Just As He Is - Part 3

Just As He Is - Part 3

The next morning Stuie awoke from the noise of his mother preparing for the day. He was still thinking what to wear that might attract the notice of a sister he was still unsure about. He chose to wear his bright red form fitting tank top and a pair of form fitting triathalon shorts, often worn for wrestling practice, that would accentuate his "package" and buns. He couldn't find a complete pair of either sandals or flip flops readily available, so bare feet would do just fine.

He shuffled past the rooms of the house to the kitchen to help out his sister prepare breakfast. She was sleepy-eyed and as usual barely acknowledged him, so intent on her tasks. But it was what she was wearing that aroused him from his fatigue for a few minutes. She had on her shortest denim cutoffs. For a top, she was clad in a colorful Indian cotton blouse with at least three buttons open at the top and revealing plenty of midriff that flattered a developing hour glass figure. It was not evident to Stuie if she was wearing a training bra that morning. How did her arms and legs get so tanned so early in the summer? For less than a minute he considered having to step into another room in the house to cope with a growing bone that would be conspicuously outlined in his athletic shorts. But his focus on the need to not screw up the coffee that morning was a welcome distraction.

When the morning meal was ready, they got their usual instructions from their mother. Stuie was to check the photocopies of work papers of prospective alien migrants that might be employed that had arrived in the mail the day before. Check for red flags for anybody who would be unsuitable. Through the breakfast, the two flashed knowing looks at each other. Just before finishing her second cup of coffee before departing for her day job, their mother ogled them both for their odd attire. "Do you kids have plans for the weekend starting today that I should know about? Julie, you are not planning to meet up with some beau that I have not been introduced to yet? Stuie, you have not invited a hovel of college jocks to camp out here for some competitions, have you?"

They both just looked down into their breakfast plates before answering. "No Ma'm!"'

The mother responded after casting both her offspring a doubtful expression. "Sometimes I think I gave birth to a couple of sneaks." '

Their mother out the door, they sat at their places at the table just staring at each other. They listened carefully as the pick up truck started and their mother steered the vehicle on to the long dirt road away from the house and orchards to turn off on to the main road that leads into town. It was Julie who broke into her broad pixieish smile before the truck was out of earshot.

She suddenly jumped from her seat and stepped up to her brother, trying to pull back his chair from the table where she could seat herself on his lap. She kissed him on the lips where the two were just open mouthed enough to exchange the ends of their tongues. Her little right hand made a beeline for the front of his midsection, her fingers able to feel and fondle the outline of his enlivening man hose right through the blended partly spandex fabric of his shorts.

She pulled back her head to break the kiss and blurt out, "I want it again. I want your hot cock."

The older brother suddenly grabbed the slim waist and hips of his lithe petite sister as he arose from the table and with an athletic heave, competently threw her warm frame on to his broad right shoulder. She squealed with delight. He grunted indeterminate animal noises. "You'll have my cock, your horny highness."

The added weight down on him caused his bare feet to squeak against the linoleum floor as he stomped from the kitchen into the parlor, careful not to bump his sister into the doorway portico, but still projecting an image of the powerful and primitive prehistoric troglydyte intent on having his way with the female of his tribe who just reached sexual maturity. "Put me down you big ape. Let me have your fat cock the way I want it, not to rape me with it." Julie could hardly contain herself from giggling.

Stuie carefully bent over to slip the girl off his shoulder and plant her, ass down, into the sofa. He stood up with destination concluded. His straining bulge was inches from her face. "OK, let the dog out and knock yourself out, sister."

She reached for the stretch band at the top of the front of his shorts and was surprised how easily the garment jerked more than a foot down, exposing him completely below the belt in one good yank. His stretched out excited man meat popped out pleasingly to greet its handler in friendly swagger, pulsing and in need of bracing tactile attentions. Her eyes widened with joy with the prospect of an enthralling reencounter, making a special mental note of the juices already dripping about the blossomed cock head that had percolated deep in the powerful lusting loins of her athletic brother. As subtle as the musky odor was that emanated from all the blistering male excitation just inches away, it flooded her nostrils causing a long inhale through her nose and triggering her own fresh pubescent juices to start flowing from her own sex.

