Me and Mr. Bill! Part 4: The Old Strip Club

Me and Mr. Bill! Part 4: The Old Strip Club

Part 4: Me and Mr. Bill!
The Old Strip Club

Bill gathered up my outfit and helped me up. "I think a nice warm shower and another energy drink is in order for you." He said as he guided me on my still shaky legs to the back of the truck. There he punched a code into the door which opened the back of truck and we entered the living area. As I was removing my boots and panties, Bill turned on the shower for me.

"My, those boys worked you over good, didn't they?"

"They sure did. That was a first for me, I've never had two cocks in me while being held off the ground, totally new experience. They fucked my ass and pussy so hard my legs are shaking. I really loved it!"

The hot shower felt so good, I let the water cascade over me and help relax me. I used the detachable shower head to clean and refresh my abused cunt and ass. Stepping out of the shower, Bill held up a large terry towel for me and helped me dry off. He then handed me an energy drink which I greedily guzzled down. I was already beginning to feel recharged and ready to rock some more cock and hopefully some pussy too!!

As I finished putting on my outfit, Bill handed me a black cowgirl hat. "Here, put this on, it'll help you fit in with the crowd a bit better."

We entered the club to the sound of rockin' Country music from the live band. There were people dancing,drinking, making out and having a great time. Bill guided me towards the bar.

"Let's grab a drink, then I want you to meet some more of my friends."
He led me to the bar and after we each had a drink in hand, towards the backstage away from the band. "It'll be quieter back there and my friends have a hightop for us."

Sitting at the hightop were three guys and two girls. one of the girls was an extremely beautiful, auburn haired, young lady that looked to be in her late teens. She had milky white skin and it appeared to be covered with freckles giving her an incredibly sexy look. Both the females were scantily dressed similar to me. The younger one had on a mini skirt with a sheer tank top and was obviously braless. Her breasts were somewhat firm and large for her slight frame. They set high on her chest with large nipples that were visible through the flimsy material of her top. She appeared to be just slightly taller than my 5'1". The other gal, although older, was a very attractive blonde, at least 5' 8" or so, with large breasts and dressed in a white see through sundress with no bra and white thong panties. Both were wearing cowgirl hats.

Bill introduced me to the table. The men were Tom, Bob and Jake. The younger girl was Jake's stepdaughter Lisa. The older gal was Tom's wife Gina. I sat in the empty stool next to Lisa. The younger of the two looked at me and when our eyes met it was magic! As we made small talk and got to know each other, I felt Lisa's fingernails caressing lightly on my thigh. They sent shivers up my legs straight to my pussy! As she continued her hand began to creep higher. She looked at me and smiled the most beautiful smile, her green eyes twinkling. I was becoming extremely turned on by her to say the least.
Just as her fingers reached my wet slit and began to play with my pussy lips, Tom said "Hey, this is my favorite song, lets dance!" We all got up and went onto the dance floor and did some very dirty dancing.

The dance floor was quite crowded. I started dancing with Jake. I provocatively turned my back to him and pressed my ass to his crotch, causing him to achieve an immediate hard on. I bent slightly at the waist and wriggled my ass into his bulge, then quickly turned around so my mouth was on his fly and breathed heavily through his jeans. He began pumping his hips into my mouth. I stood up and wrapped my arms around his neck as I jumped up and wrapped my legs around him and began kissing him. We spun around a few times then he put me down and grabbed me from behind and with his hands all over my boobs he began dry humping me. I reached back and tried to undo his fly. He helped me get it down and released his cock from his jeans. I then backed into him and let him slide his hard cock in my wet pussy. We were locked together pumping each other this way for a minute or so, when the song ended. We separated and I turned to him and planted a big wet kiss on his lips and said, "We'll continue this later."

As the next song started, I began dancing with Tom. I had noticed he was watching Jake and I dance so I figured I would check him out. I noticed Jake was with Gina and Bob had joined them in a dance threesome, while Bill was dancing with Lisa. As I danced with Tom, I kept glancing at Lisa. Bill was running his hands up and down her tight body and breasts. I could see her nipples had become even more stimulated and were straining the thin material of her top. Once again our eyes met and this time she winked at me and licked her lips with her pointy pink tongue.

