CLUB SEX 2 – The 20yo

CLUB SEX 2 – The 20yo

CLUB SEX 2 – The 20yo

Well here I am again, at the club waiting for the show to start. You can feel the anticipation from everyone as they get ready for what he hoped would be another great show. I made sure to look around and take note of any girl that happen to look my way. There were some damn sexy women here. It also a huge turnout, there had to be about 50 people here. Since they made place big enough to accommodate 4x that amount there is always plenty of room.

Tonight’s show was a 20yo very beautiful, shoulder length bright red hair, a C-cup breast size, and a tight ass that went along with her sexy legs. Since I never know the star of the shows name I just call her Star.


Finally they brought her out. She looked pretty young; it was hard to believe she was actually 20. The girls leading her didn’t waste any time. They stripped from her robe revealing her beautiful body. She was average height, between 5’8” and 5’10”.

It started like it usually did. The 6 women were all over her. She was being kissed while another one was tongue fucking her clit. She had one behind her tonguing her ass. Star reacted immediately; it looked like she was already hitting her first orgasm. You could see her body jerking as it her; you could hear her muffled moans as she got louder. She never let her lips move from the girl she was kissing. When it subsided, a long mattress was brought out and the laid her down.

One of the girls got down and placed her legs between Stars. The girl moved up letting one leg go under Star’s leg and the other leg over. She moved up until both pussies were touching. Another girl came over and straddled Star’s face. You could see her lowering her dripping pussy to Star’s lips. 2 of the others came in, one on each breast. The girl between her legs started grinding her hips into Stars while the girl at her head reach down and grabbed the back of Star’s head, pulling Star’s mouth tighter against her pussy.

All 3 women started moaning. Star was now bucking her hips against the other girl mashing their clits together. The girl at her head started screaming, “OH GOD I’M GOING CUM”. You could almost see the explosion as started deep inside her, harsh gasps were now erupting from her throat as she bucked against the invading tongue, when she calmed down, she quickly moved off and another girl took her place. Star didn’t even hesitate; she went right back at it again. At the same time the girl between her legs started bucking as her orgasm hit her. She was shuddering with each breath as she hit her peak, she screamed out “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”. Another girl came in burying her face and fingers inside Star’s pussy. She pushed her finger inside about an inch at first, but Star thrust up engulfing the whole finger. The girl must have started massaging her G-spot, because Star suddenly erupted as a hot flood of creamy juice actually shot out over the girl’s face. Star lifted her hips off the mattress as her orgasm gripped her. She never stopped with her tongue though.

The girl at her head was grinding down and pulling at her own nipples as she gasped and shuddered. She threw her head back moaning about how good it felt. When she came, she clamped her eyes shut. It looked like she was having problems breathing as she kept gasping for breath. She finally got up, almost collapsing as she did.

They helped Star up and moved her to the table. The table looked like one of those tables you see in a birthing room.

Suddenly some girl jumped in my lap. She was naked already as she slammed her lips into mine. I opened my mouth to her invading tongue and let her tongue move across mine. She just about tore my pants off trying to my cock out. I managed to move head back long enough to say “hey, slow down a little”. She just said, “shut up, I want your cock now”. She got it free and jumped on it letting it slide all the way. I was pretty hard from watching the stage and this woman was beautiful. So I shut up, and let her have my cock. I reach up and started rubbing her good size breasts; this drove her more into frenzy. She moved her mouth away from mine saying “Oh yes, I’m cumming. Fuck me hard, I’m going to cum, oh yes, yes, yes unh, unh, unh,” My own orgasm ripped through me as slammed into her over and over. Her pussy gripped my dick like a fist and milked me for all I was worth. As I blasted away inside her, she went through another orgasm. The feeling was incredible.

She gave me a long deep kiss and thanked me for the ride. When she sat back down in her original seat, I watched as another girl came over and started eating her cum filled pussy. I got undressed and looked around. One girl was riding a guy, with another guy behind her. It looked like a good sandwich. She had her eyes closed as she went through several mini orgasms. Her body was quaking all over. The guy under her was sucking on her small tits, which looked like she was loving it. Suddenly the guy going in her ass thrust forward real hard, as he did so her eyes went wide as she came hard. The guy under her looked like he was cumming also. All three just collapsed next to each other, while they got their breath.

