A Most Erotic Tea Ceremony

A Most Erotic Tea Ceremony

The toroko is, for the lack of a better translation, a high class bath house which cleans, massages relaxes the entire body and I do mean each and every important muscle. This is not the type of massage parlor that you find in American cities, nor is it a “whore house.” I have always maintained that entered into with the proper attitude with a simpatico hostess it becomes almost a spiritual experience. An experience I looked partook of two to four times each month for over ten years.

I discovered my favorite toroko when I was taken as a guest by a local businessman that I assisted in getting a U.S. government contract on Kadena Air Base. The toroko sits on the side of a small mountain overlooking the East China Sea on the Japanese island of Okinawa. It was a beautiful setting, gardens and a traditional style building, and upon entering we were welcomed by the mamasan, removed our shoes and replaced them with plastic bath slippers. We then proceeded into the bar area which was decorated much like a small English pub with both a bar and also a few living area type settings with smooth jazz quietly playing on the record player. This created a very relaxed atmosphere and removed us from the stresses of our daily lives.

While enjoying our drinks, mine Orion beer, my friend Johnny Walker Black, we were introduced to a half dozen beautiful young ladies that poured our drinks, fed us finger foods, and flirted. Each was dressed in a happi coat (These are usually decorated in bright, bold colors and have the name of the establishment on them. They are the style frequently worn by sushi chefs in America) with bare legs. There was no sense of urgency and we could have sat there for hours, but after just forty minutes, I was totally smitten with Mariko. She was just twenty years old and in her second school at Ryukyu University hoping to become a nurse. It seems that many of the girls working at torokos are college students earning their tuition and living expenses. Since English is the world’s medical language, Mariko was studying it, and we had fun laughing and flirting between her broken English and my poor Japanese.

Once I indicated that I was finished drinking, Mariko gently pulled up by the hand, bowed good-bye to my friend, and led me down the hall to our private room. The room itself was quite nicely done. It was on two levels, the upper which had a carpeted floor, low massage table, and a wall locker. I could see the lower section had a tile floor with a drain in the center, a steam cabinet, and a bath tub. This being my first visit, I didn’t know what was the correct thing to do so I just stood there. It turned out that that was exactly right. Mariko had me step out of my slippers and then she calmly unbuttoned my shirt and hung it in the locker. The feel of her fingertips gently touching my shoulders and arms sent shock ways through my body. She then kneeled down and unbuckled my belt and removed my trousers. I felt a somewhat awkward since my dick was at this point not nearly as calm and cool as she was. I wasn’t quite fully erect to my 7” length yet but I was growing a nice chubby. After folding and hanging up my pants she came back and once again assumed the kneeling position. She placed my hands on her shoulders so I could balance while she removed my socks and then she put her hands on the elastic of my shorts and started slowly pulling them down. I learned later that she had never seen an American cock before and didn’t realize how much bigger they are than the average Japanese dick. Once it cleared the elastic band that was holding it down, it sprung up and bounced off the tip of her nose. Mariko let out a giggle of surprise covering her mouth with both hands and I have to say I thought her little slant eyes turned almost completely round.

After folding my socks and shorts and putting them away, she took me by the hand and led me to the white steam cabinet. She sat me down, closed the cabinet door, and set the temperature to baste. While I was steaming, she started filling the tub with water and once that was underway, she went back to the locker and removed her happi coat I was pleasantly pleased to see she hadn’t been wearing a bra. Wearing nothing a pair of thin, white, cotton panties she came back down, checked the bath water and placed a cool wash cloth on my forehead. Needless to say, I took this opportunity to ogle her. She was about 5’2”, maybe 95 pounds and, I would guess, her breasts were about a size ‘A’. Through her thin panties, I would see the hint of a shadow caused by a small bush.

