The Chauffeur (#51) Michael

The Chauffeur (#51) Michael

The Chauffeur (#51) Michael


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I sat in my chair at the dining room table looking at a face that I had not seen in quite a long time.

Jennifer asked me, “David, what do you want me to do? Should I let him in or have him come back when we don’t have 1000 college kids here for a party?”

“Let him in. But please escort him over to me at this table. I’m not as sober as I would like to be for this meeting,” I tell Jennifer.

“OK, I’ll bring him over to you, but I’m getting Jill and Dakota to come to join you here at the table,” she tells me.

For the first time in a long, long time I have had several drinks and of all the nights for Michael to show up, it had to be this one.

I watched as Jennifer went over and asked him to come inside the Chateau. Before they went more than a step inside, Jennifer said something to Amy which caused Amy to go looking for someone.

Jennifer took Michael by the hand and pulled him through the large number of co-eds to get him to the dining room table where I was sitting. When she got him there, she pointed at a chair for him to join me at the table. He sat without saying anything.

As I sat there with Michael, neither one of us said anything. Quite frankly, I didn’t really know what to say to him since it had been such a long time.

Finally, I commented, “Well, you certainly picked an interesting night to show up. Are you hungry because we have lots of food,” I tell my son.

He just smiles and says, “Yeah, sure. I’ll have some food. What’s on the menu, college females?” I just stare at him. At this point, I have had enough alcohol that I’m not going to be insulted in my own home.

“No smart-ass, we have BBQ ribs, Cole slaw, potato salad, macaroni salad, and beans. If you would like a beer or soda, we have that as well,” I poke back.

“Well, ribs sound good. Will someone bring it to me, or do I have to go hunt it down?” he says very sarcastically.

I summon Jennifer over to me and ask her to fix a plate of food for Michael. She bounces into the kitchen and puts several ribs on a plate with a scoop of potato salad and a big spoon of beans. She also grabbed a Bud Light and a Coke for him to choose from. She carefully carried it over to him and set it down in front of him.

Michael handed the Coke back to her. He used his forearm to open the Bud Light, something that I taught him a few years back.

“So, Dad, who are all these people?”

“Some are friends, some are friends of friends, and most I have no idea who they are they just came for the free food, free booze, and a party,” I tell him.

Michael leans in and takes a bite of one of the ribs that Jennifer put on his plate. Just as he was swallowing his first bite, Jill and Dakota came to the table and sat on my left. They took the two seats where Jill usually sits. However, since Michael was sitting where Dakota usually sat, she chose to sit next to Jill.

“Dad, who are these two? A couple of your whores?” he says as he takes another bite of ribs.

His words really angered me. I was not going to be talked to like that in my own home.

“I’ll only ask you once to not talk like that in my home to me or my family,” I say to him. I’m now really pissed off. Here he hasn’t had time to see me or talk to me in quite a long time, but now he comes into my home and acts as if he can just do or say whatever he wants.

“Your family? I’m your family. Mom is your family,” he says in an angry tone.

“No, you’re completely wrong Michael. You are my family, but your Mother chose to divorce me, yet she didn’t mind living off the child support that I paid her or the alimony. The private school that you went to. The nice house you lived in. The new car I bought for you that your Mother drove around. I’m not sure you want to go down that road of her bullshit, at least not in my house,” I said to him.

“Yeah, well Mom’s dead,” he says to me.

“When did that happen?” I say to him not really caring that his Mother has died.

“A few days ago. She died on Christmas morning. Not that you would care about that,” Michael says clearly with a tone of sarcasm towards me.

“Well, I’m sorry for your loss, but we were divorced, and she was not my problem nor my concern or don’t you understand that?” I say to him in just as sarcastic manner.

“Are you really sorry Dad? You two were married for 16 years and then you were gone. It’s like you decided to just leave my life,” Michael says to me.

