The Runaway Club- Chapter 1

The Runaway Club- Chapter 1

The Runaway Club

Katlin sat at her dresser staring at the wrinkled face and sighed, it was these moments that she liked to think about her life, i mean here she was seventy four years old, widowed with kids, grand kids even, and it all started at the age of fourteen.

60 Years earlier

Katlin opened here eyes and listend, it took her mind a few minites to connect with the rest of her and she sat up, it was time, she slipped out of her bed and pulled her pre packed suitcase out from its hiding place at the back of her wardrobe, she smiled to herself, JJ was finally doing it, he was helping her get away from that slave driving step mum of hers.

She slipped her night gown up and over her head stopping briefly to look at herslef in the mirror, she was 5,3 far to small for her even though she was told she would grow with age, she hoped that counted her breasts to, she squezed the little bud like bumps together to try and make some sort of clevage, sighed and let her arms fall to her side.

Everyone always said that Katlin looked like her real mum who died when she was five, shoulder length brownish golden hair, cute baby blue eyes, and the most adorable face, altho to her she thought the other parts of her were more important and spent time trying to find out ways to improve her young figer for JJ, oh she was still a virgin, but knew that JJ would apprichiate the effort untill that time came.

pulling on her white cotton panties she opened the draw and picked out her black jeans thinking it will hide her better in the night sky and darkend hall ways, keeping this in mind she put on a black sweater, not the sexiest she ever looked but that was not the factor right now, she glanced at her watch and smiled, it was time, she lifted the case that JJ had helped her with once when he snuck in, and opened the door quietly, hearing the snores she was waiting for she padded her way down the stairs and sliped on her sandals.

She unlatched the door and opened it just enough for her to slip through then shut it firmly, she was to go to the sweet shop only two and a half minites away where he would be waiting, she arrived at the closed down shop and her heart sank, JJ's car was no where to be seen, had he been caught, the cops were always after him, suddenly there was a flash of light and Katlins scared reaction dissapeared once realzing it was JJ's head light, she yelped it excitmeant and ran towards the car.

Katlin had met JJ on the internet, and she was drawn to him, he made no secret hiding his age and nither did she, but once her step mum found out she was getting to close to this ninteen year old she banned her from even speaking with him, JJ was towering over her at 6,1 tall, with black hair he tied back into a ponytail, his mysterious black eyes were always covered when he let it down, which according to Katlin was a shame because she loved his eyes.

She dumped her case in the back seat and jumped in the front next to Mike and she hugged him, despite JJ's menacing figure he was soft at heart, and very caring, "I can not belive I am doing this JJ, i am a little scared", JJ just kissed her forhead, "don't you be scared, i ran away at your age as well, and I turned out fine", JJ started the car and drove off.

JJ had been the leading member of the runaway club for close to three years now, the runaway club is as it sounds, a club of runaway kids aged from fourteen up to twenty and sometimes higher, they had a series of supposed run down flats as there hiding hole, hiding from anyone from parents to ex lovers, and in JJ's case the police.

Upon arriving Katlin jumped out the car seing the familliar faces welcoming her, she had been there before but this time she was not leaving, the members of the club were few but nice people, there was Nick aged sixteen been there for a year now, Willow aged eighteen, been there almost as long as JJ and was his former lover, Katlin thought she should keep an eye on her, also there was Kip aged fouteen as well only been there eight months, Nicks girlfriend Annie, she was found by Nick curled in a corner almost staved to death in an allyway, there were also a few she had not met yet, but lastly and the one that scared her the most was the other leading member of the club Andrew aged twenty, nearly twenty one, joined at the age of ten almost eleven years ago, and was wanted by the police also, for being a multi time rapist on young girls, which is why he scared her.

Now she thought about it she did not know why the cops were after JJ, but right now she did not care, she was just happy to be accepted, now she can be alone with JJ and have time to unload this burden she could not wait to lose, her Virginity.

Things did not go off as she planned, JJ said that they had to keep her inside until they gave up looking for he which could apparently take any ammount of time, at first she saw no problem with this, but started to with the little time JJ was around, "don't worry, Katlin, JJ will find time, he did for me, but taking on a new member is dangerous, we could get done for kidnapping or somthing, you will see when everything dies dows JJ will be here most the time", Willow said comforting her new friend, she loved taking the youg girls under her wing, even though this one was with her ex Lover who she was still mad about, but she decided to look around that.
As it turned out, she was right, after the shearch had died down a little, after about two months, JJ stayed behind with her, and even took her out with him, as long as they were careful and were with a few others, but as happy as Katlin was, she wanted nothing more then to lose her virginity, even more so to JJ, maybe she was to young but she knew that this had to be love, could it be though, after all she did not know what he felt, but she was determined to find out.
Finally Katlin told herslef that tonight was the night, either JJ would take her or she would find someone else, the thought never entered her mind that JJ might say no, then where would that leave her, never the less she was going for it, she dimmed the lights in her room, played soft music, picked a bottle of wine specially for this occashion, anw put on the sexiest cloths she had, she wore a short black skirt, only just covering her sweet young ass, and a lot cut shirt with no sleeves, she knew there was no point in it seeing as how her breasts were so small but she knew JJ would not care in the least.

