I meet my new neighbour and WOW

I meet my new neighbour and WOW

My family had just moved into this district to a new home, and it is very nice. Our new home has a pool and is two stories high with the bedrooms on top. The main reason was for me to go to the local University which is highly regarded in the subject I am studying.

It didn't take us long to meet our neighbours as they were very friendly. Our neighbours are about 30. I am 18. He looks like a real hunk and his wife is a flight attendant, very attractive and is away from home often on overseas flights.

It didn't take me long to make good use of our new pool as I had just begun university and my lecture times suited me and gave me lots of time to laze or study by the poolside. I had planned to get rid of my tan lines and get an all over tan. Getting rid of my ‘white pointers’ (breasts and bikini line) would not take long.

As my parents both worked I was at home alone a lot so getting around naked would not be a problem.

One day I was lying by the pool and had drifted off to sleep - naked.

I had this strange feeling something was wrong - I woke with a start to find our neighbours husband looking at me. He too was naked. There was a gate between the two properties but we were unaware it was used by them and he had obviously entered that way and it was probably the noise of the gate shutting that had disturbed me.

I was somewhat shocked, and I had shocked him as well as it turned out, he had not realised I was both at home and laying naked by the pool. I had woken up before he could retrace his steps through the gate.

I said what the hell are you doing.

He was somewhat shocked himself, he told me he was sorry. He obviously had nothing with him to cover his nudity as he just stood there, and made no effort to leave or do anything – he just stood where he was some few metres away from me. He told me the previous owners had allowed him and his wife to use the pool if they were not at home without needing to ask. He hadn’t raised it with my parents since we lived here and he has assumed as there was nobody home at our place and had popped over for a quick swim. It wasn’t until I moved he was aware I was there, and had not expected to find me home and less likely to find me naked.

I said well what happens now –

He said perhaps I could hop into the pool while you cover yourself and then I could escape back to where I came from.

I said well the pool is there and you came to use it so I would suggest you do. I will make my own arrangements.

He dived into the pool and I was deciding what I should do.

I was hot and I didn't feel I should make myself scarce while he cooled off.

I decided I would dive in as well – he wouldn’t hang around and I had hoped, leave as soon as I entered the pool.

He didn't – he swam a few laps and I joined him and I began to race him, he joined in and we completed a few laps which he only just beat me.

By then I had cooled off in a couple of ways – my body was cool and my temperament had cooled as well and when we stopped swimming I said look I am sorry about the way I spoke to you – I can assure you I am not offended by your nakedness – I have seen it all before. It was more the shock of not expecting to see you there and me being naked, rather than your nakedness.

He said once more he was sorry and it would not happen again.

I said there was no need to go that far – I am sure we could learn to live with one another even if we had no clothes on. I gather you have had use of the pool before we came.

He said they had and he was sorry he hadn’t asked, and that he was naked.

I said I was going to hop out and why didn't he join me and we could become better acquainted.

He didn't say anything and hopped out after me and I told him to make himself comfortable and we could talk. His being nude was not a problem.

There were a few chairs by the pool and he sat down facing me – the fact his private parts were in full view didn't seem to bother him and I had a nice view of them and I considered him to be nicely equipped. I was no angel and had been sexually active for a couple of years with people my own age. I had seen many a naked man before and the sight of him naked did not disturb me – rather I was a little impressed with his equipment so to speak.

I stood up and towelled myself off drying that part of me that is extremely female. Not only my breasts by my pubic region as well. He watched my every move.

I got a bit cheeky and I said you obviously like what you see. Dont be embarrassed. I like what I can see too.

He laughed and said I am impressed with the art work – it looks nice.

I said funny that – you are not the first to comment on it. I like to keep it trim and tidy. I dislike the look of girls who shave it all off or leave the bush, unless they trim it short.

He said Jan does the same as you – she has a strip at the moment – but I must tell her I like the way you have it as well.

I said I have only just said hello to her – I have seen her come and go but havnt had an opportunity to chat to her apart from saying hello. Oh and by the way while you are handing out complements I am impressed with your equipment as well. The cold water does nothing for it but before you went swimming I noticed it would make me happy – and I guess Jan as well. I notice you have trimmed your hair short too – not many guys I know do that and those that shave it all off are generally gay.

