Sharing Kate

Sharing Kate

“Do you want another drink?”

“No thanks man,” I answered with a dismissive wave of my hand. “I think I’m done for the night.”

“Oh come on!” Ryan goaded. “Don’t be a pussy!”

I just laughed and shook my head at my friend’s persistence.

“Fine,” I responded in resolution. “But only if Kate has one too.”

Ryan cocked his head in the direction of his girlfriend who was seated on the couch beside me, her legs pulled up under her body. His expression revealed his desire for all three of us to continue our night of drinking.

“Ooooookay,” Kate said, rolling her eyes in mock resistance. “I guess we can have one more.”

I watched suspiciously as Ryan prepared the drinks, gauging the amount of alcohol he distributed to each one. I knew from experience that he tended to mix them stronger as the night went on, and at this stage, he was mixing them about half and half whiskey and coke.

“Thanks,” I said dryly as I accepted my last drink of the evening.

I took a sip and pretended to hide my disgust as the foul tasting liquid passed my lips. I had imbibed my fill of alcohol for the night, and I knew that drinking anymore would simply be overkill. Kate took a drink as well before we exchanged knowing glances revealing our mutual dislike of Ryan’s bartending methods.

“Soooo,” Ryan drawled as slumped down on the couch beside his girlfriend, causing her to shift over towards me. “What do you think of Kate’s new outfit?”

I threw an arm over the back of the couch and pretended to study Kate’s attire, although in reality I had already taken notice numerous times during the night.

“Not bad,” I stated with a smile, as Kate rolled her eyes with slight embarrassment. “I’m impressed. I’ve never seen you wear a skirt before.”

It was true. Kate had always been kind of a tom-boy with a very plain fashion style, often mocking the current trends with fun-loving contempt. Over the last few times that I had visited my friends, however, I had witnessed a gradual transition in her appearance as she cautiously began to adopt a much more stylish and feminine look. Even her hair had evolved from a short, plain boyish style into a shoulder length do, containing hints of blonde that accented her facial features perfectly. She was also now wearing jewellery, as indicated by the dangling hoop earrings and matching silver necklace adorning her slender neck.

“Do you have any idea how much convincing it took to get her to wear that tonight?” Ryan said, before taking another drink. “She thinks it makes her legs look too skinny.”

“Really?” I asked, leaning back to get a better look.

I could sense Kate’s discomfort growing by the second.

“She looks hot right?” Ryan continued, as if trying to convince me of something.

“Uh huh,” I agreed, beginning to share in Kate’s discomfort.

Throughout the entire night, Ryan had been making comments like that. When we had been at the club earlier he had even tried to convince me to dance with her. And now that we had arrived home and his judgement was being tainted by intoxication, he seemed to be stepping up his efforts.

As Ryan left the room for a quick trip to the bathroom, Kate and I shared a brief moment of awkward silence before I broke the tension.

“You think if we dump some of our drinks out he’ll notice?” I asked, unable to stomach anymore of the foul concoction.

“Good idea,” Kate beamed, hopping up from the couch. “Hurry.”

With a laugh, we rushed to the kitchen sink and poured out most of our drinks before refilling the glasses with coke.

“Is it just me or is Ryan acting kind of funny tonight?” I asked, as I shut the fridge door and headed back into the living room.

Kate just smiled and shrugged her shoulders. I could tell something was up.

As we heard the toilet flush, we hurried back to our seats before Ryan re-entered, strolling over the stereo system in the corner of the living room.

“Man, you should have been here on Halloween,” he said, pressing ‘play” on the stereo. “Kate dressed up as a nurse. “

“Oh yeah?” I responded, glancing over at Kate, who avoided eye contact by turning away and taking a sip of her diluted drink.

“Yeah, she looked really hot.”

Again I looked to Ryan’s girlfriend, whose face flushed red as she attempted to conceal her growing smile. Studying her nervous mannerisms, I took a drink from my own glass as music soon filled the room. Walking back over to us, Ryan turned on a lamp before turning off the main light, basking the entire area in a dim lamplit glow.