JJ entered her room that night in a good mood, after all the fuss about her had died down, the pollice were finally pulling back it seemed, and things could not be better right now, JJ's thoughts shot to that night, the night where it all began, the reason he ran away, murder, he planned on telling Katlin tonight, he knew she would understand, he was fifteen and it was an accident, what was his pathettic step dad doing with that 45 cal in his sock draw, anyone that stupid deserved to get shot, at least thats what he kept telling himself, JJ's step dad was very abusive if he did not get his way, and that went double with his mum, if sshe turned him down he would beat her and rape her, one time JJ was woken by his mothers crys and ran to her rescue, not knowing at the time what it was, he opened the door and to his shock found both his mum and step dad naked, mum with tears in her eyes begging him t o stop, only to get a slap and a words still burned on JJ's mind, "SHUT UP YOU FUCKING BITCH, JUST LIE THERE AND TAKE IS UP YOUR SLUT ASS", JJ not knowing what to do did the firs thing that came to his mind, ran to the sock draw as he continued to fuck her, pulled out the 45 and shouted as loud as his throat would let him, "GET OFF HER NOW YOU DICK HEAD", now not thinking ahead of what to say, this seemed stupid to him but he was holding the gun, his step dad looked at him not phased by the gun, and just to mock him, slapped his mum across the face, pulled his fat cock out all the way and rammed it up her ass so hard she screamed in pain, doing this over and over pushed him over the edge, now when your a fifteen year old child, there was nto much that you could do, no one thinks you would have the guts to pull the trigger but JJ was different, he had pushed him to far, and before anyone knew what was happening JJ and fired all fifteen bullets, screaming at the top of his lungs, his step dad getting three of whitch in the head, now not being a great marksmen, you can guess where the others ended up.

As it kicked in JJ realised what had happened, he had not only killed his step dad, but his mum as well, as there bodies lay lifless and still, one on top of the other, all JJ could do was run.

JJ walked into Katlins room determined to tell her everything, but when he got there and took a look at her and her room, he was shocked, she walked up tp him with a different look in her eyes, and an odd sort of smile, wraped her arms around his shoulders, and the moment there lips touched, his memories went away, he pulled her close to him and held her tight returning the kiss, and against his better judgent slid his hands down to her young ass and squezzed, Katlin moaned, and smiled at him, "oh JJ i have waited for this for so long, i want you to take me JJ, i want to make love and i want it to be perfect", JJ stared at her, this was the last thing he thought she wanted, "listen babe, i love you but i don't want you to think you have to do this for me", Katlin shook her head still with a smile and kissed him again, "no JJ i really want this, for us", she bit her lip and slowly fell to her knees and fondled with his belt buckle, JJ steped out of this black jeans pulling his shirt off at the same time, Katlin started to kiss his chest and masarge it, licking it up and down, not sure if she was ready to put his cock in her mouth, but cast aside any doubt when JJ lifted off her top, and felt her body, softly moving his hands over her back and onto her breasts, squezzing softly, the feeling alone gave her the determination to not let him down, she swiflty pulled down his boxers, then her eyes almost shot out of her sockers, he was a good 9 or 10 inchs, she had no idea, there was no way she could fit him inside her was there.

She cast away the thought again, took a deep breath and opened her mouth, slowly taking this head into her mouth and giving it the first lick, JJ suddenly was jolted with pleshure, which doubled when she forced the first few inchs into her young month and sucked, he gasped and gently placed his hand on the back of her head edging her on, letting her know she was doing good.

This made her feel proud and took a few more inchs in, and even more until her gag reflex kicked in, she puled back a little and concentrated on what she could fit, usiing her little hand to jerk up and down the rest, JJ was moaning not belliving his pleashure, before remembering this should be her night, with that he stopped her and picked her up kissed her and placed her on the bed, pulled down her skirt and smiled, kneeled down and kissed up her leg towards her panties, licking up her inner thigh, stopping and hooked his thumbs into the side straps and pulled them slowly down her buitiful legs, her pussy was so warm, and very wet, he dove his toung inside wanting to give her much pleashure beofre taking her cherry.

Katlin moaned out loud, wrapping her legs around his head pulling him down harder, JJ made his toung work harder and harder tasting her lovely juices, pushing down deeper and deeper, making her moans turn to screams, that got louder with each passing second, JJ slowly and carefully started to slide a finger inside of her, pushing it to his knuckle then back out, she thrust her hips up so JJ deided to push a second in as well as her teased and ucked her clit with his tounge, "ooooh god YES JJ MORE", now sliding the two fingers in and out of her freely he used two fingers of the other hand to pleashure her clit so he could thrust his tounge back inside her.

