Vietnam Sex Story

Vietnam Sex Story

I'm not sure how this started but the incident sticks in my mind because of the gecko--you know, that little lizard in Asian countries.... Well, there I was, knees on either side of her buttocks, hands spreading her ass to get a better look at my cock which was completely embedded balls-deep and unmoving in Jui's anus. I was simply enjoying the pulsations of her butt. Those spasms somehow managed to squeeze the entire length of my hard cock from its base (surrounded by the coral ring of her distended anus) to the tip of my throbbing penis buried in her intestines. I wasn't looking at anything in particular when I rolled my head back inhaling the sweet odor of the local weed that floated in swirly clouds through the dense air of the hut. We had just put the bong aside and paused in our ass-fucking to absorb the drug. Her tiny little buttocks pushed up and back, twisting slightly to bend my cock at the root, again gripping my shaft so tight my eyes popped open. God, just sitting on her ass as she fucked my cock so sweetly was better than all the lousy greedy crap I had been dipping my dick into. Forget the pro's I had been in--just give me a sweet girl like Jui to flip over in the morning, plow that furrow and do my level best to shoot some good old American sperm into whatever body orifice happens to be closest. Jui was grunting pretty regularly now... about every third time she raised her butt to push my cock into her ass a low croak escaped her lips. And God Bless her pagan ass, each time she pushed back, I was treated to a cock-squeezing from her intestinal canal. Reaching up to her hair, I pulled it into a pair of reins, and dragged her head back and started to ride that ass, slowly pulling out a little and plunging back in pushing her anus inward as I stuck my cock in to the root. Now those grunts were alot more frequent, matching my cock's descent into her body. I had half the length of my prick sunk in _on the outstroke_ and all of the seven inches driven in at the pause. You see, I like to wait for a few seconds when my cock is completely buried in a butt to savor the involuntary little embraces of love....I could feel the muscle ridges of her ass caress my cockhead on it passage back and forth. The heat of her butt was even greater that the stifling tropical air of the late afternoon. And the sweat, running down in streams off my chest lubed my cock each time I managed to forcibly pull out of her gripping ass. Jesus, for a second there I thought she might just rip my cock off at the root and leave it stuck up her rear! If it hadn't been for the slippery suntan oil stuffed up her asshole and rubbed on my cock, I might have never gotten out of her...a crazy image of trying to return to the states with a Vietnamese girl anally impaled on my stiff cock crossed my mind. "Anything to declare, sir?"... Now, here is where I am kinda confused. Something happened, some noise or breath of air in the close confines of the hut but my eyes focused suddenly and with my head tossed back like that as I concentrated on enjoying the fuck I saw the damn thing. It was on the cross-member of the of the hut ceiling, moving slowly in the oven-like heat, each step deliberate. You must understand I didn't expect to see anything moving! I'm not afraid of 'em, it just took me by surprise. but I guess I do hate the silent slimy little fuckers. Geckos. You remember? Kind of like a lizard but without scales--skin as smooth as Hells Slide. Anyway, I was brought back to reality with a jolt and accidentally stuck my entire cock back in her ass in one quick motion. And, the sequence of events being inescapable, she gave a convulsive squeeze, bearing down on my cock, milking it for all she was worth .

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