The band stopped playing and took a break. We all went back to the table for a drink. Two new men were now sitting at the table. They were black and they were big!
"Hey, Marcus, hey Darius, I'm glad y'all could make it! I want you to meet RJ" Bill said as he introduced me to them. "Marcus and Darius play pro football down in Dallas. They are friends of ours and usually try to meet us here when they aren't off beatin' up on some other lowly team." Then with a wicked grin he added "I'm sure you'll enjoy getting to know them better."

"Pull up a chair sweet thing" Marcus said to me. "You sure are a little bit!"

"My, my" Darius added "I think I could put you in my pocket and take you back to Dallas with me."

These guys were huge. Even sitting down they made me look like I was a tiny little girl. The night suddenly became a whole lot more interesting!

I heard a shriek from Lisa "Oh, Darius, Marcus, yay, you guys were able to make it!" She leapt into Darius's huge arms and wrapped her legs around his waist as he stood up. He leaned her back after giving her a big kiss and said "Girl, you lookin' mighty fine in those rags, can't wait to see 'em hit the floor!" He put her back down on the floor and Lisa sat in the chair next to me and we began chatting with them.

Bill came over to us and said the private V.I.P. room was now vacant and our group was heading in there. So we with drinks in hand, we made our way into the new room.

The room was dimly lighted and had a private bar. There was yet another smaller stage complete with two poles also! Instead of tables and bar stools, the room had couches, lounge chairs and coffee style tables. It was your typical strip club V.I.P. room setup. The band must have come back from their break and their music was being pumped into the room at a much softer volume than in the main club.

We all refreshed our drinks and Lisa, Darius, Marcus and I took seats in a couch near the stage. Lisa and I were again sitting between the two men, Lisa next to Darius.

Marcus made the first move on me, placing his huge hand on my knee and stroking my skin up to the hem of my mini skirt. I could see an incredibly large rising under his pants and put my hand on it lightly, stroking the length of the bulge. To my surprise, it began to grow even larger! He leaned into me and began kissing me as his fingers started caressing my wet pussy. Next I felt a pair of hands on my breasts, which didn't make sense to me, until, Lisa whispered in my ear "let's put the guys on ice and you and I get up on stage and work the poles." The hands on my tits had been hers.

We broke ourselves away from the guys, leaving both of them with massive erections straining their pants and got up on the stage. The group began whistling and shouting encouragement as someone cranked up the volume. Each of us took a pole and began gyrating to the music. Shouts of "take it off" and "let's see some tits and pussy" came from the audience.

I slowly removed my vest and tank top to more shouts, revealing my half bra that my boobs were barely in. Lisa raised her tank top so it was just covering her braless freckled tits. As if on cue, we both turned our backs to the crowd and took off our tops. The shouts grew louder. Then we both removed our cowgirl hats, tucked our boobs inside and turned around to face them. You could tell, we both had done this before! We wriggled and undulated to the music, at times making it look as though we would remove the hats. The watchers were cheering and chanting "Take it all off!"

Lisa danced her way to my pole and we spun around it together. With a nod of the head to each other, we removed our hats and flung them to the crowd. The boys and Gina went wild! We pressed together, the pole between us, breasts to breasts, and continued our routine. I spun around, then turned my back to Lisa and the pole. She reached behind me and released the catch on my mini skirt and I slipped out of it. Now I was naked except for my boots and crotchless panties.

Lisa danced her way in front of me and wrapped her arms around my neck, planting a big kiss on my lips as I removed her mini skirt. Sliding down my body, she placed her mouth on my hot cunt and began licking my slit through my crotchless panties! The crowd was now cheering wildly!

Melting down the pole, I laid down on the stage. Lisa removed my panties and spread my legs wide to allow for better access to my pussy. She paused and removed her thong, and turned us so the crowd could better see the action. Reaching up caressing my tits and pinching my nipples as she began nibbling on my clit was driving me wild. I wanted to cum badly, but also wanted to prolong the pleasure. Her talented tongue was licking me now from ass to clit and circling around my wet opening. She slid her tongue as far as she could inside my wet cunt and swirled it around, lapping up my juices. I was almost there with an enormous orgasm, when she suddenly stopped. I moaned in displeasure and she swapped positions so we were now in the classic "69" position.

I immediately grabbed her tight ass cheeks and went to work. Her pussy was so sweet. She had long outer pussy lips and a large clitoris that looked like a miniature penis! I ran my tongue into her wet slit, nibbling on those lovely pussy lips. I flicked my tongue up, down and around her clit, sometimes sucking on it too. She was squirming her hips with pleasure.