Mariko then took an air mattress that I hadn’t noticed leaning against the wall, laid it on the floor, and took a plastic pail of water from the tub and poured it over it. Having decided that I had cooked enough, she opened the cabinet, led me to the mattress and motioned for me lay face down on it. She then took a bar of soap, dipped it into another bucket of water and built up a nice lather in her hands. She then knelt down straddling me and started kneading and cleaning my body. She, of course, started with my neck, shoulders and arms, then my back and my waist. While doing this, she was stretching and moving and I could feel her panties and pussy riding and sliding against my ass. Once her hands reached my ass, she slid down further and rode one of my legs while lathering her hands. She started with the hips and cheeks working her way inward. She then took her soap covered hands and started scrubbing the crack itself including my rosebud, went about a knuckle deep, nudged my legs a little further apart, and scrubbed my taint and balls. She then reversed her self and while straddling my waist, now looking towards by feet, started scrubbing each of them in turn. Because she had to stretch so far to reach my calves and feet, I now not only had her pussy rubbing against me but also her breasts against the back of my thighs. Once finished, she asked me to turn over.

I was now a tad embarrassed because I had a raging hard on, an actual diamond cutter. She again straddled me sitting right on my dick with her panty covered pussy. Again soaping on my neck, shoulders, arms and chest and then down to my stomach. This presented a small problem since my dick was lying across it and, of course, she was sitting on it. She solved the issue by sliding down one of my thighs and then with her hands very soapy, she grasped my dick with one hand, peeled it back (I’m uncircumcised), and slowly stroked it up and down and all around. While doing this she looked very closely with slow breaths and dazed, slightly out of focus eyes. It was like she never saw one that size before and was memorizing every vein, inch and color. This was the most amazing thing I have every felt. She actually did a better job jacking me than I can do on myself. You know how American women jerk their hand back and forth; let face it, its called jerking off for a reason. The motion of her hand as if she had ball bearings in her wrist. It reminded me of the wheels of a locomotive engine. If you every look at the shaft attached to the wheels it doesn’t jerk back and forth, it flows at the end in a circular motion and that is what her hand did, it never stopped at the end of a stroke. It was continuous motion. I really wanted to come right there and then because I couldn’t imagine anything being better but I held back just in case, hoping I wouldn’t regret it later. I also wanted to touch her breasts but again held back because I didn’t know what the proper etiquette was. I was afraid that it was like a lot of gentlemen’s clubs in the USA where, while getting a lap dance, they can touch you but you can’t touch them and if you do, the dance is over and you are out. I never wanted this to be over. She then did a hell of a job on my balls again, reached through and slid her hand up my ass crack. I also felt she was riding my thighs and calves much more than she had to. Of course, she once again spun around, pressed against my dick, and started soaping my thighs, calves and feet. I laid there staring at her cute little bottom which was easy to do since her wet panties were nearly totally transparent and the material had ridden into her twat revealing a perfect camel toe.

She then stood up, grabbed the plastic pail, filled it with water from the tub, and poured it across me. My fucking god, it was so hot. In my entire life I have never, ever intentionally put water that hot on me. I quickly sat up, making a small scream together with some words that I am sure they didn’t teach in her English class. She frowned, and poured a bucket on herself, laughed, shook her head, and dumped three more on me. This time I was able to man up and didn’t totally embarrass myself. She then took me to the tub and motioned for me to get inside. OMFG. Feeling that I had to follow the local custom and didn’t want to look like a complete pussy, I very slowly eased into it. Needless to say, I didn’t move at all once in it because motion made it feel even hotter. Kneeling next to the tub she alternated between rubbing a wash cloth in a circular motion against my chest and waist and stroking my dick. After she toweled herself off, she motioned for me to get out and I found I just couldn’t do it. The heat relaxed my muscles so much that I was unable to lift myself. She took both of my hands and helped pull me up and out and made sure I kept my balance. Then taking a towel, she wiped me dry and led me to the massage table.

In America, massage tables are about 36” high off the floor, in Japan, they are about 22” high. Mariko asked me to lie on my stomach and then started walking on my back balancing with one hand against the wall. I wouldn’t recommend this with a 150 plus pound woman, but these small, petite Asians are exactly the right weight. They can do an incredible and thorough deep tissue massage using their toes and heels plus the balls of their feet. She only got down and used her hands to massage my scalp, fingers and toes. She then motioned for me to turn over.

Now she just started massaging me with her hands and oils only, no more walking; my neck, shoulders, arms, and abs with her breasts frequently “accidentally” brushing against my various body parts. Next she massaged my thighs, calves and feet. Now the only thing left was the good stuff and god was I ever ready. She made a motion towards my dick, smiled and asked me “this too?” I nearly broke my neck nodding yes, yes, and yes. She said “chottomatte kudasai” which means “please wait a moment,” put her coat back on and left the room. I didn’t know if I should play with myself or what because my cock had never been swollen larger and felt like it was about to explode. If I didn’t get it taken care of, I was going to have a major case of blue balls tomorrow.

