The Secret Hotel Room

The Secret Hotel Room

As part of my job I have to travel to head office in London once a month. It’s a completely pointless journey but keeps the bosses happy and gives me an opportunity to watch my progammes on Netflix on the train down from Newcastle. I’ve got into a nice routine where I catch the train after work, be in London by 8 and walk over the road to my hotel in time for a meal and a couple of beers. I’ve been doing it for so long now I know all the staff and it’s like going to my second home.

I’ve got a routine and everything runs smoothly, that is until this trip! I got to check in as normal but my booking wasnt there! Something to do with a new system blah blah, I was too tired to be mad and like I said they’re almost a second family to me. Long story short but they found another hotel in the group way across the city near Canary Wharf and by way of an apology they upgraded me to a Executive room. So I made my way to the tube and made the journey across London, finally making it to the hotel exhausted. I checked in, ordered some room service and a few beers and settled in to my room. The room was incredible. The sort you see in the movies. Huge bed, marble floor in the bathroom, huge floor to ceiling mirror (my wife and daughter would love that for getting ready) and most importantly. A free minibar!

The following morning I had to get up early to make my way across the city for work. Work was as boring and as pointless as ever and around 7pm I made it back to the hotel. Walking in the door I heard a familiar voice call out my name. As I turned round I was treated by a firm handshake and a man hug from Chris. Chris used to work at the hotel I normally stayed at and was promoted about 3 months ago to run the new hotel, I had completely forgot. To help with his application I had written a reference which apparently sealed if for him so he offered me a few drinks and we had a nice chat. A few drinks turned to a few more and before you know it we were both too d*unk for a work night! That’s when he let me in on the hotels secret!

Due to the location to the city, the hotel had been contacted by various agencies to help them fight fraud after the financial crash. They asked the hotel to bug some of the rooms so they could listen in and collect evidence. That was the plan the hotel agreed to, but things escalated! Chris asked me if I’d noticed anything strange about the floor I was on, the extra doors. I had but assumed they were cleaning stores or something like that. Turns out they are spy rooms. “Bullshit”. “No I promise you that’s what they are for. Remember the head of Tad Bank who was arrested for stock manipulation, he was a guest here, that’s how they caught him”. Chris could tell I was still sceptical so he offered to show me! We made our way up to the top floor and making sure no one was looking we made our way in. He wasn’t joking. Remember the full height mirror, it wasn’t so women could do their make up, it was a two way mirror with full view of the room!

“The deal is that we only use these bedrooms for people the authorities want to monitor, but where’s the fun in that?! When they’re not using them we pick special guests to use them!” As he finished talking one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen walked out of the bathroom dressed only in her towel, my mouth hit the floor, as she stood in front of the mirror she let the towel drop revealing her full naked form!

Long brown hair past her shoulders, the most pert tits I think I’ve ever seen, at a guess I’d say 32D, clean shaven and the peachiest bum ever.

As she stood admiring herself in the mirror, we both did the same on the opposite side.

Then it hit me “wait isn’t that...” , “yep” , “from...” , “uh huh” , “damn” , “wait, it’ll get better”.

We both stood in silence for about 45 minutes whilst she got ready, putting her makeup on and the sexiest red lingerie set! It perfectly cupped her magnificent breasts and the thong showed off her peachy ass perfectly. She took her phone out of her bag and sent a text message, her face instantly changed to one of excitement but panic.

5 minutes later there was a triple knock on the door. She climbed on to the bed doggy style, not like my wife or yours but like the pornstars we all love. Ass in the air, face down giving both Chris and I the most incredible view of her glistening pink pussy and puckered ass. “I’m ready”. With that the door opens and in comes what only can described as a mountain of a man. 6,8’ at a guess and very smartly dressed. “That’s not her husband” I say with a slight laugh, “sshhh” is the only response I get as we both watch the guy undress. Now I’m straight but I can appreciate the guys body. Clearly works out with muscles any man would die for. And then he dropped his trousers, I’ve watched my fair share of porn and this is one of the biggest I’ve seen. Easily 10” and thick with it!