Well he said that IS a complement, I would have imagined at your age, sex may not be on the agenda.

I said innocence has nothing to do with age. You don’t have to be married to have a sex life.

Looking down at his penis he said it did have a better reputation before I was married as it has seen a bit of the world and been a friend to some beautiful women. Jan liked it possibly more than most and we decided to keep it for ourselves.

I said and do you? Are you not tempted to keep it active while Jan is away seeing it has been so used well?

He said now that is for me to know and you to find out.

I said I wouldn’t mind knowing one way or another.

He said well one day you may.

I said I cant wait.

That sounds like an invitation to me.

I said perhaps.

I could see our few words or the fact we were both warming up in the sun, had some effect as his cock had firmed a bit and had become reasonable thick – it looked inviting - but was nowhere near erect- but was now about 6 inches in length and I believe it could add another one or two by the time it was fully erect.

He saw me looking at it and said I gather you are not a little Miss Innocent by the way you speak.

No – I am aware of the pleasures of the body – I learned from an early age that what you have is meant to used and I succumbed to the pleasure of the flesh at 12 and graduated to full on sex with boys after I turned 16. I am a convert now. My first time was lousy and after listening to other girls decided to try it again, and was far more successful. At first it was the more the merrier, I could not help myself in the quest for perfection. When my reputation was a little tarnished – I was evidently TOO easy, I graduated to quality rather than quantity. I have never regretted it and I am now far more selective that I was in the beginning and fortunately I now have a circle of friends I can call Friends with Benefits. We are all friends and well aware that we share and share alike. We have no favourites, or profess to, and they like me, enjoy what we do, and without commitment. We can cohabit without jealousy.

I wouldn’t mind having friends I could call that.

I replied it wouldn’t surprise me if you already have.

He laughed and said what about Jan we are married you know.

I said when has that stopped anybody? – I am guilty of adultery – on more than one occasion.

Tell me more he said.

This seems like a true confessions discussion now – Let me assure you the phrase an A for a lay still works. I did it at school and seduced two teachers and now I am in my first year at university – they were married, and I am still prepared to use it if I need to – but so far havnt had to resort to it yet at Uni. I would not hesitate if I needed to and from all accounts some girls do. If I met a married man and the chemistry was right I would ot hesitate.

And to please a neighbour?

Now I do not know you well enough to answer that one but I can assure you I cant see a problem except for Jan.

He said I can fix that in a minute.

Then there isnt one then I assume, I gather that if I am willing you are able.

You said that - I am well aware Jan has her pleasures while she is away - there are flight crew she slept with before we were married and that hasn’t stopped her since. She and I have a very open book on that. Her only condition now is that they use condoms, for two reasons – one for infection – lets face it she knows she isn’t the only one they sleep with and many of them are married as well – some to the girls who fly with Jan, and there is always the passengers – and its is amazing how many want to join the mile high club. The other is so she is ready for me when she comes home – I don’t like having to share some other guys mess. She has a motto – if its not on – its not in.

Are you a mile high member?

I am - Three times – twice with Jan and once with one of her friends. She has lost count I think. It sounds a lot like she is a nymphomaniac but I can assure you she isn’t. We discussed and agreed upon the situations we could both find ourselves in before we got married, and I am unaware of any situations either of us has encountered that even get close to the boundaries we have set down. She knows I have slept with her friends before I married her but they are becoming rarer as times goes by for both of us. Some of the guys she slept with will no longer sleep with her now she is married though. I am also aware she is bi-sexual though, and has had affairs with other girls she flies with.

Now thats something – I have had two experiences like that – brief that they were but enough to make me wildly enthusiastic with the right woman. At the moment I have two lesbian classmates and I have been tempted to try one out – but havnt gone that extra mile yet. But I am tempted. I am pretty sure she wont reject me.

And the experiences you have had?

When I was 14 I was at a party and two of us girls were dared to kiss each other- we did and we both went ape about it. Aafter the party we stripped each other bare and nearly raped each other. God it was awesome.

