Time on My Hands Irony Part III

Time on My Hands Irony Part III

Time on My Hands Irony Pt 3

I strolled around thru the offices and admired all the women that worked here in the Corporate offices. The date 3 June 1881 Today I was 16 no big thing I had visited enough that every one knew who I was. I was on my way to a board where I was going to meet with my president and vice presidents. I entered the board room and every one stood I walked to the head of the table and motioned for all to be seated. I continued to stand.

“Contrary to what you may have been told I do not plan to start making wholesale changes. I have observed and read all and I do mean all contracts and reports including the the Audit reports. But neither am I going to be just a figurehead I will be consulted on all major projects and contracts. I will also be aware of other phases. It is true I have a photographic memory and I forget nothing.”

“ As I said I am not making sweeping changes, I am well satisfied with most here in this room. Ben Jarvis “ A man stood up. “ You are a thief and and embezzler . You have less than a half hour head start the police are on the way.” “ Mrs Standway, You will assume his position.” President John Ashton The meeting is yours .” I walked out of the room He had the list of firings promotions and demotions. I headed to my office.

I really liked my office, 1st there is a receptionist, Lena, then the door to a wide hall way . There were two Secretaries with parallel desks their backs to the wall they were my eyes and ears for the rest of the departments. When anyone wished to see me they ran the gauntlet. The Receptionist would announce them and they were screened by my Secretaries Sally and April who buzzed them in. There was still one more door to pass through which brought you to My Private Secretaries, Ash and Ember. They decided if I really needed to see that person or not.

My girls as I called them had a dress code they wore dresses of the days fashion but they wore no under clothes and their dresses were low cut revealing a lot of cleavage. When one of them would came up to my desk they would have their dress raised to their waist. I would reach out to their asses and they would drop their dress over my arm thus concealing it.

I would play with them for as long as necessary to handle the business they had brought to me. I did not stop my girls from getting married. I only had one rule in the event that they did marry. I must still be allowed to play with them but I would no longer screw them. That is unless they requested that I do. Once a day I made my rounds of my girls. Ember and Sally were the only two that were married . Ember said if he didn't like me screwing her … she could always get rid of him. Sally went for just the playing. After all she was a Newlywed and the playing, of which she needed a lot , just warmed her up for him.

I would get up from my desk and Ember would pull up her dress and lean forward on her desk I would enter and stroke her to multiple orgasms before flooding her with my cum. When I pulled out Ash would be ready at her desk and Ember would relieve Lena so she could get her dose. Then April finally Sally would be laying on her desk and I would sit in her chair and pull myself forward and give her a good licking.

The first Tuesday of the month was the Board meeting I yielded the Chair to President John Ashton. The first few months the Board would make a decision then turn and look at me. I would ask is it viable and will it make money. They nodded yes. My answer was so be it. As months and years passed they hardly noticed I was in the room. I had a well oiled machine. And I had screwed every woman on the Board except Mrs Standway.. She was a very tall always elegantly dressed Lady with the body of a model the only thing that gave away her age was her salt and pepper grey hair. In 1891 her husband George passed away at age seventy. No one knew that George was 20 years older than Mrs Standway, Bobbie Jean. In 1893 She came to my office,

She ordered Ember and ash out of the room, nobody disobeyed Mrs Standway. After they had left she locked the door. “Joseph Lee you are a rake and a rogue. You have screwed every woman in this Corporate Office.”

I answered her, “Not Quite.” She chuckled
“But close enough. What I am asking is why have you never made a pass at me.”
“To be honest … I was afraid you would get angry and quit. You are just to important to lose.”
“Then it wasn't because of my age or looks?”
“Hell no I drool every time you walk past.”
“In that case,” she begins to undress. “ George has been gone for two years and was unable to fulfill his duties for three years before that.... I am in need.”

I walked up to her and began helping her to undress. In moments she was standing there a vision of sexuality. At age 53 her body was tighter than a 16 year old. Her breasts were the size of grapefruits and her stomach was smooth and the globes of her buttocks were very well formed. She loosened her hair and it fell to her waist I looked down at her bush it was very thin and her clit was sticking out begging to be played with.

