Teacher - 04 Day 1 – Afternoon at School

Teacher - 04 Day 1 – Afternoon at School


Finally, it was lunch time. No students were scheduled to be in her room during lunch. Typically, a few would eat their lunch and then wander into her room to do homework. Laura could only hope for a typical lunch period, but so far typical was not a word that she would use for this day.

She was relieved when at the beginning of the period she found herself all alone in her room. She set her sandwich on the podium tray and noticed the timer. The period timer showed 00:23:55 and counting down and the timer for her footpad timer showed 00:23:55. The penalty timer showed 00:05:00, counting up, one minute for every second she was late! As she was scrambling to get on the damn thing, she remembered that Mark had said that the lunch period was counted as one of the timed periods she needed to stand on the foot pads. Since it was only a 25-minute period she only had 1 minute to spare! By the time she made it onto the platform so that it registered her as present, she had wasted 47 seconds. That meant she would not be able to get dressed until 6:47 AM Wednesday. At least she would still be home at that time, but it was an additional 47 minutes she had to endure her sentence! She now had to stand at the podium for the rest of the period.

As she was trying to catch her breath and settle her nerves several students walked into the room.

“Wow Ms. B. you’re almost as exposed as the six yellows are out in the courtyard under the tent. I thought you only had to be bottomless,” said Todd. Todd was one of her former students. He seldom showed up during her lunch period. Following him were more than a dozen boys. She had only seen them around the campus and was not even sure of most of their names. They all took seats and appeared to be more interested in just looking at her than doing any homework.

A few more showed up and soon all the seats were filled. One of the students that she did not know asked, “Why are you spreading your pussy so far apart? Why do are you wearing a transparent top that show your tits?”

“It is just something I have to wear today. I hope to have a better top tomorrow. As to why I am standing like this is because the powers-that-be have required me to stand on this podium for at least 24 minutes per period and that is that. I don’t have a choice. Now please take a seat.”

“You have really big pussy lips Ms. B. They are so hot. I’d love it if you had blue stripes. I could play with your pussy lips; do you know that Ms. B?” It was Todd that was talking. As he said that, he got out of his chair and stood only a foot in front of her and bent down to get a better look. While she liked most of her former students, Todd had been one of those know-it-alls that she found annoying.

“Todd, Please! Get back into your seat. You should not be so close to me. It isn’t right.”

“Oh, come on Ms. B. I’m just looking. The handbook says that if someone is wearing a colored band we can get as close as we want, as long as we obey the rules for that color, or are granted permission for more from the banded person. This is not a normal class time, so I don’t have to be in my seat because you are not teaching. You are only a solid Green so I can look at your pussy as close as I want as long as I don’t touch you. You don’t give me permission for more do you?”

“Of course, I don’t. I really wish you would step away from me, in fact.”

“I thought as much. Okay, I can’t touch your, but however, I can do this.” He pursed his lips and blew air across her pussy.

It so surprised her that she lifted one foot in response. To her horror, the standing timer stopped for two seconds until she could get her foot on the pad again. The countdown timers both showed 11:18 and counting down, but the penalty timer now showed 00:47:00. She was more than halfway done with the period, but not nearly close enough. “Oh God, please don’t do that!”

“What do you mean? This?” As he did it again for a longer length of time. She tried to pull her legs together, but the muscles would not cooperate. She could only get her feet halfway together, and then they moved out to the outer edge again.

Most of the students had gotten up at this point and were standing around her in a circle. She involuntarily noted that most had tented pants at this point. She wanted to get off the damn podium and run and hide but the timer was literally the same for the required time she had to stand on the foot pads and the time remaining in the period. If she got off, she would only add more time to her Green sentence. To make matters worse, the other students were looking closely at her pussy and starting to make comments on their own. “Wow, look how her pussy lips are getting even bigger!” “They are getting shiny too. It looks like she is getting aroused!”

Todd said,” Yaa, I thought me blowing on her like that might make her have that reaction.”

“How did you know man? Have you done this before?”

Todd chuckled, “I’ve had some practice in this. Here, watch this.” He pulled out a straw and started blowing though it directly on her clit. The response was immediate. She jerked back with her hips.

“Oh god! Please stop that! It isn’t right.”

“Come on Ms. B. You know I am not touching you, so I am not breaking any rules. I can do this as much as I want.” With that he blew extra hard right on her clit causing her to rock her hips back in the attempt to get away from the assaulting air. “You could just walk away if you wanted to, you know.”

