The electricians

The electricians

This is one of the first dreams I can remember writing down. I was still attending classes in the University and earned extra money temping in the casualty ward. It was better money than being assistant nurse and I could immediately use the experience as part of my study. It was in the casualty ward I met Poul, my husband, who was already an experienced doctor. We had only known each other for some months, and even though I had almost made up my mind that I had found the man for the rest of my life, I had a hard time letting go of the free life I had lived to its fullest extent until I met Poul.

I know this might sound snobbish, but since that was the feeling I had at the time, I need to write it. My parent are very well off, I have always gone to the best schools and attended the right kind of sports. Studying medicine also meant that I met only a certain class of people and I really didn't have much experienced with "working class" people. However, a very good girlfriend of mine, Mary-Ann, had fallen madly in love with an electrician. She claimed he was wild, totally uninhibited and bordering to being violent. But she was completely taken with him, so when she invited Poul and I along to a party with his friends we went along to see what he was like.

I could immediately see why she was taken with him. First of all he was really handsome. Secondly I knew the types she liked, and he fitted that perfectly. He paid a lot of attention to her, he had to touch her breasts openly commenting to show his friends how lucky he was, and continued to stroke her behind under the dress. I knew her very well and I knew she was a sucker for that kind of treatment. Also she had always liked being the centre of attention and he constantly showed her off to his friends as "the little upper-class bitch he was shagging". But she just enjoyed that. I found it a bit much, but there was strong sense of sexuality and uninhibited sex talk, which as the evening progressed, I also found strangely exciting.

All his friends, Ben he was called, were more or less the same types and treated their girlfriends the same way. They didn't seem to mind - but then they didn't appear to be the best types of girls themselves. One of the guys kept pulling down his girlfriends top baring her breasts, and she just patiently kept putting it back up, obviously having given up a long time ago to complain and not seeming to mind that we were all watching. During dances the guys would have their hands far up the girls' skirts or quite openly caress their breasts and everybody seemed to be kissing each other.

We were very much the odd ones out. Poul however, was fascinated with looking at the girls, all of whom were quite attractive, and I am sure he was sneaking a feeler as well when he was dancing with the girls. Certainly I believe every one of the guys had been at my breasts and at one point of the night I had practically given up stopping them, just as long as they were only touching through the clothes. Even that was difficult, and especially Ben seemed to have decided that his girlfriend's best friend should have his full attention that evening. Actually I didn't mind him so much. Compared to the others he was actually sophisticated and rather sexy.

My summer dress was quite open at the sides and as neither I nor any of the other girls for that matter wore any bras in the summer heat, it was no problem for him to move the material aside and play with my breasts. First I stopped him as I had done with all the other guys, but he was yanking at the material and quite firmly pulling my resisting hand away that it was actually quite difficult to stop him, so at one point I let him get away with it. Probably I shouldn't have done that because after that there was no way of stopping him even in front of the other guys. I told Poul who didn't seem overly concerned. He just said that was what everybody else seemed to be doing, so I thought what the hell and let him carry on next time we danced. I was much aware of his hand on my bum under the dress however, and firmly managed to keep him from pulling them aside, down or whatever he had in mind. But the more he played with my breasts the more difficult it became, and in the end it was actually only Poul's presence and the fact that the other ones were watching that made me keep up the defence.

During the evening May-Ann had become more and more drunk, and as she got more drunk she got more daring and let Ben get away with more whenever he wasn't dancing with me. At one point he had her t-shirt almost over her head holding her arms together behind his head with one hand as he pulled it up with the other. She had medium sized breast, but very pointed and with obviously very erect nipples. Before long the other guys were dancing all around her grabbing her breasts while she tired to get free. When Ben finally let her off, she just laughed and appeared to have enjoyed it.

I got the impression that evening that Ben was abandoning Mary-Ann to his friends in order to be with me, but in a way it was ok with me. Even Poul seemed more interested in Mary-Ann than in me. Probably the sex filled air had had an influence on him, and she was certainly the one to keep your eyes on if you wanted to have a look at a pretty, often half exposed girl.

