I could help you... Part I

I could help you... Part I

Me and my girlfriend laid in her bed. She was 23 at this time, her name is Tanya. I was naked, she wore a tight white top and a silken slip, also white coloured. I loved the way her big breasts were filling her shirt, her nipples were hard and further pushed my horniness. Like many times before we were watching a porn movie. But something very special was different that day. We were not alone...

My name is Tomas, I'm a 27 year old boy with blond hair and greenish blue eyes. I'm 6'2'' tall and sporty. The only thing at my body that I don't like is my only 5 1/2 '' long and 1'' thick cock. Maybe this is one fact what led to the later events...
Tanya is a beautifuk girl, long dark hair, big brown eyes, standing 5'5'' tall. She is not slender but wellshaped, with very female curves, a firm round butt and big natural c-seized breasts.
We are together for eight years now. At the beginning, sex was wild and nearly an every day pleasure. We really did it nearly every day for at least half a year. By the time, we realized that we were not satisfied by "normal" sex. In the beginning we told each other erotic and filthy stories of our youth and bought some toys to make sex a little more spicy. And it worked. But only for a wile. Then came the porn movies and we loved watching them together (and still do). One time, while looking at Tanya rubbing her breats and pussy while she was staring at the TV, where a young man stood naked in front of a masturbating girl and showed his big hard cock to her , I asked her:
"Do you like this cock?"
"Yes" she said after a long time looking into my eyes, her face blushed.
"What would you like to do with it?"
"Touch it....Suck it....fuck it...." Her voice was merely a whisper now.
In this moment I wanted to fuck her like I never did before. My cock was hard as rock and I pressed it against her hips. She realized that this turned me on that much. She felt my precum on her leg. And so she kissed me, our tongues met and we started to explore each other with an intensity I hadn't felt for three years. God, she was so wet.
Suddenly she kneeled on the bed, spreading her legs wide and said: "I want you to fuck me." And I did it, wild and hard. I told her to look at the TV (the couple was fucking now too) and to imagine that I was him. She came only half a minute later, and I too. She was so loud and wild like the first times we did it together, maybe even louder and with more lust.
Next time we were masturbating I wanted to know more about her fantasies. So I asked her:
"By whome do you want to get fucked of?"
"Don't know, I never thought about." It was a lie, I knew it.
"Oh come on, thats not true. Tell me and I tell you."
"You start." Again she blushed.
"Okay," I said "I woud like to fuck Susan (a friend of us)." My cheeks burned.
"Susan? Why?"
"Her breasts....her body....she makes me horny."
She licked my lips and I stared at her in surprise. She smiled. "I would choose Ben." Then she whispered, even more blushed: "I wanna suck and fuck his huge cock." (She saw it several times, even touched it and gave Ben a handjob, but this was long ago, long time before Tanya and I met, she was maybe 15 or so). Now I was the one smiling and I kissed her. She smiled shy at me and said: "Yes, I would like to be fucked by Ben."
"Why not?"
"I mean, I know that you love me. And I love you more than I can say. So why shouldn't I trust you? Do it."
She only stared at me, and I kissed her one more time. Again I pressed my dripping stiff cock against her leg. She returned the kiss heavily and wrapped her legs aroung me. My dick easily entered her wet, wellshaved pussy. In her fantasie I was Ben and I told her to call me by his name. "Oh Ben....yes.....YES.....deeper...ohhh it feels so good....oh Ben....."
When she came she nearly screamed his name. It made me come too. I blew my load into her dripping wet slit, while I felt my balls banging against her pussy lips.

