A Family Affair_(1)

A Family Affair_(1)

My mom and dad split up when I was younger. Divorce isn’t easy for anyone but then living in an atmosphere of constant arguments and distrust isn’t healthy either. Once it was done and she was on her own I did my best to be ‘the man of the house’ and became quite protective of her. To be honest she was the same with me, lots of hugs, I guess we were trying to reassure each other that everything was going to be ok. We certainly became closer because of it.

The one complication here is that my mother - Julie – is a seriously attractive woman. Clever (PA to a shit hot barrister), funny, outgoing and best of all curvy in all the right places. She’s a 38DD (is there any guy that doesn’t check out his mom’s bra size?). She came to terms with her divorce and started dating again, some men lasting longer than others but no one that looked like a long-term prospect. I’m sure there were times when she just wanted sex. That may seem presumptuous but living with her it was pretty clear that she has a high sex drive. As I said, I can’t be the only one to check out his mother’s undie draw and my moms was quite illuminating. As the years passed after the divorce her ‘special’ draw became filled with sexy lingerie - crotchless knickers, peephole bras, stockings, corsets, suspender belts and some naughty pics that must have been taken by other men over the years. Then there was her growing collection of sex toys and the fact that I could hear her using them at night – and sometimes first thing in the morning!

She still liked a hug and we would often snuggle down on the sofa together to watch TV after she had showered and in her robe. So there I am, 18 and six foot two, fully grown and a man in every way and I’m lying on a sofa with a sexy woman naked apart from a bathrobe. Would you not get a hard on? I certainly did and I’m sure she knew it. At first I was embarrassed and tried to hide it but it didn’t seem to bother her – in fact I’m sure she used to wiggle her bum against it deliberately. On those nights I was sure to hear her playing with her toys almost as soon as the bedroom door was closed. I honestly began to get the feeling that she like having a horny young man around the house and if I hadn’t been her son then who knows what would have happened. This was made clear to me one night when, whilst we were on the sofa, I fell asleep and woke up to find her hand on my cock. I just stayed silent as her fingers traced the outline and stroked my knob. Obviously it started to grow and she stopped but it was clear from then that part of her thought of me as her loving son but another part thought of me as a sexy (well, I hope!) young man.

Mom doesn’t seem to mind me bringing girls home and when I do take a girl to my room when she was there I make sure I pull out all the stops to ensure that the girl enjoys herself and makes as much noise as possible. I love the idea of her listening to me in the same way that I listened to her, I hoped that she was as turned on by the situation as I was. Despite all this and all the touching and holding I didn’t’ think anything would ever happen between us until one night a couple of months ago, just before my 19th birthday, when my world was turned upside down – in a good way!

As I said earlier, we often used to lie on the sofa together and watch TV. This particular evening I was as horny as hell for some reason and when she had showered and had just her bathrobe on I suggested a film and patted the sofa next to me. Soon we were cuddling up together just as we have done for ages. She looked so beautiful next to me, so sexy and desirable that when she dozed off I couldn’t help myself, I worked my hand inside her bathrobe and was soon stroking her nipples and those gorgeous boobs. Inevitably she woke up – by which time her nipples were like bullets – and as she turned towards me, no doubt intending to tell me to stop, I covered her mouth with mine and kissed her in the way I have wanted to kiss her for as long as I can remember. The most amazing thing was that she kissed me back, her tongue urgently thrusting into my mouth as she arched her back pushing her tits into my hand. The robe fell open and I could see her freshly shaved legs and pussy and all I wanted to do in that instant was fuck her, fuck this amazingly sexy woman that just happened to be my mother.

She eventually pulled away from me and there was the inevitable protests “Stop, we mustn’t, let go of me, don’t ever do that again.” etc. but she was clearly as excited as I was. I begged and pleaded with her to just lie down next to me but she refused. Eventually I persuaded her to take my cock out and soon she was wanking me….oh my god, I was getting a hand job off my mom! I was in heaven and when I came I shot all over her face and tits before she covered the end of my cock with her mouth and sucked the last drops from me. She made me swear never to tell anyone and was adamant that we would never do anything like that again. I just let her carry on, nodding in agreement but really thinking that I wanted to do so much more…and as we lay awake in our separate beds, me wanking and her wearing out the batteries in her sex toys I think we both knew that there would only be one possible way this would end.

After that night I was a lot bolder in touching her, stroking her tits, legs and bottom whenever they were in reach. She didn’t seem to mind as long as no one else saw. The complication in that was that she had started seeing a guy called Kevin, the ex-husband of her boss. I have known Kevin for quite a few years and had started working for him so he was always around. I’m sure he saw me touching mom but he didn’t say anything. I know from overhearing snippets of conversation that his ex, Sarah, had quite a varied sex life with multiple partners and I was hoping that as long as I didn’t get in his way with mom he’s be ok with anything we did.