“No, I can’t! If I step off the foot pads, I will add time to my sentence.”

“Sounds like that is a choice you made then.” He blew more air on her clit causing her to jerk back again.

“Wow, when she does that her butt cheeks open up and you can see her ass hole too!” One of the boys behind her exclaimed.

Todd pulled out another straw and handed to him and said, “Here try blowing on her ass hole with this.”

She did not like the feeling of air blowing onto her sphincter and jerked forward again. Todd was ready and blew on her clit again. He blew back and forth across it and in circles around the base. Soon she was breathing hard. Every time she tried to jerk back the one behind her blew hard onto her asshole causing her to jerk forward. She had always had a sensitive asshole and never let Allen play with her there.

When she thought, she was going to climax, Todd suddenly stopped. She was not sure if she was relieved or disappointed.

“Man, where did you learn to do that? It’s awesome!” they all asked Todd.

He just took a seat and smiled. They kept pestering him and he finally relented and told his story.

“I learned it at home guys.” This was followed by “What!” “No Way!” “Yah, I learned all about that at home. You see I live with two sisters and a mother. My dad is in charge of the house. We all voted him in as number 1, and he said that he would make sure the house runs smoothly. It does for the most part but if any of us step out of line, we are subject to his choice of punishment. We all have to wear this band. See, even I have one, but it is dull gray most of the time. If we break any of the rules or get poor grades when we get home, it changes color. It is set to only work on our property. That is unless a greater punishment is logged by ranking household member with the H-Central.”

“No way. You have to get nude too? In front of your mother and sisters?”

“It only happened once when I was late getting home on a school night. I had to go around in my underwear for a whole week at home. Even when we had company. And yes, we did have company. My cousins were in town that whole week. One of them was being punished and had to spend the entire time as a full Yellow. It was my older cousin Amanda. She was used to it and did not think too much of it, but it was hell on me. Every time I saw her, I got a hardon and it was impossible to hide when all I had on was tighty whitey underwear. They all laughed at me. But it was impossible to not get hard with her flaunting her body like she did. She did it on purpose too, the bitch. My parents, and even her parents, encouraged her to do so. They all thought it was funny.”

“Yah, but did you learn to do that trick with the straws on her?”

“Nah, I learned that with my two sisters and mother.”

“What, even your mother!” “Hey, I’ve been to your house, your mother is fucking hot, so are both your sisters the older one and the younger one.”

“I know. I like it when they get in trouble. Dad made them white a couple of times so that they could only wear their underwear but that did not seem to work. They just did what they were always doing, so he makes them Yellow now when they are in trouble. They don’t like that as much. Especially when he has people from his work come over for dinner meetings. They have to be the servers for the meal.”

“Hey why don’t you invite me over when they are being punished?”

“Because I don’t want any payback. They all said that if I had friends over when they are being punished, they would do the same for me. I just don’t want to go down that road.”

“What about the straw thing?”

“Well, the first time that dad made mom a Yellow, she tried to hide in the bedroom. Dad got mad and made her come out into the family room. He had secretly installed four ring hooks in the at the upper and lower corners of the room in the middle of the room. With help from my sisters and me, we all tied her hands to upper ones and feet to the lower ones. She had to stand in the middle of the room like a big X. Then for added punishment he turned her band from Yellow to Yellow with Blue.”

That was followed by a chorus of: “No Shit!” “You’re a lying ass!” “Are you sayn’ you were allowed to touch her any way you wanted to?” “Fuckin yah, your mom is hot! I’d love to be there when she is Yellow and blue or even better yet a full-on Blue!”

“To be honest it was a bit too much. I was afraid my dad was setting me up. But not my sisters, they jumped right in and took advantage of her status. They were curious about how an old person like mom compared to their bodies. They touched her everywhere. It was kind of hot to watch. I eventually gave in and felt her too. She is really hot for an old person of 40. She works out every day to stay in shape and man does it show. I don’t know how many times the three of us made her cum that night. Her whole body shook every time. She was begging dad to make it stop. After an hour or so he gave in and turned her back to solid Yellow. He let her sleep like that overnight though.”

“Yah, but where did you learn that straw thing?”

“Okay, so I told you we made her cum repeatedly, because we could. Well Dad has done similar to both of my sisters and mom a few times since then, but usually they are only Yellow when they are in the big X, as dad calls it. He is the one that suggested we get creative. I wanted to try feathers to torment them, but dad said that was not allowed. They were being touched by something I was holding and that was not allowed. They were not allowed to be touched. He then put a box of straws on the coffee table. It took me forever to figure it out. All three of the females were put into the X at least once before I got the idea.