“You should have seen it,” he continued, taking a seat beside his girlfriend. “She had this short, white latex dress with white stockings.”

“Wow,” I said with a smile, glancing back at Kate, who seemed to be gulping down her drink with increasing speed. “I wish I could have seen it.”

“You still can,” Ryan countered promptly, placing a hand on his girlfriend’s knee. “Babe, why don’t you go put it on.

Fully expecting Kate to brush off the suggestions of her inebriated boyfriend, my eyes widened with surprised as she gulped down the remainder of her drink before standing up and heading into the bedroom. As she exited the room, Ryan partially concealed a satisfied smile by taking another sip. My eyes narrowed with suspicion as I studied his movements, but he seemed unconcerned in any way. A few moments later, he got up and followed his girl into the bedroom.

At first I thought the evening was over and those two would be locked away for the rest of the night, but I soon heard quiet talking, although I was unable to make out what they were saying. I was taking another drink when Ryan re-emerged from the bedroom, grinning from ear to ear.

“You gotta see this man”,” he proclaimed. “Sooo fucking hot.”

I raised my glass in salute as down as Kate walked through the door and into the hallway. Glancing over, my jaw dropped as she appeared out of the darkness, making her way into the living room with tentative, hesitant steps.

She was standing a few inches taller than usual, due to the knee-high white latex boots she was wearing. Up to mid-thigh, her slender legs were covered by a pair of sheer, white stockings that clung tightly, outlining every single muscle. Around her waist, a tight fitting white latex skirt covered her narrow hips, reaching down to allow only a narrow strip of bare skin to be visible between it and the stockings. Kate was wearing a matching top as well, outlining her small but well formed breasts, wrapping around her upper torso. Between the shimmering white material of her skirt and top, her midriff was clearly visible showing off a tightly toned, flat stomach. Her hair hung down to one side, bouncing against her face as she walked, partially concealing the dimple in her right cheek that formed every time she smiled. Her big, brown, doe-like eyes struggling to keep from nervously glancing at the floor as she made her way into the room. Atop her head was a tiny white hat, complete with little red cross that portrayed the sexy outfit as a nurse’s. Standing before us in display, she paused and placed her hands on her hips, her arms covered up to the elbow with a pair of long, white, latex gloves.

“Well?” Ryan stated emphatically, smiling as we both took in the sexy sight. “What do you think?”

“Uh....,” I stammered, struggling to find the words. “Wow.”

Kate slowly spun in a circle, modelling the provocative outfit further. As she turned, my eyes scanned up and down before settling in on the smooth, white latex skirt hugging the pert round cheeks of her ass. As if feeling my unscrupulous gaze on her backside, she paused for a moment before finishing her tantalizing rotation.

“You actually went out dressed like that?” I asked, as Kate stepped over and reached down to pick up Ryan’s drink from the coffee table. “I’m surprised.”

“And why is that?” she countered, her body swaying to the music as she took a sip from the glass.

“I...I just didn’t think you’d wear something like that. You usually act pretty...conservative.”

“You don’t think I can act slutty?” she asked, her lips curling up into a cute smile as she stared down at me over the glass with her big brown eyes.

I shrugged, starting to feel a little uncomfortable with my friend’s girl looming over me.

“I...I guess I’ve just never seen you like...this,”

Kate let out soft, quick laugh as she handed the drink back to Ryan and walked over to me. Taking a nervous sip from my own glass, I glanced up to see her standing directly in front of me. Furrowing my brow in confusion, I sat back and threw a glance over to Ryan whose face was aglow with a beaming, spirited grin.

“So...” Kate continued, her hands clasped behind her back as she bashfully turned from side to side. “Do seeing me like this?”

Again I looked over to Ryan, who simply smiled again before taking a long pull from his glass and hopping to his feet.

“Uh...” I stammered with perplexed expression. “S...sure.”

“Come on man,” he blurted out enthusiastically as he embraced his girlfriend from behind, wrapping his arms around her. “That’s not a very enthusiastic response. Look at her! She’s hot as hell!”

Forcing out an awkward laugh, I watched as Ryan ran his adventurous hands up his girlfriend’s body.

