Japan's Girls Gymnastics Team Pt 2

Japan's Girls Gymnastics Team Pt 2

The next night, after work, I called up to the girl's room.

"Hi- is this Yukiko?- This is Gordie. I was wondering, if you girls aren't doing anything, if you'd like to go out tonight."

"It's him! He wants to come up!" I heard Yukiko excitedly whisper to her roommates. "Yes! We would like to see you very much. Would you like to come up now?"

"Listen, why don't we go out to dinner first? Maybe walk around town for a while."

"That sounds very nice. We would enjoy that very much."

"Great. I'll pick you up in half an hour, OK?" The girls, like typical teenagers, were eager for sex, but being in my twenties I had learned the value of taking my time with things and knew that spending a night in town with the girls, knowing what I was going to be doing to them later, would make the experience that much more memorable.

When I walked into the lobby of their dormatory I saw the girls sitting on some couches that were around a television in the corner. When they saw me they jumped up and excitedly scampered over to me, Yukiko, her hair long in back and with bangs in front was wearing a denim shirt and loose fitting jeans with a black belt, Kaori, her shoulder length hair parted in the center, wore tighter fitting black jeans and a red and black sweater, and Misa, with short hair parted on the side was wearing a blue plaid skirt, a dark blue sweater over a white blouse and penny loafers. I had forgotten what tiny girls they were; all well under five feet, with little Misa not much over four feet.

"You all look really pretty," I said. They all smiled bashfully. On the subway trip into town the girls asked me where I would like to eat. Being American, they thought I wanted to go to Burger King or KFC or something like that, but I said I would like to go to someplace with authentic Japanese food, so after some discussion and argument the girls settled on a noodle house not far from a subway stop.

It was a crowded, noisy, smoky place, inexpensive and full of college students and delivery people. The four of us sat around a small table and the girls reccomended to me what was good there and after we had ordered, the girls told me what it was like living at the training center.

"We don't have to attend high school, we have private tudors who work with us between training sessions," Said Kaori,leaning in over the din of the other patrons, "It gives us a lot of time to work on our gymnastics, but since they keep all the female athletes separate from the male athletes, we never get a chance to meet boys."

"That is all she ever talks about," Laughed Yukiko. After we had finished our noodles I went over to the bar to get another beer for me and sodas for the girls. When I got back the girls were in deep discussion about their floor exercises so I sat back and looked around the room.

"Excuse me...... You are American?" I heard someone say in a timid voice behind me. I turned around to see two college age girls sitting together, looking at me expectantly.

"Yes, I am, from California." They got quite excited about this, telling me how they dreamed of visiting the States and asked me about Hollywood and San Francisco and Death Valley, and other places around the country. I was describing where I lived and the parts of the country I had visited when I felt a tug on my sleeve.

It was Yukiko. "We would like to go now," She said, eyeing the college girls I had been talking to suspiciously. The girls were evidently getting a little jealous seeing me talking to these older girls. As we got up to go the college girls asked me if I'd like to join them at a party at their school later in the evening, but I said sorry, no, the girls I was with were my dates for the evening. This seemed to please Kaori, Yukiko, and Misa quite a bit, and they gave smug looks to the older girls as we left.

We wandered around town for a while, looking around in record stores and bookstores, then we stepped into a pachinko parlor and the girls showed me how to play, and then we went to a club where a Japanese band was doing a pretty good impersonation of Nirvana. After their set another band took the stage, playing a pretty awful mixture of 60's psychedelic and 70's heavy metal. After their first song we all looked at each other, laughed, and headed for the door.

"So, what would you girls like to do now?" I asked.

"Whatever you would like to do," Answered Misa, smiling politely.

"My apartment isn't far from here. Would you like to go over, maybe listen to some CDs?"

"Yes! Very much!" They all answered excitedly, with eager smiles on their faces. It was about a fifteen minute walk over there, with a stop along the way at a bakery for some pastries. Once inside my room, a tiny little studio apartment, I flicked on the radio and we took off our jackets and sweaters. After a moment of giggling silence, Kaori spoke up.

"What would you like us to do?" She asked obediently.

"Would you like us to take our clothes off now?" Asked Misa. The girls evedently thought of sex as a gymnastic training session and me as their coach who had to be strictly obeyed, but I felt it would be better to get them to lighten up a bit.

"What would you girls like me to do?" they looked at each other in shy silence.