My younger sister Chrissy was stretched out tighter than normal one time. I took a straw and thought I would blow in her face. That just made her mad. There was nothing she could do about it though. Then I got the wild idea to blow on her armpit. She is very ticklish, I should say. It worked. She reacted as if I was running a finger up and down her armpit. I called Megan down to show her what I had discovered. She was mad at Chrissy, at the time, for borrowing some clothing without asking first and thought it would be perfect for payback time. We tickled her with air until she cried. It was fucking hilarious. We even made her pee because she was laughing so hard. That was cool but we wiped it up right away because we did not want to get in trouble ourselves. Then I had another bright idea. What if I used the air on her pussy or ass. I mean they were right there out in the open. The result was wild. She went crazy. It was like I was touching her with my finger, Which I had done a few times at that point, but because she was only Yellow, I couldn’t do it that time.”

“You really get to play with both of your sisters and mom? Do they play with you too?”

“Nah, I am too smart to mess up like they do. I think they actually like it and that is why they do things that they need to be punished for. It is not uncommon to have at least one female nude in the house and sometimes all three. Dad set me as number 2 in the house so unless he says otherwise, I don’t get punished. As number 2, I can set punishments for numbers 3, my mom, and 4 and 5, my older and younger sisters.”

“That is so fucking awesome. That means you can do anything you want to any one of them.”

“Not really, I have to justify their punishment and if I can’t, I have to take their place. I know I have pissed them off plenty of times. They would love to have a chance to be able to have a payback on me. It is much better just to let dad do the punishment setting and then play along with whatever he has set.”

“Anyhow, that is how I learned how to use a straw. I think Ms. B. has settled down a bit now, so I think I should try to see what we can do now,” Todd said. He took a straw and knelt down in front of her again. Laura had no choice but to stand there. If she lifted a foot off one of the pads, she would add time to her sentence.

In a couple of minutes, he had her breathing hard. It was incredible what a little air directed at a sensitive spot could do! Soon her hips were involuntarily moving on their own. As she was about to reach a point of no return, the bell rang. Indicating the lunch period was over. She quickly stepped off the pads as soon as she saw the timers reset for the next class period. She walked to her desk and put both hands on it to steady herself. She was horrified that she had almost cum in front of at least 20 students. She did not even know the names of most of them.


When the second bell rang, she turned to see the class of twenty-five students. This was usually her favorite group of the day. Most of them were getting A’s in her class. They were all self-motivators and overall likable kids. Each class had its own dynamics and this one was just a good group. But as much as she typically liked this group, she now dreaded teaching them today. She felt as if she would be a disappointment to them because of her Green status.

She finally addressed the class. “Hello class, sorry for my current attire, or lack thereof. As I know the entire school is aware of my situation. I do hope we can work through this in a professional manner. Are there any questions before we start the class?”

Everyone in the school now knew why she was a Green, but there were still a few questions about why her top was so sheer and so on. Eventually class started. She stood at the podium with her open legs and conducted the first half of the class. When 24-minute timer reached 0:00 she stepped off. There was still 23:00 on the class period timer. She had assigned a number of chapter practice questions and all of them seemed to be working quietly on their own.

She took the opportunity to sit in the spreader chair and pull up to the table she used as a desk in the front corner of the room. She normally did her class planning and grading at the table. This time she had other thoughts on her mind. Having been brought close to an orgasm several times during her lunch period, she needed a release. She thought with the chair pulled up as it was and her facing away from the students, she was safe. She reached down with one hand and started stimulating herself.

Her hand shot between her legs as she tried to quietly masturbate. She had no idea that the proximity of her sitting at the table with the chair pulled in triggered a remote camera that had been mounted there. As soon as it triggered, it started projecting onto the 120-inch class monitor. The camera had a small dim light and enhanced night vision with high-definition resolution.