"OH FUCK YES, OH MY GOD IM GONNA CUM SOON, IM GONNA...CUUUUMMMM" ,with these words she expirience her first orgasm given to her by another man, JJ continued to suck her pussy juices, easing her down from her climax, then moved away and looked down at her, she smiled at him and spread her legs to him, begging him with her eyes to make her a woman, he kneeled down and placed the head of his penis to her entrance, "are you sure you want this", she just nodded and whispered, "god yes please, give it to me", he then slowly eased his head inside, Katlin sucked in air as her lips started to part, and the more he pushed the more they seperated, soon she was streched and filled more then she ever had, but the pain was only slight, then she felt his cock hit her cherry, and took a deep breath and nodded, JJ knew this next thrust would have to be big, and pushed hard breaking through, Katlin screamed from the pain, JJ shot out of her quickly, "jesus christ are you alright"?, she looked down and saw a treackle of blood but she nodded and begged him back inside.

JJ was not sure but proceeded, pushing his penis back in slowly, Katlin gasped as more and more went in, the pain starting to renew, JJ then pulled back a few inchs then back in, pulled out then pushed back in, just letting her get used to him, sort of fucking her with just four inchs of his cock before pressing more in, soon he was able to move over half of it in and out freely, Katlin was now moving her hips up to meet his thrusts and moaned in pleashure, and even started begging for the rest, JJ decided to see if he could give her the rest in one go and pushed the remainder in going balls deep inside her and gasped in pleashure of his own, Katlin screamed out loud, but this time it was a good scream, JJ pulled out half his cock and forced it back in getting another good screa he decided he could go freely now.

He started to fuck her in long brutal strokes, and after a while he was fucking her with his whole shaft, pulling out and stopping so only his head remained in her wet pussy, god she was so tight, JJ could not bellive it, he moved out now faster and harder really fucking her now, slamming against her body, she was now screaming at te top of her lungs, "YES YES, FUCK YES, UH UH UH UH IT FEELS SO GOOD, OH JJ YOUR SO BIG, YES MORE, HARDER FUCCCKKK", as Katlin hit her second orgasn JJ felt the signs of his startong but knew he could make her cum at least one more time, he was now going inside her as deep as possible lifting her legs onto his shoulders, really giving it to her hard, "FUCK you are so fucking tight, fuck yeah take it baby, take it all, FUCK YOUR TIGHT", not feeling his own climax creeping up he wondered where he should shoot it, Katlin was just spreading her legs more and more, enjoying every second, never wanting it to stop, then somthing amazing happened, she was hit with one huge orgasm, followed by another and another, "OH MY GOD IT FEELS SOOO GOOOOD, I NEVER WUNNA STOP CUMMMMINGG, FUCK ME BABY IM BEGGING YES", JJ pumped harder and looked at her, "where do you want it baby, are you on the pill"?, Katlin suddenly shot back into realisashion, he was nto wearing a comdom, and she was not on the pill, she shook her head and thought of the opthions, she did not really want it shot all over her face or tits, and there was no way he was putting his cock in her ass, so she smiled, JJ's fucking was getting weaker as his energy started to run low, "pull out baby i want it in my mouth", so after a few more strokes which gave Katlin only final climax, he pulled out and Katlin quickly devoured it, she stroked and sucked it untill he could not hold on any longer and came.

The amount of cum was so big, she swolled as fast as she could but could not hold all of it as some leaked from the side of her mouth and feel onto her tits, after swollowing what she could she scooped the rest onto a finger and sucked it off, then the two of them fell back into a deep and very peacful sleep.

Katlin awoke that morning to the first signs of light coming through the window and smiled, looking over to her side JJ was up and was pulling his shirt on, "hey princess, howd you sleep"?, she streched out and smiled, "like a baby", JJ leaned down and kissed her softly, "thank you JJ, i knew you would make my first time go easy", JJ smiled, "anytime".

A few days past and the news soon spread around the club about Katlins coming into womenism so to speak, and Williow was more then happy for her as were the rest, JJ remembered what brought him to her room in te first place and sighed, how would she take it, should he tell her, he was so confused, he did not expect to have sex with her so soon, but he knew she should know, so he got her alone sat her down and said, "listen sweetie, i want you to know somthing".

She smiled and kissed him, "and whats that baby"?, he took a deep breath, the reason i ran away, the reason the cops were after me, "she looked at him now serious, she had wanted t know this but did not wunna just ask, "ok", she said unsure of what was coming, "why"?, he looked at her long and deep and simply said....."im a murderer"

Is it worth another ?
and please any comments will help me so be as burtally honest as u like really

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