Then my parents went overseas for a year – I had to stay in a boarding school. That gave me opportunities I never realised were available. I had a dorm mother who caught me masturbating with another girl who I was teaching, and had hoped to lead her into my web. To cut a long story short – a couple of nights later she realised I was at it again – alone - and from then on she and I shared the same bed frequently. She also taught me more than was in the syllabus. Somehow I seem to be attracted to older people.

He said I think we have a lot in common – the age is a bit of a difference though and I think we can overcome that easily enough.

I said what age difference – my only concern is I might fall in love with a married man.

He said now that WONT happen – the first sign of that young lady and you and I are THROUGH believe me.

I said well how will I know – perhaps I just might like to taste the forbidden fruit. I think we had better test the waters and I don’t mean having a swim.

You don’t waste time do you, now you are talking. Where do we start if I am getting the right signal.

I said right here next to me . I want to see and feel that wonderful looking cock of yours before it goes into me. God it looks good – it certainly rises to the occasion doesn’t it – my guess is at least 9 inches.

He said close enough but big enough and good enough to give you a good time.

I have no doubt about that – I have only found one that didn't make the grade and it had more to do with the guy than his cock.

He came and sat next to me and I put my hand around his cock which was now fully erect. It felt fantastic and I stroked it with a firm hand.

Now that is a hand of experience. That feels wonderful he said.

I said considerable experience – I guess I have bought more guys off by hand than any other way to date. It doesn’t stop there either, the only place I have declared out of bounds is my ass. I tried it a few times and did not like it at all. I am amazed at the number of guys who want to have it like that, so now I just say no to that one, but there are many other ways to keep a man happy.

I hope I can experience a few for myself.

So do I – just stroking it like this is telling me I want to get to know it better. Now lets get better acquainted – if you are ready so am I. Lets start the basic way with missionary – that way I can see you as we fuck and there is nothing better than looking somebody in the eye as you enjoy sex with them.

Obviously you have had plenty of experience.

I said I know what I want and more often than not I get it, and I don’t think you will fail me. Ok lets get started.

He stood up and the sight of him standing there with his rigid penis and he great body was all I needed to get horny if I wasnt already. God that looks good I told him I can just imagine what it feels like.

Lets settle that imagination he said and by now I was laying on the lounge with my legs open and he was between them with his cock in his hand ready to guide it into me.

I looked down at him as he guided his cock toward my vagina and he just rested his hard cock head against my lips and said are you ready.

I said go for it and I watched him slowly enter me and as his cock parted my lips and he slowly pushed the helmet of his lovely hard cock into me and then slid the shaft into my moist and waiting cunt. It felt fantstsic. I have had many cocks inside me and I have enjoyed most – but some are better than others and I could tell the guy behind this one knew what he was doing and I was not going to be sorry for engaging in sex with him even though he was married. This was going to be fun and an experience not a love fest. Looking up at him now over me and his hard and firm body I felt like that he and I were going to really enjoy ourselves.

He had begun to slowly fuck me – he had gone right up into me as far as it would go and then looked down and smiled at me and said – good?

I said better than good – great – give it to me it feels fantastic.

He and I moved together and worked at making this one of the better fucks I have had. Being experienced, older and married he had plenty of experience and I was pretty sure it was not going to be over in a few minutes – I hoped he was in for the long haul.

The two of us chatted and laughed as we fucked. After about five minutes of missionary he said – feel like a change and I said whats next on the menu.

Doggy if you like.

I said – I like. He withdrew from me and I changed position and he came back to me and mounted me as he would if we were dogs. Before he put his cock back into me he had evidently wet his finger with some of my juice or his and rubbed it around my little ass hole. It felt great then he proceeded to put his cock back into my vagina and we recommenced the best fucking session I had enjoyed for some time. I knelt there as he slowly thrust his cock into me and the feeling around my cunt was fantastic and up inside me was giving me a great sensation as well. I could feel his body hit the cheeks of my ass which he occasionally opened a bit and touched my ass hole. I had told him I don’t do anal but he was giving me a good work out there with a finger and I was beginning to feel like I might tell him that he can satisfy that hole too if he wishes. I didn't because I knew it had hurt e before and I didn't want to be hurt on my first occasion with him. I was enjoying it enormously, My tits were swinging beneath me and I could look back down under me and see his cock slipping back and forward inside me as I could feel it at the same time, I could also see his balls now – well extended and swinging in unison with his thrusts etc. His hands were on the cheeks of my ass and I said there are a couple of other bits up here that wouldn’t mind a tweak or two.