She reached down with both hands and grabbed one of her lips between thumb and index fingers and pinched herself until she could not stand any more pain. Then she pulled them as far apart as she could. Her husband, Allen, could do this so much better, but she tried to imitate what he did to get herself off. She bit her lower lip to prevent herself from calling out at the pain from the stretching of her sensitive lips. When she finally let go, she jammed her left index and middle finger into her pussy as far as they would go and wiggled them around. She used her thumb to roughly flick her clit. The world of the classroom disappeared, all that mattered was the pleasure that she could force from her pussy. She did not even realize her other hand had crept up and was pinching her nipples through her thin top causing them to stand up erect. She would pinch one nipple hard and roll it between her thumb and index finger and go to the other back and forth. She then reached back down with her right hand and as she pulled her fingers out of her pussy with one hand, she jammed two fingers in with the other hand. Soon her administration between her legs paid off. She reached an earth-shattering climax when she thought about the forced climax Allen had made her have in front of the Benson’s in front of their house on the street.

She congratulated herself on her heroic efforts at not making a sound. With any luck the students in the room never even noticed what she had done. What was that sound she heard, though? It took her a moment to realize it was clapping. She looked around and realized the room had more students standing in the back of the room, and walking toward her was Mark, the Vice principal. He was clapping along with the rest of the students. “Well, Ms. Burk, it appears that I have lost a bet. Before the end of day one and you are already publicly masturbating.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Laura, if you would just look the other way, toward the class monitor. You will see what I am talking about. When you pulled yourself into your desk, a camera, that the H-Department had suggested we mount under your desk activated. It shows anything that happens under the desk. Your, shall I say, rather lude exhibition was projected on the classroom monitor and the main monitor in the front office in full color high definition.”

“Yah, Ms. Burk, I really liked when you pulled your pussy lips wide apart and then played with your clit. Then you really jammed your fingers in there. You really put on a great show. It was really cool!” Chris said. The rest of the class were talking about what they had just seen close up on the big monitor in the classroom.

“What! No, no, no! That was supposed to be private!” She hid her face in her hands. Unfortunately, her fingers on both hands were still covered in her juices from her orgasm. The act of shaking her head that was covered with her hands smeared the juices all over her face.

“Ms. Burk, you should realize, as a Green, you do not have any privacy at this time. The H-Department said that about seventy percent of the people sentenced to Green will masturbate in public, so you are not out of line. I personally didn’t think you would be in that percentage, but as we now know, I was wrong. There was a pool in the office betting on if and when you would break down and masturbate in the classroom. I am not sure who won, but I know you were definitely sooner than what most thought you would be, if you did do it.

“No, no, no, this can’t be happening! My life is over! No one will ever respect me again!”

“Laura, I can assure you that, come next Wednesday, assuming you follow all the rules, you will be able to dress normal and things will be fine. No one is going to hold this against you. I thought it was quite nice actually. I’m sure it will be a popular video in the library.”

“God no! Please delete it.”

“By law I am not allowed to do so. It will be in the school records for anyone with a school ID and properly logged in at a security terminal, will be able to view. You know that. It is part of our safety protocols. Don’t worry, it is on a separate circuit with no outside access, so there is really no danger of you being exposed to the rest of the world. Unless there is a legal reason to make a copy or you sign a consent form, no copies are allowed.”

“I’m so ashamed.”

“Well, all I can say is that you are simply serving a six-day sentence as a Green. On Wednesday, unless you get an extension, you will be able to go back to normal. Others have done it and I am confident that you will be able to do so too. Now there is the bell, I would suggest that you pull yourself together. Unless I am mistaken, you have one more Algebra class.

Laura, reluctantly, backed her chair away from her desk. The proximity sensor noted the change and the camera under her desk cut off. Only then did her pussy disappear from the large classroom display. She stood up on unsteady legs and looked around. All the people that had occupied her room during her public masturbation had gone, or were headed out, for a moment the room was empty. Before the first students for her last math class arrived, she sprayed air freshener around the room to remove any evidence of her recent actions. Soon the first students of the next class started trickling in.


As the students were walking in, she noted that Albert had no pants. He was wearing a Green and White strap on his wrist. He has a t-shirt that was cut off just above his belly button. He had hairy legs but only a little hair above or below his briefs. Albert was a little on the heavy side and had a bit of a belly but not too bad. He was wearing bright white tighty whities that left little to the imagination as he was obviously aroused. He had pulled them up as best as he could, but the tip of his erect cock was threatening to poke out the top of his underwear. Laura was impressed, in spite of herself. He must be nearly eight inches long. He appeared to be of average width but was of impressive length.

A few more students came into the room and then Tony walked in. He too was wearing a cut off t-shirt, but he was wearing loose fitting boxer briefs. As with Albert, it was all too obvious that Tony was aroused because of the large tent in his briefs. It was harder to tell Tony’s size but from the looks of things he was probably only a little smaller than Albert. Tony was in better shape than Albert and there was just a little hint of a six pack on his abdomen. While not extremely hairy, he had a line of hair that started at his belly button and flared out as it disappeared into his briefs.