“I didn’t decide to just leave your life. Your Mother took me to court, made false accusations about me and convinced the judge she needed more money. She always kept begging the court for more and more money. First, it was that the amount of child support wasn’t enough. Then it was she needed more alimony. You’re Mother only cared about how much money she could get from me,” I said to him not feeling very remorseful regarding her passing.

“And yet, you could never find the time to come see me,” Michael says to me.

“Kind of tough to come to see you when she slapped a restraining order on me. She was all about wanting my money but letting me see you she tried her damnest to stop me. If you don’t believe me, I have lots of court paperwork that I can show you. But you probably don’t want to see the truth, you only want to live in your fantasy world regarding your Mother,” I say to him now really getting pissed off.

Michael keeps eating. “My compliments to the chef. This is really good,” he says to me.

“Well, if you can manage to turn around and see the two guys in the white chef’s attire, those are the guys who made all the food,” I say to him.

“Huh, well tell them that the food is good,” he says to me.

“No. How about you use the manner that you were taught and get your ass out of that chair and go tell them yourself that you enjoyed the food that they spent hours cooking. Or is that too much for you to do?” I say to him, getting more and more agitated by his lack of manners.

“Eh, I’ll tell them later. Right now, I’m hungry,” he says with a sarcastic smile on his face.

I reach over and take his plate and toss it into a trash receptacle.

“Hey, what the hell did you do that for?” he says.

“Because apparently, you forgot how to conduct yourself in someone’s home. I ask you to go thank the chefs and you act as if that is beneath you to do. Well, guess what smartass, your done eating, and drinking. You are welcome in my home, but you will follow my rules, or you can just get the fuck out,” I say to him really pissed off now.

We both look at each other with a steely-eyed glare. Several things are going through my mind right now. First, he is acting like a self-righteous ass. Second, he is acting as if he can do or say whatever he wants. Well, that is not going to happen in my own home. I love my son, but he isn’t going to say whatever he wants, not in my house not now not ever.

“Michael, I think it is time for you to leave. I’ve extended your courtesy that I don’t normally extend. You’ve acted like an ass, clearly, you learned that move well from your Mother And, you have yet to say why you have even shown up here. When you’re ready to talk feel free to contact me and we can arrange a time for you to return,” I say to Michael. I am about as mad at him as I can be without resorting to violence.

“Out of curiosity, did you ever graduate from college. The college that I paid for?” I ask.

“Naw, I couldn’t find a program that would make me a high-ranking manager once I graduated. Maybe I’ll find something this New Year,” he says with a stupid smile on his face.

“Well, I hope you have success in that,” I tell him.

“What? You’re not going to help your only son?” He says to me.

“Nope. Those days are over. You want to go to college, you should probably look at community college and start applying for tuition subsidies,” I say to him smiling.

“What? You expect me to go to community college?” he says to me.

“Since you pissed away the college tuition that I paid for you, I really don’t care where you go because you are on your own at this point. You’re 26 years old and my legal obligation to pay your tuition ended 2 years ago,” I tell him. Still, he seems that I’m going to be paying for his laziness. John went to community college and now he has graduated with a degree in management.

“It was nice to see you on TV with that whore that was hanging on your arm. How many more of them do you have in your life,” he says to me.

“As many as I fucking want. I don’t answer to you and I’m certainly not going to listen to your smartass mouth. I’m suggesting to you right now that you get your ass out of that chair and head towards the front door,” I suggest to Michael.

“And if I don’t. There really isn’t anything that you can do about it,” Michael says to me in a smart-mouth manner.

“How much do you want to bet that I can have you on the floor tied up, so you look like a calf at the rodeo. Care to challenge me?” I say to him, now really pissed off.

“Go ahead, old man. You got nothing,” he says.

Just to make it a bit more dramatic. I snap my fingers and two of the Secret Service guys yank him out of the dining table chair and use zip ties to cuff his wrists first then his ankles.

