Single Mother Needs To Make Ends Meet Ch 2

Single Mother Needs To Make Ends Meet Ch 2

Single Mother Needs To Make Ends Meet Ch 2

by aliveinpr

My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities of desires, wants or fantasies. Read and enjoy.

Marsha drove to work knowing she was taking on a part-time an escort. She preferred the term of escort over prostitute. She was still worried what would happen if her daughters learned that their mother’s part-time job was an escort. Her pussy tingled as she knew her customers would only be black men, distinguished business men. They would be hand picked by Cherry and Richard. She remembered Gloria, she was paid to be a cook/maid for two hours for Cherry and Jackson. Her sexy body was 99% exposed as she served. Her major role was to be felt up and finger fucked, but she was paid $500 for the two hours she played the role of maid.

Marsha was humming as she sat down to her desk. There was a note from Jackson. She opened it and saw she was to be at the same restaurant for lunch. She knew Cherry and Richard were going to give her more details about her work. Just for fucking Jackson last night, she was given $500, a very pleasurable hour. She giggled thinking the additional fifteen minutes for her to calm and stop shaking, that was on her own time. She wondered when she would be asked to service her first customer. She had prepared, she had a change of clothes and make up in her car.

Marsha then thought about her used dildo. She frowned that one of her daughters had found it and used it. She had to ask, but didn’t know just how to ask her daughters when and why they used it. She had put Julie on birth control a year ago to regulate her periods, but she also knew it would protect her if she got carried away on a date. She was planning on taking Susan to the doctor to start her on birth control this year. At least one of her daughters was protected in case of a lustful accident.

Marsha went to lunch and met with Cherry and Richard. She was told being with a customer for one hour in the evening, she would receive $200, her take. If a customer wanted her company for two hours, then she would be paid $500. They said, even if a customer just wanted to talk, it was still the same price, she didn’t have to have sex with the customer. There would be times on the weekends, stag parties or bachelor parties, then she would usually work with another girl and they would each be paid $1000 for an hour to strip-dance, and $3000 for an hour if they let the customer fuck them, much more if all the men fucked them. Marsha was beginning to hear a ‘Ca-Ching’ in her budget plan along with feeling her panties getting wet.

Cherry gave her a contract that spelled out what she would be paid. Sex with a client, will always be raw, no condoms and no pulling out. The aim is to fully satisfy the clients. The contract required each girl to have a physical by their OBGYN once a month. She was once again reminded, she could not have sex with anyone not approved. Marsha was agreeable, she wasn’t looking for a relationship. She wasn’t going to be stuck in a nasty divorce again. Cherry asked her if she had any questions.

The few questions she had were answered. Marsha said, “This has nothing to do with my work. I don’t know if you can help me or not. One of my daughters is using my large black dildo. I don’t know how to approach them about violating my privacy and using my property without permission.

Richard said, “Instead of having to repeat the questions to each one, talk to them both at the same time. One will be embarrassed, and the other surprised. Watch their expressions, if both deny using your dildo, the one with the reddest face will be the guilty one.” Marsha felt that would be the best way, she knew she would also be embarrassed, but it had to be done. Sometimes parenting wasn’t the easiest thing.

They didn’t have a customer for her this evening and suggested that she handled the incident with the dildo tonight, not put it off. Marsha agreed. She wondered if she really wanted to know, but knew the incident had to be taken care of. Marsha waited until after dinner and the girls had their home work done. She called them into her bedroom and sat them on the bed. Marsha started by telling Susan that she had made an appointment with the doctor for birth control. Susan said, “Oh, mommy, I’m not messing around with the boys.” Marsha reminded her that her monthly periods had been sporadic and that‘s why her sister was taking birth control, her periods were now regular. Susan knew her mother was right.

“Now,” Marsha said as she went to the dresser. She reached deep in the drawer and brought out her large black dildo. “My privacy has been violated. I don’t snoop in your rooms, I respect your privacy. I need to know who is using this and why.”

Susan and Julie looked at each other. Susan then said, “Well, a couple of times I have seen Julie in her room. She and her boyfriend were naked in bed. They were doing ‘it’ and I was getting wet with a funny feeling down there. I knew what they were doing, I’ve heard the other girls at school talking about sex. I’m sorry I snooped.”