Meanwhile she continued her assault on my cunt. Spreading my pussy with her hands, she buried her beautiful face in my crotch and gave me a complete tongue lashing! I exploded as soon as she began nibbling on my swollen clit again. She continued licking and sucking me, her tongue continuing to lap my juices.

I slid two fingers in her wet pussy and pumped them as I sucked her clit. She finally exploded with a mighty climax of her own. Rolling off of me she turned around and embraced me and we began kissing, tasting our own cum on each other's lips. We lay there fondling each other's breasts and continued to kiss. She rolled my nipples between her fingers and firmly squeezed my tits. I pulled on her large nipples and yearned to suck and bite them.

As if reading my mind, she broke our lip lock and raised her body to give me access to her wonderful freckled boobs. As her large breasts dangled in my face, I sucked greedily on her cherry red nipples and lightly bit and stretched them with my teeth. Taking a plump nipple in my fingers, I pinched it and sucked on it at the same time. Then grasping a huge tit with both hands I squeezed it and sucked as much as I could into my mouth.

Lisa pulled her tit from my greedy mouth. She moved her head down to my chest where she could mouth my breasts. Taking one of my firm nipples in her mouth, she sucked it and licked circles around my areola. I was moaning in ecstasy. Moving a hand down to my super wet pussy she began stroking it with her fingers. I raised my hips to meet her hand and she probed my cunt with at least three fingers. When she began pinching and rubbing my clit, I exploded with another huge orgasm!

When I opened my eyes, coming down from my climax, Gina was with us and she lowered her wet pussy to my face. I began to lick her cunt. Lisa stood up so Gina could work on her pussy. We were having a grand threesome! Pussy and tits galore!

Suddenly a voice boomed from above us, "Alright you bitches, you've had enough fun together" the voice continued "time for some cocks and balls!" With that said, Gina was pulled from my face and laid on the floor of the stage to my left face up. Lisa was laid on the floor face down to my right.

I saw Jake lift Lisa to all fours as he said "Ok Bill, you've been wanting to fuck my stepdaughter for quite some time, now's your chance!" Bill kneeled down behind Lisa and began rubbing his hard cock between her legs. "Come over here Tom, Lisa has been wanting to suck your cock since she saw it when you were at the house party last month. She will suck your balls dry! You boys work my little slut over good. Bill I'm gonna continue were I left off with that little teasing whore you brought."

As Bill shoved his cock deep into Lisa's waiting cunt and Tom was mouth fucking her, Jake approached me. "Now you little teasing whore, I'm going to fuck you in both your holes like any good stud would!"

"Hey Jake," Tom asked "mind if I have her suck my dick while you pound her holes?"

"Give it a go, Tom, I heard she can suck the chrome off a diesel smoke stack" Jake then added "make sure you blow a load on her pretty face. Looks like Gina is having fun with Andy and Rich."

Just before Tom shoved his hard cock in my waiting mouth, I glanced to my left and saw Andy deep in Gina's ass while Rich was pounding her pussy and some guy I hadn't met had his cock deep in her mouth.

Jake began fucking me in my wet pussy. He would slowly pull his whole cock out, then slam it as hard as he could deep in my cunt, his balls slapping my ass. He grabbed my tits and squeezed them as hard as he could making me yelp in pain as he continued the assault on my cunt with his cock. He pinched my nipples so hard I thought they might bleed! Again I winced in pain.

Tom pulled his cock out of my mouth and jacked it to spurt streams of cum in my face and all over my tits. "Attaboy Tom, spray that bitch good!" Jake urged him on. Jake then pulled his pulsating cock out of my pussy, grabbed my legs and spread them apart as he placed them over his shoulders. Then he rammed his cock in my ass and began assaulting it. He held my legs apart at the ankles, spreading them so far apart I thought I might split in two! At the same time, another cock entered my mouth and began face fucking me. Jake pounded my ass hard then pulled his throbbing cock out and sprayed sperm all over my pussy and body, even spraying my tits! The cock in my mouth was pulled out and it too sprayed gooey cum all over me. Both men laughed as Jake spoke "There you little cum whore, you look like a frosted cookie! Now I'm going to fuck my stepdaughter in both her holes!" He stated as he moved from me to Lisa.