I lean into him as he is laying on the floor, “The next time you decide to be a smartass in someone’s house, you might want to make sure they don’t have their own Secret Service protection team working for them. Now, they are going to carry you out of this house and release you when you are outside the gate. You are always welcome here, but only if you realize that I don’t report to you. I love you but calling my ladies whores will get you kicked out from now on. You have had your one turn to speak your peace, but you blew it. Feel free to come back when you have learned how to use manners in people’s homes. Have a nice day Michael,” I say to him.

I watch the Secret Service guys pick Michael up and carry him like a roped calf to the front doors. Dozens of the party goers were laughing and making comments at Michael. I could see his face as he was being carried out. He was seething and after the number of beers that I’ve had, I didn’t give a fuck.

Once they got Michael outside, I saw that they clipped the zip ties off him an walked him to the security gate. I heard his mouth the whole way to the gate.

I didn’t notice but Jennifer had said something to John who was standing behind me at the entrance to the living room. I was really steamed about Michael. I taught him better than that. Clearly, his attitude is the direct reflection of his Mother’s teachings. I paid for him to go to a private school until he graduated. From there I paid for him to attend UCLA, which he pissed away.

I got up out of the dining room chair and went over to Bobby and Sammy. I thanked them for all the hard work that they did to make this party a success. In my head, since we had no gunfire, I felt the whole event was a complete success.

I noticed that many of the party guests had disappeared. Our DJ still had music going, but at a much lower volume than before.

John came over and sat down next to me. I put my arm around him since I was feeling virtually no pain. With the amount of alcohol that I have had, I felt like I wanted t say something to virtually every one of my family. I started with John. I told him how proud of him I am. He married Diane. He’s concerned about his baby and he is working hard at doing the things that I need him to do.

Of course, then I moved over to Jennifer. She’s John’s mom and she is beautiful and works very hard for me. She pulled off a big purchase and now we have these office towers in several cities. And, when Michael showed up at the front door at 3 am LA time, she still was alert enough to get Jill and Dakota and I must assume to say something to the Secret Service guys.

Both Jill and Dakota looked at Michael with daggers in their eyes. They didn’t say even one word, but they never left my side which made me feel so loved. And, in my head, I would guess that my little Dakota had no panties on.

My head is buzzing quite hard. I haven’t had any alcohol in more than three years and tonight the one night I decide to have a few beers, my son shows up out of the blue.

I’m not confused. My son acted quite differently than I have ever seen him. I know that he has been taught so much better than the way he was acting tonight. I’ll give it some time and see if he comes back around. I hope he does, but I’m not going to chase after him. He’s a grown-assed man and he needs to ask like one.

Jill and Dakota get up from their seats at the dining room table and come over to me and put their arms around me. I began kissing each one of them and they kissed me back. I looked at the clock in the kitchen and I thought it said about 15 minutes after 4 am.

“Do either of you ladies want to join me in bed?” I ask. They both walk me down the hallway to my bedroom. Jill reaches into my pants and retrieves the keys and unlocks the door. They walk me over to the sleep bed and strip me down before pushing me into the bed. It was funny to see, but Jill and Dakota were doing ‘rock, paper, scissors’ but I didn’t understand what for.

It looked like Dakota lost and she stripped down and climbed into bed with me. Jill kissed me and headed out of the bedroom. Dakota’s cute naked little body was in her usual position, all backed into me with her cute naked ass against my cock which was beginning to grow.

“Dakota darling, where did my wife go?” I ask trying not to be loud in her ear.

“To get laid by a couple of the college boys,” she tells me. I just smile. I certainly can’t be upset with her getting some sex from a couple of guys when I have my ladies plus whomever I pick up. I feel rather lucky that Jill and I share each other without any issue.

Jennifer knocks on the bedroom door and steps in to check on me. Dakota tells her that I’m quite buzzed but mostly I’m OK. Jennifer comes over to the bed and kisses me passionately. She also kisses Dakota for taking care of me. I heard them giggle when they talked about how funny I was being buzzed off beer.