Without a word his body lay on mine and I supported his weight and his hands came under me and softly held my breasts fondling them with his fingers before they felt for and held my nipples before he rubbed them between two fingers. I moaned softly as he did that.

You don’t make much noise he said – but I gather you are enjoying this.

I said I cant remember the last time I was being so well fucked, I must say you know what to do to make a woman happy.

He said I have had a lot of experience and some guidance in what women like. I am a good student and I don’t think I would need to offer a lay for an A in sexual satisfaction. But if you want lessons I can provide them. However from what we have achieved already I know you will pass with distinctions and you wont have to earn them – that way - you are a natural.

I said thank you professor – I recognise I am in the hands of an expert and I want to learn as much as I can from him. That part you are exercising has not been so well exercised for some time. Most of the time lately I have had to endure quickies. I needed to say goodbye to a few of my old friends before I left and I must admit they had to be fast and furious or they would have missed out..

Were there many?

I suppose there were about a dozen who qualified – I know there were two who scored for the first time with me in the process, I knew them but could not remember sleeping with them, and they got in under false pretences, but who cared. I was bit messy a couple of times having let two or three have it the same night. They didn't mind – so long as they made it they were happy. I am not one for gang bangs but those couple of nights went close. Its unlikely I will ever see them again so what the hell – they were happy.

You know I have never been involved in groupies or gang bangs – and I don’t feel I have missed anything.

From now on I wont be either – I have my regulars now and I am hoping you will be one of them. I like this.

Ok – we have been at it for a while now – most women would be getting bored – I can tell you aren’t so how much longer do you want to go.

Well its before lunch so why don’t we finish this off and then this afternoon we can have a repeat performance. I am willing and I will even make lunch if you wish.

Go for it lady - you have me, when you are happy I will go myself or do you want a double bunger.

You go for it and I am sure I can cum in a couple of minutes – I have been close a couple of times already and killed them – wanting this to last as long as I could.

He began to fuck me hard and fast – we didn't change position, he was going to finish me off Doggy. I can cum in most positions and if he reached his climax before me then I would miss out but I was pretty sure I could cum before or with him.

It only took me less than two minutes and I was well on the way – he was good and I knew what I was doing so I went for it.

Moments later while he fucking me fast and furiously, his hands were back on my cheeks of my ass and I was ready to cum. He was going hard and fast and my tits were swinging and my whole body was rocking with his thrusting......he was fantastic.

Keep it up baby I told him keep it uuuuupppppp........Ohhhh Shit I am almost there. Fuck me -----I am cccuuuuummmmiiinnnggg. Oh hell this is wonderful ........fuck me..... fuck me hard, harder......HARDER ooooohhhhh shit fuck me ........keep it going , keep it going ..... I am cumming again..........f.....u......c....k........me. That was fantastic – a mini-multiple.

He had said nothing and almost at the moment I had relaxed after one of my best orgasms – he came.

I could feel him going really hard and fast which had bought me on and I had cum, then he slowed down and I could feel the difference in his cock inside me ---- he was grunting and each time he did – I could feel him jerk as he was obviously pumping loads of his semen into me ......as I could feel him grunt and spurt I told him cummm.... baby cummmm...... fill me up....... give it to me hot and hard.

He slowed down and then lay on me --- he was finished – his cock felt softer but it was still inside me. I assume still leaking his cum into me. I had given him a good time and he had obviously enjoyed it – and so had I, really enjoyed it... the best fuck I had had in a very long time ..... probably one of the best ever.

We rested still locked together his penis still inside my vagina for about a minute or two – we were both out of breath. Then he pulled out. I collapsed on the lounge and he lay beside me.

That ..... he said.......was an amazing fuck. I cannot remember one as good as that with anybody other than Jan. Shit lady you are good – fucking good. We are going o get along like a house on fire if we can keep that up.