"Would you like to see my muscles?" After a moment of giggling, they all nodded. I do a couple dozen push-ups a day and have a pretty good build. I pulled off my shirt and did some bodybuilding poses, with the girls laughing and applauding my performance, and then I asked the girls if they would like to see more. Their shyness being pushed aside by their teenage horniness, they all quickly nodded, grinning. I took off my shoes and socks, pulled off my jeans, then slowly lowered my boxer shorts, exposing my semi-errect dick to the three cute little teenage Japanese gymnasts, shaking my hips so it would wiggle back and forth, much to the delight of the girls.

"Would you like to see it get hard?" They all nodded eagerly, but I decided to tease them a little.

"You'll have to tell me what you want," I said.

After bashfully looking at each other for a moment, Yukiko squeaked, "We would like to see your penis stick out straight." They all dissolved into giggles. I began stroking my dick and it quickly grew to it's full seven inch length, and the girl's attitudes changed, their mouths opened slightly, their breathing increased, serious lust taking over for giddy giggliness. They were desparate to have my stiff dick inside them.

I pulled the futon open, lay back, stroking my big errection and told the girls to do a striptease for me. I leaned over and turned up the stereo as the girls began dancing and stripping, Misa sort of shyly, but Yukiko and Kaori were really getting into it, really moving their little bodies, pulling off their shirts and pants, Misa her skirt, their bras, then pulling down their little panties.

C'mon girls, really shake it." The girls laughed and got more into it, wiggling their little butts and waving their arms to the music, with even little Misa getting more enthusiastic. Watching these nude Japanese teenage girls dancing for me, my dick had really begun throbbing and pounding, with it's veins bulging, which did not go unnoticed by the girls. I figured it was time to start.

"OK girls, hop up with me," I said, patting the futon. They scrambled on, with grins of anticipation on their faces, kneeling on either side of me.

"Tell us what you would like us to do," Said Yukiko.

"Do whatever you'd like," I said, smiling, laying back with my hands behind my head, my dick pointing up toward the ceiling. Wide eyed, looking at each other searchingly, they all waited to see who would make the first move. Slowly, tentatively, biting her lip to keep from giggling, Kaori reached out toward my upright penis. The other girls held their breath. She gently grasped my dick with just her fingertips, looking at my face for approval.

"Make your hand go up and down......... mmm, that feels good." This really encouraged her, wrapping her soft little hand around the shaft of my dick and pumping more enthusiastically. Hearing my groans of pleasure, Yukiko wanted to join in.

"Let me do it now!" She squealed, but Kaori wouldn't surrender my big errection, so Yukiko grabbed onto the few inches of the head of my dick that Kaori didn't have covered and started stroking playfully.

"I want to too!" Giggled Misa, squeezing her hand around the only space left, just as inch or so at the base, pushing Kaori's hand upward, almost pushing Yukiko's off completely.

"Stop!" Laughed Yukiko, squeezing harder and pushing downward, trying to keep some of my dick to herself. Shreiking and squealing, the three girls jerked my dick up and down, each fighting to get a firm handhold, eventually all of them using both hands in the struggle and laughing histerically. I wanted to save something for their tight little pussies, and was about to stop them, when we were all surprised by a thumping on the wall behind us.

"Hey-keep it down! People are trying to sleep," An old woman's voice yelled out. I had forgotten about the paper thin walls of Japanese apartments. The girls all got embarassed looks on their faces, but I told them it was okay, we just better keep it down a little.

"Here, Kaori, lie back. Put your head on the pillow." When she had, I started gently massaging her between her legs. "Do you girls ever rub yourselves down here?"

After a moment of blushing and bashfulness, Yukiko finally whispered, "Sometimes...... "

"Do you ever do it to each other?" They all looked at one another, confused and a little shocked. I took Yukiko's hand and guided her fingertips to Kaori's little clit, circling her fingers around it.

"Oh," Gasped Kaori, "Oh....... "

"It feels even better if you use your tongue on it." Yukiko pulled her head back a little, with a nervous smile on her face. I would have to get her started. I leaned in and found Kaori's clit with my tongue.

"Oh!........ "

"Like that, Yukiko." She leaned in slowly, looking at me for reassurace, sticking her tongue out and poking it at Kaori's naughty place. As she got more comfortable down there, she started remembering what felt good for her and doing it the same way to Kaori.

"Oh!..... oh!......oh!.......... " I pulled Misa next to me and she eagerly began stroking my now pounding errection, watching the other two girls go at it, Yukiko slowly and gently circling her pink little tongue around and Kaori, eyes shut, gasping for air through her open mouth, rubbing her litle tits with her hands. After a few minutes Yukiko's tongue got tired and she took over with her fingertips.

