My fascination led to reality.

My fascination led to reality.

My husband Daniel and I (Gina) had been married for about five years. We had an active sex life even before we were married. But it ramped up after marriage. I had used sex toys before we met and he was turned on when he found out. We progressed to costume play. He liked me dressed as a sexy nurse. I liked dressing up as a Mistress and making him obey me. The games got crazier as time went by. The “Dom” thing got more aggressive. I started to wonder where he was getting all these wild games from. He started to ask me to get on hands and knees and he would fuck me doggy style. I could tell it was really turning him on. Of course I found myself enjoying as well.

I had an RDO on a Wednesday. Usually we managed to wrangle these so we had the same day off. This time it didn’t work out so I was home alone. I was bored and got onto the laptop. Somehow I clicked “History” and found the answer to my husband’s ideas. There were numerous porn websites which showed some of the wilder things we were doing. Then I found one which stunned and shocked me. It was a bestiality site. I stared at the array of videos featuring women having sex with dogs, horse and even pigs. Curious, I clicked on one with a woman being fucked by this huge dog. First he licked her pussy and then mounted her. All the time she was moaning and groaning.

Despite my shock I keep watching, mesmerised by the actions of dog and woman. The video zoomed in on her pussy with the dog’s cock inside her. There seemed to be a large bulge which became evident as he pulled out. This fluid oozed from her but what caused me to squeal out loud was the size of the dog’s cock. Hubby is about 6” but this dog was way bigger. My pussy actually tingled looking at it. I clicked on several other videos and they all seemed the same until one had a woman, after being mounted by something called a Rottie, actually performed oral sex on the dog. I gasped and started to rub myself. I came so quickly I couldn’t believe I was that turned on, but I was.

I closed the computer and did some housework but I couldn’t get the images out of my head. I had some lunch and found myself back on the laptop and back into the bestiality site. 15 minutes later I was naked and using my vibrator as I watched more videos. Dogs, horses and one with a pig had me moaning as I came several times. “How could a woman do that?” I thought but when I saw the size of the dog’s cocks and especially the horse’s cocks I understood. I was shocked at my reaction but I couldn’t stop looking. Finally I forced myself to turn off the laptop and I took a shower to calm myself.

That night I asked Daniel to fuck me doggy style. There I was on hands and knees visualising what it would be like to be fucked by a big dog. Suddenly Daniel said “would you like me to bark?” It took a couple of second to realise what he said. Then he did bark and began to pant like a dog and then howled when he came. We cuddled and he had a big grin on his face. “Did you like being fucked by the dog baby?” he said. “What are you on about?” was my reply. “Oh come now honey. I know you spent ages looking at bestiality videos” he replied. I was mortified. I had seen him doing it and now he had checked “History” and caught me. “It is so weird but so erotic” he said. I had to agree. There wasn’t much point in denying it. “How many times did you cum?” he asked. I told him maybe twice. Of course I lied. It was probably more like 5 or 6 times.

For the next couple of nights the subject came up again. Daniel seemed fixated on it and he even brought up videos and insisted we watch them together. The sex afterward was frantic. I had a feeling he was as turned on as I was. I guess it was inevitable that he would suggest we find some way of doing it for real. I told him these were videos, not real life, and the chance of doing what was in porn videos was nil. He was convinced that he could find some place. I was in a panic fearing he would find a place. Actually being fucked by a dog for real was so far from normal. But even as I was panicking my pussy was tingling. Could he make it happen?

It took Daniel a week but he found a website on what he said was the dark web. He showed me and there were all sorts of weird things. BDSM sites, peeing and scat sites and bestiality sites. One in particular was in our town. “Look” he said excitedly “this women is advertising dog sex. Newbies welcome. That is you honey”. It even had photos of two dogs and this woman in a mask. “You can have an hour with her dogs for $200” Daniel said “wouldn’t that be so crazy”. I had to agree. It would be crazy, it would be disgusting, it would be amazing. “Let’s go” he said and kissed me “I know you want to do it”. Actually he seemed more excited than me. “I am not sure” I said “trying to dampen his enthusiasm “do you really think you want me to be fucked by an animal?” His eyes were glowing as he pulled down his pants. He was erect. “My cock would like to see it”.

The very next day Daniel rang the woman up and booked me in. He think he somehow realised that I was interested but didn’t want to admit. I let him decide but I knew how HE felt about it. The appointment (I call it that) was for 2pm Saturday. All morning my stomach was full of butterflies. I wanted to say no a hundred times but didn’t. The thought of that huge dog cock was burned into my brain. Finally we drove to the address. It was just a normal house in a normal street. We knocked on the door and this woman answered. Daniel introduced us and we were ushered inside. The butterflies were now eagles. The woman’s name was Valerie. She was about 35 or so, very attractive with long brown hair, trim figure and well dressed. She led us into the lounge and sat down.