There were 2 girls 69ing each other. The shemale I saw last time was fucking some guy in the ass while at the same time he was sucking a cock from another shemale. The large lady had some thin girl sitting on her face, while some guy was fucking the hell out of her. There was one old lady probably in her 70’s being fucked by some young guy. She looked she was actually cumming to.

I looked back on stage. They had girl set up with both legs strapped to the stirrups and her hands shackled to the side of the table. There was a machine set up between her legs with dildos coming from it. They had inserted the dildos into her pussy and ass. The machine was moving them in and out. First one in and the other out, after about 5 minutes they both moved in unison then alternating again. There was also a set of wires coming out on either side of the machine that led to these disks like things that were attached to her breasts. It appeared to send a jolt of electricity every so often. Star was going crazy every time she hit her peak the machine would go faster and she’d have a few more orgasms before it slowed again. It helped that there was someone in control to change speeds on the machine.

My cock had gotten hard again. I looked around. I noticed an older lady probably in her late 40’s – early 50’s. She was a little chunky and had a huge set of tits. She was masturbating with one hand and rubbing her breasts with the other. Her eyes were glued to the stage. I moved over to her, she saw me coming and spread her legs a little more open and laid back. I went right at it burying my face in her dripping cunt. I couldn’t believe how wet she was. I was going down on her for only a few minutes when she erupted. She grabbed her huge tits pinching the oversized nipples. She forced her crotch up into my face. I could hear her loudly as she went over the edge “OH MY GOD, DON’T STOP, OH YES, I’M CUMMING, CUMMING, AHHHHHHHH” I didn’t let up, I actually doubled my efforts, this drove her into a new level as climaxed again. “AAHHHHH, I’M CUMMING AGAIN, OH YES CUMMING, OH MY FUCKING GOD YOUR WONDERFUL. FUCK ME GOD DAMN IT, FUCK ME NOW”
I moved up inserting the head of my cock and then slamming in, I fucked her as hard as I could. Her pussy would tighten and spasm around my cock, relax then tighten and spasm again. She kept cumming over and over. She reached up and pulled my head into her oversized breasts. I was in heaven as I licked and sucked all over. I kept gently biting her nipples, which would send a shudder through her body. Finally she wrapped her legs around me pulling me into her as she screamed. Her eyes actually rolled back, I felt my own orgasm hit as pumped load after load deep into her. As she felt me cum inside her, her body jerked up and down. She passed out but her body kept shuddering from the aftermath.

Some girl came over to me when I sat back down. She was beautiful like a model. She didn’t say a word; She leaned over and took my cock in her mouth. I looked back on stage. Star looked great, one of the girls had gotten on the table and had straddled Star’s face. Star’s body was going wild, as the 2 invading toys kept pumping in and out of her 2 holes. Every time the pretend cocks would bury themselves, Star would lift her ass up and arch her back. She didn’t have a very good range of motion because of being strapped down, but she did great with what she had. You could hear her muffled moans of excitement as she kept her tongue busy on the other girls pussy.

I looked back down at beautiful woman’s face that was in my lap. She looked incredible, my entire cock would disappear into mouth and her tongue would dance around the head and shaft. She was amazing. When I was rock solid again, she got up and whispered in my ear “I want to feel your prick deep in my ass, as I’m fucking you I want to play with my tits and gently pinch my nipples, that’ll drive me crazy”