Now Marsha had another problem. She looked at Julie and Julie said, “I’m sorry mom. I don’t have sex that often with Michael, but I get so horny when he’s feeling me up.” Marsha said, “I understand, and yes I knew eventually you would have sex.” She turned to Susan, “Now,” asked Marsha, “Susan, what’s with using my dildo?” Susan turned red and said, “I’ve used my fingers, thinking about Julie and Michael having sex. I saw that in your dresser, I had to have it in me, it’s better than my fingers. Some times, I think about those black guys at school, I wonder if they have big cocks like your thing there, the girls at school talk about black men having big things.”

Marsha was impressed with her daughter’s honesty and she almost confessed her desires and new part-time work. She looked at her daughters and said, “Well, to help with our finances, I have been asked to work some overtime a few days a week. I will need you to help, maybe sometimes make dinner when I’ll be late.” Both girls smiled and hugged their mother and said they would be happy to help in any way they could. Marsha handed the dildo to Susan and said, “Now, go wash this thoroughly, no more use and no more snooping, OK?” Susan took the dildo and again apologized as she took it to the bathroom and secretly masturbated it with her soapy hands.

Wednesday, Marsha got a call from Cherry. She would have a customer at 6 pm, for two hours entertainment. She would meet her client at the Radisson Hotel in room 302. ‘For two hours,’ she thought, ‘in that time, being black, he could probably fuck her several times.’ She was seeping, wetting her panties with anticipation. She called and left a message for her girls letting them know she might not be home until 9 pm. She reminded them to finish their homework and she would check on them when she got home.

Marsha gave herself a ‘sponge bath’ before leaving work. She wore her short black dress again. She was nervous as she stood in front of room 302, but she knocked right at 6 pm. When the door opened, she almost melted. In front of her was a tall, handsome black man wearing the hotel robe. He held out his hand to shake hers, but she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. She kept holding him as she pushed him back toward the bed. She let go and told him to unzip her dress. Once unzipped, she let the dress drop to the floor. She then dropped to her knees and unbuckled his pants, pulled his zipper down and pushed his pants to the floor. “Oh, my God, what a beautiful cock,” she said as she took his black cock deep into her mouth.

Marsha was determined to please this man and was able to get his cock deep in her throat. She gagged, pulled back for air and then lunged it back into her mouth. Once she stopped gagging, she concentrated in making him cum. “Oh, my God bitch, you’re going to make me cum.” She continued to vacuum his cock while her hands massaged his ball sack. She felt his legs shake and knew he was going to give her what she wanted. Within a few seconds, his cock began swelling and spewed cum down her throat. Every time she would swallow, he would moan and tell her what a fabulous cocksucker she was. Marsha was pleased and rose and laid back on the bed. She watched the man finish undressing and marveled at his beautiful black cock.

His cock was still hard and she licked her lips tasting the cum residue. It wasn’t Jackson’s cock, but big and black. Her vaginal muscles were spasming knowing a big black cock would soon be stretching her once again. Suddenly her mind turned to her daughter, she wondered if Susan liked that big black dildo stretching her pussy. She then wondered how many times she had used it. Would it hook her on black cock, just like her mother? She now turned her mind to Julie, had Julie thought about black cock? Her boyfriend was white, but after seeing the black dildo, it might cause her to fantasize about black cock. Would her daughters become black cock whores like their mother?

Marsha saw a big black cock approaching her and she lifted her legs toward her tits and spread her pussy lips open. She gave him the invitation to take her, to ram his cock deep into her and deposit his black seed deep in her womb. Her orgasm began to build as the bulbous head of his cock stretched and opened her vagina. She was well lubricated with her excitement, his cock had no resistance as he drove deep to her cervix. “God, you’ve got a sweet white pussy,” he said. Marsha moaned and said, “Give my that black cock, I need it.” He asked, “What do you want?”

Marsha yelled, “GIVE ME THAT BLACK COCK, I WANT IT, FUCK ME. OH, GOD, YES, FUCK ME DEEP.” He began to thrust in and out, pushing hard against her cervix with each thrust. Her nails dug into his back, her legs locked around his ass to pull him into her harder. His lips took in a breast. He sucked and bit her nipple as she moaned her approval. “OH, GOD, DON’T STOP, FUCK ME, BITE MY NIPPLES, TAKE ME, I NEED YOUR BLACK COCK.” She then felt it, he didn’t warn her, but she didn’t care. His cock began to swell and throbbed with each shot of his cum. “YEAH, BABY, GIVE ME THAT BLACK SEED, FUCK ME DEEP. YES, YES. OH, SO GOOD.”