This was definitely going to be an interesting class, Laura thought. No others showed up with a sentence. When everyone was seated, she asked Albert what was going on with him.

“Tony and I were at my house playing video games and, well, when Albert shot me in the game, we were on the same team, you see, we started rough housing and one thing led to another and, well we broke a window. My parents were upset with us, and they called Alberts parents and they all agreed that we should pay for the window because it was our fault. But then Alberts parents said that we should do more than just pay money for breaking the window and they all agreed that we would lose the right to wear pants for two days.”

“Yah, it was my bratty sister that suggested it. She was just upset that when she got a dent in my mom’s car, she had to go around in her underwear for a week, to teach her to be more careful.” Albert said. “She goes to the community college and had to attend all her classes in just bra and panties. Her boyfriend thought it was cool, but she was just really pissed off, because she is a bitch.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, boys.” Laura said.

“Well, it could be worse. Look at you. You have to go around with your pussy and ass out in the open. We at least get to wear underwear. By the way Ms. B., you are hot. I mean I always thought you were attractive for an older lady… I mean you are not old… I mean … Sorry. Anyway, I always thought you were pretty, but now seeing you like this, Damn, I am going to have trouble keeping my cock from ripping though my underwear!” Tony said.

“That is quite enough Tony. I understand this is hard on all of us.” Several girls giggled when she said hard. “Girls, really. Grow up.”

Albert then said, “I agree with Tony. I mean between seeing Mika in her underwear all week, and now you, and the ones in the courtyard, and I saw Jen a little while ago. I’ve been hard all day. Being in just underwear myself I don’t know how I will get through this.”

“We all will get through this.” Laura said.

“Yah, Albert. You and Tony have nothing to be ashamed of. I mean, you guys are kind of hot too you know.” All eyes turned to the last speaker. It was Pam. Pam was a shy quiet girl. Smart and pretty but seldom spoke out, unless prompted. Pam usually wore a button shirt with only the very top button undone and long skirts that came to her ankles. Today was no different. While she was fairly pretty, her shyness made her the epitome of a wall flower.

Laura raised an eyebrow when she looked at Pam. Pam turned dark red as she blushed, but she could not stop her eyes from alternating looking at Tony and Alberts crotches. It is always the quite ones, Laura thought.

“I just wish I could relieve some of the stress of being so horny all the time.” Tony said. “It gets in the way of trying to concentrate on the lesson.”

“I agree.” Said Albert.

“Well, there is nothing to do about that now.” Laure said. “Are there any more questions?”

It had become routine by now. All the questions about how she was dressed or not dressed were answered. She finally asked if there were any more.

Several hands shot up. “Yes Arbenita?”

“Is it true you just masturbated and a closeup shot was projected to the big monitor in the front of the room and also in the main office?”

Laura bit her lip and first looked at the floor. After a couple of heart beats, she looked up and answered “Yes, it is true. I did not realize a camera had been mounted under my desk under H-Department instructions. I thought I was safe, and unobserved, but I have since learned that I was not. I am ashamed that it happened, but it is true. I do not want to lie to you. You would find out the truth soon enough as it is. Yes Sam?”

“I heard that anybody could watch the video if they use their school login on the surveillance network on a dedicated computer. Is that true? Just like the feeds for Thomas, Hector, Maria, Heather, and Melanie”

“I had not thought about those students. But, Yes, that is true. I would hope that no one has the need to do so, but it is part of the permanent school surveillance system. By the way, are those five still out there?”

“Yah, any class they are in is required to have them projected on the classroom monitor. Last I saw them they were taking much longer to get to a point of almost orgasming. It is now just like a state of perpetual arousal.” Sara said.

“I heard, that at 2:40, they are going to remove the stimulation equipment and the collars and then release their hands. They will be able to masturbate all they want then. Then, when the final bell rings they will be released.” Al said.

“So that is why we are to let everyone out fifteen minutes early for an assembly. A notification came through a while ago, but it did not say what the special assembly was for. I guess they want a big audience for the release.” There were several chuckles at the double meaning of “release.” “That means they still have almost half an hour to go. Those poor kids. But they do serve as a lesson to everyone else, don’t cheat on tests!”

As they were talking about the students in the courtyard Laura’s hands slowly crept down to her pussy and she slowly rubbed herself.