Later in the evening, Mary-Ann was at the couch with a guy on both sides of her, when Ben came up to her from behind and kissed her. She put her arms behind his head to pull him down, and he did like before, held them behind his head while he pulled up her T-shirt again. She screamed, but didn't fight very much as he pulled it completely off her as far as he could for his hands still holding hers together. He kissed her silent, which worked and not even when the two guys on her sides started playing with her breasts did she wriggle much. She sank a bit down in the couch, spread her legs a bit and seemed to enjoy it. Poul was watching obviously excited by the sight. We weren't quite used to this kind of scenes and especially not with Mary-Ann, a good friend, the centre of the attention.

I however, had had enough of this. The scene was frighteningly exciting - but I couldn't watch my best friend behaving like that, so I left for the kitchen hoping to find something to eat. I managed to make a cup of tea and get a sandwich. I sat at the kitchen table, while I could easily hear the catcalls and noises from the room next door, wondering where and when this would stop and how far Ben would let her go with his friends.

That question almost answered itself as he appeared in the doorway, looking at me while the sounds continued. He asked me what I was doing, and I had to admit that I didn't like my friend in that position.

He was walking around in the kitchen looking for something to eat himself. He had stopped several times close to me and looked at me - up and down my body as if he was undressing me. My short dress was quite far up on my legs sitting on the kitchen counter like that, but in a way I quite liked his attention to my body. He stopped right in front of me and bent down to open a drawer right under where I was sitting. He couldn't open it for my legs and quite innocently pushed them apart so he could get the drawer open. I was too slow, but soon noticed that bending down to get the knife from the drawer he had a clear view up my dress. I had small and thin panties on, which were actually quite transparent. I immediately tried to close my legs, but couldn't for the open drawer. I guess I could lift my legs to the side but that would just expose me even more. He wasn't slow on the other hand. He immediately ran a hand up the inside of my thighs. I tried to close the legs again, but now he was between them, and in a way I didn't really want to close them. I looked down as I felt him reaching under the hem of the dress and lifting it slightly away. He forced my legs a bit further away and moved the hand all the way up to my panties. I shook a little as his hand grazed the panties, but relaxed a little, spreading the legs more and closing my eyes as I felt his finger slipping under the panties and lifting them way from my pussy. I opened them with a shock when I heard the sound of the scissors he must have had in the other hand cutting the panties right across from leg opening to leg opening in a second completely baring my pussy. Normally, if somebody took off you panties, you would know what happened. But here, from one second to the next I was completely exposed to him. I could feel the cold rush of air against the excited and wet lips, but didn't get much chance of thinking because he had his hand expertly on my clit rubbing it carefully. I didn't stop him. I was gasping for air, I was thinking about the weirdness of this situation, I was thinking of what was happening to Mary-Ann next door, but I didn't stop him. I wanted him to go on, it was so nice. I put my legs around him and tried to push him closer, but he resisted.

" I want to be able to look at you", he said as he pushed himself away from me again.

I put my arms behind me and leant back. He pulled the skirt up so I could see what he was doing. He had long fingers, but not like the elegant surgeons' hand I used to watch at the hospital. But it was doing a good job, he was good at it. Slowly teasing me when I was getting to close, speeding up when it needed it. He was staring at my face all the time so he could see how I was reacting.
"Unbutton your dress", he said as his eyes travelled down over my body. "I want to see your tits when you come".

He was obviously intent on watching me only, not wanting anything for himself.

I slowly unbuttoned from the top. I was mush aware of his gaze as the buttons came undone so far down that my breasts became visible, and I could here him gasping a bit when I was so far down that I could pull the dress far enough apart that my breasts were completely bare. I stopped and grabbed for his hand. I wanted him to touch me, grab my breasts or play with my nipples. But he still just stood back avoiding my hands, while he kept playing with my pussy ever so lightly.

"All of it," he said.

He was purposefully holding back so I wouldn't come before he wanted me to. And he wanted so see all of me before he finished me off. I was rubbing my bum around on the tabletop trying to get closer to his hands or get him to speed up, but he wouldn't. Oh, what the hell I thought, and continued unbuttoning the rest of the buttons until they were all undone all the way down. I pulled the dress completely apart. Let him watch, I thought as I placed my hands behind me and pushed my breasts forward at him. Finally a movement on his part. I thought he was going to touch my breasts, but he just pulled the dress off my shoulders so it dropped down on my hands. He could hardly get me more naked now. I was getting very very excited.

