The next thing I was aware of was more pressure following the withdrawal of the fingers, then a larger object was inserted. The man behind me said: “ Joe this guy really has a good ass, you take a turn too.” He began fucking me slower then harder, then he started panting and really pushing hard, then I heard him gasp:”Ohhhhhhhhhhh I’m shooting” and felt something warm enter my gut. I had just been assfucked for the first time. Joe then gave the gun to my first assfucker and then Joe went behind me. Now I knew what was coming next. Joe rubbed his penis around in circles on my anus and then slowly pushed in. There really was no resistance. When he started fucking me it felt so good that I really got into it and began squeezing his cock on the out-strokes, relaxing on the in-strokes. This made it feel even better for me. This was something I had never even thought of happening to me, and I actually liked it. I thought, does this mean I am really gay and didn’t know it.

Joe reached around and while he was fucking me started playing with my cock. It started growing as he did. I was in mind-shock. Even that started to feel good. After he squirted in my ass, he pulled out and said now lay down on the rug. By now I really was no longer resisting anything they said, so I did. Joe began stroking my cock again and it responded to my surprise. Then he did something I never had any experience with. He actually began licking up and down and it felt so good. After a few minutes of that, and my starting to moan from the feeling, he put his mouth over the head and began sucking on it. After a minute or two, he then started fucking his mouth by moving it up and down on it.

Then his buddy with the gun had his cock out and was playing with it. It was about 9” long and pretty big around. Made mine look small at my 6.5 inches. Next he came over and said open or I’ll blow your brains away. I opened my mouth and he put his cock in my mouth and moved it around. He said if you bite me I will kill you. Get ready to learn what cum tastes like. He started fucking my mouth with his cock and after about ten minutes when my jaw was starting to hurt, he told me to swallow or else, then began squirting spurt after spurt of warm thick slippery cum into my mouth. I was surprised. It didn’t taste bad. In fact it had very little taste. I thought well now, I am a real gay for sure. But they weren’t
yet done with me.

I couldn’t hold back any longer, arched my hips up and gave Joe a mouthful. He sucked on me for another few minutes, till I shrank back down. Joe said: “We should let him rest now, he has a lot more work to do.”
So they had me sit back down on the floor facing them. I had no idea where we were. We had been driving for what seemed like an hour. Joe got down in front of me and began to lick and suck my cock again. It responded very quickly. When I was fully hard and throbbing, he pulled off, dropped his pants and said now you get the fun part. He rubbed something on his asshole, bent over and said: Fuck me or die.” What could I do. Since I had learned some from my first two fuckings, I rubbed the end of my cock around his pucker smearing the lotion around on it, then pushed it into his hole. My God, I didn’t know it would feel this good. He told me: “Fuck away till you cum, or else!” So I proceeded to bore him fully until suddenly my balls tightened, the head of my dick throbbed and then I exploded into his ass.

Joe said excitedly:” Freddie we are here now.” I felt the SUV turn and start bouncing around like ti was on dirt. Then it stopped and they turned off the engine. Next thing I knew I was blindfolded and my hands were taped together behind my back. Joe said: “OK, march now, no funny business. I was led a short way, then up a few steps, then on a wood floor of some sort and then into a room. They put me in a folding chair, and said you will wait here until we are ready for you. Next thing I knew I was tied to the chair and my feet were taped together. Now I couldn’t move even if I tried to.

After the men had made me cum several times like I never had before. They told me to get down on my hands and knees again facing the front of the SUV. Then I felt one of them rubbing my slick juices all over my pussy and asshole. The next thing was a finger going into me again in back. It played around inside for a minute, then withdrew. One them said: Remember be quiet, no matter what or you won’t see our destination alive.”

I felt something hard and pointed against my rosy red asshole, and then it suddenly sank in. Jesus, I never knew that could feel so good. What have I been missing all these years. He started fucking me like there was no tomorrow. By this time I was really into it because it felt so good. Next thing I felt something warm in me, and he was moaning and groaning. He had just squirted his seed into my ass. As he shrunk and slipped out, he said, OK your turn to one of the other men. I thought: Oh my God, I’m being gang-banged. I felt a different dick entering my butt. It was thicker than the first one that took by ass virginity, and felt a little longer. But God did it feel good. He was stirring it around and moving it in and out at the same time. What a feeling. He suddenly pulled out and said: “Babe, now stand up.” I did and he laid down with his huge hard prick sticking straight up in the air.

He told me to sit on it and put it in my pussy, then to lean forward as much as I could. I nearly willingly complied. He felt so good in me again. Then the first man told him to hold me still. He did so, but I wasn’t struggling anyway. I was getting to enjoy this rape thing. Then I felt the first man penetrate my anus with his long hard cock. The sensation!!!!! Both holes filled at once for the first time ever. My God it felt so good I couldn’t stand it. They started ramming me in synchronicity and I started cumming and then cumming again. It seemed like I was in continuous orgasmic ecstasy. They stayed quite still in me for a few minutes, until their fucksticks shriveled up, and slid out. I couldn’t get over the feelings I had just been subjected to. Not even any fear of these guys. I almost loved them for giving me such a glorious feeling.

The driver told the others that we were there, and I felt the SUV turn off the pavement and go up a dirt drive for a ways. They blindfolded me with tape, and taped my hands together behind my back, rather gently I thought. To myself, I thought, well, they must have really liked what they just did. I was more or less carefully walked a short distance, up a few steps and then across a wood deck into a room. They told me not to move. I heard a chair being moved around, then I was moved into position and told to sit. I felt a padded metal folding chair under me. They taped my feet together and moved my hands behind the chair back and tied them there. Then I heard them leave the room. I thought I heard someone else breathing, so I panted a little hard. I heard a responsive panting, Then a second one. I thought what the hell is going on.

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