After an eternity of five minutes, Mariko returned with a tray holding a tea pot, a cup, and a bowl. I thought “It can’t be finished” like in America when they give you a bottle of water on your way out after a massage. She poured a cup of tea, gently sipped some into her mouth, smiled at me, and quickly bent over and sucked the head of my dick into that beautiful mouth. Jesus, Joseph, and Mary when my cock went into that one hundred and fifty degree mouth, it was the most wonderful feeling of my life. You know how warm it feels to put your dick in some woman’s pussy which is probably no more than five degrees warmer than you? Increase that feeling another forty or fifty degrees. The first time she did it she could only get about three inches in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down five or six times. Because the tea cools quickly, she quietly spits it into the bowl, takes another sip and starts all over again. After several sips, bobs, and spits, my hand crept down and genteelly caressed her buttocks over her panties. She doesn’t stop me but positions her hips to give me better access while she is still able to keep taking care of business. I slipped my hand under the elastic of her panty leg and gently caressed her pussy lips. I was pleased to find that my fingers became wet just from touching the outside of the lips and started to rub where I figured her clit must be. I worked one finger into her tight love box and began stroking in and out. Once I curled it and started rubbing her G spot, she responded by getting more aggressive and sucked harder and faster. I felt my balls reaching the point of no return and told her “I’m going to cum,” but she didn’t even slow down. I exploded shooting four or five hard ropes into her mouth but there wasn’t room in there with my dick, the tea, and more cum than I’ve ever shot before so it started dripping down between her lips and my shaft. Credit to her, she did not remove her mouth until I was completely done and then she gently, quietly spit into the bowl.

When she finished, Mariko turned and looked pleasingly surprised that I was still hard and gave me a shy smile. She rinsed her mouth with tea, lay across me, and started giving me gentle butterfly kisses. The gentleness didn’t last long as I grabbed her by the back of her head and put my tongue as deep in her mouth that I could. She quickly responded grinding her hips against my hard shaft and dry humping me. When she could apparently stand it no more, she sat up, pulled aside the crotch of her panties, and slowly inserted me into her vagina. Apparently American dicks are a lot thicker than their Japanese counterparts as well as longer. At first it was only the head and she needed to stop to catch her breath, but then she slowly eased herself down inch, pause, by inch, until I was balls deep in her. She then went from kneeling over me to placing her feet flat on the table in a squat and started going up and down, with her hands flat on my chest to balance, in what is now called “Asian” style. Fortunately I had already finished once so I knew I would last a while this time. She kept rising up and slowly down and making quiet, mewing noises. I could feel her tight hot pussy not wanting to let my dick go and each time she came up, I could see her pussy lips stretching downward. One nice thing about screwing a girl that small; it makes your dick look gigantic. Sweat beads were forming on her face and I opened her happi coat, reached up, rubbed her perfect little breasts with the palms of my rough karate hardened hands, and then pulled and twisted her hard pink nipples that were jutting out about a half inch. The twisting and pulling were the keys and she continued faster and harder until her eyes closed and she started groaning with her orgasm. The feel of that tight pussy and warm juices sent me over the edge and I had my second nut of the evening. She collapsed on me and just laid there shaking and gasping for air and I wasn’t in any better condition feeling as if I had just completed a twenty kilometer run. After she calmed down, she rose off of me and when my softened dick popped out, I was drenched in hers and my cum dripping from her pussy. She cleaned the mess with hot wash cloths and assisted me in getting dressed giving my dick one more quick suck as she pulled up my shorts.

We walked together out to the bar and my friend was still waiting with a big smile on his face and he asked me “What took you so long; I came out thirty minutes ago?” I could tell the other girls were teasing her over the amount of time she spent because of her red face, bowed head, and small smile. As we were leaving Mariko escorted us to the door, helped us with our shoes, bowed, and said she wished that we would come back. Later my friend told me that the other girls said that I was indeed the first American Mariko had ever been with as American customers are very rare at that toroko. I knew that Mariko would see this particular American cock many more times in the future and thanked my friend for such a wonderful gift.

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