Several weeks later, Tanya, Ben and I were watching TV in Tanya's room. We laid on her bed and most of the time we were talking and kidding. We didn't even notice when the movie was over. Next time we were looking at the TV there was some stupid sex-movie on the screen. It wasn't a real porn-movie, it was a soft-sex-film and the only erotic things what could be seen were some breasts.
By the time we were talking about the movie, and how bad it was. Our talk soon turned towards real porns and onto more intimate things such as masturbation and real sex. I could see Tanya's nipples harden under her t-shirt and her hand was slipping downwards to her slip. I also noticed Ben's hard one in his shorts, and I knew mine was obvious, too.
I don't remember how it came that we dated for the next evening to watch a real porn movie together, but I still can see the excitement in Tanya's eyes. I told Ben to be at Tanya's home at 8 pm to drive to the video-store.
Ben asked me to drive him home. In the car we talked about the next evening and in general about sex and groupsex, like we did so many times before. But this time it was different, as we both knew what should happen next day, although none of us had said it right now. He asked me if we (Tanya and I) ever had goupsex or what I think about having such. I knew that this was the moment that decides everything. So I told him, that we were looking for someone to join us in bed, a third man so to say. A male. Someone we are trusting...
I could feel his excitement. And then he asked me the one question that made me so horny, that my cock sprang to life and hardened in just one second:
"Shall I be shaved tomorrow? Does she like it?"
"Yes", I managed to say, but in my brain there was chaos. I thought about Tanya's reaction upon hearing these good news.
When I came home, I opened Tanya's chamberdoor and could instantly feel the precum running down my cock. She was lying naked on her bed, squeezing and rubbing her breasts and nipples with one hand, and masturbating wildly with the other. Even at the door I could her the wetness of her pussy while her fingers rubbed her clit and slid into her hole. Without stopping this she moaned loudly and looked at me, waiting for my report. Her parents were not at home for at least one week so I didn't close the door while I dropped my pants and boxershorts and revealed my dripping, erected cock.
"What did he say?"
"Look at my cock and ask me again!"
"Come on, I want to hear it."
While I walked over to her, I began to masturbate and told her what he said. She jumped up, pushed me on her bed and jumped onto my belly. Her wet slit was rubbing over my body while she kissed me heavily. I grasped her ass and spread her butt cheaks, then I pushed my rod into her cunt. It slided inside of her without a problem. I think I've never seen her that wet before.
"May I..." she started.
"Yes, what ever you want!"
She closed her eyes and threw her head back, her long hair flying in ecstasy as she started to fuck me harder than ever before. She bent forward to meet my kiss, and again I grasped and spread her ass and hammered my cock into her, as hard as I could. Her body was shaking and twisting, her firm titts hopping up and down by every thrust of my cock.
"Oh Ben....BEN.....oh my god...OH MY....GOOOOOOOD....BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!"

The next day I went to work and it was like being tortured. Time didn't pass. The only thing I could think about was our date in the evening. It seemed to be an endless day, but finally it was over and I drove home. I shaved my balls and my cock, eliminated every single hair in my lower regions.
Then I masturbated, because I knew that it wouldn't last long until I come if I don't do it before.
Then I went to Tanya. She was showering and shaving herself when I came, too.
At 8 pm Ben came to us. We jumped into the car and drove to the video-store. We talked about what movie we should fetch and decided that we should search for something appropriate for this evening: a group-sex-porn with young teen actors. We found one.
Ben wore some shorts and a t-shirt, just like me. But I knew, that Tanya had special clothing plannings for herself this evening.
After we had what we were searching for we went back to the car and drove to Tanya's home. Suddenly Ben dropped his shorts and presented his absolutely clena shaven cck. It wasn't hard by this time, but it was still huge.
"Do you think she'll like that?"
I dropped my pants to answer his question and nearly lost control over the car. Ben laughed and said that this was going to be an exciting evening.
Tanya opened the door in her special dress. She wore a tiny white string-top and a matching white satin string tanga. Her top was very small and tight so that her breasts looked even bigger. The top didn't cover much of them and she showed much of her beautiful smooth and milky white skin. She wore no bra, so that her nipples pierced through the silken clothing.
Her long dark hair was falling smoothly over her shoulders. In my eyes she was the goddess of the lust and temptation, just an arms lenght away from me. With a cute smile and her wonderful big eyes looking welcoming at us she said:
"Come in, everythings prepaired. You've been long awy, I wondered if you two will come back..."

(to be continued)

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