“Doesn’t this outfit make her tits look great?” he asked, more of a statement than a question, as he gave Kate’s breasts a lecherous squeeze.

I sat speechlessly gawking as her face flushed red and she bit her bottom lip nervously.

“But...” he continued, releasing his grasp and spinning Kate around by the hips. “I bet you like this view even better.”

Ryan grinned with satisfaction as he presented his girl’s latex covered ass to my roaming eyes. His hands slid over the smooth material before lifting his palm and bringing it down with a loud ‘slap’. Kate let out a giggle as she subserviently stood on display as her boyfriend continued.

“Have a feel,” he suggested, squeezing her firm little asscheek through the tightly stretched mini skirt.

I cast him a dubious glare, eyeing the scene suspiciously. I began to wonder if this was some kind of elaborate joke.

Kate looked back over her shoulder and smiled, her expression encouraging me to follow Ryan’s tempting proposition.

“Alright,” I said finally, shrugging my shoulders as I reached out and laid a firm hand on her enticing, round ass.

Feeling the smoothness of the shiny material, I cupped my hand under her right cheek, squeezing gently. As she felt my touch, Kate pushed her ass back into my hand, encouraging me to increase the pressure of my fingers, clutching and feeling with increasing confidence.

“Nice eh?” Ryan said with a grin as he watched me fondle his girlfriend’s backside.

“Ooookay,” I blurted out suddenly, removing my hand and sitting back in my seat. “What’s going on here?”

Kate turned around, her face flushed red as she smiled sheepishly. She then exchanged a knowing glance with her boyfriend, as if communicating telepathically. She gave him a subtle nod and he turned to me, his hands still resting on her hips.

“Do you want to fuck her?”

The bluntness of Ryan’s question struck me like a bolt of lightning and I sat, staring dumfounded as the pair awaited my response. I glanced at Kate’s expecting face, seeing no indication of humour.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes,” Ryan responded promptly. “We...thought it might be fun to try a threesome.”

“Yeah...,” I said cautiously as my eyes roamed up and down Kate’s enticing body. “I’m sure it would be...”

“Well?” Kate piped in, taking a step towards me. “What do you say?”

I took a deep breath and exhaled.

“Sure,” I answered finally, acquiescing as I slapped my hands against my thighs. “Let’s do it.”

Kate’s face lit up with delight as the words of my compliance hit her ears. Ryan smiled with satisfaction and patted his girl lightly on the ass, prompting her forward. Kim moved closer, her face displaying a nervous but enthusiastic expression. As her legs came to rest against the edge of the couch she leaned over, placing her hands on either side of my head as she stared into my eyes. Her cute little dimples gradually disappeared as her smiling visage turned to one of sexual intensity. I swallowed hard and inhaled deeply as she crawled onto my lap, her white latex skirt sliding up her thighs as she straddled my legs. Hooking her hands behind my head, she gave me one more glance before leaning in and pressing her lips to mine.

At first I was hesitant, feeling strange about kissing Kate in front of her boyfriend, but the feel of her soft lips and prodding tongue combined with the night’s intake of disinhibiting alcohol soon overcame my reluctance and I opened my mouth to accept her lustful advances. Placing my hands on her lower back I felt her sleek muscles with one hand as the other slid down to tentatively grope at her firm, latex-clad ass. Kate’s soft slender hands moved up to tousle the hair on the back of my head as her kissing grew more passionate. Just as I was becoming lost in the moment, she pulled her mouth from mine and kissed my neck, nibbling her way up to my ear as she ground her hips into me.

“Mmmm,” she purred quietly into my ear. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

I could feel the front of my pants expand outward as my arousal grew in response to Kate’s warm breath and sensual grinding. Her soft lips worked their way back to mine and she continued kissing me as my hands explored her body, moving down to feel her thin, well muscled legs through the sheer, smooth material of her white stockings.

“Okay kids,” Ryan piped out, clapping his hands together. “Enough lovey-dovey stuff. Let’s get this going.”

Kate pulled away, blushing and turning back to her boyfriend with a disappointed glance. As she crawled off my lap I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, adjusting the aching erection in my pants.