They laid quiet and Marsha rubbed her hands over his back as she said, “Your cock feels so good in me.” He raised and smiled at her. He pulled out and told her to get on her knees. His black cock was semi-erect and she felt it slip back into her cum filled pussy. He pushed hard as his head was at her shoulder. He began to lick and bite her neck as his cock grew as he pounded her cervix. “YES BABY, SO GOOD, SO GOOD. THIS IS YOUR WHITE PUSSY, USE IT, FUCK IT HARD.”

He filled her again, pulled out and laid on his back. Marsha immediately straddled his body and plunged her pussy down on his cock. She rocked back and forth, threw her head back and screamed with another orgasm. She screamed, “YES BABY, GOD THAT’S A GOOD COCK, IT FEELS SO GOOD DEEP IN ME. FUCK ME, BABY, FUCK THIS WHITE PUSSY, FUCK ME .” He began to thrust upward as she rocked, her orgasm seemed to continue as she looked down into his eyes. “FUCK ME GOOD, BABY. CUM FOR ME, I NEED YOUR SEED. GIVE ME THAT BLACK SEED. FUCK ME, FUCK ME.”

A third load of cum was shot deep into her womb after a superb fuck for thirty minutes. She then fell to her side with his cock still impaled in her. They laid spent, catching their breath, the sweat mingling between their bodies. The phone rang, he answered. When he hung up, he said, “Darling, you have a sweet pussy. Cherry says my times up, but I’ll ask for you next time. Cherry was right, you have a special pussy.”

Her customer dressed as she got a quick shower to clean up. She had her bag with a change or clothes. She dressed and casually left the room and went to her car to drive home. Once home, she checked on the girls, both in bed. Their homework was on the kitchen table to let her know that they did what was expected of them. She was proud of her daughters.

Marsha climbed into bed, naked, too tired to put on her nighty. Her pussy was tingling as she thought about her first customer. She thought she should rate each customer, so she rated him a 10 out of 10, a perfect score, only problem, she didn’t know his name so how would she know him from other customers to rate them?

Marsha went into work and found a sealed envelope on her desk. She opened it to a note telling her she got a bonus, the customer was very impressed with her. She looked at the bills, 6 $100 bills for her two hours. She saw her reflection and realized the hickeys on her neck were noticeable. She wondered if her daughters saw them as they had breakfast. Her day was uneventful, same boring work, but she was happy, the happiest she had been in many years.

Just after lunch, Jackson came to her desk, sat down and said, “Some advice. Keep the cash out of your account. A big increase of your income without withholding will cause bells and whistles to go off in the IRS office. Slowly build the girls college savings, keep cash hidden and spend a little at a time. Clothes and groceries should be cash, don’t keep receipts. Everyone knows women spend money on clothes and shoes. By the way, the hickies look sexy.”

“Thank you Jackson,” she said, “I didn’t think about the cash.” Jackson said, “Talk with Cherry, she can tell you how to control your cash. Maybe stop by the house and we can ‘talk’.” Marsha understood him and said, “That would be nice, I would really like that, as she openly rubbed her crotch.”

That night, Marsha went into Susan’s room. She sat and said, “Honey, I’m not mad, I just wondered how many times you used my dildo.” Susan looked down and said, “I’m so sorry I snooped. I used it three times. To be truthful, I would like to use it more, I liked the way it feels.” Marsha asked, “You said you have heard other girls at school talking about black men. What have you thought about those stories?” Susan’s eyes opened and she said, “They said that black men had big penis’. Is that dildo like a real black penis?” God, she had me now. Just how do I answer that. I had to be truthful.

“Sus’, some are that big. It’s the same with white penis’, some big and some small.” She asked the question I was afraid of. “Have you seen a black penis?” “Honey,” I said, “to be truthful, yes, I have.” She hit me with the zinger, “How did it feel?” My mouth dropped open. “Well,” I said, “it was bigger and better than your dad.” “Oh, mommy, did you cheat on dad?”, she asked. “No sweetheart,” I was truthful and said, “it wasn’t long ago when I experienced a black man. When your father and I were married, I was faithful to him, I never cheated.” Susan smiled and said, “Oh, that‘s good, thank you.” I don’t know why, but I said, “Honey, if you want to use my dildo, just ask.” She gave me a hug and I felt that I was going to regret that offer.

