Daisy punana ch 5

Daisy punana ch 5

WARNING: this story contains pain and bestiality which are not everyone's thing. It also contains very harsh treatment of a pain slut, so read at your own risk. If you don't like that kind of thing, please don't read it then post "wow, this is sick!" I'm warning you in advance.
NOTE: Due to too many storylines going on at the same time, I am going to split the "daisy" story off from the "punana" story.

Here's the map:

Daisy modified (no chapter mark) is all punana
Daisy modified ch 2: is all punana
Daisy modified ch 3: introduces RL Daisy and includes a few scenes with punana
Daisy modified ch 4: picks up RL Daisy's story and gives a last glimpse of punana

then they split:

Daisy modified ch 5 and forward will feature RL Daisy only

Daisy/punana ch 5 and forward will continue the punana story line.

Thanks for your votes, ratings, and email. Enjoy the story.

Tiffany smoothed the leather apron over her thighs. She liked the feeling of the cool leather against her palm, closed her eyes and rubbed again, nodding. She moved her knees slightly. Riding side-saddle always made her ass sore but with the apron on, it was easier than trying to straddle Caramel's big back.

"Yaaah!" she yelled, flicking her wrist and smacking the tip of the horsewhip against Hercules' flanks. The big Shire started galloping again. Tiffany nudged Caramel with her heels and she sped up too, working hard to keep up with the big draft horse. Hercules had the advantage in both size and weight - he stood 17.5 hands and weighed just under 3000 pounds. For a Shire, that was about average, but for a horse, it was enormous.

Tiffany flicked the whip again and Hercules neighed loud but ran even faster. Tiffany kept him running circles around the corral for a full fifteen minutes before she reined Caramel in and walked her to the gate. Hercules kept running for a few minutes, then slowed gradually, dropping to a trot then a cantor before he eventually stopped at the far side of the pen and dipped his muzzle into the water trough.

Tiffany clicked with her tongue and rode Caramel across the pen until they were standing right beside Hercules. Tiffany slid off the saddle and tied Caramel's reins to the trough. She crouched down beside Hercules.

"I think he liked that," she said.

punana moaned weakly. Tiffany smiled and rested her hand on punana's left knee, pressed hard against Hercules' flanks. She slid her hand down along punana's leg, then inside its thigh, finally taking one of its cunt lips between her gloved fingers. She pulled and twisted, listening to punana's moans.

"Let's make sure he's solidly planted, shall we?"

"nnn...nnn..." punana moaned, shaking its head weakly from side to side. Tiffany ran her gloved hand around the base of Hercules' cock, felt that there were less than two inches exposed. The other fourteen inches was firmly planted inside punana's fuckhole. Tiffany wiggled punana's ass and a gush of cum dripped out onto the ground between the horse's hooves.

"Squeeze for me," Tiffany said.

punana contracted its belly muscles, felt a rush of lust flush through its crotch, came, shuddering. Tiffany laughed. "Damn, you're a sick fuck." She stroked the horse's canteloupe sized balls and heard him whinny, throwing back his head and stepping backward a few inches. punana's body shuddered. The raw insides of its legs had adjusted to Hercules standing still. When he moved, the pain rushed through it like a brushfire. it moaned, started grinding its belly against his, felt his cock swelling inside it, came again.

"Go on, Daisy, fuck your master," Tiffany taunted it. punana's mind swam and it started crying again. Whenever it thought it was adjusted to its new life, Tiffany found some way to push it deeper into degradation. Using its old name never failed to make it sink into a deep, black hole. But its body responded, it started humping, scraping the insides of its legs and thighs raw on the horse's rough hide. Tiffany turned and pushed punana's arms forward just an inch, swatted its huge balloon tits with her riding crop. punana moaned and pressed its head hard against Hercules' ribcage, scratching its forehead and cheeks hard. Tiffany gave it ten strokes on each side, walking back and forth around the horse patiently while punana worked up and down on his cock like a wanker's hand.

"When we're finished here, I'm going to have you clean Caramel. She's sweaty and will enjoy feeling your tongue on her." She gave punana's tits one last swat. "Everywhere." punana pictured itself licking Caramel's sweaty vagina and flanks and came again.


punana raised its head. It was punana's Master! He was home!
"You can't do that! We had a deal!" Doctor Tom was yelling but he didn't respond.

"That's right, you said he could finish the transformations," Tiffany added, her voice cold and demanding.