“Oh, there’s one thing I forgot to mention,” Ryan said, as he walked over, peeling off his shirt. “Her ass is off limits.”

“Uh...okay,” I agreed as Kate shot me an apologetic glance, shrugging her shoulders. “No problem.”

I was actually a little disappointed, but I kept my thoughts to myself.

“Yeah,” he continued as he pulled his girlfriend close and placed his hand over her ass, treating her taut behind to a drunken grope. “I know it will be hard to resist...but this ass is all mine.”

I nodded although Ryan hardly noticed as he was now too enamoured with Kate, kissing her neck as his hands roamed her tight, slender body. Taking a cue from him, I too removed my shirt as he gently guided her down to her knees. As she knelt before her boyfriend, Kate flashed me another sexy glance as she began to undo his pants. As his jeans fell to the floor around his ankles, Ryan motioned for me to stand up as well. As I followed his nonverbal directions, and rose to stand beside him, Kate was pulling his tight fitting underwear down around his hips.

“Take your pants off,” Kate suggested to me as her glove covered hand stroked his half-flaccid dick.

As I removed the rest of my clothing, she turned her face back to Ryan, her little pink tongue shooting out to lick the tip of his cock. Unlike my friend, who was obviously experiencing the effects of the night’s alcohol intake, Kate’s amorous actions had me at full attention. I held my stiff rod in shaking hand as I watched her wrap her lips around Ryan’s shaft, gently sucking as it slowly grew to full size in her mouth. Reaching out to take my dick in her hand, I soon felt the smooth, cool sensation of her gloved fingers wrapping around my warm, throbbing shaft. With Ryan’s cock half buried in her mouth, her eyes shifted to look at mine while her left hand stroked me with slow, coordinated pumps. She then, pulled her little wet mouth away from Ryan and sucked my swollen head past her soft lips.

I moaned softly as I felt her writhing tongue swirling around my dick, sliding deeper into her mouth. After coating my shaft with warm saliva, Kate pulled back smiling with contentment as she held a hard cock in each hand. For the next few minutes, she alternated back and forth, swapping one hard, wet dick for the other as her face grew increasingly flushed with arousal.

Finding the gloves a bit awkward, Kate paused for a brief moment as she removed them while Ryan took advantage of the respite to take a seat on the couch. Tossing the gloves aside, Kate crawled towards her boyfriend on her hands and knees as he guided her face back into his lap. As her enticing lips once again slipped over his head and down his shaft, I found my eyes drawn to her perfectly round ass which seemed to beckon to me from within the tight fitting white skirt. Ryan noticed my interest had been caught and gave me a smile and nod. Emboldened by a mix of alcohol and arousal I moved up behind Kate, stroking my hands over the smooth, shiny material. Feeling my touch, she reached back and fidgeted with the zipper on the side of her skirt as her head continued bobbing on Ryan’s cock. I brushed her hand away and finished the unzipping myself as the latex skirt fell from her pert little ass. I then found myself staring at her wonderfully round ass, covered only by a tiny pair of red panties, nestled snugly between her firm little cheeks.

As I slipped my hand up the inside of her thigh, she shifted around, spreading her legs a little wider in encouragement for me to continue. With two fingers, I gently stroked the lacy material, pressing hard enough to feel the moistness from her pussy dampening the red fabric. Kate let out a soft, muffled moan and used her hand to press my hand firmly into her crotch before reaching back to push eagerly at the waistband of her panties. Again I assisted, pulling the underwear down over her firm little ass, allowing the string to snap out from between her cheeks. With her bottom now unclothed, I again pressed my fingers into her pussy, wiggling them between her damp, swollen lips.

Kate gasped as she felt my middle finger slip easily into her tight little hole. I immediately added another, twisting both digits and pushing them knuckle deep as she purred ecstatically around Ryan’s cock. I then wriggled my thumb between her cheeks, massaging her tiny pink asshole with firm, circular movements, pausing for a moment to see if anyone would object.

“Is this okay?” I asked, after neither Kate nor Ryan offered any protest.