“Jennifer, why don’t you get naked and join us in bed?” I say to Jennifer. She giggles and tells me that I’m sure to be asleep in just a few minutes. She might be right, but in my head, I don’t believe it.

Jennifer kisses me one more time and then kisses Dakota before she heads out of the bedroom. I was a bit disappointed that Jennifer left Dakota and me. As I lay in bed with Dakota’s naked little body backed up to me, I just looked at the bedroom door. The encounter with my son Michael was still swirling around in my head. He acted like a complete arrogant ass and it really ticked me off. I know that he’s been taught better because I taught him better.

Now I was wondering where he lives, is it where his Mother lived before, she passed? Does he have a girlfriend and he lives with her? I really had no idea, but I knew that in a few days I would be looking for him to at least know where he lived.

I looked at the clock on the wall and it said a few minutes after 6 am. I was still awake and my mind told me that I should be getting sex. However, as much as I wanted it from Dakota, I wasn’t sure she wanted it from me. She’s never seen me inebriated at all. In fact, tonight is the first and only time she has ever seen me drink.

As I started to fight off sleep, my mind drifted over to my darling Tina. I was so very happy that she and her Mother came to Christmas and stayed through New Year’s Eve.

“Dakota, I’m hungry,” I tell her. I hear her giggling at my antics. I start to get up and get out of bed. I climb over Dakota, then lose my balance and end up on the floor of my bedroom completely naked. Now Dakota has gone from giggling to laughing out loud. It takes me a couple of minutes to stand back up and not fall over. Dakota sits up in bed. I decided that maybe I should head to the kitchen to get some food. Dakota must jump up out of bed to stop me from heading to the kitchen with no clothes on. Any other night, it wouldn’t matter, but tonight with more than 800 college kids I need to put a pair of shorts on and a tee shirt.

Dakota gets up and takes me by the hand and gives me shorts and a tee shirt to put on before she allows me to go to the kitchen. I sit on the edge of the bed and put the shorts on first, then the tee shirt although pulling it over my head made it a bit more difficult to put on.

Finally, when I am fully dressed, I see that Dakota has put clothes on as well. We leave the bedroom and head toward the kitchen. I hear Jill moaning, but I don’t see her. As we get to the end of the hallway, I see Jill being fucked by three young college boys. None of them are as endowed as John and me, but then again, she chose these three guys for a reason.

As I’m passing them, I speak out loud to no one in particular, “If you need an additional, I’ll be happy to help you guys,” I say.

Dakota pulls me along as I had stopped to watch the three guys with Jill. When I get to the kitchen, there is plenty of food out, but both Sammy and Bobby have gone to sleep I’m guessing or maybe they are having their way with a couple of the college girls. I hear splashing out back and walk, well rather stumble to the back door and see about 30 guys and gals in the pool none of them with any clothes on.

Dakota pulled me back from the back doors and sat me down at the kitchen table. She made me a plate of 4 ribs and a large spoonful of beans. She put the paper plate in front of me and gave me a spoon to eat the beans with. Before I took a bite of beans, I picked up one of the ribs and began eating the meat off it.

Dakota sat in a chair that was less than 3 feet away from me. She told me to open my mouth and she put a spoonful of beans in my mouth. She told me to chew and then she gave me another bite of beans. As Dakota keeps feeding me beans, I hear Jill reaching orgasm. I also hear two of the college boys say to her that it takes her much too long to reach orgasm. They got up and put their clothes on and came to sit down at the dining room table.

“Hey guys, didn’t you have a good time with Jill?” I ask of them.

“Sir, who’s Jill?” one of them says.

“Um, the lady you were just fucking,” I say to him.

“Oh, here. Well, she’s OK but she didn’t do anything for me. No blowjob, no freaky sex just me fucking her until she came. Pretty boring if you ask me. I prefer my bitches to pleasure me not the other way around,” this guy says to me.

