Best I ever had

Best I ever had

This is a true story that happened about two years ago. It is an incest story so if that isn’t your thing, I would suggest moving on to a new story.

My parents were divorced when I was around two or three years old. They both remarried. My mom married into a new family. Now my situation was not like what you see in movies where the step-father is abusive and his family is horrible. Actually quite the opposite. My step-dad is one of the best people I know. He had a daughter named Abby who was my age when they got married, somewhere around my fifth or sixth birthday.

As we grew up, Abby and I were not exactly what you would call close. She had her friends and I had mine and other than seeing each other at home we never really hung out. Over the years we would catch glimpses of each other in “compromising” positions, each of us walking in on the other either getting into or out of the shower, or in one case, during sex (she walked in on me and another girl mid thrust). It was this occasion that lead to the best sex of my life…

When Abby walked in on us it wasn’t in a loud and very noticeable way. I was standing behind the girl I was with and giving it to her doggy style. Amanda opened the door when the girls face was down in a pillow while she was groaning so only I was aware that she was there. Abby had a stunned look on her face at first, but then the look changed to a hungry one. It was that lusty dazed in a head lights look that changed how I viewed her from that time on, and gained her entry into my spank bank.

A few years later, we were around nineteen at the time, my mom had her fiftieth birthday. The family and some friends held a surprise party for her at a local bar and after a few hours at the party Abby and I decided that we had seen enough. Parties at bars are not that fun for people who are not 21.

When we got back home I asked her if she wanted to take some shots of our parents liquor since they were going to be out all night anyway and we were both drinkers. She said sure, so I brought out the tequila.

After several shots, I began to feel pretty tipsy. Now I am not a model by any means, but have been told that I am fairly attractive. I stand around 6’4’’ and weighed a solid 240 lbs. I was a jock and captain of the football team in a town that worshipped football so needless to say I was no virgin. Abby was about 5’7’’ probably around 140 lbs. She was not fat, but wouldn’t be called thin either. She fit nicely into that attractive ‘thick’ category. Now back to the story…

As I was feeling pretty good I think Abby must have been pretty drunk and we made our way into our living room to watch some tv. As we sat on the couch all I could think about was that night a few years back and the look she had on her face. Needless to say my dick began to grow, noticeably.

When Abby leaned into me and sort of layed against my shoulder I was contemplating what sort of quick moves I could pull off to hide my growing erection from her. What happened next shocks me to this day. As I was about to grab a pillow and cover up she broke the silence with a bomb shell.

“Is that for me?” she said.

“Uh..” was all I could get out.

The next thing I knew we were making out. She was grabbing me by the back of my head with one hand while her other hand grabbed my ass and pulled me on top of her on the couch. I was so stunned I just went with it and by the time reality had caught up with me I had unzipped her jeans and was reaming her dripping pussy out with two fingers. At first I thought ‘what are you doing? This is your step sister!’ but then my other head chimed in and I decided I didn’t care. This girl was hot, wet, and wanted it. Who was I to deny that?

After fooling around on the couch for around twenty minutes I asked her if she wanted to take it upstairs to which she purred “god yes”.

Once we got to her room she shoved me on the bed and started doing a drunken strip dance which was one of the hottest things I have ever seen.

Once her clothes were off she wasted no time in getting mine off as well before going down town and giving me the best head I have ever had. After about fifteen minutes of this I couldn’t take it anymore and exploded in her mouth, which seemed to set her off even more because she moaned and swallowed the whole load.

“God, it’s about time that happened!” she said.

“That was amazing Abby, the best I have ever had…” I said.

“Oh it’s not over,” she said and smiled.

With that she climbed up and straddled my still hard cock and after lining me up sat right down, taking my whole cock in her pussy in one motion.

We both let out groans of pleasure as she started to rock on my dick like there was no tommorow. I reached up and fondled her tits and tweaked her nipples, which drove her nuts. She leaned down and about ripped my lips off with the force of the kiss she planted on me. When she was leaned down I grabbed her by the ass and rolled her over. Now I was on top.

She groaned loudly in my mouth as I started to thrust deeply into her tight snatch, then she began nibbling on my ear, which sent me into over drive.

Sweat coated our bodies as I pounded her as hard, fast, and deep as I could. She reached down and grabbed me by the ass as she moaned in my ear “that’s it baby, fuck me hard. I want you to cum in me!” I could feel her nails dig into my ass as I took my efforts to another level.

Now as I had just cum moments before in her mouth I was no where near blowing my load again, and I was determined to be the best, and longest fuck of her life. I pushed myself up into a push-up position and railed her for all I had for about 20 minutes. Then I took her legs and put them up over my shoulders and felt myself slide about an inch deeper into her pussy, feeling her cervix with every thrust I made.

By this point she was really making some serious noise. We had been fucking for almost half an hour by then and I began to get worried that my parents would be coming home anytime. I decide to slow it down and change positions to keep the volume low. As I pulled out she said “what are you doing?” to which I replied “roll over baby.”

She did and assumed the position, purring out “oh yea baby, you wanna fuck my pretty ass?” Just when I thought the situation couldn’t get any more unreal.

As I mounted her from behind and drove balls deep into her snatch I reached under her and grabbed her tits and used them like handles to really drive it deep. She hit her orgasm there. Arching her back and literally shrieking out “FUCK YEA BABY, GRAB MY TITS AND FUCK ME SIDEWAYS!!!!!”

Reactions like that don’t often happen, at least not to me (let’s be honest, I’m no Ron Jeremy). Needless to say I blew my load into her right then and there. Spurt after spurt of semen rushed into her womb as I groaned with her and hit the peak of our climax. As we were coming down from our orgasmic high I thought “shit what did you just do? She could be pregnant!” then I realized I didn’t care. Truth be told I was turned on by the idea of knocking up my step-sister….

As we lay there catching our breath we kissed softly and rubbed each other gently. After fifteen minutes of this I began to get my second (or third) wind. As things started heating up again I asked “should I go get condoms?”

How she answered was a gift better than Christmas…

“No, don’t worry I’m on the pill. Good thing too cause this could get expensive if I wasn’t and you needed a rubber every time I wanted you to fuck me…”

From that time on I was her fuck toy.

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