“Yeah man,” Ryan affirmed as he guided his girlfriend’s head down onto his cock. “Go nuts. You can finger it, lick it, kiss just can’t fuck it.”

I nodded in understanding, my thumb pressing harder against her wrinkled opening, feeling every crease in her tiny pink asshole. Leaning down, I planted a wet kiss on her soft, white cheek allowing my lips to linger long enough to evoke an approving sigh from her filled mouth. I then lifted my thumb and let a thin droplet of saliva trickle down over her clenched hole before replacing it, coating her little star with the warm fluid. Testing the tautness of Kate’s ass with increasingly firm motions, I eventually felt the muscular ring give way as my thumb began sinking into her twitching hole.

“Go ahead and fuck her,” Ryan suggested, breaking me from my anally fixated reverie.

Slipping my fingers from Kate’s dripping wet pussy, I slid them up and down my shaft, coating it with the slick fluids. Then, moving into place, I pressed my shimmering cock head against her parting lips and speared her with a single, penetrating thrust.

“Mmmmm,” Kate purred as she felt the entire length of my dick sliding deep into her accepting pussy.

As my hips came to rest against her tight ass, I felt her nimble little fingers reaching back to caress my freshly shaved balls. I withdrew and carefully pushed forward, as she pushed her ass back against me. It became increasingly obvious that Kate was not interested in gentle fucking, so I started pumping back and forth, striking her muscular ass with quick, short thrusts.

“How does she feel?” Ryan asked, in a question that actually made me a little uncomfortable.

I merely answered with a look of appreciation as I continued to fuck his girl’s tight, wet hole with longer strokes, causing her body to jolt forward, driving his dick deeper into her mouth.

“Alright,” he said suddenly. “Time to switch.”

A little disappointed, I pulled my wet cock from Kate’s inviting pussy and watched as the pair shifted positions. Ryan first pulled her close and kissed her deeply before lifting her and laying her down on the sofa. Kate’s legs, adorned with the white latex boots, wrapped around his waist as he plunged forcefully into her, driving her into the soft cushions. Kate glanced over at me, her eyes afire with wonton lust as she motioned for me to come closer. Obediently, I took a step as she reached out to beckon me to her.

Getting the point, I placed a knee on the couch beside her head and lowered my cock, wet with her juices, down to her open mouth. Her body shaking from Ryan’s lustful thrusts, she opened her mouth with anticipatory bliss to accept my descending dick. Her sparkling brown eyes focused on mine for a brief instant as the head of my cock passed her lips and dropped onto her waiting tongue. As her pink lips closed around my shaft I braced myself against the back of the couch, sinking my dick deep into her hungry mouth.

Seeing his girlfriend’s lips wrapped around my cock apparently invoked some underlying lascivious desire in Ryan and he began pounding Kate’s pussy with renewed vigour. His violent thrusting sent her slender body writhing as she moaned around my plunging dick. As my hips rose and fell in rhythmic, gentle strokes, her hand clutched my ass, her nails etching painful rivets in my naked flesh.

“Roll over,” Ryan suggested, retreating to a kneeling position with his wet cock in hand. “I want fuck you from behind. “

My dick slipped from Kate’s busy mouth, leaving a long trail of sticky saliva down her cheek as she flipped over onto her hands and knees. I moved around to stand at the end of the sofa as Ryan moved into place behind her, his hand grasping his cock firmly around the base. Kate was about to take me back into her open mouth, when he once again impaled her with one, long hard stroke. As her lips parted in a silent gasp I slid my shaft back over her outstretched tongue, resting a hand behind her head as I once again slid into the back of her throat.

Ryan’s face contorted into a devilish grin as he reamed her from behind, relishing in the sensation of her juicy pussy drooling over this thrusting cock. Apparently lost in his own world, he pursed his lips in intense concentration as he lewdly spread his girlfriend’s ass apart, eyeing her winking asshole with a covetous glare. After a quick glance at me, he let a thick droplet of spit fall between her cheeks, trickling down her cleft to run in a tiny, wet rivulet over her tiny pink ring.

“Oh yeah,” Kate moaned before taking my dick back into her mouth, as Ryan began working his finger into her asshole.