She reached for the torrid length of man gristle with both hands. She stroked it hard and firm at an increasing pace. "Oooohhhh sis, that feels so great. Great little hhaaaannnndds there, Julie." He was leaning forward bracing himself with his left hand against the top and back of the sofa. Julie was mesmerized in enchanted fascination with her handiwork as the length of cock in her hands bucked and twitched in throbbing appeciation in the grip of steady navigation.

With his right hand, he was feeling about the teen's little shorts with the pulsing warmth that arose from the heat of lust. She spread her legs in instinctive receptivity. Fortunately the top button was just a snap, and opened the zipper almost of its own accord as needy flesh was busting loose all over. He was able to easily slide his fingers past the new growth of soft hairs into the warm syrup that drenched her swelling lips. He gently glided one large finger just a little way into her wet but pulsing hole. His other fingers gingerly grazed the sex lips and the throbbing, itching, burning enlarged clitoris. "Oooohhh don't stop, that feels so good" she moaned out, in a sultry kittenish tone of deep pleasures.

Her handiwork on his cock lessened and almost stopped as her focus shifted to the swoon and waves of hot pleasure she was experiencing. Somehow he was able to peel away his tank top with one hand and attend to her in complete nudity, thinking this would enhance her stimulation even more. Without ever removing his hand and fingers from her desperately needy teen puss, he knelt down and was able to pull away her denim shorts from her seat, down and off her legs. He spread his hand over her genital area causing her to spread open her legs to the max - an unconcious gesture of uninhibited trust. She was drunk with all the sensational feelings. He used one hand to spread open her slick rosy red lips and the other to slide his finger back again just very shallow and start to slowly apply pressure up against her pubic bone. With the other hand, he pressed his thumb, slick with her juices, very lightly in soft tapping motions with its pad against her starved for attention clitoris. "Ooooooo yes, don't stop."

He steadily applied more pressure from both the finger inside crooked a little back moving in a "come hither" gesture, and his tapping thumb against her intensely stimulating love button. The depth of the cutting tingle between her thighs and the waves of heat that were spreading out further into her body and even her extremities signaled to her that an explosive orgasm was looming. "Stuie, oooo, oooohh", she squealed. She arched her back in shuddering convulsions and opened her mouth to vocalize punctuated squeals in a fit of ecstatic delirium of greater strength than ever she had experienced before.

Stuie felt the pulsing grip of pussy lips on his finger and the effluent warm sauce of teen orgasm flow onto his fingers and hands but kept them about her until he was confident that the euphoria that had flooded all her nerves and her brain had subsided. When she seemed to revive to normal conciousness, he arose to sit next to her and sniff and lick the discharges of her female pleasures on his hands. Her young teen scent and flavor was not quite as dense as a more mature woman, but a little sweeter and more spring-like, like fresh shoots from rich earth.

He was induced to return his attentions to his still throbbing cock and stroke it in quick earnestness. Julie was fully conscious and was in dazzled concentration and focus on her brother's intention of self pleasure. "Oh Julie sweets, here I cum." She jumped to lean over his lap and open her mouth just over the end of his cock in the nick of time. He squirted out one spurt into her throat and another onto her tongue. As his cock in his grip continued to throb and spasm, she would lick away the little increments of his load from his slit as they would emerge, or from off his fingers. Stuie moaned his low pitched pleasure all the while.

In the warm flush after orgasm, Stuie lifted his legs and laid his calves across the lap of Julie and luxuriated in the glow. "Ohhh sweet sis, that was awesome sex."

Julie started to rub and massage her brother's feet and toes stuck out at the end of the sofa just beyond his lap. "Where did you ever learn to finger a girl like that? That was incredible."