Before I knew it I was assaulted again as two new cocks began using me. One in my ass and one in my mouth. When they would finish, either blowing their load in my pussy, ass or on my face and tits, more cocks would take their place. I had no idea how many times I was fucked in the ass, mouth and cunt nor how long! I was covered in gooey sperm and it was dripping from both my pussy and ass.

I glanced over at Lisa and she appeared to have received as much cum as me, she was dripping cum from both her holes and also frosted from freckled face to cunt in sperm. We were both well fucked. It seemed as all the cocks were used up as there were no more dicks poking at us. I was wrong. I had totally forgotten about Marcus and Darius. Now they stepped into our vision.

"Well, hello girls" Marcus chuckled "looks like you two have been bored, stroked and lubed. You both should be ready for what we have in our pants now. By the way, we got us some awesome video of you two to show the team. Darius, which little hoe you want?"

"Well, Marcus, you know I been eyein' up that little freckled red headed slut for some time" Darius answered. "I think I'll just take her."

As we watched, both men began removing their clothes. They had the ripped muscular bodies of professional athletes. I gasped when Marcus removed his boxers. His cock was the largest I had ever seen in my life and it wasn't even hard yet! His nut sack looked like it held two large lemons! Darius then removed his boxers too. Lisa also gasped at the huge cock he unleashed. It was bigger than Marcus's! He also had a huge ball sack.

Darius approached Lisa, his huge black meat stick beginning to stiffen. He stroked it as it grew to an incredible length of at least 14 inches! Marcus came over to me and said "Ok little slut, work some magic on this monster while we watch Darius work your little girlfriend over." So, I licked and sucked on his huge black cock while I stroked his lemon sized balls with my fingernails and we watched the sex show unfold next us.

Darius presented his big black dick to Lisa's mouth. She grabbed it with both hands and attempted to suck it. She was only able to get the head and about three or four inches of the shaft in her mouth. Working with her hands and mouth, bobbing her head for all her worth, she took him as far as he would go. He grabbed the back of her head and began pumping what he could of his cock farther into her mouth and into her throat until her gag reflex took over. He extracted his cock from her mouth as saliva dribbled from her lips. "Look what you done now, you made it even bigger" laughing he continued "You just run your pretty lips and tongue up and down it for a bit then I'm gonna let you sit on the pole."

Lisa pursed her lips together, running them the length of the shaft, licking often with her talented tongue. His cock became shiny black with her saliva. "Now, I want you to sit your sweet pussy on my dick and let's see how far up your wet cunt it can go." He commanded her. As she turned to face him and began to impale herself on his giant cock he said "turn around the other way, I want everyone to see your face as you get the fucking of your life!"

Lisa turned around, reverse cowgirl position, and started over. Darius grabbed her large breasts and pulled her back to him giving everyone a perfect view of the impaling. Her eyes grew wide as her pussy was stretched open when the head of his massive cock entered her. Her long cunt lips were drawn inside riding his shaft. After about three inches entered, her he slowly pulled all but the head of his cock out and then slowly pushed it back in a bit farther. This continued until Lisa had taken all of him she could into her wet depths, about four to five inches of his shaft were not inside her cunt. Her eyes were now closed and her head thrown back as she got into the rhythm.

He began pumping her harder and faster. Placing his hands on her waist he assisted her as she used her legs bounce up and down on his meat pole as he fucked her. "This is a much better pole to dance on isn't it" he chuckled.

Abruptly he stopped and withdrew completely. Displaying her sex to everyone to see. Her cunt was a wide gaping open, hole about three inches in diameter! As her muscles began to contract, he rammed his cock back into her and began pumping her again. With each stroke her pussy juice was painting white streaks on his black shaft. Her long cunt lips were gripping him and stretching out with each outward stroke of his dick and then disappearing back into her with each ingoing thrust.

He began using his hands on her large freckled tits now that she had found her rhythm riding his huge pole. He pulled and pinched her large cherry red nipples in time to her up and down motion on his thick cock. She started moaning with the newly found pleasure of a giant dick filling and stretching her cunt to its maximum. Darius reached a hand down and finding her large blood engorged clit exclaimed "Wow, you got a huge pleasure button there girl!" With that said, he rubbed and stroked it with his huge thumb. Once her clit was being rubbed, It didn't take long for her to explode in a screaming orgasm!

"Let's see you breed her" came a yell from the watching group. "Fill that pussy with your man goo!" another shouted. "Let's see how much sperm you've got in those huge balls!" I could tell Gina yelled that.