That will depend a bit upon Jan wont it – what will she say about you screwing a girl 10 years younger than you – a teenager and a neighbour.

She will be quite relieved to know where I am getting it from regularly – if you want it that way. I know I will be more than happy.

What do you think she will say when you tell her.

She will want to know all the details and to meet you.

Now that will be interesting – do I meet her before you tell her we have been screwing or after.

If I have my way it will be when we are all together – I want you there when I tell her. She will want to know all about it and you. Have no fear we have done this before when I have had one of her girlfriends/workmates, I wont be the first time we have compared notes. She and I have had a couple of three ways with one of her girlfriends – not two guys though although she has. I wont be in that with another guy.

What you wont suck another guys cock?

No way...... we go oral often but I could never suck on another guys cock.

She has no problem doing it.

None at all – she will often suck them off rather than let him fuck her. There is quite a network of information on the flyboys – those who are good and those who arent or are too fast. Also some of the frequent passengers – there is a network of them that the girls use at times – they all have more money that they know what to do with so they end up with some pretty expensive gifts at times. Jan has had a few of them but she avoids them if she can. They can create some embarrassing situations sometimes so the more experienced girls avoid them.

Shit I said – I cant wait to get together with you two – she sounds extremely interesting.

Now how about lunch – I will have to clean up down there – you seem to have a put a bucketful up there.

Sounds good to me – shall we dress.

Not likely – I don’t want to waste time afterwards – I want to show you how I perform – its my turn afterwards.

We had lunch the both of us completely naked and he admitted he had never had a meal before when he was nude.

After we had coffee I asked him if he would prefer to go outside to the poolside or my bedroom.

He chose my bedroom and was surprised when he saw a queen bed in my room. I told him I liked plenty of room and whilst I didn't normally have men in my room – I occasionally had another girl who shared my desire for same sex relations as well as with men.

He said am I am the first - and he was, in this one .

I said right now I will be making the moves on this so hop on the bed and I will show you how much I have learned in my two years of sexual education.

He lay down and his cock was soft and still beautiful and I had other ideas for it. Immediately I took his penis into my moth and looked into his eyes it hardened in my mouth to the same wonderful cock that had already made me more than happy.

Shit he said you don’t waste time do you and even while I had his cock in my mouth told him NO, and whats more that came up damn fast. I hope it doesn’t cum that quickly.

I proceeded to give him some of the best oral sex I had learned to give. My technique is to just cover his cock with my lips – not really suck but to apply enough sucuction just to keep it in my mouth. I rim the glans of it with my tongue and give that little bit underneath where it seems to join particular attention; I know when I hand job a guy he likes that part tickled. With my hand I slowly lift and lower the skin over the shaft as if I was giving him a heavy hand job, but my touch is only light and the skin never goes over the top. At times I also fondle his balls with my other hand. One thing I had not noticed till now was he has shaved his balls and they are hair free. I stopped long enough to complement him on that and how nice the skin feels when it is soft and I can play with each testicle.

He said baby anything you ask for you will get – already you are giving me treatment equal to anything Jan has and non of her friends are as good as she is. I am going to have to introduce you two – if only to compare notes. I know now that if I let you two get together you will end up eating each other.

I stopped long enough to say I cant wait.

I continued to suck and stroke his cock for at least 6 or 7 minutes – who cares how long it was,I was really enjoying him.

Ohh god baby I am going to cum – SSShhhhhhIIIIITTTTT that was quick. This must be my record short time. Shit get ready and I could feel him tense his balls ready to release that warm wonder cum into my waiting mouth. I concentrated on doing my special treatment on him and he raised his bum a little and I could see him tense his nice tight tummy muscles and then I got a mouthful of some wonderful semen right from deep down in his prostate. It spurted beautifully – he certainly has some pressure in when he cums – I had felt it when he fucked me and now it was just as powerful in my mouth and at first I thought I might gag as he really gave me a blast in his first spurt – it hit the back of my throat and I was only just able to swallow it without gagging then taste his second load. It was happening so fast I was just able to swallow his first three loads before I could hold some in my mouth to taste and show him his wonderful cum syrup in my mouth. Most guys love to see their cum in their woman’s mouth, and I always oblige before swallowing it with a look of complete satisfaction and licking my lips. As I was draining him he moaned a few times with the pleasure and satisfaction of having his cock sucked and cumming while he could still feel my lips on his cock. He tasted just like most men do – and I have learned to enjoy it. Occasionally if they have been eating something it can have a not so good taste but thats rare.