"Please Ben," I begged, "don't play with me any more. Somebody might come, just do it now, please."

He did actually speed up. He put a long finger inside me and found a spot I didn't know existed at the time, while his thumb slowly circled my clit. I put my feet all the way up on the counter, spreading my legs as much as I could as I felt the orgasm starting to roll in. I was rubbing up and down, and I was aware of my breasts now bouncing with each rocking motion I made. I couldn't believe he could just stand there and watch. But he was speeding up, he obviously wanted me to come now. He had his eyes on my flying breasts all the time as I came. I bend over and then stretched back so I hit my head against the wall. He finally put a hand around me a pulled me into him, while he kissed me with a hungry kiss as I slowly stopped shaking. Finally he gave my breasts and nipples a squeeze, then he moved away from me, still looking me over.

"Jenny," he said, "you are just the most beautiful girl I think I have ever seen. It's not that I didn't want to fuck you - don't believe that for a second. But I just couldn't stop looking at you. I am off work on Monday, and Mary-Ann will be away. If you want to come over we can spend the afternoon together, then I won't hold back."

I was tempted to say yes, but then realised I had a guy I wanted to be my husband next door and my best girlfriend was his girlfriend. Nothing good would come of this. But I couldn't tell him. I just smiled and said maybe, lets see.

He gave me a nod, then he left to see what was happening. I had time to get my dress back on. I didn't know what to do with my panties. I couldn't keep them on, the part that hang down came to below the hem of the dress, so I just took them off. I went to stand at the window when Poul came out in the kitchen, I just managed to slip them over the edge without him noticing. He wanted to know what we had talked about. I just told him we had talked about Mary-Ann. Poul avoided telling me how it had ended. He just said she had fallen asleep. I tried to push for more, but he said I would have to ask her myself. I wondered what she had done. I went in to her, but she was asleep on the couch with a blanket over her.

Shortly after we went home. I still remember the ride home in the train. It was getting quite light, and I felt like everybody must have been able to see I was wearing no panties under the short dress. I felt really naked when I sat on the cold hard seats. It felt like I was sitting completely naked, and when we left I noticed a wet spot where I had been. Fortunately Poul was too tired to notice, and I just jumped into bed before he noticed I wore no underwear.
Of course I was tempted to go back on the Monday, but I never did. I did however for a long time after dream about the situation. I just couldn't get the picture of Mary-Ann on that couch out of my head. I don't know if it was actually her who got me excited (I have never been very much into bi-sexual activities) but the thought of what it would be like to be in her position, and what, if anything, had happened to her. But I couldn't get the dreams out of my head, so I decided to sit down and write out what I could imagine would have happened if I had gone back.

I was Monday and finally the classes were finished. It was really hot and sweaty, rather unusual for this time of the year. I had washed the dress from the Saturday party and now wore it again wanting to relive the experience from that night. But I had found it a bit too revealing for university (I found it hard to concentrate when I knew all the guys were looking at me, so I usually dressed a bit more conservative there). The body stocking I wore under the dress kept my breasts decent, but was uncomfortably hot. In the ladies room I lifted the material a bit away from my breasts and blew down the front to cool of a bit. I noticed the lines after the tight edge, which had dug into the skin. I was hesitating a bit, but finally decided that I didn't want to arrive at Ben's flat all sweaty and with ugly marks from too tight clothes, so I went into one of the cubicles and removed the dress. I knew the consequence of removing the body stocking was that I again would be completely naked under the dress. But as I was removing it and stuffing into a plastic bag in my briefcase I was getting excited both from the thought of Ben's reaction when he saw me like that, but also from the thought of the train ride to his part of the town. Walking out of the university campus I noticed several guys looking at me, and hoped that none of them could remember what I had worn during the sessions. Fortunately there was no wind at all (that was what made it so hot) for just a faint breeze might have lifted the light material enough to reveal my naked state under the dress.

Apart from the fact that I felt everybody in the train must have been able to see that I wore nothing under the dress, the journey was uneventful. I had been very much aware of my naked state, and thought that my nipples stood out too prominently for just a train ride, and of course guys had been looking at me (to me straight through the clothes), but not really more than usual.