A few weeks ago I noticed a change in her. She seemed to be on her phone texting/messaging a lot and she was wearing less and less around the house. She would let my hands linger a second longer before slapping them away and was obviously struggling with the memory of the night that she wanked me, she looked like she wanted what I did – more of the same. Then I happened to overhear her and Kevin talking and he said “Well if that’s what you want then its fine by me, as long as Dave wants it too then why don’t you just go ahead and do it?” Her reply was “I do. I really do.” It’s hard to describe how I felt at that moment. Unless I was misunderstanding Kevin and mom were talking about her letting me fuck her…and she said that she wanted to! Talk about winning the lottery…I was light headed, almost giddy with excitement, it was all I could think about for hours and hours. However, I was also a bit annoyed. I mean, I have been trying to do something like that for years and finally, after all this time she decided to give in. So I thought I’d make her wait until it suited me…and I wanted to be sure that Kev knew when we did it too, it just seemed wrong to have secrets like that.

So when I came home late one night and found her obviously braless in the kitchen talking to Kev on messenger (or so she said. I’m not sure that there wasn’t someone else she was talking to around that time, she certainly seemed to be on her phone a lot and her and Kev usually called each other) I had a good look at her tits, watching her nipples growing under my gaze before I gave them a good tweak before going to my room. A couple of nights later I came in and she is wearing a short, sexy silk robe that screamed ‘fuck me, fuck me ‘till I can’t walk!!’ and I have to say I was tempted. Very tempted. However I had decided to wait until the Bank Holiday weekend so with any luck I could spend the best part of three days fucking her…and I really did want to make sure it was cool with Kev. The robe was too much temptation though, I just had to do something so I slowly ran my hands all over her through the silk. She was obviously naked underneath and felt amazing. Her big tits were so heavy but firm and her nipples were diamond hard. As I kissed her she spread her legs wider and I pushed firmly, trapping some of the silk in her pussy before putting her hand on my cock and saying “Do you want this? Well, you’ll have to wait.” and walking off to my room. It seemed like a perfect game of tease and counter tease…she had teased me for years so making her wait a few days, building the tension seemed fair to me although it was as hard for me as it was for her, believe me!

The following night she was wearing a thin blue dress when I got home that made her tits look huge…god I wanted her! She was obviously wearing nothing underneath so I had a shower and came down wearing only a towel around my waist. I grabbed her and ran my hands all over her…she felt fantastic! I pulled the dress up and pinned her against the kitchen counter. My fingers found her cunt and she was soaking, it didn’t take me long to make her cum, kissing her neck and squeezing her nipples as I rubbed her clit. I half dragged her into the lounge and went down on her making her cum twice. She tastes so sweet and is so wet, I love her shaved cunt, makes her look so slutty as she spreads her legs wider and wider for my probing tongue. I move up for a kiss, letting her taste her juices on my lips and she is desperately trying to get my cock inside her. I just hold her down as I’m much stronger than she is and tell her “Not yet mother, you are not ready for me yet!” I let her suck me off though. She took ages, really long and slow, she is so good. When I came she tried to swallow it all but there was so much it leaked down over my belly and she licked the spunk off me and begged me to fuck her but I said “Not yet mummy dear.” and ran to my room.

Friday night finally came and I think we all knew what was going to happen. I went out for a bit and when I came back she was sitting on a bar stool in the kitchen with Kevin. I put my arms around her and started feeling her tits. She froze but Kevin just grinned and nodded encouragement so she relaxed and let me continue feeling her tits and then I got my hand onto her cunt…it was like a horse eating hay, her lips seemed to suck my fingers inside her and she was soon close to orgasm…at which point I dragged her to the bedroom and striped her…put her on her back, stripped off and climbed on top of her….she was so wet…to finally feel my cock against her cunt was amazing, something I had hardly dared believe possible….as I forced my cock inside her she let out a groan they must have heard all down the street! I fucked her hard and fast, there was no finesse, I knew it was what we both needed and as I finally, after years of waiting, came inside her she had a huge orgasm, her eyes rolling back in her head like she was having a fit.

Why did we wait so long?

As we slowly recovered my cock was soon fully hard again and I started fucking her again, kissing her neck and tits but best of all kissing her, our tongues like excited kids French kissing for the first time. I heard a sound and looked over my shoulder and there was Kev in the doorway, watching, cock in hand. Mom had her eyes closed in ecstasy, a state I kept her for most of the night. She is an amazing fuck, as soon as I think that’s the end, I can do no more she touches me and I’m hard again. I had her every way imaginable. Her on top she likes a lot, loves to have my hands and mouth on her tits and she likes it doggy, as hard and as fast as possible. She also loves anal. After we had both cum a couple of times we were slowing down and trying different positions. I was fucking her doggy, enjoying feeling her big tits and also watching them swing in the mirror when I pulled out as I was close to cumming. When I started to push it back in she stopped me “Not there David. There is another hole. Please. I want you in my arse, I love it there.” That was a first for me and the tightness was thrilling and I was gentle at the beginning but I was soon balls deep inside and she was in obvious ecstasy so I started fucking her arse harder and harder until I was pounding her has hard as I could and still she urged me to do it harder…she also likes to sit on me with my cock in her arse as I play with her tits and smooth cunt bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. What an amazing night. It was nearly light when I could do no more and fell into unconsciousness.