"Well, I'm changing things." punana heard its Master say. He was speaking differently than punana had ever heard before. His voice had an edge of anger. And a cold command that was unusual even for him.

punana heard him coming closer and raised its head, tilted it back, closed its eyes and formed a perfect O with its toothless mouth. He laughed and patted it on the head. punana felt a rush of satisfaction, Master was pleased with punana. He ran His finger across her forehead and down its left cheek. punana's cunt gushed and it held its breath. He touched punana's lips lightly, running His finger across the upper and lower twice. punana's nipples swelled and it opened its knees wider. it felt Master's fingers lift away, then felt a horrible shot of pain as He flicked its left nipple. Once. Twice, three, four, five times. Then five times on the right. punana's hand went between its legs, parted the big horse labia and started stroking its clitoris. Master flicked both nipples at the same time, over ran over until punana came, muttering "Yes, Master, Yes, Master" over and over.

"So, that's the pig you're going to choose over me?" Tiffany sneered.

"it's a pig. I don't know *what* you are," He said. punana held its breath, it didn't want Tiffany mad at it.

"I have plans for this one. I'm taking her away tomorrow. You're done with her." He turned to Doctor Tom. "You have one more thing to do. You're going to remove the stiletto heel rods." punana felt a rush of excitement. Ever since Doctor Tom had implanted the six-inch stainless steel spikes in punana's heels, it hadn't been able to walk normally and even sleeping was difficult. Now, Master was taking them out! punana was thrilled!

"And *when* is this going to happen?" the Doctor growled.

"Tonight. In one hour. I have other things to do first," Master said.

"You two can leave now."

"We'll see about this, you prick," Tiffany said. She and the Doctor left the room.

punana heard Master walking around the room, picking things up and putting them down. it wasn't sure what He was up to but it was excited. Things were changing. Maybe He was going to start fucking it again, maybe He would give it to his friends like in the old days, use it for His own pleasure instead of using it to placate His wife and friend.

Master came closer now and helped punana to its feet. it had to stand high on the balls of its feet, the steel spikes shooting pain up the backs of its legs, its 52DD chest keeping it off balance. He came closer and pressed His lips against its and it melted. A gush of fluid ran down the insides of its legs, it felt the degrading feeling in the pit of its stomach when the dripping got audible. Drip, drip, drip between its legs and onto the floor. it started crying and leaned harder against Master. "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm disgusting and dirty Master," it cried.

"What is dripping, Daisy?" He asked calmly, holding it away and looking it in the eyes.


"Shhh..." He said, interrupting it. "You can't see me, can you?"

it cried louder now. "No, Master, no."

He nodded. "How long have the blackout lenses been in place?"

"Ov...over a...a year, Sir," it sobbed, turning its head.

it felt his finger at its right eye, pulling the lid open wide.

"Please! Please! No!" punana trembled, terrified what it would be like seeing light again after so long.

"It'll be all right," Master said. "It'll be all right. I want you to close your eye as soon as I take the contact out, do you understand?"

punana shuddered, leaned back slightly, let out a small scream as the pain shot up from the spike in its heel. it jerked forward, fell against Master, who held it in place gently.

"Easy, easy."

He wet His finger and brought His hand back to its face, taking the contact out of its left eye. it blinked and closed its eye immediately, shaking slightly, holding Him tight. "Shhh. Shhh..." He did the same with its other eye, then slid the contacts into his pocket.

"Come," He said, leading it to the bed. He helped it sit on the edge of the bed, taking the weight off of its feet. it said, "thank you, Master."

"Stay here with your eyes closed," He said. it heard Him walk across the room and heard a "click" as He switched off the lights. it felt a flood of confusion. He was being so tender, more even than when they'd first got together. It was frightening, He was too controlled, too kind. it wondered about its future, would it really be better than what it had been through lately with Tiffany and the Doctor?

it felt Him sit down on the bed beside it.

"All right, open your eyes slowly," he said. He put His arm around its waist and held it steady.

punana opened its eyes just a slit and saw dim light. it opened them more and saw blurry objects in front of it. it squeezed its eyes shut and threw itself into Master's chest. "I can't see, I can't see," it muttered.

"Open your eyes," He said, firmly now. punana went stiff and sat up. it opened its eyes slowly and in less than a minute it was able to see things in the room, chairs, a lamp, the dresser. Pictures on the wall.

"Thank you, Master, thank you Master," punana repeated over and over.

"I want you to see something," He said.

"Yes?" it asked.

Master handed it a mirror. punana dropped the mirror in its lap and shook its head. "I can't. I can't look."