“Oh really. Well, maybe if you were more of man you would know how to please a woman not just look for a way to blow your own load,” I say to him. He shrugs his shoulders and goes out to the kids in the pool. I really didn’t know how to feel about this guy’s attitude about having sex with Jill. It was almost as if he could have cared less if she reached her pinnacle or not.

I heard the last guy with her reaching his peak, but I don’t hear any of the sounds that I usually hear when Jill is close. He reaches his peak then gets up, puts his shorts back on and also head outside to join the kids in the pool.

I get up and stumble into the living room. Jill is just laying on the couch. Her eyes are open and she’s just staring at the ceiling. I come over to her and kneel down on the floor. I put my arms around her and tell her how much I love her. She begins to kiss me, much like teenagers. We spend several minutes embracing each other and kissing.

As I quietly listened, I heard several announcements of orgasming. I wasn’t sure but I thought I heard Belinda, Allison, and Amy all announcing their orgasm.


Sitting in the kitchen at the table, Dakota was still trying to feed me. She handed me a rib and told me to work on it. I began to take bites of meat off the bone and chew them up and swallow them.

I finished that rib bone and Dakota handed me another to eat. Since my stomach told me that I was hungry, I began eating that one as well.

From out of nowhere, Jennifer came into the kitchen. She looked a bit frazzled, but I wasn’t sure if it was from sex or from being up for so long.

“Darling, are you OK?” I asked her.

“Well, I guess so. I can’t say that I’m really impressed with these kids. None of the boys that I’ve played with seem to care if I cum or not. They cum and get out of bed and go somewhere else leaving me just lying there unsatisfied,” she says. At this point, I did not see Jill take a seat at the dining room table. But she chimed in on what Jennifer said.

“These kids suck. None of them know how to please their partner. I played with three boys and two girls. Once any of the five of them reached their own orgasm, they stopped and got out of bed and dress and left the room. The all seem to have no sexual manners at all,” Jill says. I see Jennifer’s head nod in agreement.

The house has gone quiet. The DJ has packed up his equipment and left. I decided that several of the rubber trash containers that I can see needs to be zip tied and taken outside to the trash truck. I get up and try to move to one of the trash receptacles. I pull the bag up shaking the contents in it down and then zip tie it tightly. Dakota starts doing the same thing on another trash receptacle.

Jennifer begins to load these trash bags by the front door. As I’m doing another one, Allison, Amy, and Belinda come from down the hallway. They all look tired, but not satiated.

“Ladies, is it me or are these millennial kids lacking in sexual manners?” I ask.

Allison answers first, “Um, yeah, the two guys that I played with both came in just a few minutes and then thanked me for getting them off. I didn’t cum, not even close,” she tells me

Belinda chimes in next, “Yeah, the boys just pound away at you until the cum and they are done. I don’t know when this all changed, but they all suck at being good in bed,” she says to all of us.

Reluctantly, Amy say something, “Look, I know that they are all my age, but I agree with you. They have no manners for the person that they are having intimacy with. They just fuck and run,” she says.

The three new ladies start emptying trash containers like the way Jennifer, Dakota, and myself did just a few minutes ago. As we zip tied the trash bags, we pulled them out and put them by the front door replacing them with a new clean bag.

“Amy, will you go to the big fridges in the big kitchen and take a look at how much food is left over,” I ask of her. She heads to the big kitchen.

Thankfully, we have lots of trash bags at the front door. I take Jennifer and Dakota by the hand and we head out the front door and start carrying the trash bags to the garbage truck. We have one bag in each hand. When we get to the trash truck, we just toss them into the receptacle part.

All in all, I guess we carried out about 30 bags. While not even close to all of the trash cans, it did alleviate much trash inside the house. Once we had all the bags that were by the front door, I asked all the ladies to follow me to the kitchen. Once we were there I started with Dakota and washed her delicate hands making them clean. After her I did Jennifer, then Jill, then Amy, Allison, and finally Belinda. I carefully washed each lady’s hands taking care to dry them once they were rinsed off.