I had drained every drop of semen from his cock, squeezing it and sucking it until he was completely empty. I then let it slip out of my mouth and drop onto his hair and drop between his legs over his balls.

I climbed up over his body rubbing our naked flesh together as I did so, my breasts felt great and my nipples got added stimulation as I rubbed them over the hair on his chest. They were hard and red and my areola now bright pink. I was already pretty wet from the pleasure of sucking him and that added to my wetness.

I found his mouth with mine and kissed him passionately. He had no problem tasting his own cum on my tongue as we locked them in a sensual embrace.

We kissed for a couple of minutes and I said I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.

He said you are the best – I have rarely enjoyed getting my cock sucked by such a beautiful woman.

I said – I am going to say this but it is a sensation not an emotion – I love you. Its more what we have done together and both enjoyed that causes me to say it. I mean no desire to be anything more than a love partner with you. I don’t want anything I do come between you and Jan.

He said it wont- and I respect what you are telling me – my love for Jan is total, I too loved what we have done and I hope continue to enjoy our lovemaking with you in future. I am sure Jan will also enjoy her time with you too. I can assure you I will be talking to her tonight – she should be home tomorrow – and tell her what has happened and how good it is.

Now I said while I am here there is more to my repertoire. When its ready for me – I want to show you how good I can make love – this time on top.

I am happy to lay here with you- let me know when you are ready.

Seeing I have not enjoyed anything like you for some time – I am willing to wait. How are we going for time - when will your family be home.

Not for some time – we are not going to miss out on anything – don’t worry.

Hey he said – there is something we should do first – before you get filled up again – roll over and I lay on my back and he moved my ankles up and from the way he was preparing himself I realised he was going to go down on me ---It some time since a guy went down on me there – but not that long since a girl had had the pleasure.

Now I want to taste all that wonderful love nectar you make – I know how wet you get so now I want to taste it.

Hey man – you are one amazing guy – you and I are going to be very good friends if you keep this up – and I havnt met Jan yet – from what you tell me she and I might make dance to the same tune.

I cant wait to see you two together – and make up the threesome with us. What is the degree you are studying for – sex education?

I already have a degree in that – I think you might agree.

Shut up and let me get working on this beautiful looking little piece of sexual delight you have down here. Has anybody told you it not only feels good but looks wonderful. You have one of the nicest little slits I have seen.

How does it compare to Jans?

Once more that is for me to know and for you to find out – and I know you will – because I am going to make sure the three of us will share what you and I have been sharing today. Once I explain what you and I have done together she will not be able to wait.

I said if you do to her what you have and are doing to me she is a very special woman.

You don’t have to tell me – I have known her and her ways for many years now. My concern is what she will do if she gives up flying – I think she will kill me wanting sex as frequently and as varied as she gets it now. You will be a breath of fresh air in my life – I know the two of you will be perfect together. I just hope I can keep the pair of you happy.

So do I – I have to admit – I have never enjoyed doing what we have done with one man ever before – some boys are fine others hopeless, as I said before I love you for what you do to me – not for the want of loving from you. Believe me when is say I love you – its the sex I love and the way you give all of yourself – as I do – when we make love.

I will share of much of you as you are willing to share with me – after you have satisfied Jan. I cant wait to meet her. Now it me you have to satisfy –again.

He got down between my legs and studied my well of pleasure, he lightly touched my lips and gently spread them to see the inner sanctum, he said this looks amazing, after all we have done it is still beautifully pink and wet and touching my opening with his finger , licked the juice he took from out of me.

And it tastes wonderful too – that is another thing Jan has a sweet pussy. I just adore going down on her and I think you are going to be the same .

Not many guys seem to want to eat me out, they are more interested in fucking than sucking, they done mind me sucking them off but going down on me is not their first priority, and after they have cum in me they won’t touch me at all.