“So Gina, you are interested in doggy sex” she said “Daniel has told me you have never done it before”. I cleared my throat. “Yes” I replied “never”. “It was ok my dear” she continued “I have many clients who are first timers. They soon become regulars. It is not normal for a husband to come along. Daniel, most women don’t want their husbands to know. “You are ok with this?” Daniel nodded. “OK” she went on “now I have two dogs fully trained, King and Bitsa”. I laughed. “I call him Bitsa as he is a bit of this and a bit of that” she explained “now I assume you know about a dog’s knot and how it holds him inside you. There is no need to worry. He will separate when he is ready. It might be only a few minutes but sometimes longer depending on his mood. Just relax and let him be in charge. Are you ready honey?” I was shaking, partly from fear and partly from excitement.

Valerie led us down a hallway and into a large room at the back of the house. We walked in and the two dogs immediately stood up with their tails wagging. While I was still unsure they were obviously primed and ready to go. Valerie told Daniel to sit down on a chair against the wall. The only other furniture was another chair and an old couch in the middle of the room. “Why don’t you slip your panties off honey, sit on the couch and call King over. He likes to lick pussy” Valerie said. I sat there and King, a large black Labrador, came towards me. He immediately buried his nose into my crotch and started licking. I squealed as this jolt of electricity went through my body. “Oh shit” I yelled as I felt his tongue. Daniel had performed oral on me but this was 100 times better. King’s tongue was wide and slightly rough and he soon had me moaning. I looked over at Daniel and he was on the edge of his seat staring wide-eyed and unblinking. I was so wound up with anticipation that I orgasmed quickly. “Oh yes, good boy” I mumbled. “Do you want more?” asked Valerie “are you ready to go the whole hog”. “Yes I want more” I gasped, surprised at my own readiness “I want him”. “Then kneel on the floor with your body on the couch” Valerie said “take him honey”.

I did as she told me and King was more than ready. He knew this position so well. His human bitch was ready for him. He mounted me and after a couple of false starts his cock found my already soaked pussy. He gave a sort of growl and thrust harder, his cock growing with each thrust. I let out a scream as he started to go deeper inside me. “Oh fuck” I wailed as he penetrated deeper than any man or fake cock had. I moaned and squealed as I then felt his knot being forced inside me. “It’s too big” I screamed and then screamed again when he indeed made it fit. I was tied and he stopped moving. I knew dogs had orgasms and he wriggled as he did. Three or four times he did it and I could feel my pussy filling up. Valerie was right. King was in charge he would separate when he was ready. He tried several times before he managed to escape.

Cum gushed out of me. I moaned with satisfaction. I didn’t even have a chance to recover when Bitsa mounted me. He was a larger dog than King but that wasn’t all that was larger. King must have been maybe 9” long but Bitsa was a couple of inches longer and he was thicker too. I was stretched more that even my toys stretched me and he had only just started. Soon I was groaning and, Daniel told me later, mumbling obscenities as was humped by this beautiful dog. He too had me wailing as he forced his knot inside me and then had me moaning as he added his juices to that of King. Finally he pulled away with me totally collapsed on the couch. Despite my ordeal I would have welcomed a third dog if Valerie had one. Nothing could ever compare with the feeling I had at that moment.

I glanced around at Bitsa and he was lying on the floor behind me licking himself. I gasped when I saw how big he was. I had seen women in those videos sucking dogs and thought how disgusting it was. But at moment I realised the motivation they had. The desire they had. I quickly turned around and, still on my knees, I grabbed Bitsa’s cock and began to lick and suck it. “Oh my God” I heard Daniel yell “you dirty slut”. I looked up at him and smiled “but I am your slut my darling” and resumed my oral manipulation of the largest cock I had ever played with. I slipped my free hand between my thighs and rubbed my clit until I had a mind blowing orgasm before I stopped.

“Come on honey. Come and have a shower” said Valerie and I staggered along behind her and got into the shower. When I got dressed and came out both Valerie and Daniel were sitting in the lounge. Daniel looked a bit strange but Valerie was all smiles. “You went well over the time” she said “but it is ok. That was so amazing for a first timer. Many of my clients would never suck a dog’s cock. Daniel, you have one very special lady here. I hope you come again”. We said goodbye and drove home. “I really didn’t think you would do it Gina” said Daniel “you even sucked that dog’s dick. I couldn’t believe it”. “Did it turn you on watching me getting fucked and sucking the dog? I asked. Daniel hesitated and then said it had turned him on. “Oh poor darling” I said “let me make it better”. I knelt down and ordered him to unzip his pants. Until that day I had sucked his cock but always stopped before he came. Not today. He was moaning and then said he was close. Our code for “stop now”. But today I didn’t stop. I sucked and sucked until he had finished and I swallowed every drop. “Oh sweetheart, you are the sexiest woman I know” he said groaning. “No my darling. I am a bitch now, your bitch”. He laughed “ok bitch, suck me and get me hard again. My cock isn’t as big as your doggy lovers but I fuck longer”. And he did, three times at night. Poor guy nearly died trying to match my four legged lovers.

We visit Valerie every fortnight now. Daniel lets me indulge my fetish for dog cock as long as I surrender to his fetishes. His latest is me wearing a strap-on dildo and pegging him. What he doesn’t know is that enjoy that more than him but I would never tell him. I continue to entertain Valerie’s two dogs and my greatest pleasure is sucking King after he fucks me while Bitsa fucks me. A cock in each end is the highlight of my visits. A couple of times Valerie had joined in the oral games with the dogs which really had Daniel on the edge of his seat.

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