IN DREAMS: Gunny and Me

IN DREAMS: Gunny and Me

This is just a short story. I wrote it and it is significantly toned down from my usual as I was going to post it on another site that didn't allow some genres, but even in a dream they wouldn't allow it. I should probably go back and enhance it, but enjoy this version for now.

He comes to me most mornings. In that time, just before full awakening when the mists of sleep and the fog of dreams pervade and control my mind.

He owns my soul in these dreams. He controls my very existence. I wouldn’t have it any other way, at least not in my dreams. I would have to do some serious thinking to allow his mastery in my wakened world, but he only exists in the mist-shrouded depths of my mind, that foggy abyss between reality and fantasy.

He enters my room as the first streaks of light begin to insinuate their tendrils through the cracks and crags of my sleep-shrouded mind.

He is always dressed the same way. The fatigue uniform of a Marine Corp sergeant caresses his muscular frame, as I wish I could. He wears the pants and boots, but only a black Tee shirt, so tight it seems almost painted to the chiseled muscles of his upper torso and the massive guns of his arms.

He usually has camouflage makeup painting his face. The two shades of green and the brown contrasting the black of his skin. He clutches a half smoked cigar in his perfect white teeth.

As he enters the room, he begins to bark commands at me.

“On your feet slut, Gunny is on deck.”

I jump to a semi-rigid position of attention by the bed, as quickly as my sleep-fogged mind can direct my body to obey.

I am dressed the same way each morning in a tight ‘little-girl’ Tee and the skimpiest of bikini panties. I used to wear gowns or pajamas to bed, but Gunny now controls my attire and my actions.

He briefly inspects me as I stand awaiting the directions he might give this morning. He stands behind me now and I feel his hand slip inside the leg elastic of my panties and run across the smoothness of my ass to grasp the leg elastic on the other side. His huge hand easily grips both sides and pulls the fabric together in a bunch to briefly transform the bikini panties into a thong.

I feel the gusset at the crotch of the panties draw tight against my fully flushed pussy. My lips are bloated and full with the blood of my lust. My cunt has already started to produce my girl-juice that is the non-verbal invitation to what may lie in store. I know Gunny has something nasty in mind. He always does. I love being required to participate in every nasty depraved thing he dreams up for me.

Gunny free hand slaps my now naked ass cheek and I let out a small shriek. It isn’t the pain of the slap for I enjoy the small minor painful results of his totally dominating love style. It is the surprise when it happens that causes my weak verbal protest.

I feel my ass warming from his abuse. If I could turn to look, a sharply contrasted handprint would be starting to form, the red heat of its contact contrasting the white of my never tanned ass. I dare not break my position of attention, though, until Gunny directs me to.

He bends at the waist to look between my legs and is treated to the full gusset beauty of my lips filling the crotch of my panties. I have been gathering my excitation since he entered the room and the petals of the lips of my pussy are fully engorged with the blood of my lust, now that he has started his use of me. I can feel the wetness of my girl-juice flowing from my swampy cunt and I know he can see the wet spot forming in my panties.

“I see my little slave girl is pleased to see me this morning.” he smirks. It isn’t a question, but I know I am allowed to speak at this point.

“Yes Master. The slut is always pleased when Gunny comes to use his slut in the mornings.”

I speak of myself in the third person, using the words of my humiliation, because I know Gunny likes this manner. I enjoy the debasement, though self-applied and minor at this point. I so love calling myself a slut.

I am a slut after all, though you would never know that if you saw me in real life. It is only in these forays of the mind or when I am alone with my husband in the bedroom that I can be the slut I truly am. My mind briefly lingers on the words Gunny has said to me many times.

“Society sucks because they laud a man for being a slut but castigate a woman for acting in the same manner. A man can fuck 20 different women in one night if he has the stamina and will be commended with labels like, stud and cutter. While if a woman does the same thing she is labeled libelously with terms like slut and whore. Perhaps there will never be true equality between the sexes for this reason alone, but we are finally moving closer.”

I am brought back to the now as Gunny moves to the front of my again.

“On your knees slut.” He bellows and I fall to my submissive position of service, as he requires.

I know what he wants for it matches my desire, yet I dare not take action until he gives me the word. He loves my green eyes framed by the blond hair that wreathes my white face, so I know that though technically a violation of protocol, I can look up at him. He looks down at me and bellows again though softer this time.

“Service me.”

I quickly begin to fumble with the buttons on the front of his fatigue pants to get at the massive tool that I long to feel enter my orifices and use me to my fullest potential as the slut I am.

Finally the arresting fabrics of his clothing are moved out of the way and his cock is freed. Though not all black men are massively endowed Gunny is one of them who is. His cock though not yet fully erect already hangs half way to his knees as I grasp it at the base and lift it. My tiny hand won’t reach completely around its massive girth.