Master raised His hand and ran it across the side of punana's head. it felt His fingers circling its ears. its ears! "They told me they had been cut off!" punana cried. it tried to raise its arms but they were still too weak. Master helped it and it felt its own ears for the first time in months. "They lied to me," punana muttered quietly. Master nodded. "Yes, and you were too afraid to check."

"But, my teeth are gone," punana said.

Master nodded. "Yes, that they couldn't fake." He got up and walked to the dresser, opened a drawer. He took out a small box and handed it to punana. it opened the box and looked inside. "Dentures," He said. punana's eyes watered.

"And your nose," He said. punana tilted the mirror again and saw that its nostrils were only slightly larger than they had been. "They had been huge, but the skin wasn't stretched and they've gone back to their original size."

punana looked down at its chest.

"That won't change. In fact, that's important for what I have in mind," Master said but didn't elaborate.

"And my vagina?" punana asked.

"It will stay the way it is." punana nodded. it was angry at Doctor Tom and Tiffany for what they had done to it and felt horrible that the surgery couldn't be reversed.

"The surgery cannot be undone?" punana asked.

Master looked punana directly in the eyes and said, "that was my doing."

punana felt the bottom fall out of its stomach. What they had done to it down there was the single worst thing of all. And that had been His doing. Maybe Doctor Tom and Tiffany were not the evil things punana had been led to believe all along.

"Look at your face," Master said. punana tilted the mirror again and looked closely at its features. it was pretty. it was pretty. They hadn't tattooed or pierced or done anything else permanent to it.

"And we're going to let your hair grow back," Master said. Then, more quietly, "not that it will do you any good where you're going."

"And now," He said to punana. "You were going to tell me what is dripping all over my floor."

punana started to speak but He put his finger on its mouth.

"Look me in the eye." punana raised its head and met His stare. "It is..." punana lowered its gaze but He put His hand under its chin and tilted its head back. "Say it."

"It's ... " punana started crying again and Master slapped its face hard, two, three, four, five times.

"It's horse, Master. It's from the horse."

He nodded and told punana to lay back on the bed and open its legs wide. it did, still sobbing, head turned away from Him. it felt His hand between its legs, sliding between the big mare labia, sliding easily up into its body, pushing in and out deep.

"nnnngggghhhh," it moaned, its hands going to its clitoris again, rubbing fast. Master pushed in and out fast, punana hearing the loud slurping sound coming from between its legs, crying its humiliation.

Master climbed on the bed and held His hand over punana's face, shaking it until globs of horse cum feel into punana's open mouth. He pressed His hand into its face and it started licking Him clean, still masturbating wildly, cumming with wild shudders. He repeated the process over and over until His hand came out of its cunt clean, then got up and went into the bathroom to wash up.

"Enough of that. Follow me," He said when He came back in the room. punana rolled forward, lost its balance and fell forward on the floor, landing on its huge tits and gasping from the pain. Master calmly walked to the door. punana crawled on its hands and knees, afraid to try to get up on the spikes.

it followed Him down the hallway, recognizing the path all too well. They were going to the Doctor's operating room. When it got there, Master was finishing up with the Doctor.

"So you understand?"

Doctor Tom nodded. "Yes, fine, whatever you say," he said snidely.

Master walked past her and out of the room, saying over His shoulder, "I'll see you in the morning."

punana looked up and saw Doctor Tom staring down at it. it could tell he was angry. He was losing his toy. But how much of what he'd done had been Tiffany's idea and how much and been Master's? punana was confused and afraid now. it wanted to ask the Doctor but knew better. If it was Master's idea, he would tell Master punana had asked. And if it wasn't Master's idea, he would be angry punana hadn't given him the credit.

"Get up on the table," he said, then walked out of the room.

punana looked up at the surgical table. It was three feet off the ground but might as well have been a mountain. punana's arms were weak, its chest kept it off balance and the spikes in its heels were tender and painful from standing on them earlier. punana tried dragging itself up the side of the table but its arms were too weak. it tried to stand but over and over it feel back to the floor. it panicked as it heard Doctor Tom and another pair of shoes walking down the hallway toward it.

"Why is she on the floor?" Tiffany asked.

"I don't know, why don't you ask her?"

"punana, why are you on the floor?"

"Didn't you understand my instructions?" Doctor Tom crouched down in front of punana. "Or are you being defiant?"

"no, no, no," it moaned, "punana woud never disobey you... it is just ... so weak..."

"That's fine," the Doctor said. "You can stay on the floor if you prefer." He motioned for Tiffany to take a chair behind him. "Can you see her all right?" he asked. Tiffany nodded.