I had two more customers in the next week. Both times were what I expected, nice big black cocks and my pussy full of black seed. I had enough cash to splurge and bought a micro-mini skirt and a stretch mini dress. Some sheer translucent blouses. The shoes were the most expensive. I also bought a sheer black babydoll with an open front and crotchless panties.

Saturday morning, Julie came to me. She looked sad and depressed. I asked her, “What’s wrong, baby?” She said, “Michael broke up with me. I guess I was wrong, but he was pissed when he saw me talking to a black guy.” I asked, “Were you doing anything inappropriate?” “Oh, no,” she said, “we weren’t touching or anything like that. I wanted to, he’s pretty popular with the girls.” I asked her how she felt about the black boy and she said, “He’s hot, a lot of the girls run after him. I think they want to have sex with him.” I asked, “Is that what you want?” She blushed and was slow to answer. She said, “l guess, er, well, I guess I would like to feel his cock.” “Do you,” I asked, “want to fuck him?” Her eyes opened and she blurted out, “Oh, yes. I don’t know tho, I’ve never even been out with a black guy.”

I knew the time was coming, I asked, “Julie, have you been watching interracial porn on the computer?” Her hands covered her mouth and she stuttered, “Oh, my God. did you know?” I said, “I saw several views in the history. It was after my divorce, so I knew it wasn’t your dad’s history.” Julie sat and began to wring her hands. I saw several beads of sweat on her forehead. I asked her what she thought about watching white girls being fucked by black guys. She paused and then said, “Oh, that was so hot to watch. I saw those big cocks and I got tingling feelings deep in my stomach. It made me realize Michael has a small cock, nothing like those black guys.”

I took her hand and led her into my bedroom. I opened the drawer in the dresser and took out my large black dildo. I handed her my dildo and told her to see how it feels. She smiled and went to her bedroom.

I didn’t see her again until Sunday morning. She was smiling and I gave her a little time. I finally asked her how it felt. “Oh, God, mom, it hurt at first, but after a while, I didn’t want to pull it out.” Knowing she’s 18, well...almost, I asked her if she wanted to fuck a black man, her face lit up, a wide smile and a resounding, “Oh, Yes.”

“Honey,” I said, “I know what fucking a black man is like. Like your boyfriend, your father was really small too. Let’s spend some time together today. It’s been a long time since our last ‘mother-daughter’ time.”

We all finished breakfast and I told Susan that I was going to spend time with Julie. I told Julie to go to my bedroom, we would talk. I finished cleaning the kitchen and went to my bedroom to meet Julie. She handed me my dildo and thanked me for the loan. I looked at her and knew she was my size, I got out my original black dress and told her to put it on. It fit her nicely. I said, “not right, can’t have panty line or bra straps. Take off the bra and panties.” She said, “Mom, isn’t this the dress you wore when you finally went out?” I said, “Yes, I want you to wear it today, no panties or bra. It fits tight, so you don’t want those ugly lines showing.”

She took off the dress, removed her bra and panties and put the dress back on. “Yeah, baby, that dress will get you a man. Look in the mirror and bend down.” Julie did and she said, “Oh, my God, mom my ass shows.” I smiled and said, “Then only bend over when you want to, when it’s necessary.” She looked stunned for a moment and then began to laugh.

I already had the day planned. Cherry knew I was bringing Julie over. As I was driving, I said, “Jul, I’m taking you to meet my boss and his wife. I know you will love them just as much as I do. I couldn’t have a better boss.” I pulled up and Cherry was already on the porch, the door open behind her and she was wearing a knit dress...she was showing everything. I hugged her and introduced Julie to her. First thing Julie said, “WOW, what a nice dress.” Cherry laughed and said, “You would look good in this dress too. I like to show people the real me.”

We went inside and I introduced Julie to Jackson. Jackson hugged her tight and said, “You are just as beautiful as your mother. I have someone for you to meet.” A large black man was in the kitchen pouring glasses of wine for us. Jackson introduced Elijah to us. Both of us noticed his nylon stretch shorts. Julie stared a long time at the cock outline and I saw the smile on Elijah’s face as I gave him a wink. We picked up a glass of wine as Elijah handed Julie her glass. He took Julie’s hand and led her to the living room where they sat together on one couch.