"You will put your penis inside us, won't you?" She asked expectantly.

"Don't worry," I answered, "I'll wait till she's almost ready to have her orgasm."

"That is very nice of you," She smiled, putting her tongue back to work on Kaori. These girls were incredible enough- super tight, but with their flexibility training able to let me squeeze my entire dick in them- but I figured that screwing them while they were squealing and moaning and writhing in the midst of an orgasm would make the experience totally unforgettable. Kaori started letting out a little squeak with each gasp and her face was getting flushed, then, after a minute, when she started hyperventilating like she was about to pass out, I figured she was ready.

"OK, Yukiko, I'll take over." She pulled back and I grabbed Kaori's hips and rotated her over toward me, lifting her up slightly, placing the head of my dick against her entrance and pushed myself into her, groaning loudly as I felt her soft, smooth pussy crushing down on my dick, Kaori gasping and squealing just as loudly.

"Uhhh........ uhhh......... uhhh..........uhhh..........aaaaa! .......... " She was completely out of her senses. Squeezing my dick deep into her, pumping forcefully, it was over pretty quickly. I let out a loud grunt as I filled Kaori with a flood of semen. Just as I had shot it all into her and was ready to pull out, we heard more banging on the wall.

"People have to get up in the morning you know!" The old lady probably hadn't gotten any in a while and was just jealous. Kaori and I lay there a while to recover, breathing hard, with Yukiko and Misa looking on in wide eyed amazement. Finally I got up to wash my dick off, and in the bathroom I heard the other girls ask Kaori,

"Did it really feel good? It looked almost painful."

"Oh, no! It felt so good I thought I would die! You must get him to do it to both of you too."

"Who wants to go next?" I asked, walking back into the living room. "Tell you what- Misa, why don't you help Yukiko get ready, like she was doing to Kaori, and Kaori, I'll teach you how to suck my dick so it will be stiff for Yukiko."

Yukiko lay back on one side of the futon and Misa got into position, tentatively and nervously poking her tongue into her roommate. I urged her to take a deep breath and relax, just have fun with it. After a minute she had found Yukiko's spot, and I turned my attention to Kaori. I lay on the other side, with Kaori kneeling on the floor next to the low futon.

"Here's how you do it," I said, taking one of her fingers in my mouth and sucking hard on it, moving my mouth up and down on it. After the fucking I had given her, all of Kaori's inhibitions were gone. Smiling, she leaned over my dick, held it upright and started eagerly sucking. I looked over to see how the other girls were doing. Yukiko was moaning, well on her way. My dick was quickly stiffening, and every so often, Kaori would take it out of her mouth to admire her work, stroking it with her delicate little hand.

"Am I doing good? Is it hard enough yet?"

"You're doing fantastic, Kaori," I answered. She blushed. "Keep going till Yukiko's ready, okay?" She obidiently set upon my dick, quickly and enthusiastically working her mouth up and down, the lips of her small mouth stretched around my now fully errect penis, sucking for all she was worth. I reached over to massage on of Yukiko's soft little tits, feeling her chest heaving up and down, her face red and sweat forming on her brow, and figured she was just about ready.

With Misa diligently tickling her clit, Yukiko began gasping, "Oh........ I.......Oh, I'm going to........ Oh!" I pulled my dick out of Kaori's mouth, pulled Yukiko over to me, grabbing her ankles and pulling her legs apart, then lined my throbbing errection up with her and slowly pushed it in. I couldn't help groaning as I felt the head of my dick sliding along the tight, lightly lubricated private place of this inexperienced young girl. The neighbors were just going to have to put up with it. Yukiko was half squealing with pleasure, half crying, grabbing my forearms and digging her nails in, and thrashing her head back and forth.

These girls put in long hours of hard gymnastic training and this enabled these young, petite little ladies to take some pretty hard pumping, harder than a lot of older girls I know would take. After a few minutes I felt my orgasm coming so I slowed down to make it last a little longer, then couldn't help myself, shoving it into her hard. I still had plenty of cum left for cute little Yukiko, and my dick had her so totally filled, each squirt was forced back down along my dick and gushed out of the tight space between my big errection and Yukiko's little pussy.

I rolled over on my back, exhausted. "Kaori, go get a wet washcloth and wash my penis off, OK?" She rushed into the bathroom. I didn't think I could make it that far. After she had cleaned me up we lay there for a few minutes with our arms around each other, then I said to the girls,

"I guess you better be getting back to the dorm. I'll go back with you."