However, when I arrived at the flat I was already terribly excited. I had a very clear picture of what I must have looked like to Ben as I sat on his kitchen counter, and wanted to go back to that position and this time hope he would make love to me. I unbuttoned a few of the buttons at the top and the bottom of the dress to make it more revealing that I had felt like in the train, and rang the doorbell.

Already at that time I sensed something was wrong. I thought I heard voices in the flat. It might just be the radio, but the thought of anybody there frightened me. There wasn't anything I could do though, for Ben opened the door before I could think of anything to do.

"Oh there you are." He said loudly obviously for an audience. He was making a face to let me know there were other people there and making a hushing sound.

I didn't know what was going on but me heart jumped several beats and tried to work its way up my throat when I discovered not only three of the gays from Saturday evening, but also Mary-Ann. I stopped as frozen.

"Jorgen didn't really believe you would come," Ben said while winking at me to go let him handle it. "Did you Jorgen, but I told you she would if I asked her nicely" he continued now addressing Jorgen whom I remembered from the party.

Jorgen didn't even hesitate for a second, he just went along immediately and commented how pleased he was that I could make it. Maybe he and Ben had already arranged the excuse to use for Mary-Ann should I really come. I however, was still shaken. I didn't know what to say and. They were all staring at me, with my half-open dress and completely bewildered look.

Mary-Ann actually saved the situation by grabbing me in the arm and pulling me into the kitchen.

"What on earth are you doing here. I didn't think you liked the types of Jorgen," she whispered as soon as we were out of hearing range.

"Well, I don't," I said, and that at least was true. But what now? Fast thinking was required. "It is just that I kept thinking of you in that couch the other night, and the thought hasn't left me all week-end. I realise my relationship with Poul is getting so serious that I probably won't be able to have much fun with others but him in the future, so when Ben called and said Jorgen and his friends were here, wouldn't I like to come by after class for a talk, I just couldn't help it." Lying was easy to me, but it wasn't the most believable story. But if you knew a bit of my background, which Mary-Ann of course did, it might go down.

She looked at me as if she couldn't believe me. "You mean you want to take my position in the couch, and let these guys just do with you what they did to me last Saturday," she asked ending with a very large question mark.

"Yes, I have had dreams of that all week-end," I said. She seemed to go along with the story for now. Maybe she could understand me since it was also what she seemed to have wanted, or at least willingly let happen, to herself.

"Hmmm," she said hesitantly, "I am actually getting quite excited by the thought myself."

This wasn't at all what I had planned for the afternoon, but it was very difficult to get out of. I was thinking hard. On the other hand, what the heck. I had been dreaming of Mary-Ann in that position, and it was the picture of her with the guys that had kept me so excited all week-end that I had decided to come. I just hadn't thought it would happen to me. But there was no doubt that if I went in there now, it was going to happen to me as well. But I didn't get more time to think.

"Ok, let go and have some fun then," said Mary-Ann as she pulled me along back into the living room.

"Ben, go and get us some drinks, it is so unbearably hot in here," she said as she unbuttoned a few buttons on top of her blouse and blew down her front. The top of her breast were visible and the guys were staring at her while I sat down on the couch where Ben had been sitting, trying to sit as decently as possible. I was very much aware that almost no matter how I sat, it would be very difficult to prevent the guys in the armchairs across from me from seeing straight up my dress. However I managed to cross the legs while they were looking at Mary-Ann in that way at least delaying the revelation.

Mary-Ann sat down next to, pushing me into the middle of the couch, which made my dress ride higher up, baring half of my bum at her side. I looked at her and as I saw her looking down at my legs I saw her nipples had got hard, which was very noticeable through her thin shirt.

"Gosh, it is a bit sexy with these short dresses in this heat," she said as she tried to pull down her own very short skirt, but just managing to lift it as she did.

"If anybody needs to be cooled down I know just how," Ben said as he returned with some drinks. Before I knew what he meant he had dropped an ice cube right down my dress between my breasts. I jumped up sitting straight up in the couch completely forgetting to keep my legs crossed as I fought to get it out, but I couldn't. It had passed between the breasts and was now at my belly button, feeling very, very cold. I had to unbutton a button but it just slipped further down so only after unbuttoning another one did I get it out. As I got it out I realised the two guys across from me was looking straight up my dress, in no doubt now that I was wearing no panties.