I laid her back on my desk and lifted her legs and draped them over my shoulders. I ran my hands down the inside of her thighs her skin was so taut and smooth. When I neared he pussy I touched her only with my finger tips. And like a spider I walked my finger tips nearer and nearer.. I skipped over her very prominent Clitoris and moved them along her weeping nether lips. As I had passed her clit her legs had tensed with expectation. Now that I was below her clit I gently open her outer lips and traced her inner lips still not touching her clit. Her butt begin to move either in anticipation or frustration. I slipped my finger in to her slit up to the knuckle then deeper I heard her sigh and I slipped in the second finger.

Again she sighed, I removed my fingers and without touching her anywhere else I sank my mouth on to her clitoris. As my lips and tongue met her clitoris her legs shot straight into the air then came crashing down on my back. Damn that hurt … she was still wearing her shoes. I lovingly worked on her clit. She screamed and locked her legs around my head and pulled me as deep as she could as she started mini climaxes one after the other.

“Joseph please I need you in me nowwwww. “ I ignored her and kept working on her clit she was screaming no no noooo and yesss yesss ohhh. I was losing my breath so I leaned back. I took aim and entered her wet pussy. She was very tight and I moved slowly as I continued to move deeper in to her.

All this time I had kept my distance from this woman....Man what a fool I had been, Now that I was deep inside her it was totally unbelievable this raging furnace I had entered. The worst part about it, was the knowing. The knowing that she would be another that I would use and drop along the wayside. Another who would die in her time and I would not even attend her funeral. For the first time in my entire life I had regrets and almost lost my hard on... almost but not quite.
Instead I shoved deeper into her and sped up my strokes. She squeezed her legs tighter around my waist. In seconds she was orgasming again and every few seconds she would spasm again.

In the year 1938 I began to search out the mother of my child to be and after much searching I found a redheaded Coleen fresh off the boat from Ireland. Her name was Mary Rose Murphy...Ah she was such a delicate flower, with rosy cheeks and a ready smile.

I sat down with her and her Mother and put the proposition to them. Mother Murphy was a sly old gal with piercing green eyes. “and what is the reason you can't marry the Lass and make an honest woman out of her.”

“Purely legal reasons. One I am paying $1,000,000 for a child and a name. If marriage was brought into it and I died My entire fortune would be at stake. For example if after ! am gone Mary Rose was to remarry my child's rights could be repressed and he end up losing everything. But by doing everything as legal proposition and Mary Rose would have a small fortune all legal and guaranteed.

This was a Monday. Mother said she needed to think on it. I told her she had til Friday then I would move on to my second choice. I failed to mention I had no second choice. On Thursday Mary Rose called me and said they accepted and they, meaning her and her Mother.

They would meet me at the Law office of Scott, Scott and Scott. They drew up a contract which guaranteed her the million plus an allowance for raising the child till the 10th birthday. And stipulated that she was to have sex only with me till she was pregnant and till the baby was born. She was to receive $500,000 when she became pregnant and the 2nd $500,000 when the Child became 10 years old at which time the Law office would assume guardianship.

Mother Murphy added one stipulation, the first meeting would be at her house and she would be there to insure Her baby girl was safe. A bit of explanation Mary Rose is 17 years old and Mother Murphy was only 33. And a very fine figure of a woman at that she had flaming red hair and reminded me of Maureen O’Hara.

The entire time of our negotiation I had noticed a twinkle in her eyes, while Mary Rose kept her head down but not so much that I couldn't see a satisfied smile on her lips or the constant licking of the lips. I think this could prove interesting.

The first meeting was scheduled for October 1 1938. I entered the room Mary Rose was in the bed with the covers pulled up to her neck. Mother Murphy was sitting in a chair by the head of the bed wearing a robe.

She motioned me over to her she reached out and unzipped my pants. I tried to back up but she held on,”I told you I was going to make sure my baby girl was safe didn't I.” She loosened my belt buckle and dropped my pants.

