Nurse Nice/Nurse Nasty

Nurse Nice/Nurse Nasty

Author's Note: I had to pull the Pizza Boy story because I finally fleshed it out and sold it to a publisher. They wanted exclusive publication for the story so it had to be removed from here. This will probably be the last time I pull a story for a publisher, but I had no choice this time. Look for it on Amazon soon.

Meanwhile: I'm putting down my initial thoughts for a “Nurse Nasty” story here to see what kind of response I get from the wonderful readership on this site. If I get good comments, I'll finish the story and put it up at a later date.

My “Reluctant Kidnapper” story is also in the pipe to be finished and published soon. Look for it on Amazon under the ZondarTheBear pen name.

Nurse Nice/Nurse Nasty
By ZondarTheBear
(A companion piece to “The Nerd With The Footlong Dong”)

The Story of How It Began...

She could have put the washrag down and reached for the plastic pee jug that she was sure was hiding in one of the near-by drawers, but his cock was just so pretty, and so amazingly looooong that she had to let it slip between her soft lips when he began to urinate unexpectedly.

The poor boy had been in a coma for almost three months after being smashed into by a little old lady who shouldn't have been driving in the first place. When he first came in, he looked like hell, broken and bleeding, but now, after eleven weeks of laying in the hospital bed, slowly healing from his injuries, he actually looked damn good, if a little young.

She knew that he was actually eighteen, in spite of the youthful appearance that he presented as he lay with his eyes closed in the private hospital room.
They'd removed the ventilator the previous afternoon and now there was nothing that said 'coma' about the poor boy; he just looked like he was sleeping.

She was less than a month from graduating from nursing school and she spent her weekends helping out at the local hospital, doing the scut work that real nurses didn't have time to do.

Work like giving a young coma patient a sponge bath.

She was quite good at her job, no matter what that job was. She'd sponged this particular patient before and was looking forward to having yet another go-round with his giant cock. She hadn't actually done anything wrong in the past, at most she'd lingered just a bit, letting the warm washcloth wander over his eleven inches for a few seconds longer than was strictly necessary, but this time things got just a bit out of control.

She had him squeaky clean from head to waist and from thighs to toes in less than a minute, but her pussy started leaking as her fingers reached for his limp meat to run the warm cloth over it's long, long surface.

Even completely soft, his cock was the best example of man meat that she had ever seen. If it had been normal size, six inches or so, it would have been considered 'thick', but his sheer snake-like length made him look slim and pretty, with a dark red, almost purple knob attached to the end.

Her hands, covered with the soaking wet, suds-filled cloth, ran up and down the length of him, soaping his nutsack and leaving a puddle of bubbles in his sparse pubic hair.

She slid over his soft skin for a good amount of time, forcing herself to keep her fingers from sliding up under her skirt and play with her leaking pussy.

Until he began to firm up under her hand.

In the two months that she'd been in the hospital he'd been hooked up to an amazing plethora of life-sustaining machinery, and had never so much as twitched under her fingers, but now he was twitching. More than twitching. His limp cock was no longer so limp and he was growing. Growing. GROWING.
In seconds, his cock was a good two inches longer that she had ever seen it, making it at least thirteen inches total and stuck straight up along his stomach, seeming to quiver under the washcloth.

She sat in the edge of the bed, careful not to jostle the patient, and stared at his meat, mouth open in shock. Her desire to sink his entire length into her mouth was almost overwhelming, but she held off, knowing that it would be wrong.

Then he started peeing.

He had been showing all the classic signs of a person about to wake up from an extended comatose state and the doctor had recently ordered his catheter to be removed along with the ventilator that had kept his lungs working all those months.

Now his cock was leaking piss. Not a lot, just enough to make her lose her hard fought self control. She was a piss-hound. A urine goddess. A woman who absolutely loved golden fluids. She not only desired to have men, and women, piss on her soft beautiful skin, she absolutely ached for it.

She loved the feel of a hard cock pushing deep into her asshole and unleashing a torrent of yellow fluids into her rectum, almost as much as she loved the feel of a gushing, hot stream of piss filling her pussy.

The only thing she loved better than all of that was taking a pissing cock into her mouth and drinking, drinking, DRINKING, until there was no more urine to be swallowed.

Her mind seemed to shut down when she saw the first few drops of yellow gold puddling in his belly button. She'd been almost finished with her extended washing of his long cock, the rinsing of the suds nearly done, and now she was about to break every rule the hospital had in place, and maybe a few laws at the same time.

Her head swooped down and her mouth slipped over the fat purple tip of his cock. His piss was salty and marvelous. The flavor spilled into her mouth and over her tastebuds.

This poor boy had been on a continuous liquid diet for almost three months and his urine had become a thing of wonder; she couldn't describe it's sublime flavor, even if there had been anybody willing to listen to her illicit tale.

Over time, his body had become use to just letting his piss leak into the tube that had been protruding from his cock, so he didn't really let go with a stream of piss at first, he just sort of dribbled and dripped into her mouth.