Have no fear of that he said I have no problem with it – I have even gone down on Jan after we have had a three or foursome and she has somebody elses cum in her. I have sucked guys off and the taste of cum doesn’t bother me – like you I don’t mind it – mine or theirs.

He was now licking along the length of my slit and the touch of his tongue felt great. He always licked around my clit which is about average from my experience with other girls. He slid a finger into me as he licked the top of my slit and I could feel the attention he was giving to my clit, absolutely fantastic and I lay there and relaxed and let him do what he wished to me with his mouth. He began to suck me out using his entire mouth over my cunt. You have to be good to do that as well as he was, Jan had obviously trained him well. Then he did something I have never enjoyed before as he removed his mouth slid two fingers into me and then the tip of one finger just into my ass. Oh god that felt good. I had never had a finger in my bum before ever and with his fingers in my vagina the sensation was amazing. I said holy shit that feel good. ‘

He said I am glad you like it. Most girls do and after the first time often ask me for it when I am doing this.

He continued to use his fingers in my slit and ass and his tongue on my clit. I was trying to relax but it was difficult as he occasionally hit the spot and made me jump, and I loved the sudden jolt it gave me and my tits bounced a bit and I ended up pinching my nipples as he used his tongue and fingers in me to give me a workout unlike I had before, I loved it and every now and again I would moan with the pleasure of the exhilaration of his stimulation. I thought never am I going to give him up. Jan is going to have competition for his sex performance if nothing else. Moving here was the best thing in my life.

He said I have a feeling you like this.I have never ever had anybody do what you are doing before – licking and fingering, yes, but not all the action you can perform at once. Make the most of it baby – I am not going to last much longer – I will be going off like a cracker any minute, gt ready to hang on.

He said nothing but the tempo of his finger work increased and his tongue was licking my clit harder and I couldn’t hold on any longer. I said get ready and I started to cum, trying to hold back as long as I could and the sensation was building up inside me and I was losing control and then my clit jumped with the first pang of pleasure his tongue had given me.

SSSSSHHHHHHHIIIIIII TTTTTT I said as my body spasmed and my ass lifted off the bed with the intensity of my orgasm and forced my cunt hard onto his mouth. I felt his teeth against the inner lips of my vagina nd it gave me added stimulation. I was cumming like I had never cum before – it was a beauty. I was bucking and shaking with the sensation writhing around on the bed as he worked hard to maintain contact on me, I was bucking like a bronco and he was riding my slit with his mouth like cowboy glued to the saddle. I had spasmed for aminute or so then I stated to slip off the high and then he regained control and I knew what he was doing and what I was going to achieve – a multiple orgasm, the second spasm hit me as he used his tongue to try and rub the skin of my clit hood, I could not believe how good it felt. I had been schooled earlier by my lecturer and she had taught me how to endure them and not to pull away but to force myself down on to their tongue. I slipped through the second one and the third one began but it was excruciating and I had to ask him to stop. He did immediately as he knew what he was doing and what I was experiencing.

I just collapsed as he sat up and was licking his lips and tasting the honey juice from my vagina. I do not spurt but I can and do make a flush of cunt juice. He had managed to capture the lot it seemed and he sat there looking at my body heaving with the excitement I had just endured.

I think you liked that he said.

How many times am I going to say ‘Loved’ during my time with you. I am going to have to find another word –I am wearing that one out. God I love what you do to me.

I have known you for less than four hours and you and I have had the most amazing experience – without our clothes on – and I still have one more move I have to make. Just as well my parents wont be home for hours – but I am going to have to spray this room – it will reek of lovemaking. The scent of sex – how I love it.

He laughed and said you have no idea how many people are unaware of that. When Jan and I have shared a hotel room, I wonder what the maids think when they come to clean. The smell must be overpowering at times – particularly if there has been a a few of you at it.

I lay there as he and I talked and I was oon ready for the finale.

I said bring that love hose here and I will put the bane back in it and show you how I can ride the pony.

He came to me and as he did I could see his cock begin to firm and as I took it into my mouth it hardened to my satisfaction and I continued to suck him for a coupel of minutes then said ok lets get moving.

I told him to lay down and I got over him ready to slip his wonderful penis into my aching for sex vagina. As I got over him he too said bring it up here and I knew what he was going to do, lick my slit and get me wet, I was fairly dry after sucking me out.