“Ms. Burk, are you going to masturbate again?” Tammy asked? “It looks like you are playing with yourself out in the middle of the room.”

She quickly moved her hands away from her pussy. “No, I am not going to masturbate in front of you. I just had an itch.” There were chuckles around the room. “NO, Not that type of itch! Stop it.” “OK, now are there any questions about the TEST tomorrow?”

There were a few questions, and then she gave them the practice test. Her hands slowly crept back to her crotch as if with minds of their own.

Due to the 15-minutes early release of the last period she only had 40 minutes in the period, not the normal 55. This meant she only had 16 minutes non-podium time not the normal 31 minutes. She realized this, to her Horror, almost 18 minutes into the period. That meant that there were only 22 minutes left in the period. She quickly jumped onto the podium. By the time she got her feet on the pads the timers showed 21:05 for both class time and podium count down. But now the “Added time” showed 3:42. That meant that she just added an additional 2 hours and 55 minutes to her time on Wednesday. Instead of being able to put on regular clothes at 6:00 AM, She now would not be able to put on pants until 9:42 AM! She would have to arrive at school bottomless on Wednesday! She would have to teach all of her first period class and much of her second period bottomless! And that was only if she did not screw up any other times, and have more time added to her sentence.

She was so distraught she started crying as she stood there. Several students asked what was wrong, but she could not talk. It was several minutes before she could pull it together and answer any questions. “Sorry about that.” She finally said. “I was late onto my podium and now my Green sentence has been extended by almost three hours.”

Several girls said that three hours would be nothing after six whole days. Then there were a few boys and even a couple of girls said that they were happy that they would get to see her one final time Wednesday morning. They each said they very much enjoyed her current condition.

When everyone was done with the test, she had April go to her desk and hand out the answer key for the students to grade their own papers so that they would know what to study for. When the bell rang, she was sorry to see this well-behaved group leave. She only had the assembly in the courtyard, a staff meeting and then finally home!

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Cock Worshipper – Part 8 So in the summer of 1994, I decided to move to a small town called Alcolu, South Carolina, where a man lived who was in his early 40’s and he seemed like everything I could ever want. He said he had work lined up for me which was great. He was very romantic in his letters and phone conversations and my heart was a’flutter. My parents were concerned about whether or not it was the right decision, but despite that, they threw me a going away party with all my family and friends there to celebrate...


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Oh my, that feels good, Lauren moaned, while Alexandra buried her mouth into her white hot pussy, you do that so well, I love you so much!!! Mmmmmmm, Alex replied, not wanting to take her mouth away from her lover's wet muffy!!! Lauren and Alexandra, lovers for a year and room mates for the past six months six months, both at age twenty two, in love for the first time in their lives and hungry for each other as only young lovers can be! Lauren arched her back while thrusting her crotch hard into her lover's mouth, reveling in the unbelievable...


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Our liberating holiday - part 1

Alice and I had holidayed together for several years, twice a year we would go to Europe somewhere for a week to catch the sun as neither of our partners enjoyed the heat. We both had hectic jobs and appreciated the relaxation that a girlie holiday could offer. I was a tall brunette, good bones, large bust, I guess you’d call me Amazonian in body structure. Alice was petite, very fair, with a lovely set of boobs but very fine and dainty. We always had a laugh together, relaxed in our own skins and comfortable to be together, often sleeping in...


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Varying circumstances part 2

Disclaimer: I don’t own Pokemon, any characters and Pokemon there-in. You know, just to cover my ass in case. Better safe than sorry. Author’s Note: Thanks to all the people that read the first chapter. This chapter was a lot longer than I expected it would be. Enjoy! –––––––– ‘Dear Nicholas, It’s your sister, Julian! I sent this letter by Taillow because it was quicker, and to congratulate you on passing the Pokemon Academy! Dad says that you did horrible on the exams…’ “I didn’t do THAT bad. At least I passed..” Nicholas grumbles, continuing to read the letter that had...


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Nurse Nice/Nurse Nasty

Author's Note: I had to pull the Pizza Boy story because I finally fleshed it out and sold it to a publisher. They wanted exclusive publication for the story so it had to be removed from here. This will probably be the last time I pull a story for a publisher, but I had no choice this time. Look for it on Amazon soon. Meanwhile: I'm putting down my initial thoughts for a “Nurse Nasty” story here to see what kind of response I get from the wonderful readership on this site. If I get good comments, I'll finish the story...


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