Her lips worked at his cockhead, sucking gently, as her tongue slithered around his purple knob. She'd never experienced anything like what was happening, a continuous dribble of piss washing her tongue in salty flavors, never ending urine flowing into her mouth. She was in heaven, lost in a sea of pleasure.

Before she knew it, her fingers were under her skirt, pushing into her panties and sliding between her fat pussy lips. She was sopping wet, her juiced leaking out of her hot cunt. Her twitching clit was awash in her lava-hot liquids, squishing loudly as her fingers worked to bring her to what she knew would be an overwhelming orgasm.

As his dribble slowly began to turn into a soft stream, she didn't care if the whole world walked into the room, nothing would have kept her from ending her career if that's what it took to keep drinking his hot piss.

She sucked harder, her mouth slowly filling with his pee. Before too long she was full to her teeth and had to swallow to make room for more of his wonderful golden liquid.

Her mouth worked quickly and his piss slid down her throat. The smell of his fresh urine bursting into the back of her nose as it flowed into her stomach made her head swirl.

Her eyes closed and her head began to bob up and down, taking most of his fat tip into her mouth. His piss began to flow harder and she gulped a second time.

Her fingers really began to work on her squishy pussy, sending jolts of electricity shooting down her legs and up her spine. She moaned quietly as a gush of thick fluids slid down her left thigh.

She was close...

She gulped his piss a third time, then a fourth. His flow was turning into a hard-shooting fountain that was quickly filling her over and over. She licked and bobbed her head, sucking harder and harder.

The urine abruptly cut off and she moaned in disappointment, until a gob of semen spat out of his cock and coated her tongue. In seconds, her mouth was completely full of his thick warm cum. Spurt after spurt of sweet, salty goo exploded over her tastebuds, mixing with the flavor of his urine and sending her into a convulsing orgasm that had her shaking and moaning in the bed next to him.

She had always been a squirter. The very first time that she had used her fingers to bring herself to climax she absolutely soaked the her sheets. Her mother had been surprised to the point of shock when she learned that her daughter had done the laundry without being badgered the entire day.

When her young patient abruptly filled her mouth with more than a dozen thick ropes of his sweet, sweet cum, she lost her shit all together. Her thighs slapped closed on her hand and a shudder sent her into a world of pleasure the likes of which she'd never experienced before, and never wanted to leave.

Her own liquids had grown thicker over the years. That first time they'd exited her clasping pussy, they had been little more than wonderfully scented water. Now, after years of wonderfully nasty sexual encounters, they were almost as thick as the cum that was filling her mouth and flowing down her throat.

They oozed from her pussy like a slow moving river of goo, soaking her panties and fingers, before sliding thickly down her leg to splatter on the tile floor next to the hospital bed.

Her younger sister had shared a room with her all for her entire childhood so she had become quite adept at cumming quietly, no matter how much she wanted to scream and thrash around.

Her patient's orgasm eventually pulsed to a quiet finish and she gulped the last of his thick fluids, running her tongue around and around his head. She jumped and moaned when his piss suddenly began to fill her mouth once more. She sighed in pleasure as a stray thought about buying a lottery ticket crossed her sex-addled brain.

Her stomach was full to bursting by the time he finally dribbled to a warm, wet stop in her mouth. She jumped, terrified, and froze when she felt a hand touch the back of her head.

Her eyes rose up and locked onto the patient's. They were open for the first time in months, and his wide-eyed look made her think that he completely understood what was happening to him. Her heart began to pound in her chest, causing her large breasts to jump slightly under her purple student-nurse scrubs.

His cock twitched in her mouth and she let it slip from between her soft red lips. It flopped onto his belly and she slowly sat up, letting his hand slide from her head, along her shoulder and down onto her thigh, sure that he was going to start screaming 'rape' at the top of his lungs.

His face squinched up and a look of confusion appeared on his young features. He abruptly turned and began to throw up over the side of the bed. She quickly slipped his patient gown back into place, smoothed his covers over his legs, gathered her sponge-bath supplies and slipped from the room.

The nurses station was only a few feet down the hallway and she hurried over to tell the charge nurse, a kind, heavyset woman, that the patient was awake and needed some help that was beyond her limited duties. Just as she slid to a stop, the help button from her patient's room lit up and the charge nurse hurried away from the desk.


“Looks like out patient is awake at last.” The charge nurse said as she sailed by Regina, the student nurse assigned to the floor as a candy striper.

Regina sighed and went to the supply closet to deal with her sponge-bath equipment. She was sure that the patient would tell the charge nurse what had happened to him and she would be fired before the afternoon was over.

She sat down and waited, contemplating her future. A few minutes later the charge nurse slipped from the room and snagged one of the passing janitors. She steered him into the room and came back to the nurses station with a smile on her face.

She ignored the confused Regina and began to dial the telephone. She tucked the receiver into her shoulder and looked over at her student nurse.

“He's awake all right. He seemed a bit scared until I gave him his glasses; poor thing is blind as a bat without them. Once I explained what I could to him, he seemed much better...”

She jerked as the call was picked up from the other end and began to spew instructions into the telephone. Regina sighed again as she realized that she might make it out of this with her job intact and swore that she would never do anything like that again.


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