As I finished with each lady, I received long passionate kisses. Each lady put their arms around me and embraced me pulling me tightly into them. We all hugged one another and enjoyed it.

Oddly, I was still hungry. Amy tells me that there are several platters of deviled eggs in one of the big fridges in the big kitchen. I ask her to go get one platter and bring it out. It only takes a couple of minutes before she has two platters of deviled eggs in her hands. She sets them down on the dining room table and several of us began to take the half eggs and pop them into our mouths.

I figure that I have had enough beer and go outside to get a couple of Cokes. A couple of the ladies come outside with me. Each of us takes a soda can. The kids in the pools were still all playing around with each other. Of course, none of them had clothes on, but I really didn’t care. I knew that we were at the end of the party and as people begin to wake up, I am willing to let them get their keys out of the key buckets.

Dakota takes a moment to tell the kids in the pool that when they are ready, we are allowing people to retrieve their keys and head home. We get some shrugged shoulders and they tell us that they aren’t quite ready to leave just yet. My head is saying that soon they will just be given their keys and thanked for coming to the party.

Amy has gone back to the big kitchen and the third kitchen to check on how much food is left over. In the big kitchen, there is 15 aluminum pans that hold ribs. Each pan holds about 4 slabs of ribs, so that’s about 60 or so racks of ribs all cooked. There are still 5-gallon food buckets of potato salad, a half full 5-gallon macaroni bucket, and two 5-gallon buckets of Cole slaw. The beans are down to half of one bucket.

There are also about 8 trays of deviled eggs and one large salad. I don’t remember seeing any salad, so one of the chefs probably made it for the three pregnant ladies. As we went back inside, we all sat down either on the couch, the loveseat or the floor of the TV room and just played with each other.

I heard a knock at the front door again. Jennifer went to the door and found about 40 people from Patrick’s company here to begin cleaning up. I was truly thankful to see them.

I warned all of them that they may run into college kids either having sex or passed out naked. All of Patrick’s crew giggled and put on their cleaning gloves and went to work.

The ladies and I all were wiped out. I really felt bad for Jill as she chose three good looking college boys who got to their own orgasm and left Jill high and dry, so to speak. I went over to Jill, took her by the hand and brought her over to where I was sitting. She sat next to me and put her head on my shoulder and rubbed my hands through her hair. I just sat there caressing her hair and trying to make her feel good. I kept telling her that I loved her hoping that she would come out of the funk she was in.

Dakota takes up a position on the other side of me. She too puts her head on my chest and lightly rubs my thighs. Jennifer sits at my feet, rubbing my legs and feet.

A couple of the cleaning crew made a big pile of towels. They put them in each of the two washers that we have and got them running to be cleaned.

As some of the party guests started coming out to the kitchen, we directed them to the key/ID tag buckets for them to start looking for their keys. It certainly was late enough for them to collect their stuff and head home, or wherever they were going.

One of the things that made me think that I might not do this again with the college crowd was that when the kids came out of the pool, they just threw the towel on the floor in the kitchen. Thankfully the cleaning crew was here, and they began making several piles of wet towels. After they got a load done in the washer, they moved them to the dryer and put in another load in the washer.

They started zip tying trash bags from the trash receptacles outside. They asked if they should rebag them or just stack them up since it looked as if they were done with those containers.

I don’t know why, but I felt compelled to tell all my ladies that I loved them. Each one of them told me the same thing. We all kissed one another and declared love for each other.

As more of the party guests came down to the kitchen, Donna and Paula also made it down to the kitchen also. Jill directed them to come to the TV room and just sit with us. When more and more guests came down, we directed them to look for their keys in the ID bucket. They all said thank you before they left.

Having Pitbull come to the party was a minimal success but not as big as I thought it would be. There were lots of college kids who used their phones to take pictures of Pitbull working the DJ equipment.

I decided not to offer any of the departing party guests any of the left-over food. I know that John and I will start attacking the ribs over the next couple of days. We will continue as a group to whittle down the potato, macaroni, and Cole Slaw with just a small amount of beans left over.