With slow, casual movements, I began sliding my cock in and out of her mouth as he matched my strokes with equally lackadaisical thrusts as he became preoccupied with stuffing his finger deeper into her ass. We continued in this fashion for the next ten minutes, spearing Kate from both ends as she moaned ecstatically from the incessant attention received by her wonton orifices.

“I want your ass,” Ryan stated as he pulled his glistening dick from Kate’s pussy and placed it against her wet little asshole.

Kate moaned with approval and even went so far as to reach back and pull one of her pert little cheeks aside as her boyfriend began to laboriously work his thick cock into her tightly closed hole. I looked on with envy as my dick slipped from her mouth due to the increased concentration Kate required to relax her ass enough to allow his entry. Apparently the effects of the night’s alcohol still lingered as Ryan seemed unable to maintain a stiff enough erection to pierce his girlfriend’s resistant asshole.

“God damn it!” he cursed, as his half-flaccid cock butted repeatedly against her impenetrable muscular ring.

I tried not to stare, as he seemed to be getting more and more frustrated with the situation. The harder he pushed however, the softer his dick became until it was physically impossible to expect any penetration at all.

“It’s okay,” Kate offered, looking back over her shoulder. “You don’t have to fuck my ass.”

“But I at least want to cum!” Ryan stated emphatically as his face flushed with frustration.

“Well that’s not a problem,” she returned, spinning around to face him. “Just lie back and let me handle things.”

Reluctantly, Ryan slumped down before lying onto his back. Faced once again with Kate’s tantalizing pussy, I climbed onto the sofa behind her, my cock still wet from her talented mouth. As her wet pussy lips parted and I slid back inside, she pushed back against me, engulfing my length with her hot little hole. With my dick nestled nicely inside her, Kate lowered her head and sucked gently at Ryan’s balls, in an attempt at restoring his lost erection.

“I know what you need,” she purred, with an impish smile as she slipped her middle finger into her mouth.

My cock slipped in and out easily as her juices lubricated my plunging shaft. Ryan stroked himself as he smiled down at his girlfriend, who pulled her wet finger from her mouth, now glistening with wetness. Then to my surprise, Kate slipped her hand between his legs and stroked her slippery finger over his asshole. Ryan moaned and lifted his knees higher in an attempt at granting her easy access to his body. As her little wet fingertip massaged his ass, I watched his cock grow back to hardness in his hand.

“Mmmm, there we go,” Kate spoke softly as she flicked her tongue out and licked the head of his dick like an ice cream cone.

My hands grasped her firm little cheeks as I guided my pulsing cock into her hot, wet slit. Her ass looked so small and round, I had a hard time believing that she was even able to take a dick anally. By the way her tight little pussy gripped my wet shaft, I could only imagine how her ass would feel stretched around me. As I continued to eye her enticing little star with increasing desire, I decided to satiate my anal lust by probing it with my eager finger.

“Yeah,” Kate encouraged, as she let Ryan’s cock lip free with a wet ‘pop’. “Stick your finger up my ass.”

As her twitching hole began to swallow my finger, she increased the pace of her hand, stroking Ryan’s dick faster with her lips wrapped around his swollen head. Her other hand was still busy at work between his legs. Although I could not see, I assumed she was playing with his ass.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth?” she asked as Ryan’s eyes widened with excitement.

“ don’t like that,” he answered back sceptically.

“Well,” she continued, her body shuddering from my relentless thrusting. “I feel naughty tonight.”

Ryan smiled in response, his wordless reaction acting as answer enough.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to cum,” he said a couple minutes later. “I might have had a little bit too much to drink.”

I laughed to myself. I had been in similar situations before. In fact, if I had been sober that night I probably would have cum the very second I saw Kate dressed in her nurse outfit.

“Oh, I think I can make you cum,” she ensured, smiling as she removed her finger from between his legs and sucked it back into her mouth.

As Ryan watched her, his mouth formed an enthusiastic smile and his hand began stroking his dick faster in preparation. Kate then placed her hand back under his balls and proceeded to push her thin little digit right into his ass. As she slipped in up to the knuckle, Ryan closed his eyes and beat his cock with a savage series of violent pumps. I quickened the pace of my thrusting as well as Kate began wriggling her finger as deep as possible in his ass.