Warming himself up he moves behind her, moving the thong aside and teasing her with the tip of his cock. “Bet you been dreaming about this all day” , silence. “Damn baby you get wetter and wetter each time” , silence. “Hope you’re ready” , silence. With that he inches the edge of his cock into her and we get the first noises as she lightly moans as he pushes into her. Inch after inch slowly working deeper. Without speaking both Chris and I sit on the floor to get a better view. Slowly for two or three times he edges in and edges out, stopping to pause for a few seconds each time, teasing her. Then it changes, he without warning starts slamming into her, his skin slapping against hers as all 10” inches disappears and reappears like a jack hammer.

Her moans increase and occasionally turn into a scream, he doesn’t stop, doesn’t miss a beat, keeps pumping and pumping using the woman in front of him like little more than a sex toy, taking what he needs and spanking her ass with minimal regards for her enjoyment (although she is clearly enjoying it!). After what felt like ages he thrust one last time and emptied his balls deep inside her with a loud grunt. He steps back and cleans himself with the tissues by the tv. Gets dressed and takes a picture of his cum dripping out of her, taps her on the ass and leaves.

As the door closes she moves around and sits on the end of the bed. Puts two fingers inside her pussy, takes them out and puts them in her mouth and makes a mmm sound like it’s the best meal she’s had. she sits back on the bed, has a glass of wine and puts the tv on, still naked and full of his cum.

“Wow, you would never expect her to be like that” ,

“I know, not as innocent as she makes out” ,

“this isn’t the first time then?!” ,

“no, every week without fail, not always the same guy but always the same routine, no eye contact, no talking, just fuck” ,

”incredible” ,

“I know. And you haven’t seen the other room yet!!”


Needless to say I couldn’t sleep that night and couldn’t believe what I had just seen!!

The following day was a blur as I kept replaying the scene over and over and not quite able to rationalise what I thought she was like to what we had witnessed the night before.

When I got back to my room after work a note had been slid under my door. ‘Expect a phone call tonight around 10... Chris’ in the envelope was a room key.

I ordered room service and a few beers and called the wife. We had the usual chat about my day and how she was missing me and she asked if I was up to anything tonight. “Oh you know me, just a few beers in the hotel bar, be a quiet one as usual”. Bang on 10 the phone rang, it wasn’t Chris but the voice said the key opens the room with ‘Server Room’ on it. When the phone rings next I was to go out into the corridor and into the server room, if anyone else was in the corridor I was to keep walking. My heart was pounding, I sat on the bed watching the clock, I’ve never known the time to pass so slowly. At 10:08 the phone rang again and that was my queue. I opened the door, walked along the corridor and into the server room, I couldn’t believe what I saw.

The other spy room was just a bare room with a few seats, this one had full video and sound recording equipment. Chris was inside and assured me they never use it, with a telling smile!

The bedroom was similar to the others but slightly bigger and had a sofa along one wall. On the sofa was 2 young girls, both young and very pretty, and both dressed for a night out.

“Do you think he’ll be here soon?”

“I think so, he finished on the radio ages ago”

“I hope so, so excited to meet him, I was happy getting gig tickets but to win a meet and greet is awesome.”

“yea me too, but I don’t have long, I hope he’s quick”.

Speaking to Chris they were waiting for some famous rapper to arrive for a meet and greet. Apparently he does it every time he’s in London. Only it’s more than just an autograph!!

Just as the girls finished talking the door opened and in he walked with 2 other guys, his security apparently. I couldn’t tell you his name but recognise him from posters on my daughters room at university. All three guys were tall, muscular and black. The two bouncers both had tattoos all down their arms and the rapper had on a tight top that clearly showed his body off.

As he walked in both girls stood up giggling and jumping about like any fan girls would. He was really professional and did the usual pleasantries, posed for selfies, signed pictures and agreed to a hug and a cheeky kiss on the cheek! One of the bouncers offered them both a drink which the brunette accepted but the blonde said she had to be up early for work so had to leave.