I’m not sure where they went, but the 6 Secret Service people seem to have disappeared. As tomorrow arrives, I’ll have to meet with them to find out if there is a regular schedule or not.

I pulled my phone out and texted both Heidi Longmire and Patrick a happy new year and let them know that they missed an epic party, complete with a Pitbull visit. I got a return text from Heidi saying “Who?”. I just laughed at that reply.

I looked at my gorgeous wife who looked quite worn out and asked, “Darling, what do you need us to do for you with this whole stock conversion thing and when do you need us to do it?”

“Let’s start on January 3rd and it will take about 3 days for us to make everything happen. I will divide you into teams and we will attack this whole project in increments,” Jill tells us.

After another hour passes, BJ and Danni make their way down to the TV room, followed by our daughter Tina. I pulled Tina onto the couch with me. She laid her head in my lap. We all told her how much we missed her being here at the Chateau and would like to see her come back. She said she had one more semester in college and she will be done and available to come home to be with us.

At this point, college kid after college kid was approaching the front door to hit the ID bucket looking for their keys. Once they found them, I got a ‘thank you’ as they walked out the front door. I enjoyed the party, but it wasn’t quite the success that I envisioned.

By the time we reached noon, I asked Jennifer and BJ to go look in every room and wake the kids and thank them for coming to the NYE party but it is over now and they need to gather their stuff and get their keys out of the ID bucket and head home. Jill said that she was frustrated with the college kids and she would help to look in every room to get them moving out the door. Amy took over the key bucket pulling them out and arranging them by alphabetical last name.

Allison got up and went over to help Amy with the keys. It was nice to see that we were down to about 75 key sets left. Every couple of minutes one or two college kids came down to the front door looking to get their keys. Amy asked for their last name and handed them their key set.

I whispered something in Dakota’s ears to take care of for me. She got up and headed towards the master suites to get the supplies that we needed to do what I asked Dakota to take care of for me. One thing that we did not consume very much of was the bottles of wine. I would guess that we probably only drank about 100 bottles in total.

John and Diane came down to the kitchen. John wasn’t really all that hungry. He sat down on the loveseat and pulled Diane down onto his lap. She put her arms around him and snuggled into his chest.

Dakota asked John and Diane if they would follow her to get the supplies that she needed for us to set up the way I thought we should be set up. They carried out several sets of sheets and blankets. When some of the other ladies saw what we were setting up, they got up and went to get lots of pillows and bring them out to the TV room. It took about a full half hour or forty-five minutes, but we had all these sheets and blankets and pillows laid out on the floor of the TV room.

I yelled over at Amy to ask how many sets of keys we have left. She tells me less than 20. I tell her to let me know when there are zero key sets left.

Oddly, the next three people who came looking for their keys made their way over to me to thank Jill and I for hosting what they think was the best NYE celebration that they have ever been a part of. They loved seeing Pitbull. They loved all the food and drink that was available. I thanked them for taking the time to thank us. I let them know that out of the 800+ party guests, they were the only ones that thanked me for hosting this party. The three of them were shocked and couldn’t believe that with all the money that I obviously spent on making this party such a huge success that none of the party guests really thanked me.

I told them to keep in touch with me from time to time. I might have a job for them if they are looking for one. They thanked me once again and headed out. Amy told me that we were down to 6 key sets left. A couple more kids made their way to the front door now leaving us with 3 sets. I sent Diane and John to look for the last three people. I told them to start checking all the rooms including the video gaming room and the pool room.

I sent Paula outside to check the pool area to make sure that no one was sleeping on the pool furniture.

It took about 15 minutes, but John came down with the last three people. They thanked me for inviting them to the party and then they were out the door.

Once all the guests were gone, I sent the cleaning crew home. They had us about 90% completed with only loads of towels left which they could take care of tomorrow. I thanked them for their hard work and asked to see the regular group tomorrow. They went out the front door.