He continued pumping her pussy and you could see his large balls begin to contract as they readied themselves to unload into her. He spun her around and down on all fours and now slammed his cock into her harder, doggy style. With each thrust she met him as best she could. Reaching under her he massaged her clit and she climaxed again, her white cum painting his black cock shaft with white thick juices. Darius let out a roar and shot his cum load into Lisa. His balls pumped his sperm into her cunt for quite some time and with each withdrawal from her pussy, his sperm mixed with her come and ran down his thick pole.

Spent, Darius extracted his cock from her pussy and rolled over onto his back. Lisa, still on all fours, let his man juice flow from her pussy like a faucet had been turned on! She then crawled over to him and collapsed onto his chest.

"Well, missy, it's your turn now to experience the big black monster dick!" Marcus exclaimed. "Come on up here and I'll sit your tight asshole on my pole."

I moved up and like Lisa, backed into him facing the onlookers. "Now just squat down on my cock and let me fill your ass with pleasure" he stated. "Take your time and let's see how much big black cock you can take in that sweet little ass of yours."

Thank goodness I had so many cocks in my ass during the previous sex fest. I was well lubed and my ass was quite stretched. Even with that, sitting on his enormous cock it felt as though a large baseball bat was invading my ass!

"Ohhh, that's good, you've got about a third of it in, push down a bit and see if you can take some more."

Relaxing and letting my weight assist me, I felt his cock slide deeper until it had reached the maximum length I could take. The pain was intense, but, so was the pleasure! He slowly pumped his thick long cock in and out of my stretched out ass. Every so often, he would pull his cock completely out and and picking me up by the legs, spread them as he displayed my gaped ass to the watchers. He would then set me back down on his thick cock and continue his slow pumping assault on my ass. Reaching my left hand down, I began rubbing my clit, my right hand stroking my breasts. As I neared climax I pulled and pinched my nipples until I exploded!

My legs turned to jelly and I began to slide farther down on his long cock. When I could go no farther, Marcus lifted me from his still rock hard meat pole and laid me on the stage floor.

"Breed her, breed her" came a chant from the watching group.

Marcus spread my legs wide and began rubbing my cunt with his cock head. "Breed her, breed her, fuck the little whore" the crowd chanted again. "Shove that big black pole in that little cunt and fuck her silly. Split that pussy and fill it with your cum" they continued. "Let's see if you've got as much as Darius" it was Gina again.

Marcus smiled at me and said "You heard the crowd, missy, I'm gonna impale your pussy with my meat stick and fuck you until I fill you up with my jizz. I'm definitely going to breed you good!"

With that said, he plunged his cock into my cunt and began fucking me for all his worth! He would pump me slow, then fast, then pull out and display my gaped pussy to the crowd. He tried to get as much of his long shaft into me as he could, banging his cock head against my cervix. I had another great orgasm just feeling his huge black cock filling my pussy.

"Now bitch, I'm going to fill you up!" He exclaimed. His thrusts became harder and he moved and gyrated his hips back and forth as he continued to drill my pussy. Although at times it felt as if he had every inch of his cock inside me, I knew it wasn't. The big black monster inside my pussy began to impossibly swell and throb. With a mighty thrust that slammed against my womb, he exploded inside me! I could actually feel the strong streams of sperm as my insides were blasted. The onlookers cheered as he finished by pulling his cock from my cunt spurting two more thick streams of sperm on my body.

As I lay there with his warm ejaculate oozing from my pussy, he stated "That was a great fuck, bitch" we'll have to do that again sometime. Next time I'll fill both your holes with my hot cum!"

Bill and Jake approached Lisa and I as we lay there. We were both too tired and used up to move. "I think we need to get you two cum covered sluts cleaned up" he said. He began toweling off the cum that covered me. Jake was doing the same to Lisa. "Our little whores put on a good show tonight." Bill said. Then they picked us up off the stage and carried out the door to the truck which Bill must have moved to the back.

Jake turned on the shower for us and together we sat and let the warm water cascade over our abused bodies. When we finished cleaning ourselves of the remaining sperm and cum, we dried each other and climbed naked into the large king bunk together. Both of us drifted off to sleep as the truck started up and began rumbling away from the club..................

Stay tuned for part five of Me and Mr. Bill! The Poker (poke her) Game

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