After the blonde had left, the brunette was invited to sit on the sofa and the rapper sat next to her whilst the two body guards sat on the bed doing something on their phones. The conversation went from how far she had travelled to was she excited about the gig to did she have a boyfriend. Not far, very excited and a reluctant yes were the answer. “Well he’s a very lucky guy, you are very sexy”. The brunette instantly went bright red and quietly replied thank you.

She nervously drank her drink and the bouncer immediately brought her a new one. In a not very subtle move the rapper put his hand on her thigh and leant in and kissed her square on the lips, she shot back out of surprise but very quickly leant back in and their tongues meant in a passionate kiss. His hand moved up and cupped her breast whilst the two remained locked in the kiss. He fondled her, pinching her nipple as she moaned into his mouth first though the top and then he pulled it down exposing both breasts, they weren’t very big but suiting her slim frame perfectly. Seems the top was too tight for a bra!!

He broke away from the kiss taking each breast in his mouth as she closed her eyes and let her head fall back. He was sucking each breast like he was trying to feed whilst rolling the other nipple between his fingers. She was clearly loving the attention as she parted her legs, hitched her skirt up and started to rub herself through her black lace underwear. The two bouncers were pretending to be on their phones but clearly keeping one eye on the action unfolding.

He moved his head down pushed her skirt up so it was up over her hips, and removed the black underwear. He buried his head deep in her pussy and started to work his tongue in and out of her folds. It was clearly working as she moaned and wriggled about on the sofa. She suddenly grabbed the back of his head, pushed him deeper and loudly declared “of fuck in cuuuummmmiiiinnngg” as her body started shaking as he carried on pleasing her.

He stood up in front of her and started to drop his trousers

I’ve never seen anyone look so shocked, excited, nervous and scared all at the same time. It wasn’t the longest (still easily 9”) but was thicker than a beer can!! “My turn now”’he boldly said to her. “But your mates. They’re still here” she said all of a sudden coming back to reality. “They cool if you are” was the reply. You could see she didn’t know what to do. She wanted him so badly but was unsure about having an audience.

Whilst she was thinking he stepped forward so his dick was only inches from her face. She clearly made her decision as she reached out, grabbed his dick and laughed as she could barely wrap her hand around it. She closed her eyes leant forward and took his length in her mouth. I say length, she could barely stretch her tiny mouth around the tip. It instantly remind me of the hamster trying to eat a banana!

What she lacked in inches she made up for in effort!! She repeatedly took more and more and gagged with every attempt. , pausing only to take a breath, wank him and start again. He picked her up off the sofa, and sat down himself. She got on her knees between his legs and started once again to suck the dick in front of her. He looked up to his mates and gave them a knowing nod.

They quietly got naked, both guys about the same length as our rapper but not as thick. They walked forward naked and rubbing their cocks hard. The stood either side of the brunette as she continued to suck unaware. She was suddenly aware of the guys next to her and she looked at both of them twice and back at the guy on the sofa. She didn’t say anything but it was clear in her eyes. “Only if you want to but we’ll make it worth your while”. You could almost see the cogs turning before she reached out with both hands and grabbed each guy and began to wank them. He stood up so all three were around her as she was on her her knees, our view was somewhat blocked my a muscular black ass but we could still see, and hear, what was going on.

She would alternate between each guy, sucking each one in turn whilst wanking the other two. the view was incredible, this sexy young girl on her knees, top down exposing her small breast and her skirt hitched up showing either her tight bum or wet pussy as she moved around the 3 black guys towering over her.

I’m close” said one of the guys. With that they all stepped back. One of the body guards picked her up and helped her out of her clothes. Now she was stood naked in front of us we could really appreciate her body, she was petite, around 5’4, B maybe C cup breast, just enough of an ass to call it an ass and clean shaven up front. The body guard told her to climb on the bed and she willingly obliged, she almost jumped on she was so keen. The rapper got on the bed behind her as she got into the doggy position. I was a bit disappointed it was this way round as we wouldn’t be able to see as he entered her. The disappointed quickly left as we were treated to something arguably better.