“Ohfuckohfuckohfuck..,” he stammered, as his body tensed while his stroking turned to a mesmerizing blur. “Fuckkkkkkkkk.....!”

Ryan’s dick pulsed in his hand as a thick fountain of white cum surged forth, flowing down over his clenched fist. Kate immediately lapped up the oozing stream of jism, running her tongue up over his knuckles before locking her lips around his swollen head and sucking the rest into her eager mouth.

As Kate’s lips enveloped his erupting cock head I felt my own orgasm approaching. A moment of uncertainty followed since I was unsure of where I should direct my own orgasm. As I felt myself nearing the point of no return, I decided to play it safe and pulled my tingling dick from her dripping pussy just in time to send a long stream of hot, white cum arcing over her back. The fluid splashed against her naked skin, pooling in small droplets on her lower back as each successive stream shortened in distance. As Kate was consuming the last remnants of her boyfriend’s juices, my own cum drizzled out, flowing in long streams down her little round ass cheeks, coating her winking asshole with a creamy, viscous layer of translucent fluid.

Taking a deep breath, I released my dick and allowed it to fall against her cum covered ass with a wet ‘smack.” What followed was a short period of awkwardness as the three of us searched for something to say.

“Well,” Kate said, breaking the silence. “That was fun.”

I nodded in agreement with an embarrassed smile as Ryan placed his hands behind his head, striking a relaxing pose. It became obvious that none of us were interesting in discussing what had just taken place and all quickly found something to do. Kate skipped off to clean herself up, soon returning with an armload of blankets and pillows.

“Here you go,” she said cheerfully, tossing the blankets on the sofa. “If you get cold, there’s more in the closet.”

“Oh, I don’t think that will happen,” I responded wiping a bead of sweat from my brow.

“Damn,” Ryan cursed, groggily wiping his tired eyes. “I don’t feel so good.”

“Take a couple Gravol,” Kate offered. “There’s a bottle on the dresser. It’ll help you sleep too.”

Ryan nodded and stumbled off down the hallway, muttering a drunken “goodnight,” leaving Kate and I alone in the living room.

“Aren’t you tired?” I asked, spreading one of the blankets out over the couch.

“No, not really,” she answered. “I actually feel wide awake.”

“Maybe that’s because you didn’t cum?” I offered, lying back with post-coital fatigue.

“How do you know I didn’t cum?” she asked, as she gathered up her clothing which was still strewn across the floor.

“Well did you?”

Kate just smiled as she turned and headed off towards the bedroom.

“Good night Damon,” she said, flicking the light off as she walked out of sight.

Left alone in the darkness, I closed my eyes and quickly drifted off to sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I awoke to the feeling of a small, soft hand lightly stroking my cock. Sighing with pleasure, I shifted my position, slowly emerging from my slumber.

“What the...?” I stammered, as my eyes struggled to adjust to the darkness.

Blinking a few times, the outline of Kate’s face gradually emerged as I noticed her brown eyes glinting from the meagre moonlight seeping in through a crack in the window blinds.

“Shhhh,” she warned, placing her finger in front of her pursed lips.

I stared in confusion as I struggled to process what was happening. As I came to the realization that Kate’s hand was inside my underwear, my dick immediately began to expand under her gentle touch.

“What are you doing?” I asked, my voice hushed to a whisper.

“I couldn’t sleep,” she explained, flashing a mischievious smile. “There’s something else I...wanted to do.”

“W...what’s that?”

Without answering, she climbed onto the sofa beside me pressing her body against mine. As she wriggled into place, I felt her naked body against me, snuggling close as I felt her warm breath on my neck.

“I want you...,” she whispered into my ear, making my body shiver with arousal. “... in my ass.”

I swallowed hard.

“What...about...Ryan?” I stuttered, suddenly torn between my increasing sexual arousal and my loyalty to my friend.

“He’s fast asleep,” she explained, as she rolled over and pressed her ass into my crotch, grinding against me with slow, enticing gyrations.