Since I wore no underwear she was slapped in the face with my upstanding pecker. I removed my shirt since it was useless now. I looked over at Mary Rose and I could her mouth was watering, then I felt something wet on my cock. Mother Murphy had taken me in her mouth.

I looked down at her and saw that her robe was standing open, I was looking at one of the most spectacular bodies I had ever seen. I looked over at Mary Rose. “I told mama she could try you out first. She hasn't had sex since Dad died 4 years ago.”

She was sucking me deeply and slurping, my whole crotch area was soaking wet. I felt her body jump. My goodness did she just have an orgasm while giving me a blowjob. To hell with this I pulled out of her mouth and stripped her out of her robe, picked her up and tossed her onto the bed .

She landed with her feet in the air and her legs wide open. Before they could close them I dove between them and face planted my self between her legs. And reached up grabbed a hold of her well formed 34 C tits. Ummm they felt and she tasted wonderful. The instant my tongue touched her clitoris she began to spasm and jerk with one climax after another.

Maybe I made the wrong choice, then I felt a pair of lips on my balls then they were sucked into an active heated mouth. I felt a tongue travel from my balls to my anus and back then a hand grasped my cock and directed it in to a hot mouth.
Mother Murphy had shifted her legs over my shoulders when she orgasmed, which was often her heels beat a tattoo on my back.

My problem was I didn't want to shoot in a mouth and things were to the point something had to give. I pulled Mary Rose around so she was beside her Mother and put a pillow beneath her ass. I moved up on her mother and pushed in to a very tight pussy.

It took about 4 strokes to enter her all the way. I looked over at Mary Rose and I swear her pussy was pulsating/ I angled my body so that I could continue to fuck the mother but could reach the daughter and eat her out at the same time.

I lost count of the Mothers climaxes but the daughter was rapidly catching up. And I had reached my spot as well I slipped my tongue as deep as I could in Mary Rose when the unexpected happened . Mary Rose's pussy muscles contracted on my tongue as she orgasmed, her mothers muscles held on to my cock and I began to flood the mothers cunt with potent baby juice.

And there we lay till Mary Rose finally relaxed her muscles. I rolled off of Mother Murphy and she reached over and patted her daughters arm and said,”I think you will be alright.” We all lay there a few seconds and we all broke into laughter.

She crawled off the bed and I crawled up Mary Rose's body and sucked on her tits for awhile then I caressed her lips with mine she suck in a deep breath and rammed her tongue passed my lips. We tongue wrestled for awhile then she whispered in my ear, “ I'm Ready but I am still a virgin.”

I lay on my back and positioned her above me I told her she was in control, that when it hurt she could stop or move slowly. She edged forward till my cock was moving in her slit when it touched her clit she jumped as if she had been shocked. It caused her to shift positions and the head disappeared inside. She moved around a bit then pushed downward. She continued this movement and slowly moved on down I just lay there. A few minutes later her red pubic hair was entwined in my grey.

I stayed still except for edging my hand downward so I could caress her clit with my finger. She jerked and began to ride me. Oh what a wonderful feeling her pussy was a raging inferno. I began to move to match her strokes. She was a very excitable girl and a natural in bed it didn't take long till she was gyrating back and forth and half around. She moaned and fell forward and began kissing my chest and neck . She was wrong if she though it was over. I flipped her over and mounted her from behind and I pounded her.. 10 minutes later I slammed all the way home and flooded her womb with some powerful stuff, guaranteed to reproduce.

I had no intention of it being a one night event. For the next 6 months I spent most of it in Mary Rose or Mother Murphy. By then they both were swelling noticeably. I was wondering how this would affect the original wishes. There was no contingency for two pregnancy’s.

They both went in the Hospital at the same time and both gave birth within seconds of each other. The old man was in the hall awaiting the time and wondering. Mother Murphy gave birth to a girl, Josephine Lea Murphy. Mary Rose gave birth to a boy, Joseph Lee Murphy. I opened my eyes and slid my hand into my diaper and felt my cock, another part of me reached into my diaper and felt a smooth slit. Two simultaneous cry's rang out.

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