As he inched his can thick cock into her, her mouth dropped and her eyes almost popped out of her head, she was looking straight at the mirror and if I didn’t know better I would say she was looking straight at me. You could see he was stretching her to her limits, and beyond, but the look was of pure ecstasy! She first dropped her head and then flung it back as he fucked her body. Slowly at start whilst she got used to his size and then building up the speed, it was clear when she was used to his girth as she started the pushing back in perfect motion to meet his thrusts. The two body guards were stood to one side both rubbing themselves to the action, making sure they remained hard. They were well into themotion, as she screamed out and her whole body shook as she came hard and fell off his dick and flat onto the bed. Breathless she just managed to mutter “Fuck, I’ve never cum that hard before”.

“Turn around baby and suck me baby”. Clearly exhausted she turned around on the bed and took him in her mouth. It must have been a tasty combination of her pussy and his cock as she eagily sucked him. This give all of us a much better view and she lay on the bed with her her legs slightly apart. As we were enjoying our view, one of the bodyguards got on the bed behind her, lifted her ass up and stuffed two pillows under her body so her ass was sticking up in the air. He spat on his cock ( she was so wet I don’t think it was needed) and slid into her as she continued to suck his boss. This guys clearly had a different way as once he had worked in and out a few times he preceded to fuck her with all his force, the slapping of his skin on hers clearly audible in our room and I would bet half way down the corridor. This clearly took her by surprise as she leant back to try and grab him, she very quickly accepted it though, grabbed hold of the bedsheets and you could see her toes curl. She stopped sucking and resting her head in his groin, basically holding on, as the bodyguard slammed into her. Probably luckily for her the guy didn’t have a lot of stamina and the roughness didn’t last long as she turned round and gave him a massive smile and exhaled a “fuck that was... fuck!”

The third guy had made his way on to the bed and lay down next to her. He picked her up and turned her round so she was sat on his lap and facing us. She knew what to do and reached down grabbing his cock. She raised up and held it at the entrance to her pussy, teasing both of them by rubbing the tip along the folds. Slowly then she inched down until she was sat on his lap and he was deep inside her, she closed her eyes and leant her head back enjoying the sensation of being filled by this man she’s known for less than a couple of hours. She slid up and down on his length taking her time and massaging her breasts as she did. The view from our room was incredible as 10” of black cock disappeared inside this tiny white body like a magic trick before reappearing again.

The other two guys stood on the bed and she did a combination of sucking and wanking them as she continued to ride her new man. They grabbed and pinched her tits as she did and she was clearly in heaven, I bet at this point she couldn’t pick her boyfriend out of a line up! The guy she was riding said “let’s do it”. She had no idea what this mean but the other two guys grabbed her under her arms and held her in a semi squat position. The guy below reposition himself slightly and then started thrusting up and down rapidly and forcefully, once again the noise of skin slapping on skin filled the air as his cock slammed in and out of her small frame like a piston making her scream in amazement. This guy clearly had a lot more stamina and only stopped when she starting convulsing in orgasm one more time as the guys held on to her

The guys took her off the bed and put her on the floor and all stood round her. She was instructed to kneel with her eyes closed and her mouth open as they all stood around her wanking, one by one they shot their loads over he face and in her mouth. When they had all cum she stood up and was covered. All over her face, in her hair, over her body, she looked absolutely exhausted but completely satisfied as she ran her tongue around her lips

She could barely stand let along walk so was helped into the bathroom to clean up. When she re-emerged her face and body was clean but could clearly still see some cum in her hair. She got dressed in silence, “it was really nice to meet you all” she said with a giggle! The guys ordered her a taxi and she was given a VIP pass to the gig “this will get you backstage after, and I’ll introduce you you the rest of the crew, oh and there’s a second pass too”. She took the tickets and left. We all stood their in silence, amazed at what we had just witnessed. It was way after 2am so I returned to my room. It was my last night before returning home, not sure this trip could ever be bettered

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