I was helpless against her provocative advances, my dick pulsing to life as her slender, writhing form pressed against me. My face nuzzled her neck, still sensing the faint, pleasing fragrance she had been wearing earlier that night. My hand felt drawn to her body, feeling the firmness of her perky breast before slipping down her stomach and over her hip. She was wearing a pair of plain white panties that were already growing damp as my hand migrated between her legs.

“O...kay,” I whispered reluctantly, unable to hold back any longer.

As soon as the words left my lips, Kate reached down and frantically pushed her panties down over her hips, wriggling her legs as she removed them completely. Taking her cue, I did likewise, struggling to remove my boxers as she assisted as best she could. I could feel the blood coursing through my dick as she continued to grind her ass against me, her taut little cheeks trapping my shaft in her warm, inviting cleft.

“We don’t have any lube,” I whispered with concern as she reached back and took hold of my throbbing cock.

“It’s okay,” she replied with assurance. “Just go slow.”

I wetted my dick as best I could with my own saliva as Kate did likewise, reaching back to lubricate her own asshole with spit covered fingers. I was sceptical as to the extent to which out little endeavour would work, but I was definitely willing to try.

Releasing my dick into Kate’s control, she wrapped her fingers around my shaft and guided my head between her firm little cheeks, shifting her position to line it up with her tightly closed ring. I found myself gasping with excitement as my head, leaking precum, came to rest against her clenching asshole.

Moaning softly, Kate pushed her ass back as she held my dick in place, wriggling her tiny pink ring around my swollen helmet. The tightness of her ass was excruciatingly enticing as I felt myself slowly sinking into her body, her little star resisting every millimeter of my invading member. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the sensation as her ass clamped down around my head like a vice. Then, moaning with increasing passion as she continued to accept my pulsing dick, she reached back to clutch at my hair as she worked her asshole down around my shaft.

With my pole half embedded in her tiny, clenching butt, she took a brief moment to relax before cautiously grinding her hips back against me. Placing a hand on her slender hip, I coaxed her to proceed before sliding my fingers down over the soft tuft of light brown hair above her pussy. Kate purred with appreciation as she felt my exploring fingers delving between her legs, teasing her sensitive clit with light, brushing touches.

With her asshole clamped tightly around my shaft, she started moving back and forth, drawing the skin on my shaft to and fro as if jerking me off with her ass. My fingers quickly found her dewy hole, and I slipped a couple inside her, forcing her deeper down around my cock.

“Mmmm,” she sighed as she began stroking her fingers over her clit.

Breathing heavily, my body gyrated against her as Kate’s pert little ass worked its way down around my throbbing dick. Pulling my dripping fingers from her pussy, I placed them in my mouth, tasting the fluids of her arousal with dirty delight. With my fingers sufficiently wet, I then reached down and traced the outline of Kate’s stretched ass as it wiggled its way along my sinking shaft. My fingertips slid along the surface of my cock, wetting the portion that remained outside her hungry asshole. The extra lubrication assisted the restricted movement of my dick, and Kate showed her appreciation with increasingly erratic movements of her writhing body.

Squealing through pursed lips, she tensed her body, clamping her muscular asshole around my cock as if trying to milk the cum from my swollen, aching balls. My hips began moving with frantic desperation, stabbing her ass with quick, short jabs as I became overcome with the sensation of impending climax. With one, final, forceful thrust, I pulled Kate back onto me, impaling her twitching hole as my cock swelled and pulsed, spilling a copious amount of warm, wet cum deep inside her.

As my orgasm subsided, I resumed stroking my dick back and forth in her wet, slippery asshole until it eventually withdrew to the point of slipping free as her tight little ring contracted, trapping my juices inside her hungry orifice. Kate remained laying there, her naked body pressed against me for a few seconds before she sat up, reaching for her panties.

“Thanks,” she whispered, casting me an appreciative smile before standing up and tip-toeing back into the bedroom.

With my sleepiness gradually returning, I pulled my underwear back on and snuggled back under the blanket. As I closed my eyes, I smiled contentedly and gradually drifted off to sleep.

The End

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