She got onto my lap with her back to me and wrapped her hand around my shaft, tilting towards her ass. With moan, she lifted herself up and over my groin, inched the head into her hole and eased her body down my length in slick stroke. We both groaned at the same time. I was all the way up inside her hot sexy ass. I could feel body pulse as I when I reached around and started rubbing her perfect size melons. She even shook when lightly pinched her nipple. She wasn’t kidding when she said she loved having her tits played with. I kissed the back of her neck and she leaned back against me. She was moaning “Yes, Yes, Yes” in a sensuous purr: I started tonguing her ear and carefully brought my teeth to her neck. That really got her going, I felt her ass tighten around my cock. “Oh Yes” she moaned “FUCK ME HARD NOW, YOU FEEL SO GOOD INSIDE ME”. I tried something I’d only used in masturbation; I moved my cock around inside her, feeling the insides of perfect ass. We moved together, breathing heavily. I had one hand roaming over her tits and the other I moved down to stroke her clit. I knew I wouldn’t be ready to cum again for awhile but I could feel her ass tighten around my cock even more, her clit came alive on my fingers and her nipples were hard as rock. Her pussy started gushing now as she reached orgasm. Her ass quivering as I slammed in and out. She screamed out something unintelligible as she reached the height of her peak.

She finally calmed down and got up. She turned around and kissed me hard telling me, that was wonderful. She moved her head down taking my length into her mouth again. When she moved on, I was still hard as a rock.

I looked back on stage; a guy was straddling her head now. He was forcing his cock into her face and down her throat. He was giving her a good face fucking. Her head would move up to meat his downward thrust. Fortunately there were microphones all over the stage, so you could hear Star’s moans throughout the building.

I looked back around me, I noticed the two she-males were in a 69 position. I watched as the one on top was moving her hips up down, slamming her cock into the other one face. The one on the bottom had her fingers buried in the other one’s ass. I moved over, took the fingers out, place my meat at the entrance of her canal, and slammed my cock as far as it would go. She let out scream as I buried myself. I at first thought I’d hurt her, but I realized it was a scream of ecstasy, because she came hard into the other girl’s mouth. I could hear the one on the bottom making swallowing sounds as she lapped up every drop. I didn’t let up; I kept slamming in and out of her beautiful ass. She suddenly moved out from under me and told me to sit down. When I did the one on the bottom got up came over took hold of my cock and positioned at the entrance of her own back door. Then in one move, sat down and buried it as far as it would go. From there the other one came over and started sucking her cock. She slowly moved up and down, each upward movement would drive her cock into her friend’s face. She stopped moving, looked at me and said “Fuck me hard, slam me as hard as you can. I love the feel of a cock deep in my ass”. I started moving in and out slamming her harder and harder. As I jammed my cock all the in her friend would deep throat her.

Her ass felt great, and could feel my orgasm building up. Meanwhile her moans started getting louder and louder. “Oh, Oh yeah, just like that. Oh God Yeah, I’m Going To Cum. I Can Feel It coming. Deeper, fuck me Deeper. Cum With me, I want to feel you blast in me as I cum. OH, OH YEAH, OH YEAH, UH, UH, UH, AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH”. Her clenched my cock as she exploded down her friend’s throat. That drove me over the edge. I buried myself to the hilt as I coated the insides of her ass. When she felt me cumming with her she let out scream. Her body went into convulsions as her orgasm ripped through her. When she calmed down she said “Thank you for the wonderful ride, I hope we can do it again sometime.

I moved back to my seat and looked at the stage show. The invading fake cocks were still moving in and out of Star. There were guys on either side of her now, her hands had been let loose she was jacking off the guys, while another kept pumping into her face. You could still her muffled moans. I noticed the other side of the stage had there own little show going.

There was a girl on her back with her legs spread wide apart. There was a beautiful girl with a strap-on fucking her like crazy. There was another girl sitting on her face, grinding her hips down and rubbing her breasts. I watched as she pinched her nipples and rolled her head form side to side, I couldn’t hear her from here, but I could tell she was cumming. The one on the bottom was moving her hips up as the other slammed into her over and over. I had seen these women before. They were the ones who had brought Star out. I felt I was getting hard again. I got up and stared moving over to where the three ladies were.