"That, my little sex goddess in the making, is dual stimulation of the clitoris and an appendage of the urethra within the vaginal wall called the Grafenberg region, otherwise known as the 'G' spot. Any boy with whom you ever become romantically involved should know how to service you that way."

"How did you learn about what girls have that gives us such hot pleasure and causes us to orgasm and such?"

"I think I told you I was having sex with some girls in High School. Poor Mom was so scared I was going to get a girl pregnant, she would pack rubbers in my back pack. She told me to tell her immediately if I ever noticed 'sores' down there or it ever hurt to pee. Anyway, they always seemed to enjoy it, but sometimes not as much as I did. So guys like me, and some guys who aren't even doing any girls ask around about what we can do to, you know, to get girls to cum. Then we would check it out on the Internet."

"Well you certainly did some good research. Wait 'til I tell some of the girls at school what some boys are learning."

The naked brother sprawled out on the couch moaned very softly in relaxation. "Oh sis, you give nice foot rubs."

Julie moved the palm of one of her hands to within an inch of her nose and her nostrils flared visibly as she sniffed. "Ah bro, I just got reminded that neither of us has taken our shower this morning."

They both looked at each other silently as they had at the kitchen table earlier that morning. Suddenly Stuie jumped up from the sofa. "Last one in the shower has to scrub the toilet." The taller of the 2 had several advantages, most of which he did not have any clothes to remove.

Julie only unfastened the last button of her top turning the corner into the bathroom as she noticed her brother turn on the faucets and close the curtain shut. "You bastard." Her top was off and she approached the tub, ready to bathe with someone else in her family for the first time since she was very little. Evidently the water was steaming hot right away. "I'm going to get scalded. No wonder the hot water starts to give out if you shower before me, selfish." She spoke as she climbed into the back of the tub, but was rendered speechless by the sensual image of her brother drenching himself directly under the shower head faucet. It was as if the fatigued goofy stark naked older boy, who had stepped about nearly staggering late at night in the hallway that seperated bedrooms from the bathroom, had been transformed into the majestic nudity of a young man of the caliber of Michelangelo's David. Attractive vivid animistic human flesh in the guise of a college athlete had been captured in a snapshot of compelling sculpture in the style of Rodin. Broad shoulders built on top of toned pectorals symetrically adorned by small but very pointed hard nipples all glistened in a dazzling display of ineffable wetness from a youth's blissful hot shower.

The wetness flattered nearly everything else from the rugged bone structure of his feet and toes to his powerful thighs to ribbed abs centered by a small but cavernous navel which topped off a trail of wet hairs plunging into a sopping wet bush revealing true masculine maturity. The sight of the outline of bubbled ass cheeks alone in all the rush of water nearly sent the teen into a swoon of euphoric paralysis. His biceps never seemed so large or dynamic as his arms started to sweep over his body with a bar of soap in hand. Even his dick took an artful curve not noticed before, offering the only comic note, endearing to a somehat younger sister for the effect of the appearance of peeing because of the way the cascading water would fall away from a male appendage. Toilet habits were a favorite topic of conversation and discussion for a little girl with her doting and tolerant somewhat older brother.

He winked at his sister but mostly closed his eyes and opened his mouth part way to focus on the luxurious sensations of all the hot water that soothed every pore of his healthy skin. She stepped up, wrapped her arms around him, and held close. The rush of water started to soak her too. "No wonder you like to jerk off in here." She gazed up at him. hoping she had not offended him by such an impulsive leading remark.

"I don't jerk off in here every time I take a shower. Only about three times a week."

Julie giggled now not in derision for her brother's presumed lack of self control, but for the joy of being allowed into his world of erotic sensibilities. It was as if he spread his wings as a butterfly birthed by some goddess of sexuality and beautiful male sensuality. "I want to be with you everytime you are horny and would like to masturbate." Julie decided to use the clinical word to try to communicate that she was happy and pleased by his physical predilictions. "Last night, when you did that for me, that is not the only time you stroke your beautiful cock in your room, sleeping nude and all. How often and where else do you do it?" Somewhat shorter, she was leaning her head into his chest and shoulder.