Now Ben was trying to get another one down my dress. I fought him while trying to keep a little bit of dignity. But as I wriggled I realised that the opening in the dress where the two buttons were undone was moving higher up as my dress was moving up when I lifted my arms to defend myself. The bottom half of my tits were straining to get out the opening. Ben had stopped trying to get it down my dress, but had put it on my forehead, which actually felt nice and cooling. But now he forced my head back and as it reached the back of the couch he bent over and kissed me right on the mouth. I tried to get up, but he held me down. I wanted to get up, but mostly because I thought it was wrong of him to kiss me right in front of Mary-Ann.

However, I felt a hand unbuttoning another button and before I could react yet another one so I could feel my breasts suddenly being exposed. I forgot about it being Ben kissing me. I just wanted to cover me, despite the fact that this was what I had been dreaming about. I soon realised though that it was just a natural reaction, and as Ben's tongue started to play around in my mouth I relaxed and accepted the last button being undone and the dress being moved to the side. I realised that it was Mary-Ann doing it, which in a way made it a bit more comforting, but also a bit more dirty as she obviously thought it exciting to expose me to Ben.

I tried to relax and concentrate on Ben kissing me. But I kept having pictures in my mind of what Mary-Ann looked like at the couch Saturday night, realising it was now me in exactly the same situation. It was an intense feeling knowing that two people were playing with my breasts, but frustrating that I couldn't get up and see it. It wasn't long before the excitement overtook my inhibitions. My nipples were being rubbed, squeezed and, I soon realised, kissed. I couldn't help spreading my legs, knowing very well what it did to the guys across from me. I imagined the sight they were seeing, and that just made me more excited. I thought of the view Ben had had of me the other night, and wanted to unbutton more of my dress, but my arms were blocked by the two people at my sides. I lifted my feet up on the couch letting the dress fall completely away as I spread my legs.

Ben must finally have realised the spectacle he was missing by kissing me, because he stopped and looked at my body again practically naked, with just a couple of buttons holding it together around my stomach.

He asked me to take if off completely. I got my arms free, unbuttoned the last buttons and removed the dress completely. I almost smiled when I saw the look at the faces of the guys. I don't know how far they got with the drunken Mary-Ann at the party, but there was no doubt now how far this would go.

One of the guys from across sat on his knees in front of me. He kept looking in my eyes as he lowered himself to my pussy, but as his tongue started licking my lips, I just threw my head back on the couch. I looked sideways at Mary-Ann who was staring excited at me. I put a hand over tucking at her shirt, indicating that she should take it off as well and join in, so it wasn't only me. She started to do it and Ben was quick to help her. I watched her now very excited breast popping free. I stretched out a hand gave one of them a careful squeeze, testing her reaction to my touch. We had known each other a long time, but we had never done anything like this to each other. She didn't seem to mind. Actually she seemed to enjoy it when I rolled her nipples between my fingers.

Ben didn't stop at her shirt, but continued undoing her skirt and removing her panties. Soon he was between her legs as well. I kept fingering her nipples as he was licking her pussy.

I looked down as I noticed the licking at my pussy had stopped. One of the other guys had dropped his trousers and was now positioning himself between my legs. He looked at me with an expression seeking my approval to continue. I looked at his dick. Not all that big, but throbbing glistering blue. I smiled at him, encouraging him to go ahead. I kept watching him as he slowly slid it into me. I was soaking wet and he took it to the bottom in one stride. Soon he was working hard at it. I watched his face all the time as he was getting more and more excited. I was only slowly starting to build up towards a climax when he exploded. He pulled out the very last second, for some reason not wanting to come inside me, and he sprayed an enormous amount all over me and the couch. I was surprised to see such an amount - he must have had that building up for a long time.

While I had been watching him come, the next guy had dropped his pants ready to continue. But I felt it time to change position, so I stopped him, while I turned around on the couch sitting on my knees resting my forehead on my arms across the back of the couch. I knew both Ben and the guy next to me was watching my hanging breasts, and as the next guy entered me I made an effort out of matching his strides, pushing back at him, knowing that would let my breasts bounce all over. The guy to my side climbed under the breasts and tried to lick them, but gave up as they bounced too much. Instead he just stayed there letting the breast slap into his face as he tried to lick them on the way.