My tongue slithers out like a snake sampling the air and catches the drop of pre-cum that has formed at the tip of this massive tool, the slightly salty bittersweet reward of my slutiness, my first treat of the morning.

I press the shaft of his stiffening cock against his belly and my tongue traces down the underside, of its great length, to finally reach the sack that contains the two eggs that will unleash their sweet load in a short while. I draw first one then the other into my mouth and suck lovingly before retracing my wet tongue path back to the purplish head. I open my mouth and engulf him. Fortunately the bulbous head is spongy and compresses as I draw him into my oral orifice. If not I would have to try to acquire the abilities of the snake to dislocate my jaw to allow my mouth to open further.

I bob my head on the first few inches, feeling my jaws complain as they stretch to accommodate the massive cudgel. Fortunately Gunny stands perfectly still and only moans as I bob my head up and down on the turgid woman-slayer between his legs.

I can deep-throat, as any good slut can, but if I were to attempt to deep-throat such a massive specimen of manhood, or if Gunny were to suddenly grasp my head and start to face fuck me, surely permanent damage would be done to my tiny throat as his huge tool slipped in and out of it. My cheeks indent, though only slightly. For even though I draw a significant vacuum with my mouth, there is no room for my cheeks to sink into, with his massive rod in my oral fuck hole.

I continue my oral ministrations in hopes Gunny will release the reward of his balls into my mouth as he has so many times before, but he stops me after a few moments.

“My slut is in rare form this morning. As much as I would love to unload a tasty treat for you, I wouldn’t be able to fuck your whore’s cunt then.”

I love the degrading praise he accords my efforts. But like him I would rather feel his cum splatter the walls of my well-fucked cunt than to taste him if that is what he desires. I continue to lovingly suck his cock until his next command comes.

“Come to attention, slut.” He bellows and I stand once again before him. He towers over me and his massive hand reaches out and grasps the neckline of my tee, ripping it from my body in one hard tug. I stand now clad only in panties my tiny breasts exposed. My nipples, already stiff, from my sexual excitation, stiffen further as the relative warmth of my shirt is replaced by the cool of the room’s air.

Gunny reaches out and pinches one of the turgid buds, almost brutally, pulling it out from the mammary tissue it rests on, until I moan from the pleasure that accompanies the pain.

“Oh my slut is ready this morning.”

“Yes Master, use your whore.” I pant almost breathlessly.

Gunny’s hand then grips my panties as he had the tee and one tug and the frail lace garment leaves my body. He slips his hands under my armpits and raises my tiny body until the vee of my legs are at waist level. I look down and see him flex and his cock rises to 45-degrees before he starts to lower me onto it.

I feel the petals of my pussy lips slip along the saliva slickened bulbous head of that beautiful huge black cock and part to encourage its entry into the swamp at the pit of my pussy. I feel the entrance of my cunt stretch to accommodate the massive girth. Though he has fucked me many times in the past. I again wonder in my mind if I will be able to contain such a large rod.

Yet, just as before, inch by excruciating inch he enters me. My cunt is stuffed with big black fuck stick and my legs come up to wrap lovingly around his waist. He doesn’t stop lowering me until it would appear from casual observation I have a ball sack dangling between my legs and his entire rod is buried inside me.

I love the slightly painful stretch of his initial entry into my tight little white cunt, and I feel the muscles stretch to accommodate his length and girth then start to nibble his cock by rippling along its length. He moans and grunts as he starts to slide me up and down on him.

“Oh. You are so fucking tight slut.”

“Thank you Master. Please fuck your slut.” I beg, as I feel my lust growing once again.

“No you fuck me whore,” he commands.

I raise my arms onto his massive shoulders and start to pull myself up and down on his huge tool, which so completely fills me. I cannot contain myself and I start to babble as my lust rises and I feel the beginnings of a massive orgasm.

“Oh fuck.”

“Use your slut, Gunny.”

“She is just a nasty whore for your pleasure.”

“Fuck the whore like a slut should be fucked.”

I ride his complete erection, all 14-inches of his hardness as the orgasm begins to build. I feel myself reach the peak and the crescendo is unleashed in my quivering well-fucked depths.

“Fuck me, I’m cumming.”


I moan my pleasure and cry out at the moment of my complete release. Gunny is feeling the reward of his dominance just as I complete my first orgasm.

“Oh so fucking tight. Little whores like you should be required to stay in bed and only be allowed to go pee so they might be used and fucked at the will of whomever will grace them with their presence. Fuck me slut!”

I know he is close and I want to feel his explosion, so I increase my efforts, as best I can in this awkward position, and I sense his balls draw up as his cock begins to throb inside me. His explosion sends torrents of cum splattering off the walls of my cunt and adds to the swampy wetness that already exists there.

In my dream I am sterile so there is no chance his virile black seed would leave his child in me though that wouldn’t be a problem if it did. I am just not sure how my husband sleeping beside me would feel about that.