I had Amy lock all the locks on the front door and then I told everyone, “OK let’s get naked. Let’s lay all over the sheets, pillows, and blankets and cuddle up with each other,” I tell everyone. I see lots of sparkles in people’s eyes. It only takes about minutes and everyone is naked, and we are all cuddling, caressing, and kissing each other.


As we all shed our clothing, I felt that we were being a much more loving family. Even my daughter Tina found her way over to me. She put her head on my chest and her hands caressed my body from head to toe.

I watched as my wife Jill was happily cuddling with Dakota. I felt bad for Jill. She picked out three good looking college boys and they didn’t take care of her at all. They got their orgasm and left Jill as if she didn’t matter. This was just one of the things that annoyed me about this party. Maybe it’s the way this generation acts, but I don’t like it. I find it rude and selfish.

Allison came crawling over to me on her knees asking Tina if she could get in with me. Tina gladly gave up her space on my chest and went over to Jill to snuggle up. I watched Tina and I really think that she misses being with all of us.

As I lay there looking at everyone being all intertwined, I feel a pair of hands on my cock. I look down and see Allison’s hands stroking me. As I’m enjoying Allison, Jennifer makes her way over to me as well. She straddles my face with her sweet delicious pussy. And thus, this is how we spent the next 6 hours all intertwined.

I played with Allison and Jennifer at the same time. One of each of my hands flicked their clits. I inserted three fingers into each gal. They were moaning and pulling my hand tighter into their pussy. As tired as we all were, it didn’t take long at all for both Jennifer and Allison to reach a very loud and wet orgasm. Once they finished their orgasmic pinnacle, Paula and Amy rolled over and took their place on me. Paula began sucking my cock as I played with her pussy. Amy was just happy to lay there with three of my fingers inside of her thrusting in and out until she too reached a very loud and wet orgasm.

Once Amy rolled off of me, Belinda took her place putting my fingers inside of her already wet pussy. Paula was not giving up on sucking my cock. I thrust a fourth finger into her causing her to scream in orgasm.

Danni took her place pushing Paula out of the way. I put three fingers into Danni, and it wasn’t very long before Danni not only orgasm, but she squirted when she came.

Once Danni and Belinda had their orgasms. Donna decided that she was going to get me to fuck her as we haven’t been together in quite some time. I just laid on my back and let her mount me and begin fucking me with all her might. Thankfully, it didn’t take but maybe 10 or 12 minutes for Donna to hit her orgasmic peak from fucking me.

Then there were the two ladies that loved me, and I loved them. Jill and Dakota. They each took turns fucking me. When Dakota was on my cock, I had three fingers in Jill. When they switched places, I felt Dakota squirt on my chest.

After all this switching back and forth, I decided to take matters into my own hands, literally. I started with Dakota. I put my face at her sweet delicious pussy. I licked. I sucked. I caused her to hit an orgasmic peak three or four times before she hit the big one. I watched as her beautiful eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Once Dakota reached several orgasmic peaks, I moved over to Jill. I began by licking her pussy and nibbling on her clit. She was quick to have a couple of small orgasms, which I assume came from the three guys not taking care of her needs.

To make sure that I made my darling wife orgasm repeatedly, I put her ankles over my shoulders allowing me the best depth that my cock could get inside her pussy. As I was thrusting in and out of her, she kept having these small orgasms. I just kept thrusting trying to reach her peak as quickly as I could. It only took about 10 minutes before she let out a big moan and then I felt my pelvis become wet with her orgasmic juice.

She called my name repeatedly telling me how much she loved me. I returned the sentiment kissing her until I felt her peak once again. Then I rolled her over onto her back and I began thrusting deep and hard into her. She was calling out my name as she orgasmed once again. I was smiling as we were reaching our peak simultaneously.

Once I came in Jill, we all just kind of snuggled up together. I had body parts from various women all over me. I kissed every lady that I had within reach of me. I told everyone how much I loved them, and I got the same response in return.


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