After a half hour of mundane chat, Elijah placed his hand high on Julie’s thigh. I knew the hem was short and he didn’t have a long way to travel to her bare pussy. Julie gave me a nervous look and I smiled and gave her an OK nod. Another five minutes, his hand was rubbing her pussy. I heard Elijah say, “Girl, you need to shave.” Julie turned red and Cherry went and pulled Julie up and led her to the master bedroom.

Ten minutes later, they returned and Cherry reached down and pulled the hem up and asked, “Is this better?” Julie was red, but she didn’t try to push the hem back down. I was proud of my daughter and said, “Cherry, you did a good job. She looks very fuckable.”

Julie sat next to Elijah again and this time, she put her hand on his thigh. I looked at Julie and asked, “Are you having a good time?” I noticed her eyes were glassy as she mumbled, “Oh, yes mom.” I watched her hand travel upward and was stroking the monstrous long lump in his shorts. Elijah placed his hand on Julie’s cheek and turned her head toward him. She knew she wanted his lips, she pursed her lips as his head neared and then his lips openly connected with hers.

I saw Julie‘s legs open, her freshly shaved pussy was on view to the rest of us. Elijah’s hand began to caress her breasts as she was having difficulty trying to reach the black cock hidden in his shorts. Elijah broke the kiss and stood up in front of Julie. “Do it, take ‘em down,” Elijah ordered. Julie reached the waist band and pulled his shorts down. He was without underwear as his black cock was exposed.

Julie seemed to be in a trance as she immediately dropped to her knees and started sucking her first black cock. Jackson went to the couple, got on his knees and rammed two fingers into her wet pussy. Jackson told his wife, “Sweetie, you did a good job, this pussy is so smooth now.” Cherry giggled, knowing what we planned for Julie. Now Julie had two men to worship her body. The erotic sight of my daughter with two black men had me fingering my own pussy.

Elijah had the zipper pulled down on Julie’s dress and his hands went to her breasts, pinching her nipples. Julie’s eyes were glassy and looking out into space when the kiss broke. Julie began to undulate her hips as Jackson was finger fucking her. Marsha’s daughter was in an orgasmic frenzy as she was stroking Elijah’s cock with all the force she could. A whimpering, “I want to be fucked”, was heard from Julie. Elijah picked up Julie and carried her to the bedroom. Julie was placed on the bed and the dress pulled from her as she laid back and spread her legs wide.

Marsha’s pussy was spasming as she watched the erotic sight, her oldest daughter was going to be fucked by her first black man. She watched Elijah’s big black cock working it’s way past Julie’s vulva lips. Marsha then felt fingers in her pussy, turning her head, she saw Jackson’s lips approaching hers. Cherry was behind Marsha and quickly unzipped her dress causing it to fall to the floor. Marsha was only wearing her garter belt, nylons and heels. Her legs parted to allow Jackson better access to her soaked pussy.

“OH, FUCK, OH FUCK,” Marsha heard as she looked at her daughter. Elijah was now buried deep in Julie’s pussy. As Elijah fucked her, his mouth was shucking her nipples, with some light nibbling. Julie’s body was shaking and spasming with true orgasmic frenzy. Her head was twisting right and left as she screamed, “FUCK YES, FUCK YES. OH, GOD SO GOOD...FUCK ME HARD.” Marsha smiled at her daughters delight, she bent forward just as Jackson’s cock began to enter her own pussy.

Marsha felt Jackson’s big long black snake sliding deeper into her vaginal canal. Her vaginal muscles were squeezing against his cock giving him pleasure. He knew Marsha was able to take his cock as he began to thrust deeper. He was pounding vigorously as she began to flood his groin with her spraying juices. Her orgasm had her quivering and moaning gutturally with each thrust into her. Marsha opened her eyes when she felt lips on hers. It was Cherry kissing her as her hands pulled and twisted her nipples.

Jackson asked Marsha, “Do you like watching your daughter being fucked by a black man?” She moaned, “Oh, God, yes. Such a beautiful sight to see her white pussy taking a black cock.” Cherry asked, “Do you think we should have a ‘mother-daughter’ team for our customers?” Marsha shook and mumbled, “Oh, I’m cumming again.” Cherry asked, “Would you like to share your daughter with a client?” “Oh, yes, yes, yes,” moaned Marsha.