"Well," Doctor Tom said, sliding a rolling chair from under his desk and leaning forward, "let's see what we have." He took punana's right foot in his hand and lifted it up, set it across his lap. He slid sideways a few inches and turned to Tiffany, "you can still see OK?" Tiffany nodded.

"So, your lover has new plans for you," the Doctor said to punana. it nodded, watching his face closely. "And to implement that plan, we need to remove these beautiful heels?" He stroked the stainless steel spike lightly with his fingertip. punana started trembling, there was an edge to his voice. its breathing got quick and shallow, it started shaking its head side to side. "please, please, please..."

"What are you worried about?" the Doctor asked with an icy voice. He flicked the spike hard with two fingers. punana groaned, the pain and fear building from deep inside it. "What are you afraid of?"

Tiffany wheeled her chair closer and leaned forward. "Give me her other leg."

punana started crying now, sobbing loudly and begging them not to hurt it.

"Is he home?" the Doctor asked. Tiffany shook her head. "Won't be back for about two hours." The Doctor nodded. He massaged the bottom of punana's foot hard, the pain shooting up its leg but its body starting to relax. Tiffany kissed the bottom of its other foot, licked it, it laughed at the ticklish feeling.

After a few minutes, Doctor Tom said, "get the anaesthetic, it's on the bottom shelf on the left." Tiffany rested punana's foot on the Doctor's lap then got up and opened the cabinet. She took the small brown bottle and a syringe off of the shelf and put them on the table beside Doctor Tom.

"A scalpel and the stitch kit," he said, massaging punana's other foot now. punana's brain was turning mushy, it didn't know whether to be aroused or terrified. The feeling was wonderful but the look on the Doctor's face was psychotic.

Tiffany set the kit on the table next to the syringe. She stared to sit back down but he turned to her and said, "go get towels. A lot of towels." punana went limp, fear winning out over pleasure. it didn't know what he had in mind but it was afraid now.

Tiffany came back with four towels, dark burgundy color.

"You guessed," he said with a smile. She dropped the towels on the floor between her chair and the Doctor's. punana's body started trembling, the Doctor felt its leg shake.

"It seems you have some idea about what is going to happen here?" he asked. punana couldn't respond, it felt paralyzed, frozen, something wooden and artificial. "You might want to start masturbating. You know. Take your mind off of things."

Tiffany raised punana's arms and dropped them between its legs. punana started rubbing its clit furiously.

The Doctor motioned for Tiffany to sit. She did and he put both of punana's legs in her lap. He picked up the syringe and the anesthetic and poked the needle into the bottle.

"Now, this is very effective. It is a local but I'm quite sure that's all you'll need. It will relax the muscles and block any sensation." He held the needle upside down and flicked it, watching for bubbles. "This is two doses, one for each side." He pushed the plunger until a drop squirted out the top of the needle. "It's important that the muscles be relaxed so you don't move while I'm removing . . . while *we're* removing the steel rods."

punana used its left hand to hold itself open and its right hand to rub its clit, alternately slowly then quick, back and forth. it shook with fear, still uncertain what he had in mind.

"Are we feeling good?" the Doctor asked. punana muttered something and saw his face go cold, colder than before. He turned to Tiffany. "Hold her." Tiffany clamped her hands down hard on punana's shins, pressing its calves hard into her lap. The Doctor leaned forward and quickly gave punana two injections, one at the top of each thigh, just in the fold. punana's hands froze in place and it started trembling harder. The drug took effect quickly and punana's legs went limp and fell open wide. it tried to close them but it had no control over its muscles at all.

"Numb?" the Doctor asked. He stabbed the needle into its upper thighs several times. punana felt nothing. "Good," he said. "But what about..." he grabbed the right spike and gave it a tug, "...here." punana winced and jerked. Everything from her crotch to her knees was numb, but from the knees down, she felt everything. it panicked, started flexing its feet but couldn't move its legs.

"no, no, please, please, please..." it begged, sobbing and rubbing itself. its cunt was starting to go numb too, the feeling was there but dull. it started pinching its cunt lips, its clit just to keep the feeling alive. it was terrified that it would not be able to distract itself as the Doctor and Tiffany took hold of the spikes and began to tug. Pain shot up its legs, it felt its calves shaking.

"All right now, Tiffany. Here's what you need to do," he said calmly, ignoring punana now and focusing on Tiffany. "You are a beautiful woman, yo know," he said. He leaned over and kissed her, their mouths open and hungry. He pulled back just an inch and whispered, "twist." punana felt shots of horrible pain in both feet as they twisted the spikes. They were attached to the muscles up the back of punana's ankles, the skin had grown closed around them in the last months.

