Jenny Episode 2 *Group sex?*

Jenny Episode 2 *Group sex?*

When Jenny awoke for the second time, she found a note on her dresser that read,


Jenny sighed. "Fuck you John. FUCK YOU" She screamed and scrambled out of the house.

She finally arrived at Nudies, took a deep breath, and walked inside. The first thing she saw was the monster who took place as her former friend.

"Great, you showed whore" he gripped her perfect ass and rried finguring her hole through her jeans.

"Forget it. I'm not stripping for you, fuck face" Jenny growled as he lead her to an empty bedroom. She sat down in a chair placed in front of a bed full of 3 gorgeous prostitutes who were sucking and fucking eachother

Jenny could help but become a little wet from the erotic sight. "Enjoying it slut? I have something different planned for you my little whore."

Jenny felt a bit quesy, "Something else?"

John gave a signal that allowed 2 naked men walk in. Their cocks not smaller then 7 inches!

Jenny screamed and tried to get away but the 3 prostitutes were already ripping away her clothing and pinning her down.

The first man to suck her would be the "king" John. He lowered his head to her throbbing wet pussy and gave it a flick with his tongue. As he worked at it, right next to Jenny's face were 2 lesbians grinding eachothers pussies together. They kissed and sucked eachothers breasts in the process. Both of them moaned and screamed like crazy.

Under her own moan of misery and pleasure, she could hear the panting of 2 men fucking eachother. One man boumced on the other ones cock, moaning like crazy. As they calmed down, they started sucking eachothers cocks. The first man took his entire shaft and moved up and down it quickly as he masterbated himself. The other man jolted as far as he could down the other ones throat as far as he could go.

The 3rd prostitute stood over Jenny's face. Then she squated rubbing her pussy all over her lips. Jenny sucked her pussy lomg and hard. Licking her lips to tast the juices that leaked out. The woman was out of control. Bouncing and rubbing her pussy hard all over her face.

Jenny started having more pleasure in sucking this sweet pussy, then having her own sucked by John.

Suddently they all stopped what they were doing. One man heald his 8 inches in front of her moith, another held his cock over her pussy. John held his over her asshole. 2 prostitutes started sucking her breasts. The third lady started licking her ass cheeks.

All 3 men started fucking their holes ar the same time. Jenny tried to scream but it was muffled from the deep throated cock in her mouth. All cocks thrust in and out of her body. Their shafts moving quick. In and out.

The 2 woman sucked her breasts and sucked eachothers tongues in the process.

Jenny took all 8 inches down her throat. She was not in control of it. The man thrust in and out of her mouth like there was no tomorrow. He then flicked her tongue with his dick

Jenny was in complete misery. She felt like she would die but it felt amazing at the same time. every hole was being fucked right now.

Jenny was scattered across the floor. She was lying in a puddle of her own juices, completly naked. John walked up to her,"Get up you fucking piece of horse shit"

"Shut the fuck up John" she ignored his command

"Get your fat ass up!" He boomed kicking her hard in the side

Jenny liftes her body up to a full stand, holding her rib that had been kicked. She lookes John in the eyes,"What ever happened to my best friend?" She asked sweetly, tears streamimg down her face.

John looked at his feet,"I- I can't tell you" he whispered in deep dispare.

"Why can't you tell me!? You know you're hurting me when you do this!" Jenny screamed and sobbed,"Why would you wanna hurt me"

John looked for words inside his mind,"Its just that, I. Have. To"

"I don't understand" Jenny pushed her hair out of her eyes and staeed up at John.

He stared into her eyes,"Its not me." Is all he could say.

For a moment Jenny couldn't understand what he meant. It suddenly came to her. "Are you being blackmailed John?"

John looked at his own shoes for a moment, stared into her pleading eyes, and slappes her straight Iin the face. He then through her on the ground and forced her to suck his cock once again.

Their eyes never left eachother. A new understanding was beginning to take place. 'John still loves me as a best friend' the thought brougjt happy teats to her eyes.

Jenny sucked his ballsack. The soft skin felt good in her mouth. John started finguring her asshole,"You are a true fucking slut. My best slut in the world"

Although it sounded weird, Jenny knew what he meant. She smiled at him through his dick.

Now that Jenny knew that John was being blackmailed she was relieved. John isn't a phsyco after all. 'Wait till I tell Kate' she laughes silently. 'But I can't! What will that do to John? What would happen to him? The question is, who is blackmailing him?'

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