I never made it. I came across a woman masturbating. She had her eyes closed and was arching her hips against her fingers. She was yelling out, ‘Someone fuck me, please, I need a hard cock.” She had a nice size set of tits about a C cup, which she was rubbing all over with her hand. “OH God, Fuck me, FUCK ME, ANYONE”. I got right down, moved her hand to my cock. She took it and pulled me into her. When I inside of her, she reached up, grabbed hold of my shoulder and pulled me down tight against her. She put her lips against mine, snaking her tongue between my lips, Then she wrapped her legs around me. She broke from the kiss, “Oh god yes, I’m Cumming, your making me CUM, yes, OH GOD YES.” As her orgasm hit she pressed into me as hard as she could, her head as moving from side to side, as it rocked through her body. When it started to subside she increased her movements again. Which caused her to into a series of orgasms. I felt her body quake over and over as each one gripped her. Her tits felt great against my chest as her hard nipples dug into me. Her orgasms were getting larger, I felt her body shake with each new onslaught. She was bucking her hips wildly against me as my hard-on grew to new proportions. I knew if hadn’t already cum a few times I would’ve cum long before now.

Her pussy would get tight and grip my cock every time an orgasm hit her. I could tell she was about ready to explode. “OH, yes, feels so good, so fucking good. OH MY GOD, IT’S INCREDIBLE, UNH, UNH, OH, UNH, AHHH, AHHH, OH, OH AHHHHHHHAOOOOOOOOOOOOO”. Her nails dug into my back, her head flew back. I could see her eyes roll back into her head. Her body bucked into me hard. Suddenly she stopped moving, her body jerked, then again, then again. She let out one last gasp, before she let go of me and passed out. She had a huge smile on her face. That was damn good to.

Back on stage the guys on either side of her were spraying all over Star’s tits. The fucking her face arched his back all of a sudden and was pumping his load down her throat. She was eagerly swallowing every last drop. When the guy moved away from her head, another guy took his place. You still hear her muffled moans from around the cock in her mouth. Her body went through another orgasm, jerking violently around the invading cocks. I was able to get a glimpse of her face. She looked like she in pure ecstasy.

I looked around the room again. Everyone was into it, I saw a few guys going at each other. The 2 transvestites were with different people now. One was with a girl; the other was with a guy.
The old lady was eating some young girl out, while another younger girl was going down on the old lady.
The huge lady was on her knees; she had her face buried in a skinny chick that was looked like she cumming all over the huge woman’s face. The huge woman (I remembered her name was Kim) was cumming as some guy was behind her fucking her ass. She really loved it in her ass. I could see her huge tits dangling down and shaking all over as her orgasm coursed through her body. It was quite and erotic scene.

I had a raging hard on now that I needed to do something with. I walked op the skinny chick and that the fat chick was eating out. I placed my cock in mouth, she went right at it. Damn she was good to, she had a way of sucking her cheeks in and licking the underside of my shaft. She would move her tongue back and forth stopping at the tip giving it extra attention. I started moving in and out of her mouth as she took the whole thing without a problem. She had reached up and took hold of my ass pulling me into her even more. I could feel my orgasm start to build up, I could tell she getting excited from what Kim was doing to her.

She got told me to lie down, then climbed on top of me. Next to me Kim had turned over on her back, and a guy was sliding his dick between her tits as another guy as fucking her pussy. The skinny chick climbed on top of me and started riding me like I was a bull. We were both already close, so it didn’t take long. I felt her body tighten up as her pussy clamped around rod. I reached up, grabbed hold of her little tits, and as she started to cum so did I.
We exploded together in sexual bliss. She kept moaning about how good it felt as pumped load after load into her.
Her little body collapsed onto mine and we just laid there. I heard loud moans next to me; I looked over to see the guy get off between her tits. It looked like he shot a good load to. Kim had cum at the same time he did. I really liked how her whole body shook when she reached her peak.

The woman on stage was going through a huge orgasm at the same time a guy spurted down her throat. Her lovely tits were coated in cum. When she got through this last one she, passed out. They removed the dildos from her pussy and ass then carried her off stage.

I knew I was spent for the night, not that I had any complaints. As usual it was another awesome night at the club. I can hardly wait till we meet again.

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