I allowed him to lick for a minute or so then I slid down his body, kissing his nipples as I did so, then held is cock up in my hand and positioned myself over it and slowly lowered myself down onto it until I could feel the head of it pierce my lips and slide into me beautifully. The feeling of his cock going up inside me felt wonderful and the firmness of my vagina clasping it as the length of him disappeared into me until I was sitting on his balls. There was nothing left to go in. I wiggled and slipped about with the entire length of his cock up me and gave myself a wonderful sensation as I could feel the thickness of his cock rubbing and slipping around my labia. It felt great and I could feel the head of him deep up inside me, rubbing my cervix.

After a couple of minutes of this I then began to slowly fuck him. Being quite athletic I could use my knees to manipulate myself over him lifting and lowering myself slowly then moving forward and backward as his cock was squashed between us giving me a great sensation and I could tell by looking at his face that he was thoroughly enjoying the sensation as well.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think Jan could do that this well. You will have to show her – I love it. Believe it or not – I have never had it done to me like that. Cowgirl yes but that way is amazing. Who taught you that.

Nobody I just did it with a guy who had trouble having more than one fuck an hour so I got it into me and rode him like that and he hardened and came in about five minutes – quicker than I would have liked but I enjoyed it and so did he.

We kept fucking like this for about a quarter of an hour –I reversed myself and we both enjoyed the way we fucked. I was beginning to tire after a while and said I am going to have to finish this off, do you mind.

I am buggered he said, I cant remember the last time I endured a marathon like this. I have had longer sessions but never as concentrated. What we have done in four or five hours, we would have done in a day like six or eight hours with a break and a rest between. Apart from a bit of luch we have been hard at it non stop almost. Jan wont believe what we have done.

I said I hope she doesn’t mind and what would have happened if she had been coming home tonight.

We wouldn’t have gone this far, he said, I have always got to keep something in reserve for her.

Ok I said lets get it over with and I began to work hard on fucking him, and I had to work quite hard myself as I had come so often and done so much with him, my cunt was getting a bit numb from haing his cock or tongue in me for as long as we had. I think he was having trouble getting ready to cum too so the two of us worked hard at fucking, I grabbed his nipples and he fondled my breasts and pinched my nipples in the same way I was doing it to him.

God he said I cant remember the last time I had to work so hard at it, I said shut up – I am working it up, I wont be long and then he said shit the moment you said that I started go at ift girl I will be ther ein about 30 seconds and as soon as I felt him begin to pump and jerk and to groan deeply in his throat I started to cum. I virtually sat there and let it happen. I could feel his cum pumping into me and flooding my vagina. I was almost incapable of moving on him and my orgasm was done and over in about the same time his was. We had cu together but it was a bit of a weak effort – next time I will make sure we really swing together.

I climbed off him and his cum started to leak out so I went to the bathroom and peed and as I was showering I sang out to him to join me. He came in and we washed each other wonderful sex parts I soaped and stroked his soft cock and he fingered me and got a fair bit of his cum out in the process.

We dried each other off and went out to the yard where everything started and we kissed, it was wonderful, he is so much older and mature and kissing him was quite different from kissing boys my own age. I loved what happened but I said nothing, I don’t want to scare him off.

He said wait a minute and he went back through the gate and came back with his camera. He took about 7 or 8 photos of me naked and I took a couple of him. He said he would print them and give me copies, he wanted them for his memories of me perhaps sometime in the future when we could only rely on memories. He said I know you will never be single forever and I want to remember this day for much longer. Jan and I will treasure them in time. When the three of us are together I will take some more.

When he let – I sat by the pool – recollecting what we had done. I said to myself I did not believe what I had done with a married man 10 years older than me and that he wanted me to join with his wife in a relationship based on sex.

I will write about the experiences I had with him and Jan in a later episode – once more the first occasion was a marathon and extremely satisfying for the three of us. Since then she and I can and do handle a relationship on our own as well as we can both handle one with him. She is truly bi-sexual and with my earlier training we were able to engage in our sex fully and to the satisfaction of us both without fear of the unknown.

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