I noticed Mary-Ann positioning herself in the same position as I, right next to me. Ben went in front of her, unbuttoned his trousers and took out a very long, but also very bent dick. He stroked it a bit standing right in front of her, spreading his juices all over it, and then smeared the dick all over her face. She was trying to lick it as he moved it around. I was looking in fascination. I had never seen a dick so bent before. It had an almost 90 degree angle, but was at the same time very hard and thick. I had expected her put it in her mouth, but suddenly she closed her eyes arching her back, and I realised that the first guy who had been between my legs had entered her form behind. Ben looked at them, obviously not the least bothered by the fact that one of his good friends was fucking his girlfriend right in front of him. Instead he moved over in front of me. I grabbed it wanting ot lick it, but it was hard with the movements I was making, so I slowed down a bit and let the guy do the work. I managed to bend it down at an angle where I could take in my mouth. As I started working at it, I had the pleasure of seeing Ben's own reaction. He was getting very excited. He almost couldn't stand on his legs as I was sucking and licking it all the way down to the bend.

With the combined sensation of the guy sucking at my nipples, (he had an easier time now that I wasn't moving so much), the guy working on me from behind, me working on Ben, and hearing Mary-Ann's screams as she started to come, I couldn't last any longer. As the tension mounted I worked harder at Ben, hoping to bring him off before I came. I didn't manage that for suddenly I exploded in a violent shudder, which made me collapse, almost on top of the guy below me. I let go of Ben to concentrate on my own orgasm and as I looked to the side I saw Mary-Ann exploding as well. She looked at me as well, and as we both turned around on the couch completely spent we couldn't help laughing. We had shared at lot of experiences, even some boyfriends, but we had certainly never been in a position like this before. I don't know why we found it funny, but much to the dismay of the guys, we just couldn't stop laughing.

When we finally stopped laughing, she leant over and gave me a kiss on my cheek. She put a hand around my waist and leant her head on my shoulder snuggling up to me. There was something strangely arousing about having her sitting like that that looking straight at my one breast, and I was a bit surprised at my own feelings when I realised my nipples were starting to grow hard again. She must have seen it as well, because she blew carefully at it, which just made it strand out even more erect. I was very much aware that the guys were watching us. I had plenty of time heard guys wishing to watch girl-sex, so I knew this was a prime spectacle for them.

I didn't get much of a chance to decide if this was a show I was willing to put on, because the guy to my other side was running a hand up the inside of my legs. As he found my wet lips and clit and started working on it, he took my other nipple in his mouth and began sucking it. I realised Mary-Ann had also started sucking at the other breast, but the combined feelings were so nice that I just leant back, relaxed and enjoyed the sensation.

The sight apparently excited Ben. He went over to Mary-Ann and started playing with her. Soon he had her on her knees at the end of the couch and as he entered her, he directed her to move down between my legs. The guy at my side pulled me down on my back resting my head at his lap while he played with my breasts with one hand, and with the other bend over me to pull my one leg up on the back of the couch. Lying like that I was now spread wide open in front of Mary-Ann. I didn't know what to think. I was very aroused, and the thought of Mary-Ann between my legs actually excited me, but I was watching her to see how she reacted. She didn't seem to mind, and to Ben's directions she bent down and started to lick the inside of my thighs. She kept looking at me to see if I intended to stop her or if I wanted her to go on. Actually I was now starting to get very excited. The other guys had moved so they could watch from Mary-Ann's end of the couch and I was aware of everybody's eyes on me as her lips slowly neared my pussy. Would I stop her or would they get to see me accepting another girl licking me.