Marsha then heard, “OH YES, INSIDE ME, CUM INSIDE ME.” Julie was being filled with her first volley of black seed. Marsha’s orgasm caused her to squeeze Jackson’s cock, he then expanded and began pumping his cum deep into her womb. Jackson disconnected with Marsha and she fell to her knees as her pussy continued to convulse oozing cum. Marsha looked across at Julie and saw carnal lust in her eyes. Julie was looking directly at her mother’s pussy leaking cum.

Marsha crawled to her daughter and they hugged. Marsha asked, “It looked like you like black cock, was it like you expected?” Julie said, “Oh, it was better than that. Michael could never have fucked me like that.” They hugged as Marsha put her hand between her daughters legs and let it fill with leaking cum. Julie then said, “I saw it, Jackson has a bigger cock than Elijah. Do you think I could take his long cock?” “Ask him,” said Marsha, “Ask him to fuck you.” She watched the lustful expression of her daughters face. Julie wasn’t bashful, she begged, “Jackson, please fuck me, I want to feel your cock.”

Cherry looked at Marsha and asked, “do you think she can take his cock?” Marsha said, “I don’t know, but she wants to try.” Marsha saw pure lust in Jackson’s eyes, she knew he wanted to conquer another white pussy. Jackson walked to Julie and she immediately pulled his cock to her mouth to stimulate him to a full erection.

Julie’s lips pulled back from Jackson’s cock and she mewed, “Please fuck me, I want to feel your cock. Fuck me.” Jackson laid on his back and said, “Baby, take as much as you can.” Julie straddled him and guided the tip of his cock into her wet pussy. Julie’s mouth opened and her eyes glassed over as she began a slow descent on the biggest, longest black cock she had ever seen. Her face smiled as she cried, “OH, SO BIG, SO GOOD. I LOVE THIS BLACK COCK.” She continued sinking as inch after inch went into her.

Marsha laid next to the couple as she watched Jackson’s cock stretch and push into her daughters pussy. She heard, “YES, YES, YES,” as she looked back and saw Elijah’s cock deep in Cherry‘s pussy. Now, the screaming Julie, “GOD YES, DEEP, YOU’RE SO DEEP. FUCK ME, FUCK ME.” Marsha’s eyes enlarged when she saw her daughter’s clit smashed against Jackson’s pelvis. “SHE’S TAKING IT ALL,” screamed Marsha. Julie was now screaming, “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, HARD, FUCK ME.” Marsha was in waves of pleasure, her own pussy twitching as she watched her daughter’s orgasm rocking while undulating on Jackson’s black cock.

Jackson thrust hard, held Julie tight to him. Julie laid forward on his chest as Marsha watched the signs that fresh black seed was being pumped into her daughters womb. Marsha looked back at Cherry who was herself being filled with cum from Elijah. Cherry pulled away from his cock and rolled over to see her husbands cock buried deep in the 18 year olds pussy. Cherry and Marsha grinned at each other knowing Julie was now a black cock slut, a whore just like her mother.

On the drive back home, Julie had her seat reclined and her hand rubbing her pussy. Julie smiled and said, “Thank you mommy, thank you for showing me what ‘real‘ sex is like.” I said, “You will eventually find out, but I have taken a part time job with Cherry and her partner. One or two hours a week, they provide me with black men. I’m sure Cherry is going to ask you if you want to work for them too.” Julie asked, “You mean to be a prostitute? To fuck black men for money?” I said, “Well I like to call myself an escort, but yes, I’m really a prostitute. How do you feel about that?” Julie purred and mumbled, “Oh, yeah, black cock, oh so good.” Her eyes closed and she fell into a satisfying sleep for the rest of the drive.

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Plant 42

Jill Vinston wandered the halls of the Walace state Guardhouse. She hadn't been able to find any of the other X.P.Q.R members since first arriving in the mansion, and she was starting to worry that she'd never see any of them again. There were still more locked doors in the house, but she didn't have the right keys, so she had been searching the guardhouse for anything useful. So far, she hadn't found much, aside from more zombies and an unusually large beehive at the end of one of the halls. Jill entered one of the rooms to find a bookcase...


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What, Valerie said to her husband, Jack, as she put on the final touches of her makeup!?! Whataya mean, what, he ask while drying off his just washed hair!?! You know what I mean, she said while looking at him in the mirror!!! No I don't, he protested, I have no idea what you're talking about!!! After rolling her eyes, she turned half way around to face him and asked, How many years have we been married!?! Uh, six, he replied, why!?! You'd think after six years you'd get used to seeing your wife without her clothes on, she said while...


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