Stuie pondered his answer. "Hmmmmmmm! I guess I would say I binge on jacking off, like a lot of guys I suppose - anywhere from almost not for a week to 2 or 3 times a day for a couple of days in a row. As to where, almost any place I know I can be alone and have some privacy, and also have time, of course."

She hugged him crushing her developing boobs into his stomach and chest. "I am sorry, I did not mean to scare you yesterday. But what about when you are having sex with your girlfriends at college? You are not also having sex by yourself are you?"

"Sweetie, I think I am not the only guy who when he loves a girl who will be intimate with him, he only gets hornier, sometimes much more so. At first, some girls are offended, but if he explains it like she has some effect on increasing his libido beyond his ability to control it, it makes her sympathetic. She feels his attraction to her empowers her. Anita , Rachel, others, I would tell them beat off necause of my 24/7 fantasies about them. They would usually like to hear that, but it would also make them laugh as in 'those poor besotted guys who can never seem to get enough - all the easier for us to manipulate.'"

She smooched her brother on the lips. "You and your big words. You hunky smarty pants smarty assed college man knows how to mind game the hotties, huh? Let's wash each other." It was if they proceeded to communicate with each other wordlessly in the way some lovers do. Using a soaking soaped up wash cloth to gently clean first his sister's sex and then her bung hole very much as he had when she was a little girl led to a litany of attentions of which the intention of sexual gratifications far outweighed those of personal hygiene. He very casually lowered himself on all fours in a doggy pose as she stooped over to have all her most personal anatomy fondled in any way he chose. He poked, sometimes with the bar of soap, fingered away soapy parts, licked and sucked at her anal pucker, crotch, maturing open-lipped puss, and throbbing swollen clitoris. He delighted in prompting her squeeky little teen groans of pleasure. He was rewarded twice with wet discharges of her climatic sauces, conscientiously holding her in place with his strong hands in case she should lose her ability to retain an upright posture in the fits of her shuddering ecstacies.

She then knealt down, pushing against her wet big framed brother to adjust himself back to lie in the tub, opening his powerful legs so she could seat herself to assist him to pump his cock flinching and twitching with life anew. She also sucked and licked about his prominent mushroom shaped cock head and eagerly licked away and drank down the erupting spurts of jizz from the 2nd release of a load fermented and percolated deep in his healthy innards. He pondered his kid sister's new fetish. "Where does this penchant for eating my cum come from?" In his varied experience, other girls had swallowed, and sometimes with enthusiasm, but his young sister seemed to seek it out for a tasty treat.

Before ending their shower, they shampooed each other's hair. Julie even applied shampoo to her brother's ample bush. "This reminds me of what Polly Honeysuckle told me. About a year ago after hygiene class, some of us were talking about bath time when we were growing up. I told them Mom was so busy, often she would have you give me a bath until I was old enough to bathe or shower on my own. You were so nice to me because you would let me splash around and play more.

Polly said she grew up in a house with a tight schedule, also. Her mom worked regular hours and would get home from work about 6. But her Dad worked a part graveyard shift and would pick her up after pre-school or kindergarten about 2:30. When they would get home, he would prepare a light snack for them and then they would take a shower together because he would be too tired to give her a bath and then take a shower, with her having to stay in the bathroom so she wouldn't get in trouble elsewhere in their apartment. But she thought that was the best part of the day and so often she would ask him if they could have a snack later and start to get undressed right away.

Of course, she had showered with her mother on occasion, but showering with Daddy was so much more interesting because of course he was different from her and Mommy.

