the area. This time I was impressed.

He was about 6 foot tall, slim and muscular. He was well toned and tanned with blond hair and a short well-trimmed beard and mustache. He had on a tight fitting t-shirt and jogging shorts which outlined a nice package obviously being held in place with a jock strap. The glistening drops of sweat forming on is arms, legs, and across his brow shone in the morning light, giving him the appearance of a Greek god stepping down off his thrown on Olympus in order to show mankind what they too might become.

I politely waived as he jogged up toward me. Acknowledging my presence the jogger slowed his progression to a stop. His muscled arms were covered in sweat and his t-shirt was drenched as well. I couldn’t help but notice how his natural cooling system had drizzled down into his jogging shorts causing the damp fabric to cling to him in all of the desirable places. Oh how nice it must have been to be his jock strap, holding back all of his manhood which I so longed to see and touch. My breathing sped up ever so slightly as I imagined how he would soon taste as I planned on ravaging every inch of blood engorged love pole that he owned.

“Nice morning for a jog, isn’t it?” I said trying to break the ice.

“Ya it is.” He replied with an English accent that made me weak in the knees. “Looked like a good run coming up the hill, but I have to admit it kicked my arse.” As we spoke I Couldn’t help but notice his well-defined six pack, and his firm muscular pecks, flexing and releasing as with each breath he took they rose and fell.

I asked if he wanted to come inside for a few moments and take a breather while I would get him a cool bottle of water. At first he seemed hesitant and looked around but then agreed.

He walked into the house and I asked him to sit while I went to the kitchen and retrieved a cool bottle of water for him. When I returned he was still standing and I watched him as he slid his hand into his jock and seeming adjusted his package. At that moment he looked up and must have seen me leering as he blurted out with a manly chuckle, “Oh my God!” he said with the accent that was still driving me wild. “You weren’t supposed to see that. My family jewels just got caught in the edge of my jock and needed to be freed up just a little.”

By this time I had crossed the room and handed him his bottle of water. He was grateful for the refreshment and took the bottle in one hand while removing the twist off lid with the other.

Time was of the essence and I wanted every moment I could get with him. I smiled and said, “Here let me help.” Before he could say anything I reached over and pulled his jogging shorts and jock down to his knees.

“What the fuck?” he blurted out as he stepped back a step spewing a guzzle of water from his mouth half way across the hall.

“I am so hot for you and I know you don’t have much time. Sorry if I can’t control myself but you are so hot!” I said as I reached up and took his shriveled cock in my hand. His flaccid penis was warm and sweat covered. His fir covered balls hung perfectly, his sack relaxed from the heat of his jock, allowing them to dangle like a perfect pair of ripe fruit just waiting to be picked. My guest stood there without moving; an astonished look of both curiosity and fear covering his face. Not knowing what else to do, he nervously began drinking his water. I dropped to my knees and grabbed his waist with both my hands to steady myself. I lowered my face into his soft thick mound of hair and smelled his crotch. The odor of clean man sweat, mixed with the lingering scent of fragrant body wash filled my nostrils and excited me, like a drug.

I licked his large firm sack as I slid his still flaccid cock past my lips. The taste of his most personal area filled me like honey straight from the honeycomb. I savored every bit as his sex organ began to react and grow to my tongue as it lovingly licked and played with his penis while still in my mouth.

I could see his legs trembling as his cock began to more quickly respond. As it lengthened and became swollen with primal lust, I heard my guest softly moan. I pushed his shorts and jock down to his ankles and he lifted one foot so I could take them off. He then leaned against the wall with one arm and spread his legs giving me complete access to his wonderfully large sack filled with two larger than average testicles. I looked up and noticed that he was clenching the empty water bottle in his teeth and his eyes were closed as if he didn’t want to watch. I wondered what fantasies were flooding his mind as I continued to lavish and worship his tool.

By now his cock was semi-hard. It projected out a good six to seven inches long standing straight up with a tight foreskin coving his tender bulbous head. He was thicker than most tools I’d seen remaining massively large from the base clear up to the tip. I love uncut cocks and I rolled my tongue under the lip of his foreskin, as I worked him over. A new musty manly tasted filled the senses of my mouth as I cleaned the area between his foreskin and dick head with my eager tongue.

He was rock hard and stood eight inches now at full length. It was a gorgeous sight and a feast I wanted all to myself. Each time I slid his cock deep into my throat and rested his ball sack against my chin I could feel his legs quiver and he would moan ever so slightly again and again. At one point his mouth opened in a show of ecstasy as he craned his neck back and rolled his head seductively from side to side, accompanied by a low guttural moan. The empty bottle that was only moments before clenched between his rigid teeth now dropped to the floor unnoticed and forgotten.

I reached up with my hand to explore behind his manhood and gently began to rub his clean tight hole. I received mixed signals from him as he slowly spread his legs a little farther apart and yet clinched his ass cheeks ever so tight. I let his cock slide from my mouth and I slide myself around his side. I took his hips and turned him away from me exposing a muscled and well formed ass. I slid both hands onto his inviting firm bottom, then with my fingers spread his magnificent round ass cheeks apart.

In response my temporary lover leaned ever so slightly forward and placed his other hand on the wall. I slowly ran my nose down along his butt crack breathing in heavily becoming drunk with lust at the essence of his scent. I reached in with my tongue and erotically licked his glistening sphincter, pressing it further and further in with each pass.

He tightened his ass once again and slowly gyrated it for me as he moaned in pleasure, “Oh my God, I’ve never done this before, what are you doing to me?”

I told him to relax as I spread his hole with my fingers and slid my tongue deeper and deeper into his luscious opening and began to rim him around and around. Forcing my tongue farther and farther inside, he now pushed his ass back against my face wanting more of the pleasure I was satisfying him with. “Oh shit I’m going to cum!” he grunted.

I quickly went to the front, opened my mouth and swallowed his quivering cock shaft down my throat as far as it would go. I could feel his manhood swelling with his imminent climax as he reached down and with both hands grabbed my head digging his fingers into my hair, partly for balance and partly to make sure I wasn’t going to pull away.

He pulled his cock back almost all the way out of my mouth then with a spasm of uncontrollable force shoved it deeper into my gullet than it had ever been before. He quivered and pulsed and grunted and moaned as he shot a huge load down my throat in wave after wave I thought would never subside, causing me to choke and gag. I swallowed again and again trying to keep up with the flow of hot steamy man seed overwhelming my mouth as I desperately tried not to lose a single drop .

I managed to swallow his entire load without spilling a single morsel past my tightly closed lips. He stood there breathing heavily for only a moment or possible an hour as his cock could no longer maintain its erection and started becoming once more soft in my mouth.

When he finally pulled it out, he was breathing more heavily than when he had jogged up out front. I stood and smiled. He put his jock back on and pulled up his shorts all the while never looking me in the eye.

“Look I gotta go.” he said as he turned toward the door. He hurried out across the lawn without another word jogged off down the street. As I watched him go I looked at my phone. There was a new message on it. It was the guy I was supposed to meet up with. I read his message in disbelief, “Hey I have to reschedule. Something has come up. See you later.”

I looked up at the jogger just turning the corner and disappearing out of sight and thought to myself, “Well who in the hell was he and more importantly, will I ever have the pleasure of seeing him jogging around my place again.

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