I had absolutely no intention of stopping her. I just kept staring at her as she neared my pussy. She must have found it difficult to find the right place because Ben, in his own excitement, was pushing her hard. She used her hands to pull aside my lips and finally I felt her warm breath as her mouth settled right over my clit. I wanted to touch her, direct her, tell her I wanted it and to speed up, but it was only with each of Ben's strikes that she now licked my exposed clit. It was like being fucked by Ben. With each push I could see him make, I could feel my clit being licked. When he was faster the licking was faster, when he slowed down the licking was slower. I was frustrating. I finally sat up a bit and placed a hand on each side of her face, trying to hold her still, so she could keep working at my clit all the time. Fortunately Ben was now realising that he was missing the more intimate of Mary-Ann's treatment of me, so he stopped and came around to the side. Finally she could concentrate. I could feel her tongue exploring inside me, up and down the full length of my pussy, sometime sucking my clit hard into her mouth almost biting it. She was managing to keep me going by stopping when I started to move in an obvious way indicating I was about to come and to speed up when I started to relax. I had grabbed my nipples as the guy behind me had left to watch as well. I had a feeling like I was floating out of my body and watching the scene from across the room. The picture in my mind of me lying like that on the couch with my best friend licking me bringing me constantly to the verge of climax, was just too much. As I neared a climax again I begged Mary-Ann not to stop, but to keep going. I was writing like in pain, making it hard for her to keep at the clit, but she just supported her head against hear hands which was trying to hold me still. This time she didn't stop, but kept going long after I had reached the first orgasm and to my surprise I felt the next one coming almost right after. I seldom come twice but this time it was so intense. I bend as my stomach muscles contracted and shook violently. Mary-Ann went to just slowly licking the lips and finally withdrew sitting back at her heels watching me as I stared to get my breathing under control.

She smiled and asked if there was anything else she could do for me. It was said nicely enough with a smile and even thought it could have been interpreted as a bit sarcastic I knew she didn't mean it like that.

"Yes, you could let me have Ben for a while," I said not bothered to think about whether this was a reasonable request.

"Sure, be my guest," she said with a big smile as she turned around and grabbed Ben's hand and let him over to me.

"Come," I told him as I got up and took his hand. I let him into the kitchen and found my position from Saturday night on the kitchen counter. I guess the other ones wondered why it had to be right there, but nobody said anything. They just watched as I grabbed his crooked dick and guided him into me. This time he wasn't holding back. I put my legs around him and he gripped my hips as I leant back on my elbows watching him sliding in and out as his tension and speed build up.

I could clearly feel his bent dick inside me. It was a very different feeling from what I was used to. It was obvious that the bent angle made it caress the front of the pussy in a way similar to when he had put a finger inside me and played with me. It was a different kind of climax approaching. I went completely hot and felt a bit like if you have been holding back on your water and finally could let go. Just so many times more intense. I felt a rush of warmth envelop me and I think I actually blacked out for a second or two. Fortunately the sensation had me straightening up and I had my arms around his neck when it hit me full strength. I just clung to him as he continued and I felt a normal orgasm approaching. I was slipping around on the soaked counter. He held on to my hips pulling me towards him with each thrust and I could feel myself sliding over the counter towards him when he pulled and being pushed back with each thrust again.

As I felt my normal orgasm hitting me I also knew he was getting close. I was still shaking with the after shocks when he came. He pulled me hard towards him almost pulling me off the counter and held be in a bear grip as his own orgasm ran through him. When he finally collapsed and let go of me I almost slipped off the slimy counter. I looked at all the faces looking at me, and felt slightly silly. But that was one hell of a fuck, and the most incredible orgasm.

I knew one of the guys had not had an opportunity to fuck, so I wasn't surprised when I saw Mary-Ann jump on the counter and pulling the last guy over. I sank down on a kitchen chair as I watched them. I was in a daze and only woke from it when Ben showed up with a drink. I think I drank it in one go. Suddenly I had had enough of sex and guys. Mary-Ann was obviously finding the position good as well, because she was starting to make sounds as if she was loosing it. I managed to make it out to the bathroom where I had a shower. I dried myself in a towel, but left it hanging and emerged naked to see what was going on. The others were getting dressed, looking slightly embarrassed when they saw me, but I didn't care. I just found my dress and put it on. Mary-Ann was in the kitchen already dressed. I went up to her, gave her a small hug and thanked her. I don't really know what for, but it was also a way of saying good-buy. She gave me a big kiss on the mouth and followed me to the door. I didn't feel like seeing the guys or talking to Ben so I just slipped out.

I was in daze the whole way home. My only thought was that even though that had been an incredible experience I was never going to do anything like that again. From now on my concentration would be on Poul.

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