He would say the same things that you said to me, Stuie. 'It 's a vagina, not a wee wee. It 's a penis, not a pee pee. Those are testicles in their scrotum, not dingleberries. And yes, Daddy has to wash there too like all boys and grown up men who want to be clean.' She would want him to show her how he washed himself every time. Oh, and she said she had a hard time with that word 'testicles', just the way I did.
He was not cut, er circumcised, so he would show her how he would pull back his foreskin to wash there. She would say, 'don't hurt yourself, Daddy'. She said he would entertain her by covering over the end of his penis with his foreskin and pulling it back and covering it again a few times in succession.

He would say, 'Daddy is not hurting, he is used to this. When you grow up and get married a long time from now, you will need to make sure your husband cleans himself this way. And if you two become a mommy and daddy to a little boy, you will have to make sure he cleans himself this way.'"

Julie grimaced a smile at her brother. "That makes sense to me now. But at the time, we girls thought, 'ewwww! Hopefully our husbands would know better for having gone to hygiene class. Let them teach our sons how to clean their stinky dicks.'"

Stuie chuckled, He thought how much fun it would have been to have been friends with girls in the 7th and 8th grades who would have confided in him such past anecdotes.

"Polly said he was enouraging her to lather up, wash, and rinse every time with a funny little dance, and a funny way of showing how she could wash her little behind, wash her ears, wash behind her ears, and so on. He would tell her stories that were variations from the story books he and her mother would read to her. He was always so nice, because at the beginning of the shower, they would bring into the tub with them large plastic buckets and fill them with the water from the shower head so she could float her many bath toys. They had one of those shower caddies with a big mirror on it. She would watch as he shaved and when he was done, he would lift her up so she could see herself and say 'look what a clean big girl we have here.'

After the shower and he toweled her off before drying himself, she would be able to nap with him in her parents' bed. He would always step into some underwear or pajamas first, but if it were a warm day, she would not have to put on any clothes before climbing into the bed with him. She remembers listening intently to his snoring while turning the pages of one of her picture or coloring books.

One day when she was almost 7, they talked about recent times for the family or at school in the shower as they often did. Her parents had gone out with friends on the town and left her home with a baby sitter the previous Friday night. She told her father how pretty Mommy looked. He told her Mommy could always be the prettiest woman anywhere if she wanted to be. She said Mommy wanted her bottom to be tight when she put the dress on and that she hoped she would have as big pretty boobs as Mommy when she grew up. Suddenly her daddy turned his back on her and turned off the faucets. He told her to climb out of the tub on her own and get the towel off the rack and dry herself. He told her Daddy isn't feeling very well but he would be out as soon as he felt better. Polly did as she was told but she was a little frightened.
After dinner that night, before Polly went to bed, both her parents told her she was a big girl now and would have to take a bath or shower by herself. Daddy would help with the faucets to get the water started, but after that, she would be on her own. The closeness to her father was never the same and she missed the time they shared together for good hygiene. Years later after they both divorced, she confronted her mother about having the quality time with her father rudely brought to an end. 'It was after you two were afraid Dad would get an erection, that I was not allowed to shower with him anymore. Isn't that right?'

'Polly you had gotten old enough to bathe yourself.'

'But all the same, the nice close times we shared was ended without my having a chance to make the adjustment. If you two had explained to me that this is what happens to boys and men sometimes, I would have accepted it and understood.'

'Polly wait until you have your own kids. Sometimes things don't go as smoothly as we would like.'

'I know. If I ever have a little girl, I hope she will be able to be friends with her father the way Dad and I were with no need about embarrassment about anything.'"

Julie reflected on the story about intimacy lost in a close knit family. "Poor Polly!"

Stuie turned off the faucets. The shower had gone on long enough.

"Bro, that's the way I feel about you. Please don't shut me out because you think there is something about you, . . . . that one of us might be embarrassed about. I'll always love you just the way you are."

The brother grabbed his sister's hand to steady her as she stepped out of the tub. With her other hand she also grabbed his strong shoulder for extra ballast. They kissed on the lips briefly. "That means so much to me Julie. You were growing up on me so fast, I was afraid we were growing apart."

to be continued . . . .

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