When I got up later that day she looked radiant, just so sexy and happy. Her good morning kiss made me hard again so I dragged her back to bed only to find that she was wet with Kevin’s spunk, he’d obviously fucked her as soon as she got up. He’d spent the night in my room listening to us fucking as he wanked – just as I had done many many times.

The three of us had a chat about ground rules – no bragging to my mates, no touching in public, she’s not my girlfriend it’s just sex - but I’m cool with that, I really don’t want to spoil anything now, not after I have waited this long for her. They then went off to Kev’s son’s barbeque so it was Sunday night before we got together again. We were sitting in the lounge having a few drinks and I was on the sofa, the sofa that started it all, and as she came back from the kitchen I grabbed her hand and pulled her down next to me. She was wearing the thin blue dress she had worn during the week and was naked under it, as my wandering hands quickly found out. I love kissing her and had soon kissed her out of the dress and was fingering her smooth cunt as our tongues were entwined. Looking over ay Kev he had taken off his shorts and was stroking his hard cock as he watched us. I wriggled out of my shorts and she was soon pumping my hard cock with her hand as I worked two fingers deep inside her and stroked her clit with my thumb. She came twice, her legs spread obscenely wide as she watched Kev watching her having her cunt fingered by her loving son…soon I was fucking her doggy and I decided to slow it down a bit and made her sit on me with my cock in her arse. Her eyes were closed, lost in the moment, and I was playing with her tits when Kev motions for me to lean her back a bit as he’s standing in front of her with a hard cock. I guessed what was going to happen next but she had no idea so as Kev pushed his cock into her cunt as I thrust upwards into her arse she almost exploded. It was all I could do to hold her still as Kev began fucking her hard and she started wailing through one orgasm after another. She said later – when she calmed down – that she had used a toy in each hole before but had never had a cock in each at the same time. So now we are settling down to a new domesticity. When I’m here she sleeps with me. Sometimes Kev is alone with her so he gets her to himself and when we are both here she starts to give us the look that says…please, please DP me. Well, if you love your mother you have to do as you are asked don’t you?

When we are alone together sex is almost the first option, I only have to touch her waist and she turns towards me and has her lips locked to mine, nipples pressing into my chest and her pussy rubbing against my thigh. It’s amazing how quickly and how often she cums. We have talked about what it was like before we had sex, how we would both know what the other was doing in their beds, separated by the thin wall. She knew I listened to her using her toys and she presumed I was wanking, as of course I was. I told her how I’d lie in her bed smelling her perfume with a pair of her sexy knickers wrapped around my cock as I wanked. I loved her sexy undies, still do. I noticed that she had started wearing them again for Kev and one night when he was here and we had been feeling her up we asked her to go and put on something sexy for us to fuck her in. I knew that she had quite a few sexy items, she has three lace up corsets (her tits are built for things like that) six basques, ¼ cup bras and some crotchless knickers. She also has lots and lots of stockings (she has great legs) including hold ups and suspenders. As it was a hot night she came down in a ¼ cup bra, suspender belt with fishnets and some very slutty crotchless knickers. She looks amazing! She paraded around for a bit as we passed her between us feeling her all over. While she was locked in an embrace with Kev I went back upstairs and brought down two of her vibrators. I handed her the largest one and pulled her down into the floor. I held one leg and Kev quickly had hold of the other. On her back with her legs held wide she knew what was required and she turned on the toy and began teasing her clit before easing it in and out of her cunt. Over the past few weeks it’s become clear that she likes to be watched, she likes to feel our eyes burning into her as she is being fucked….and she looks so good she could have been a porn star! Her first orgasm didn’t take long and I loved finally watching her using her toys instead of just listening. She pulled the toy out and probably expected one of us to mount her but instead I pulled the knickers wider and bent her legs back a little further, exposing both her cunt, red and shining with her juice and her tight brown hole. Turning on the toy I still had I began teasing her arsehole with it making her moan and groan. Kev took the big toy off her and pushed it back up her cunt as I worked the other one up her arse. Soon she was bucking her hips violently and almost screamed when she came, her hands joining ours between her legs, forcing the toys deeper into her holes. We let her take over then, watching as she worked the toys in and out, swapping them over so the big one was in her arse for another huge orgasm. Then we fucked her. Long and hard, my cock in her arse as she worked the toy in her cunt was an amazing feeling. The three of us slept in the one bed that night. Kev left very early for work so it was me she complained to about her shaking legs and sore pussy as she made breakfast in her silk robe. I put my hand between her legs and she may have been sore but she was wet, dripping wet. I soon had her, despite some very half-hearted protests, bent over the kitchen island full of cock. I’m afraid she was late for work that morning!

I’m sure that things will change at some point in the future but one thing I do know is that the three of us will never forget the long hot summer of 2018.

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