"Kiss me," Tiffany whispered. The Doctor leaned forward and their lips locked again. Tiffany opened her mouth and ran her tongue over his lips and he sucked it into his mouth. punana felt its nipples swell. its cunt must be soaking wet, but it could barely feel it. it pinched its nipples, the pain distracting it for at least a few seconds.

"Kiss me harder," Tiffany said, twisting harder at the spike. punana felt the muscles start to strain, the pressure underneath its skin awful. "Twist the other way," the Doctor whispered. The both twisted harder in the other direction and punana bit down had on her bottom lip. The Doctor slipped his hand between Tiffany's legs and she stared grinding against him. "More," she whispered. The Doctor turned his head and gazed down at punana. "Yes. More." They both twisted harder.

punana screamed now. The muscle was giving way, it felt things breaking free underneath its skin. it tried to reach with its hands, move its legs, sit up but the shot had rendered all of its muscles from waist to knee useless. it could lift up its head and shoulders but it was helpless to stop the two as they kissed hard and twisted the metal spikes.

"I want you to start pulling," the Doctor said.

punana started screaming louder, "no, no, no, no!!!" throwing its head hard from side to side.

"Don't pull until I'm closer," Tiffany cried. The Doctor kissed her again and she twisted the spike back and forth, drinking in punana's cries and sobs, feeling her own cunt on fire now. "I'm getting closer, I'm getting closer..."

"Can we...can we pull..." Tiffany was panting hard and fast and it was difficult to talk.

The Doctor kissed her neck, his lips burning her flesh. "When you are about to cum, we will both pull, we will both pull and the spikes will be removed, just as he wanted."

"Yes... yes... " Tiffany panted. "Just as the motherfucker wanted.. just...I'm so close..."

The Doctor looked down at punana. "You're worthless to us now, you know that, don't you? We have nothing to lose now that he is taking you away." punana looked at him. The look of icy hatred in his eyes paralyzed it. They could do anything they wanted to with it now. They had nothing to lose.

"Are you disappointed about the anesthetic?" he asked with a laugh. "You were hoping for a shot in each foot?"

Tiffany leaned over, looking at her wild, insane eyes. "What else can you do to her?" she asked in a hushed, excited whisper. The Doctor took his hand away from her crotch and reached for the anesthetic and syringe again.

"it likes to touch itself. it distracts her from the pain." He leaned forward and took punana's wrist, pulled its hand away from its cunt. it didn't have the strength to resist. He dropped its arm and it went back to work immediately, working the half-numb bud to excitement as best it could.

"Do you want its tongue inside you when we finish?" The Doctor offered. Tiffany shook her head.

"All right then. Let's see what we can do about this distraction problem." He turned to punana. "We want you to feel every last bit of this." He prepped the syringe again and leaned forward, his eyes maniacal. "Here we go." He set the tip of the needle on her left nipple then pushed it two inches into the titflesh before pushing the plunger. He delivered the other half of the dose to her right nipple. She came both times, rubbing her clit furiously.

"One more," Tiffany whispered hoarsely. She put her hand between her legs and started rubbing herself. punana felt the intense relief as Tiffany let go of the spikes fighting with the certainty of what Tiffany meant. The Doctor nodded and prepped another shot.

"Do it to yourself," he said, arranging the plunger in punana's hand and positioning the needle point against its clitoris.

punana shook its head weakly, unable to speak. The Doctor flicked its clit with his fingertip and it cried "owww!" Tiffany jerked forward and fell on her knees, grabbed punana's hand and plunged the needle deep into its clit. Tiffany pushed the plunger and punana felt the numbness sweep over her almost immediately. its whole body had been rendered numb - everything except its lower legs and feet. it shook with fear.

Tiffany and the Doctor started kissing again, the Doctor's left hand between her legs, his right hand on the spike. "Let me know when you're close," he whispered between kissed. They twisted the spikes from side to side, harder now, listening to punana's screams fill the house. Tiffany pushed the Doctor's hand away from her crotch and started fingering herself faster, harder. She bit down on his tongue as they both twisted and tugged at the spikes. Finally, she moaned "I'm going to cum I'm going to cum, soon soon soon ... now now now!" They both twisted the spikes hard and jerked them out of punana's feet at the same time. When Tiffany's body stopped trembling and she caught her breath, they looked down at punana. it was quiet. it had passed out several minutes earlier.

... more? ...

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