"But....... Aren't you going to do it to me?" I had forgotten all about little Misa.

"Listen," I said, putting my hand on her shoulder, "It's not easy for a guy, I mean, doing it three times." She got a crestfallen look on her face, her eyes looking at me imploringly. Call me a sucker, but I just can't refuse a face like that.

"OK, Misa, I'll do it to you too," I sighed, tousling her short hair. A big grin broke out on her face, her little nose crinkling up and her eyes squinting almost shut. Kaori and Yukiko were smiling too, genuinely thrilled for their friend, knowing what incredible pleasure she was in for.

"May I suck on your penis this time, since Kaori got to do it before?" Yukiko asked.

"Sure. That sounds fair. Kaori, you help Misa get ready." Kaori and Misa exchanged shy, embarrassed smiles for a second then Kaori, remembering how her other roommate had done it to her, began exploring her friend's intimate area with her little pink tongue. With them started, I showed Yukiko how to suck my dick. It was semi erect but still pretty limp, and I hoped I wouldn't disappoint Misa, but after a couple minutes I realised I didn't need to worry. Surrounded by naked Japanese teenage girls, one giving me a blowjob, one delicately licking her teammate and one moaning in pleasure, my dick slowly but surely began to rise inside Yukiko's mouth.

"Try stroking it with your hand too," I told Yukiko. She immediately complied, both sucking and stroking, my errection stiffening more quickly. With girls as tight as these, your dick has to be pretty hard to penetrate them easily.

Misa wasn't making much noise, just a faint squeak in between breaths but she was definately getting into it- her eyes tightly shut, her face flushed, a sheen of sweat on her forehead and upper lip. After a couple of minutes my dick was sufficiently rigid and I just had to wait on Misa. She was a shy and reserved girl, and trying not to make any noise, but as she felt her orgasm wash over her she went from a faint squeak to a gasp to a surprised "Oh!" every few seconds.

"I think she is ready for you," Said Kaori, lifting her head up from Misa. As Kaori moved out of the way I pulled my dick away from Yukiko and kissed her on the forehead to thank her for her help, then knelt in front of Misa and put my hands under her butt, lifting her hips up to my level. She had been rubbing herself to keep her orgasm going, and I had to push my dick between her fingers to get it inside her.

Bashful little Misa went through quite a transformation. "Aaaaa!........ Aaaaa!..... Aaaaa!..... Aaaaa!" She squealed with every thrust, clawing at the futon cover, knocking the alarm clock off the nightstand, scratching her fingernails across my legs. It was going to take me a while to come and I hoped she could take it. Her cries were getting louder and I was worried someone might call the cops.

"Kaori- cover her mouth. Try to keep her quiet." She put her hand lightly over Misa's mouth, muffling her squeals, but Misa was oblivious to all this. With me pumping my dick into her she was in another world, but after five minutes or so she quieted down, exhausted. I think she had had enough and luckily, I felt my orgasm coming. Squeezing my dick deep into her, kneeling in front of her and pulling her by her hips toward me, I finally started spilling my cum into Misa and, just for a laugh, pulled my dick out and laid it on her stomach, filling her litle belly button with the last few spurts of semen.

This delighted Kaori and Yukiko, who giggled and applauded. Then, without my asking, Kaori scampered off to the bathroom for a washcloth. While she carefully washed my overworked dick off, I lay on my back with my arm over my eyes, feeling like I had been through a fifteen round prize fight.

After almost dozing off, I heard one of the girls excitedly say, "Oh no! It is past 11:30! The doors to the dorm are locked at midnight........ Gordie, take us back- Hurry!" I felt one of them tugging at my arm. They were hurredly getting dressed and I dragged myself out of bed, sleepy and exhhausted, and pulled on my clothes then walked with them quickly the few blocks to the subway station and boarded the train with them. They had all fallen fast asleep along the way, leaning against each other, and I had to shake them awake as we approached their station. We made the five minute walk to their dorm and arrived just before the doors were locked for the night.

"Well, good night girls. I hope you all had a good time." They each gave me a kiss on the cheek, grinning and giggling, and as I turned to leave I saw that their coach, Ms. Hattori, had been watching us suspiciously through a window. What's she got to be worried about? She's lucky I'm not charging her for my duties as assistant trainer of the girls gymnastic team...........

The End of Part 2....

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