His explosion triggers another massive orgasm.

“Hose me down with your cum, Master.”

My babble takes another self-debasing turn.

“She is your cum-bucket. Use your whore Gunny.”

“Oh fuck my pussy Master.”

“Your hot fucking cum is making me cum Master, Oh FUCK MEEEEE.” I moan at the moment of truth.

We writhe together like this for a moment longer, then I wrap my arms around his neck and bring my mouth to his. Our tongues battle for command of the others mouth in a deep French kiss. Then Gunny hands come up under my pits again and he lifts me off his still solid and stiff cock. In my dream he never goes soft no matter how many times he uses me and unloads his balls.

He lowers me to rubbery legs and then presses on my shoulders to send my to my knees. I know what he requires and I gladly comply. His words slip through my mind from the instruction he has given me in the past.

“A good slut must always sucks the cock clean that uses her to show her appreciation for having been used as the whore she is.”

I take his still erect cock in my hands and lave it with my tongue to clean the combined juices of our lust from its immense length. Once I have thoroughly cleaned him and it becomes obvious I am now doing more than my duty, he stops me.

He has me stand then turns me around and bends me over the bed. I go to my knees as my upper body lies across the side of the bed. I move gently so as not to wake my sleeping husband on the far side of our matrimonial bed. I pull a pillow to hug and bury my face into to stifle any noise I might involuntarily make.

Gunny is likely going to use my ass now, something he has done occasionally, though with difficulty. I don’t allow my husband to fuck my ass, even though his cock is only average and wouldn’t ream me as Gunny’s huge cock does. I cannot, however, refuse anything Gunny requires of me. I am his slave and he my Master. My will is not my own when I am in his presence.

I bite into the pillow to preclude screaming out and being disobedient in that manner as he enters me. I also must be quiet and not wake my sleeping husband.

I feel the copious juices of our recent fucking run from me and trickle down the insides of my thighs. Gunny swipes his cock through the river that flows from me and traces a trail to the brown star of my ass.

He enters me and I feel the familiar yet painful stretch of his cock as it begins its excruciating trip inside. He fucks my ass enthusiastically for what seems an eternity, then withdraws from me.

Gunny slaps his leg and Sergeant Major, his large Rottweiler appears at his side. I know now what is required, so I drop to all fours and await the breeding that will ensue. The huge dog mounts me and starts stabbing to find one of my fuck holes. Finding my seeping lust-engorged cunt he begins the trip-hammer fucking so characteristic of his species. He drives his huge cudgel into me and I squeal softly into the pillow I clutch at the stretch as his grapefruit-sized knot hastily rips in and out of my sorely abused cunt. Then he unloads his hot copious puppy-makers into my well-used, thoroughly-abused orifice. My cunt is severely stretched, yet his knot doesn’t prevent his lusty load from escaping around the edges.
Sergeant Major dismounts and turns to face away from me his ass secured tight to mine as he awaits his knot to recede so he can extricate it from my severely stretched cunt. He drags me around the room as his fuck slave attached to the end of his cock. When he finally shrinks enough to slip from me, his juices start to flow from my bored-and-stroked orifice of pleasure.

“I am pleased my pet, but you have one duty yet to perform.”

I know what he is speaking of and after Sergeant Major dismounts from me, I move to clean his cock with my oral efforts. When I lower to take him in my mouth he moves that massive head full of long white teeth toward my face and at first I fear he will bite me, but instead he swipes that long lovely tongue along my cheek as if to say thank you. I turn my head to face him and allow that long wet wonderful tongue to enter my mouth in a French-like kiss, then turn back to minister to him orally.

I conclude with him and I again stand to face my Master.

“I am pleased slut. I will return on the morrow to use you again. Arise now and serve your husband.”

I awaken fully then, and I am again dressed in the gown I wore to sleep the night before. I roll over and reach into the boxers my husband wears and release his limp cock to take it lovingly in my mouth.

I suck him quickly to erection then lift my gown, to straddle his body and take him inside me. He wakes as the warm velvety tightness of my cunt surrounds his average sized cock. I am glad Gunny and Sergeant Major are only dream lovers so they haven’t stretched me to the point this would not be a pleasant experience for my husband. I love him dearly.

“I see you had another dream this morning, my love.” He comments as I fuck for all I am worth. He rolls me over onto my back and assumes the duties of the aggressor.

“Yes honey, and this morning Gunny had Sergeant Major fuck me.”

I recount the vivid dream for him as he fucks me to two successive orgasms. I am fortunate my husband has good self-control, or the lurid and lewd nature of my recounting for him would surely bring him to a quick conclusion.

It is a truly symbiotic relationship for he loves the stories of my dreams and the lust they produce in me on these mornings when Gunny comes to me. He after all is the ultimate beneficiary of the lust they produce. I wonder in a fleeting thought.

Is it cheating if it is only a dream?

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