From Intern to College Slut PART 2

From Intern to College Slut PART 2

This is the sequel to the first part with the same title. To fully understand the story, I encourage you to go back and read the brief part 1 of this story.

Also, here are a few pics of the slut who is the inspiration of the story;


Joe had left Sara a memo letting her now what she is supposed to wear the next day to work. Sara left to work feeling extremely nervous and self conscious. She was wearing a very short and skimpy black dress that barely covered her legs and showed ample cleavage. He ordered her to wear no panties and a tight push up bra that made her tits look bigger and showed more cleavage than usual.

She rode the elevator going to the 16th floor to her office, and she could feel the eyes of the 2 other guys in the elevator with her piercing her body like daggers as they stared at her long white legs and her curvy tight ass in the dress. She quickly left the elevator and made it to her cubicle with a few heads turning to check her ass out as it swayed on her walk to her desk.

She noticed all the people coming in the office and saw Joe walking to his office with a smirk on his face as he noticed what she was wearing. She had barely sat down and started work when she got an email from Joe with the following text:


Nice outfit slut, got my morning wood for you to take care off so come in here NOW or you will regret it"

She hurriedly stood up and made her way to his office, she walked in and closed the door and attempted to lock it but his harsh voice commanded her saying "LEAVE IT UNLOCKED" she nodded. Dropped to her knees and crawled to him but he shook his head, "no slut get on top of my desk" he smiled.

She stood and got on his desk, he made her get on her knees over his desk so she is bent over her ass sticking out in the air and she is sucking his cock while lying on the desk. He leans back grunting as she painfully tries to cope with the position she is in, while doing her best to please him.
She feels his hand buried deep in her silky hair as he forces her head down on his cock thrusting it deeeper hitting the back of her throat. He grunts smiling as her head bobs up and down and her beautiful lips glide and tug his cock back and forth.

Suddenly someone knocks at the door and Sara shocked, attempts to stop but he holds her face down and says don't you dare as she continues sucking him off while blushing in humiliation painfully aware of how her dress has ridden up showing her bare shaven pussy and tight ass to whoever walks in.

"Come in" Joe says casually, as Jeff walks in, closes the door then stops abruptly... "Whoa sir, did i um sorry to walk in i thought you let me in" he turns to leave but Joe says hold on Jeff, I wanted to tell you something.

Jeff smiling now waits patiently enjoying the view.... Joe says "See the thing is I'm promoting Sara here to the position of office slut, and wanted to let you know seeing that you're HR manager as I know you will give her the correct compensation" He motions to a long ruler on his desk.

"Gladly sir, I feel like her promotion has been long coming" Jeff grabs the ruler, lifts Sara's dress higher and squeezes her smooth white ass cheeks roughly enjoying their tight feel. He brings down the ruler on her ass cheeks and pussy lips SLAM SLAM on her skin making loud spanking noises as he delivers it 10 times. Joe finally interrupts him saying "that's enough for now Jeff thank you very much" he then pulls Sara's head up roughly using her hair and says "Aren't you going to thank Jeff for his compensation" as Sara tearfully manages to say "th..thank you Jeff" but Joe slaps her with his hand roughly and says "Why don't you give that another try slut".... Sara crying in shock holds back tears and says "Thank you very much Master Jeff for your generous compensation"....Joe smiles and motions for Jeff to leave "mm thats very nice slut"....

Joe stands up walks around and drops his pants down as she feels his fingers probing and spreading her ass cheeks apart. She hears him spitting on his cock and spitting on her ass and she starts frantically begging and pleading saying how she's an anal virgin, but her protests are cut short as in one swift motion he slams his huge cock all the way inside her ass splitting her apart as she SCREAMS and moans in pain like a slut.

Joe wraps his left hand around her hair like a knot and pulls her head so her back is arched and with his other hand he starts rhythmically spanking her with his thrusts. The room is filled with echoes of her screams and tearful moans as well as the sound of Joe's balls slapping against her ass as he thrusts all the way inside her and back out again, accompanied with the spanking noises as his hand rains down on her ass harder and faster until he shoots strings of cum inside her overflowing her ass as his cum drips down her thighs.

Joe takes his cock out of her ass then pulls her with her hair dragging her across the office, as he sits on the couch and says "clean it slut" and he leans back closing his eyes. She takes his cock back in her mouth and starts licking it clean while tasting herself on it. Finally he pulls out and wipes his cock dry using her hair, enjoying how soft it is and how it tickles his balls. He pushes her away finally, saying get back to work slut.

Sara gets dressed and makes the walk of shame back to her desk with cum dripping down her thighs knowing that the whole office is now fully aware of her status. She sits down at her desk and works for an hour before she feels someone's hands feeling her tits up. Her hair is brushed to one side as she feels someone nibbling on her neck and kissing her shoulders. She turns to see Kevin the old 55yr old creepy guy smiling at her. He says I heard of your promotion and wanted to be the first one to congratulate you. He pulls her up gently out of her desk and in the middle of the office pulls her to the floor, hikes her dress up and gets on top of her missionary position as he unzips his pants and thrusts his cock inside her as he starts grunting and humping her on the floor in the middle of the office. A couple of guys start crowding and watching her get fucked on the floor as an audience builds up. Kevin tugs on her dress pulling it down as he starts sucking loudly on her tits and slobbering them with his tongue, he takes one nipple and pulls at it roughly while biting at it causing Sara to scream out in pain. He starts gaining speed as he pushes faster and harder inside of her grunting loudly until he shoots cum deep inside her pussy with Sara crying in humiliation as she hears the audience clapping and cheering him on. He finally pulls out stands up and zips his pants as he walks away getting high 5s and pats on the back from all the other guys.

Joe had been in his office watching all of this unfolds. He walks out and shouts at everyone "MEETING IN THE CONFERENCE ROOM NOW ALL OF YOU". He helps Sara up and takes her to the conference room as he sits down and pulls her on his lap.

As they all walk in looking nervous and Kevin looking afraid as he cautiously sits as far away as possible. Joe begins " Now as most of you have heard, I only announced it to Jeff but someone in the office has been promoted" He stands up pulling Sara to his side while caressing her neck, "Sara here has been our intern for the past month, and I'm sure you guys have noticed her in the office" He smirks turning her around like a ballerina as he gropes at her ass and tits pulling her dress down to flash the office. "She has been promoted to our office slut" Joe simply announces happily as he pulls her dress completely off and leaves her with her tits hanging out of her bra and no panties.

Joe continues "I feel that we needed some stress relief in the office, and Sara here will provide us with just that... Feel free to approach her whenever you see her in the office and remind her what a good job she's doing He smiles and says "You will find she is extremely obedient and willing to help however she can, also to reduce down time bathroom breaks will no longer be allowed. To demonstrate this, Joe unzips his pants pushes Sara to the ground and proceeds to piss all over her face and hair grunting happily as Sara cries as she is showered in his warm piss infront of all her coworkers who watch with smiles on their faces and they all fantasize about the days to come and how they will make use of Sara as the Office Slut.

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